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Can you escape the 100 room VII

Can you escape the 100 room VII for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by HKAppBond located at 19c block one scenery court Shatin. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So far so good. I've only played for a little while, but I love it. Plusses include: graphics, music, tough without being impossible. If its too easy, i will get bored with it, but too hard would make me want to put it down and hit delete. This game is very clever and I say is the right balance. Well done. My only complaint is that there is no zoom.
Each room has its separate riddles to be solved. The game is fun to play and the daily hints are useful when you get stuck.
Something to do. Btw if you get an add between levels that doesn't have an x out. Just keep pressing in the top right corner moving around till it hits the sweet spot. It'll be right there everytime.
I like these escape rooms. The walk thru at the begining is good, it gives you an idea on how things work. Some puzles are a little hard to figure out what you have to do.
I really enjoy this game , however getting hints are so annoying, u have to watch countless ads and spin a good couple of time before u can get a hints, its really irritating.
I used to enjoy this game until VII. Level 45 is not working properly. I have been hitting the spears but it's not stopping. You should also work on your puzzles some of the answers are quite senseless. Your free hint wheel is also useless, it just gives us a bunch of ads. Please fix this.
There are too many puzzles. The hidden clues stay hidden sometimes until Im forced to use a hint. Then magically the clue shows up in a spot that I previously tried multiple times. That is frustrating and rediculous. Deleting this game.
Ads aren't intrusive. Game males you think without being too frustrating (at least so far). It's fun and each room doesn't take very long (at least so far). ;- D
The clock on level 42 keeps saying I'm marking the wrong answer when it clearly says XII and I switch to that. I get it wrong and hv to start over. It doesn't state if there is a certain pattern to picking the numbers are not. Really sucks because I was liking this game.
Level 4 game is ridiculously hard too early in the game. I watched the video and its at least 20 spins of the board. Disappointing.
I really enjoy this games, it makes you think and use your imagination. I'm on level 26 and haven't had any problems or glitches.
It doesnt play ads for the hints. What's the point? But it's a fun puzzle game. Just the hints on some of the minigames are unhelpful or confusing
It's a good game. Except when you need hints you spin land on ad and watch but you don't get a hint for watching. That is why I don't give 5 stars!
Pretty good game. Some of the puzzels make no sense. Wish I could just turn off the music and keep the background sounds. The music is too loud so I have to turn off all of the sound.
I like that it works my brain. But when I can't figure out a puzzle and give up hints to get thru it, I wish the game would show how to solve it, not just put me thru.
In the number exhange game in level 49, the two end numbers, 8 and 2, cannot reach the slot to be swapped and the game can only be magically solved with hints. When the "Get hint" prompt appears and is selected, the app exits with no ad or hint.
I gave this game a 4 star because all the other games you made were fairly easy, but this one on the other hand sucks. I cant even get past level 28, because of the puzzles are simply to hard. With no instructions on how to get it done. Why would you put a puzzle with no instructions????? A big mystery???? If i could take my stars back i would and give you a ZERO 🌟 thanks
So far I'm on level 23, and this game is really good. I love the fact that there aren't a thousand commercials, and even the commercials that you have you can choose to skip most of them. I think I'll try the other games they suggest as well. The puzzles aren't too hard so far, but do make you think, which is fun.
The embedded games that you are required to complete in order to receive a key item are annoying. They are simply time consuming. It would be a better experience if those games were actually fun to play.
This game would be soooooo much better if they got rid of the sometimes nearly impossible puzzles. Half the time they dont make sense, then when you try to get passes, you're not even given the hints or the ads are impossible to bypass. Or you cant even get the option to get a hint. If I wanted a puzzle game, I would've gotten one. Why cant it just be a true escape room game?! But I'm sure the developers wont even care about this comment
This one, #7, is one of the better, most enjoyable of this series. Some "Can you escape" rooms have puzzle solutions that don't make sense. This one is challenging, yet fun.
I like that this game saves your progress instead of restarting the level if you exit out of it. Some of the puzzles don't make a lot of sense, but over all its fun and keeps me entertained.
Good game except sometimes the puzzles are too difficult and have nothing to do with the game. They detract from the otherwise entertaining game.
I like the graphics and puzzles. Only to room 5 so far... puzzles easy enough to solve without hints, but not ridiculously easy. Seemed forced to take 1 hint so far, in order for tool to be visible. I didnt like that. same music in every room.. but at least its mellow music. Thanks creators for making this and for allowing free access. I'll keep playing!
This is fun! Not too hard. The only complaint I have is sometimes the graphics are a bit too small to see details.
Ridiculous. Some of the puzzles make no sense at all. And the so called directions are hieroglyphic level. When you try for a hint the wheel always lands on ad and you can't just get hints on mini games you have to use to three hints to pass it. If the directions were better I wouldnt need the hints!
Some puzzles I just don't get even when given the answer after using hints. I wish I could post a screenshot here of one just to see if someone could explain it. I wonder if the same as the maths one Bruce mentions.
The math clues are completely abstract. There is no way you can figure them out without the walkthrough or buying hints. When you spin the wheel and watch the ads for free hints, you NEVER get them. Believe me I've tried dozens of times.
I really like playing the escape room games, but somethings are too small and some games don't have clear instructions.
i love how my game is saved, even mid level. ive had far too many ads pop up at the worst times since installing the apps though. like right after my gps says "turn right" but the right is the wrong way on a one way street. it cut off before it could say "in 200 ft". could've been worse than a ticket.
Others are better this one seems rushed, level 42 is glitched so can't complete due to the wrong numbers being placed in a puzzle. Also at the end of each level you seem to have forgotten a close button for the add ..
paying for hints or watching ads for hints is a croc not a way to enjoy a game, earning them is fine but for a young person watching hearing aids ads please, hey now I know more about my bladder than I care to but thanks for the concern but I piss just fine thanks... uninstalling game
PLEASE PLEASE, we need more games and parts of these games, I completed all escape games 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 , and town and prison 1 and prison 2, and tried to play Egyptian museum but there is issues at level 2 so can't load well and can't play it hope you fix it with big thank you, it's best games you are the best team so hope add more games please please
This game is really relaxing and challenging that is why I like it even though I am stuck on level 8 .I just started playing yesterday and I'm already emensly enjoying myself
Gameplay is ok, I used to play these game by the same developers and have just come back. They have added pop-up ads after every level which gets annoying especially considering there is always a banner ad. Fortunately the ads can be skipped after 4 to 5 seconds, and aren't terribly loud, at least for now.
Enjoyable, but I find it annoying that the first level on every game insists on explaining it. After the first one it should be optional.
Decently solvable puzzles, but controls are mediocre. The graphics start off underwhelming and sort of dated, but they improve dramatically in later levels. Despite the improvements, the graphics and controls remain worlds behind and far away from Pine Studio's Faraway games. Pine studios, and the Faraway series particularly, are the cream of the crop in my opinion, so very few apps are even close to competing with them. This game is good to play when seeking to fullfill any point and click adventure needs - especially when you've exhausted most escape/logic games
Enjoy the first 6 but this one has an issue where the ads between rooms can't be skipped. You have to back out, flip your screen, and flip it back to get them to finally disappear.
Too difficult to earn hints, especially since you have to burn 3 hints on some puzzles. And some puzzles have no directions whatsoever. Very confusing.
Good way to spend time, however, some of the clues/challenges are so obscure, they are impossible to figure out and so you have to use your hints. One mathematical challenge even proved impossible for my wife, who has a maths degree and teaches maths on a daily basis! At least you are given a few free hints each day and you can get extras by watching 30 sec videos, at a time of your choosing.
I love this game. Sometimes it's really too hard to pass the door but there the challenge is to pass. Graphics are good but need little bit of improvement though it will not effect upon giving my 5 🌟
Always enjoy these games, good graphics, well thought out puzzles. One of the games hung up on and you can't move on even if you reload (V111). So far so good on this one though
I love this game. The best is that it does not forces one to buy anything. You want a hint? Watch an add. I love this game it is not easy is very engaging. Some times the clues do not to make sense. I like that it makes one think.
The most diverse between extremely challenging and leisure levels. Not a fan of the timing anxiety again for level 49 with the tools but not as bad as the previous version. Also includes the inference of using a bat to scare a dog away which I also don't like.
nice game. Most of the mini games dont explain what you should do. And after you have used the 3 hints once you only get one hint and to get other hints you can watch an ad which is not available and possible to watch.
Definitely a mind tease, however a few puzzles didn't have a single clue or structure, possibly needed to think a little harder outside the box. Overall good game I however preferred games 1-4
It's a relaxing and a good brain exerciser. Would have given it five stars but I am stuck at level 11 and it's frustrating. Those five bells, despite all the hints , I still can't figure out what to do. Use the numbers to jingle yet no way. Already thinking of uninstalling.
Man this game is so fun ..i play with my wife and we really enjoy the game its pretty easy until you get to room 30 !!! Then the search is on!!
I've enjoyed almost all the HK room games, but this one had some unique settings and many engaging puzzles.
I really enjoyed this escape game. the puzzles are not too hard, graphics are brilliant and no glitches. u have a hint that renews itself after a few minutes so if u do get stuck u can ask for a hint also there is a wheel u can spin for hints as well or if u miss u get an advert but u don't have to watch it if u don't want to. all in all this game has kept me thoroughly entertained for hours in fact days and u can switch off Internet and still play. I recommend u try for yourself and see how good
I have done quite a few of these. They can be challenging, frustrating at times but still compelling. All in all, these can you escape the 100 room games keep me coming back.
Another great game, although could the developer please separate the music from the sounds, The sounds help find clues so I like the sounds but not so much the repetitive music.
I love this game but the only reason it's not getting five stars is because that has and how you must buy him some fresh all-time and the game some of the gains are really difficult but I've played every game so far and this one I really.
There appears to be a bug in level 42, the clock dial with dice does not seem to allow the correct answer to solve it. Will have to watch ads so I can skip it.
Too many ads, they sometimes interfer with clickable items on screen. Some hints to solve puzzles would be helpful, as not all puzzles have them.
Loved all of the puzzles, some were harder than others and I hate to use hints but I had to a few times! These remind me of escape rooms, which I also love.
it was kind of hard but get used to it and it is good to have your brain working. Keep you busy for a while. I only need hints not ads. Hints only. HINTS ONLY. I need hints only because I am stuck on a level. I need help with the level I am stuck on. I am getting stuck on the level. It's getting harder and harder to beat this level I am stuck on. Please stop with the ads and start giving me hints. I am having trouble with this level. No Ads please hints only.
too many ads. i passed several rooms and only recheive one hint. i don't mind watching ads for hints, but those don't pop up much either.
Some levels are real difficult, good way to work your mind. Some clues are not that great but worth the download. I love a mystery.
I like the game but some of the puzzles are almost impossible to pass without hints, which are difficult to earn.
Some puzzles are unsolvable, with the game not accepting the correct solution (LOL 42). Some puzzles have no logic to the solution, other than guess work.
Love it, i play this every day! Puzzles are great. But sometime i don't understand the logic behind puzzle and just skip it
Good game. Mostly easy puzzles, creative, and doesn't force you to use hints to solve puzzles, unlike some other games with bizarre puzzles.
its so fun figuringout clues to go the next room although i can get a little fustrating but i like it so much I try not to think about it its addicting to play and challenging as you get to the next level totally the game i like it helps me think and everything. thinks for making this games i love it so much.
A very good game. The puzzles are about the right level of difficulty for casual play, and if you get really stuck you can sacrifice multiple hints to bypass them. The more difficult puzzles, e.g. alphabetical combination locks, usually have a solution clue hidden somewhere in the background or in another puzzle, but it's confusing that the game rejects even the correct answer if the 'clue' hasn't been seen. It would be nice if hints explained answers to puzzles as well as skipping them.
Sometimes it is difficult to determine what you are trying to accomplish when playing individual puzzles. Often the provide examples of what they are expecting you to do...such as shapes matching shapes or colors matching, but often no idea on what you are attempting to do. Otherwise, I love these games and eventually with tenacity and brain power πŸ”‹ you can get it without using hints. Working out a puzzle, for me, does not include using hints.
Challenging at times but very addictive and enjoying the game. However, my young grandson likes helping but some of the ads for other games that pop up are pretty awful and a bit offensive even for me. (Puzzles and Survival to name but one). Dont think there is any need to allow such violent games to be suggested especially as they cant be skipped.
this game cld have been a good game but unfortunately it's not. ur hints dont work. if u click it, it plays an Ad, and when it's over u dont get a hint. so what was the point of hitting the hint box if it's not going to work lol. and plus u dont explain ur puzzles very well. so makes it harder to figure out what ur actually suppose to do. so I was jst randomly poking things til I found stuff. So bc of these reasons.. I uninstalled the game and gave 1 star. as of now it sucks. hope u fix it.
It's ok, kills some time and requires some critical thinking. The graphics are bad, the gameplay is not always that intuitive. Sometimes you have no clue what you are supposed to do next, so you just keep clicking away on everything in the room. Some puzzles you have no idea what is required so you have to use a hint to get passed them. I wish it would show you the answers after that but it doesn't.
I love the neat worlds there are to explore with these. my main gripe, however, is the same for all of them. When you spin for "free hints", even though there is a 50% chance of hitting a hint, you hit ads 99% of the time. That wouldn't be so bad if the ads work. But you'll watch an ad, then when it's done...no hint.
This game is good so far but the puzzles mini games are without any que which makes it nearly impossible to complete.
Very good game has hin hints more we can use of brain power with using this alsocan we are not getting the friends we can see ad and get the him but also very good game I like it very muchfantastic game a good review I am giving because this is good I am giving review because it is given hints I am really telling don't take this game I am I was saying good because I want very very very very very very very worst I am really saying I'm really saying that was very worst game please yaar dont take
Good game, there are some instructions for the puzzles but sometimes can't understand what needs to be done and gets very frustrating.
Playing room one also,can be very tough with some clues, stuck on level 37 in sunken car( moving three green and three blues in back seat????????)
The usual mix of simple and extremely impossible puzzles to solve. The addition of the ? with some difficult games is a vast improvement. The impossible become slightly less impossible; you still can't do it but you now know why!
I think these are the BEST escape room apps available. Havn't found any that come close in comparison to their Great Games, puzzles,Graphics, and controls..Can play offline, Plenty of FREE hints available if you need. I πŸ’Ÿ all editions by these developers. Wish there were more.
I'm so disappointed in level 45. The stupid speers game is not a test of intelligence but how fast you can hit the screen. It doesn't seem to register every touch therefore I'm stuck and now delivering this game. To bad, I was having fun .
Really fun game. Some of the puzzles are too difficult......nearly impossible. Clues do not corrilate.
It is a nice game, nice graphics maybe too loud music and a bit tricky to use on phone... BUT lvl 33 puzzle connect 3 (girl and devil) IS MADE TO MAKE YOU SPEND HINTS OR YOU MUST BE VERY, VERY LUCKY.. And that is not the only one.
Very entertaining game, although I struggle with the final puzzles, sometimes as the ? Which helps you see what you should do, is not always there and its pretty frustrating having to wait for clues.
I love these game but some of the jigsaw puzzles are really hard. I normally love jigsaw puzzles but there is no reference, so you've got no idea where to start. I would have given 5 stars if not for this
Entertaining and fun! Able to play with my nine year old with both of us taking turns at puzzles. Some puzzles are lacking full explanation so are more intuitive. We both enjoy this series of games and play a room almost daily.
its a good game but some times some games will be difficult when you read this you will think its simple for me but its not simple in some games its will confused us but now i deleted this game and download 50 room 12 it ok 50 room 12 is a good game i like this its so simple and some difficult is their i enjoyed so if you download this game plese do not download thanks and have a nuce day
puzzles are hard but hint is not working just showing ads so no help. There is no in game help or even a clue to some puzzles so figuring out the goal is necessary. Way too many ads, after every other interaction.
Great game, requiring considerable imagination on the part of the developer. But... level 50 seems to have a bug:- the puzzle next to the guy in the forcefield upstairs is not solvable; the right-hand rotating shape has a flat bottom.
The graphics and game play are amazing. I am always engaged. It is never boring. On occassion, a challenge acts weird, but clues help you overcome.
Could you please make it so that if you hit the clue or main menu buttons it asks "Ok" or "Cancel" to confirm? I can't tell you the number of times my hand has slipped and I've gone back to the main menu or used a clue i didn't want to use.
Enjoying this game, however finding a puzzle in level 26 requiring the pieces to be turned/adjusted does not work on my device. Incredibly frustrating.
Cute so far. Only at level 7 and it's already asking for a review. UPDATE: I'm up to level 14 and it's broken. I have solved the puzzle and it won't give me credit for it.
Very frustrating game. It started out OK but by level 10 it was near impossible to figure out. My options were to BUY hints or try to rack up enough points to bypass that particular game. No fun...just frustration! And I have enough frustration in my every day life. I certainly don't need it in my leisure time!!
It's a good room escape time killer. Just like the rest of the series. Not too difficult, but not boring. One of the best FREE escape series out there. To the DEVS: guys, make a themed escape game. You guys are great at room to room. Move in to the next level. Maybe you already have. It can't be denied that the most popular escape games have an underlying theme.
It is a great game BUT I am lucky to get at least 1 hint when spinning in a week... they do not come very often. Also in each level I have had the "rate this game? Pop up more then I'd like... it got really annoying
Very interesting game😍..i njoy a lot while playing thz.πŸ˜™I hve cmplted so many levels now im in 7th game hope so i do moreπŸ˜‰Main thing i like in thz game is puzzles which i love to do nd that puzzles are not so hard they are smewt easy.. A best game for those people who lve tasks nd puzzles
Loved this game to pieces! Awesome graphics and the levels were the right difficulty. A few levels when you were doing a puzzle it didn't have a restart circle so you had to go out of the game completely. That was a tad annoying but enjoyed it immensely.. played it once but never wrote a review. You won't regret playing.
The game itself is ok but a couple things here are unacceptable in escape games. After you collect an item that window should close and stay closed. No description of items collected. Cannot skip puzzles.
Pros: Great way to pass the time and keep your mind sharp. Cons: Free hint wheel is usually ads 95% of the time. Ads pop up after going through every door. That being said, level 33 is the worst with the puzzle were you have to beat the werewolf. I've tried for hours and can't get it and can't get any hints to pass it. Sometimes the screen flickers. Not the best escape game but could be worse.
Too many ads. Banners at the bottom the whole time. Plus occasional full screen ones. The back button is too close to the ads. Making it easy to tap one.
Like all other "escape" games, it's a complete waste of time. Not all puzzles are logical, the graphics are disastrous, it feels like the cheapest game ever. Not to mention the ads.
The game is much better than its sequels still some puzzles are just impossible but they were just a few ones and there was a couple of puzzles depends of clicking and the game response is just really terrible with fast clicking but overall this edition is better and i enjoyed it with some challenging puzzles.
Still like all the escape games made by these people. Fun waste of time! No glitches that I've run into. Don't have to buy hints to play either.
Loving it so far. Only just started. I do find some of the puzzles hard when there are no clues what you are expected to do to solve them. But as they say, practice makes perfect.
A great sitting with a coffee game and keeping your mind active. Not too difficult, but some of the puzzles are tricky enough to keep you interested, but not frustrated!
probably the game is very nice...i enjoyed it alot..the levels are so easy.. not that much difficult..but the thing is when it comes to individual puzzles..then it becomes very complicated.. overall it is good
Really interesting game. Has some quite hard puzzles that need a lot of thinking about so isnt too easy. Graphics are a bit small on my phone, would like it a lot better on a tablet. Nice that you dont get too many hints and end up cheating. Makes you think
I love this game!!!.Love the graphic and it' s soo interactive.Many many puzzels of different difficulty. Spending my relax hours playing it.It's amazing that is for free and so many levels ( 50 actually) . Liked that my level is saved and i dont need to start all over again. Definetly going to download all the parts. Can wait to pass all of them. Gett8ng addicted though....Just a bit more hits would be grate,but when you figure it out by yourself it 's even greater.
I have had instances where I watch an ad for a hint but I don't receive the hint. I also feel the mini game instructions could be explained better
I find them enjoyable and addicting for the most part. The puzzles dont give any direction. i spend more time trying to figure out what to do with the puzzles than actually solving them. Maybe this is their intent??
This game i did enjoy. There are a few mini games that are not clear on how to solve. I'm at a stand still at the moment because i can't figure it out. And not enough hints to solve it. So i'm stuck.
When u watch a video for a hint .the X you press to get it .is a lot of times out of reach to claim it .my phone is quite big .I have to go back to my phone screen to load the game again.its pot luck that the X is in the right place on the screen to press .
Very fun game. Some of the puzzles have "moon logic", but most are solvable by putting some effort into them.
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There are some puzzles that you must use hints or are otherwise impossible. Not near undoable for average person, actually impossible. I have played many similar games, and never had this kind of experience. The first few levels, not so bad, but there are some puzzles in later levels I solved correctly, only to have to use a hint for puzzle box to open up with the same sequence I already had put. Some puzzles take it a step further and make no actual sense. If I could type more, I would. 0 Star
Like many other reviews, fun but strongly dislike the puzzles that make no sense and are ridiculous to try and solve. Uninstalled other versions because got tired of them.
It's a good game but I was hoping for a nice, escape game without too much unnecessary and very hard-to-crack puzzles.
I just love the challenge. Its not too terribly difficult that I want to quit but challenging enough to keep my brain working.
Fun game. Graphics were good but not exceptional. Hard to see what some items really were, especially without labels. Most puzzles were fun and logical. A few were totally hard and unnerving.
I spun to get a free hint. it landed on 2 free hints. It had stopped completlie. But it spun one more time and gage me an ad instead but this game is fun
A fun way to pass the time .15 levels in. Puzzles generally have no instruction on how to complete but they're not so hard you can't figure it out with a little thought. Not had to use any hints yet, so cant comment on the hint buying system. Skippable ads after every level but the game is free so no complaints about that. Will definitely try some of the other games.
Excellent game, it has interesting room levels , we have stress just a little bit to cross the levels and this game increased mind Power
Love these games. Gets my brain working, and really helps me past the time of day, some of the puzzles could do with having a few more clues, apart from that, all good.😁
Good escape game. Yeah all a bit similar but this is a good one for a bit of escape time. Good work!!! It's kept me interested enough to keep on playing. Would recommend. Good puzzles. Not too difficult.....just right!
For the most part, this is a fun game. However, some the objective of some of the puzzles/games is so vague, they are frustrating to play.
I love escape games. The graphics are great. Just some of the games don't work and you have to use hints to pass. Also some of the maths used to get answers just doesn't make sense. Otherwise very entertaining.
you get to a certain level n free hints come gradually. n for those that requires 3 hints. Well unless you finally figure the puzzle out. You have to ourchase more hints. So you either delete game or purchase hints. I m still trying. but become more and more frustrated
Really nice!! Puzzles are simple and so are the levels!Easy, pretty straightforward and you can get a few hints in no time!
Great game so far. Challenging at times which is great as it's not too easy. Nice graphics. Am enjoying it so far
I have been playing a lot of these games within this series and I really enjoy them. They have a variety of levels for every intelligence level and I enjoy all the different rooms.
This use to be a 5 star rating. Level 33 is entirely too difficult. Make sure you have hints to pass it. Either that or just hope you get really lucky. You have to match tiles until you win but the wolf gets a huge head start. This sucks.
Absolutely in love with the puzzles throughout each level! It honestly is a really good game. The graphics are amazing, and I couldn't wait for the next level. The only bad thing is that each time I need some help the game will give me an ad, but won't reward me with a hint. This only happens when I use the spin thing.
Good app adds are repetitive but ultimately it is a great all if you are looking for an escape room type feel.
after i did the clown puzzle in the right position at level 37 i never moved into the next step coz i didn't get the next key towards to the next step to finish this level. app uninstalled
Some puzzles are really baffling but generally they just make you think. Enjoyable & keeps you thinking. Really good progressive games.
Game is fun. Puzzles are different and challenging but not so hard its frustrating. Ads in between levels are short and not intrusive. Ads on bottom of screen are also not intrusive. I have had no gaming issues.
Its ok a little frustrating when it tells you to buy in in uplay a game but have no idea what the goal is. Also I am getting frustrated because it tells me to watch an ad for a free hint but never gives me the free hint.
So far so good. Not to difficult but still I low levels. I wish they at least give the objective to some puzzles. I like watching ads for hints, better than paying for them.
OMG! this is the worse game I have played. where is the help when you first start . I got as far as the box with the three hearts on the dresser and I didn't have a clue what to do next. The music is horrendous and two seconds into it, a flipping Add appeared....come on. sorry I won't be continuing....I much prefer Murder in the Alps. Now that is a game. Good-Bye
Some puzzles are impossible to solve without hints and that's why I rate it 4 stars. But other than that I really like the game. It's a great time killer. Update. Stuck at level 43 for a while now. Feels like I can't solve the puzzle without hints. The spin wheel keeps giving me videos to watch for a hint. Don't mind watching the videos but I'm nit receiving any hints after the video
Well at first it was kinda tricky but at the end I took control of it. the only problem is the graphics, it needs improvement and somethings are hard to notice which would be helpful with zoom.
Overall I enjoy these rooms and the variety of puzzles, but a couple of the number puzzles did not make sense, even when solved :) All good though, just skipped and moved to next one.
I like the game. Some mini games needs clear instructions though. At times it takes me minutes to figure out how those games should be played.
It could be interesting, but some puzzles without having any idea on how the images are, push you easily to uninstall the app. Obviously you create this situation because you want that people would buy hints or at least watching some ads to get the hints... why should I do that when it's so simple to uninstall the app... enjoy your game!
Not frustratingly difficult. Some puzzles are pretty straight forward. Some are, I need to get a sandwich.
Like its predecessors, filled with obscure puzzles (like constructing some tapestry like pattern by sliding tiles without any indication of what the end result should look like); and in others no clue is given as to what one is meant to do - so they are solveable by mere chance only or by using up 3 hints. And most often even the right answer doesn't work until you've seen what are meant to be clues to the solution. No description for inventory items either.
Nicely done. I do wish that you had an examine item (close-up view) for items gathered into inventory.
Good game but why when I watch a video for a hint I never get the hint in on level 33 and have watched around 80 videos to get hints but I've not got a single one. Sort rlthis issue and it will be a 5 star Edit! Reduced to one star as completed level 50 and that's the end of the game. Missleading name as only half of what they claim to have
It's good game but some puzzle take a more time to solved so you give a skip that puzzle it's to help to player. It take 3tip but you not gave 3 tip option. How to take give more advertisements but not give tip
Lots of fun. Adds are short so I can deal. Some rooms are more challenging than others but I do enjoy whenever I solve them.
its good, nice graphics, unique level puzzles, it doesn't have too many adds and is for real free but it would be better if it went up in difficulty its a bit easy with random hardness that doesn't corrolate with levels
would be better if the hint wheel worked!!! sick of seeing the same ad over and over...52 times in a row...ugh.
It's so challenging, im on the the 47 level and sometimes it is so hard to understand how should we solve the buzzle πŸ™„.. it will be good if you added some English instructions as well.
This one is better than the first 4, at least the hint button works, cause I had to delete them. Level 15 is impossible to play, I give up trying
My husband and I play this game together and it challenges us in different ways so we combine our strengths to pass each level. Love it!!
Very nice, even with some puzzles being weird. Great entertainment and mostly cool challenges. Recommend
Many people are saying that game is bad . No hints. But the game is good. This game is brain game . This tipes of games have not hints . The game is very very very very good
Maybe the puzzles need instruction to avoid confusion. The game is okay but it needs a little improvement.
A great time passer with a wide selection of games. Most are quite easy, but twice I used hints so tbere is some challenge. Negs are some games are difficult to control on a phone screen, and hints dont help you with games but only skip games which is annoying.
More than one game has no actual chance to complete so they force you to use hints to solve the unsolvable. The non-sucker portions of the game are mostly good, however.
I gave this game 5 stars because I like to play that kind of game and I was interested in playing games of searching for clues. It was very interested because I was once watch it's movie, and I was wondering if I could play it sometimes soon.
Hours & hours of play...thank goodness for the hints! Every now n then the game freezes for a min but I close out n it's fine. Sometimes it's hard to tell what's in the menu, but just keep tapping n as long as it's highlighted it'll jump in there. This is the 4th one I've played from this developer & I'll keep going. Hope u guys make more like hometown 1&2, 50 rooms lv & this one. Thanks! 😊
I love the games. At first I thought the hints weren't giving me hints. But then I accidentally hit the gargoyle and was given a hint, Ehgad!!! Hahaha! I shall return the two stars... 5 Stars!!!
Nice game we have here, the stages and the puzzles are very creative and also engaging.. Its downside is that some of the puzzles can be very hard at times,but that's what the hint is there for. However, completing a very hard puzzle without the need for hints is the highlight of this game. All in all, it's a good game.
Some puzzles don't make any sense. They are difficult to understand. They are very bongi and you have to use hint to solve them. Overall it is a good game.
Very cool mystery game that has beautiful graphics and some very hard puzzles. The entire series is very fun and complicated.
Love the game but when the ads appear theres no X on screen I have to come out the game and reload it again! So frustrating!
I like the games, but some puzzles need more instructions. Some puzzles I spend a few extra minutes just figuring out how to play. The hints don't recharge at regular intervals, I passed several rooms and only received 1 hint. I don't mind watching the ads for hints, but those don't pop up much either. Other than those issues I have, the game keeps me on my toes and I've learned to pass levels without using hints.
Very challenging and a lot of fun. I would recommend it. I like this series of games so well I'm on like my 3rd pass. Yup yup yup✌😁
Brilliantly intriguing plus annoyingly frustrating finding the clues and solving the puzzles which makes achieving the escape all the more satisfying. I'm hooked and think it's fantastic.
Same as other reviews some games have no logic, the ones that do are ace... makes you think laterally, could do with instructions for all games, but other than that it's a great game
One of the mini games where you had the ball and it had to go to the other side, i believe level 8? It was hard to move the piece so it felt like it was stuck when it really wasnt. Other that its amazing!!
Is pretty good but you don't stand a chance with some of the activities as you'd never arrive at the solution so thank God for the hints function!
Love this game! I feel a sense of achievement every time I am able to escape a room. Very clever ideas!
love the game and its hard without being to hard. The only thing different would be more hints if u get stuck on a game it takes 3 to pass , besides that i would recommend this game to anyone.
Are you kidding?? When i press the free hint buttom and watch the full Ad but i can't get the hint!! So why you force me to watch too many Ads without giving hints!! Please solve it i have the right to get a hint after the Ad especially some puzzles are soo difficult we cant pass it without hints
Fun game but should have hints on mini games as an option not just 3 to solve. I want to figure it out and sometimes need help. I dont always want them solved for me
good gameplay and graphics BUT some of the minigames are nothing but tedious. You figure out how to solve it but you still need to execute mindless steps to pass. No feeling of victory when you finally plow through.
I liked these puzzles until I got to level 45. The spears and spinning shields game is impossible to do! I have never had to buy hints before, and I am not going to start now. I hope the next group of 50 rooms does not do anything similar.
I think that most of the clues are a good level of challenge and the scenarios are very engaging. The only thing I wish there were less of are sliding block puzzles and sudoko type challenges as they are not my strong point. I like being able to watch ads to get free clues. I have played quite a few in this series now and find them very addictive.
pros: fun game to pass the time, not too easy, but not difficult. Good puzzles to enjoy without using too many clues. cons: Most puzzles are from a mix of assorted different adventure escape game apps so routes through rooms dont make sense e.g opening a hospital door takes you not in a hospital, but a tomb and so forth.
Far too many adverts. Puzzles are very vague. When collecting items, you're not told what the item is & it's not always obvious. Good graphics. But all in all much room for improvement.
Good escape game in the series. The rooms are a little more simplistic than some of the others with fewer objects and challenges in each, but still entertaining. Easy to obtain hints by signing in each day or watching ads.
love all these escape games. playing my way through all of them and getting a bit addicted lol. ads are not too intrusive and get the chance to get more hints for free but rarely use them as walkthroughs on YouTube really helpful. goods fun for a rainy day.
some of the code sequences probably need to be genius to get, most of it you can figure out with trial and error. i really love these addictive games. level 42 clock was redone. the 4 o'clock, doesn't go to the 1 o'clock with a 4, 5, or 8!