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Can you escape the 100 room VI

Can you escape the 100 room VI for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by HKAppBond located at 19c block one scenery court Shatin. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The puzzle above the bed on level 7 doesn't work. I even watched a video on YouTube to make sure I was solving it right. Every time I entered the sequence nothing happened. I couldn't do anything else until I solved that puzzle so I just uninstalled the game.
it's addictive but frustrating too. you just told to solve a puzzle with no idea what it should look like. but still alot of fun
Needs to be a way to watch videos to earn hints more often. If your stuck on a puzzle & dont have enough hints, there's nothing to do. Your just stuck.
Intelligent Game but it needs more explanation at the beginning. You use up most of your hints by just figuring out the next move. You can watch ads to earn hints or buy them of course. It's somewhat frustrating because the hints are not very helpful at times. It only shows you where, not what to do.
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Loved it but when i spin the wheel it never gives me hints only sometimes and i keep praying but it never happens and you dont want to help us with hints that is totally the worst part (you understand right)?? And what i like the most is that no bugs and plus we can play (can you escape the room) without using enternet/WIFIπŸ‘πŸ‘
Love the challenges. Just wish tip button wasn't so close to edge of game. Keep hitting it by mistake!
Entertaining, nice visually. Some puzzles don't necessarily make logical sense but plenty of hints to get past those. Shame tho when the hint solves the puzzle it goes too fast.
Really good game! You definitely need to use logic to solve the puzzles. I've played other games by the same developer, and caught on to similarities in solving some of the puzzles. I love that it's not really simple to solve them...you need to think. Sometimes it's recognizing the pattern in a series of numbers, or looking at hints in clues left in the rooms. Make sure to check dark corners of the rooms. Only complaint is the darkness of the graphics makes it hard to see clearly. Great game!
the puzzles are good and some hard and some make no sense. my low rating is because of all the ads and not getting puzzle pass if needed. I'd rather buy app outright for included puzzle passes and no adds than pay a dollar per hint. I can't tell you how many, many, many ads I watched and then NO hints reward!
I really like this game. The only thing I don't really care for is after watching an ad to get more hints I get nothing. It would be great if after watching an ad you would give a hint. If you could fix that it would be great! Thanks in advance.
Puzzles are creative and always different. Some are hard cause I don't know what kind of solution they are asking for. Not sure if that makes it challenging or just impossible and they just want me to watch ads for hints. Some I just have to skip over because I don't want to waste too much time. Time spent solving can turn into frustration and not fun.
great thinking game. people like to see what im playing. they are curious, this is an inviting wonderful thinking persons pass time. thank you. the art is wonderful. the challenges between rooms and the diversity allows me to keep going so as to not easily bore me.
like the game good way to pass time while making you think. most puzzles are challenging but not to difficult. some also don't make sense at all but not enough to stop me from playing. I don't like the fact that to get hints is when I watch the video after spinning I don't get one. thought that was the purpose of watching the video to begin with!!
i dont like that hints dont show up for hours.. also u have no instructions on some games. really?? not everyone knows every game u have on here. ive beenstuck on this one forever no new hints or nothing. im about to just uninstall.
Some mini games are absolutely boring and they take too much time to be solved. At the end you're tempted of not going on because it's not funny anymore, less mini games and more tools, keys. Every level should have no more than 1 mini game. If I want to play mathematics, logistics games, I would download that, not your game. People are bored by playing your game. You don't know that as you don't read the reviews. Only paid one would give you 5 stars, sorry. 3 stars are for the graphics.
I enjoy these games and I don't give up too easily but when I do the hint will sometimes either: give me an answer I've already tried, give a solution that makes no sense or is beyond obscure or the hint solves it with no explanation. Still enjoyable though
As many of the posters before me have stated, labels on the items collected would be great! This is why I give this a 4 out of 5 stars. Otherwise, these are great free games to play if you enjoy solving puzzles that require some mental effort. If you squander your free hints, the hints you can purchase are priced reasonably.
good game but shake phone controller on level 26 doesn't work on an android media centre, hence the low star rating as not able to get past this level. make sure you always keep 3 hints available if possible to get past.
Enjoyable. Challenging sometimes frustrating logic behind the puzzles. Have played the first 5 games in the series. If you like escape games, these are worth a try.
It's a fun game. I just wish when you are out of hints and you watch a video for that hint you should be given the hint even though you may have earned previous hints.
Hints do NOT register, are only taken away but not given. SADLY, while I enjoy these puzzles, I cannot afford to pay you for hints, especially when they are supposed to be freely given. Hint system is broken, and your "fixing" them comes too late for me. I am GONE, tired of banging my head against the wall in vain. Not good, but BAD BYE! ~~~:[
very good game. I wish more of the escape 100 room games were like this one. there could be more items to find and put clues together. over all a good game.
On some of the puzzles you need hints! I like this game but when I get stuck on a puzzle, how am I supposed to advance? It makes me not want to play the game when I'm stuck on a puzzle for hours. Just provide an option for help on puzzles, not just where to click next.
Pretty good - and you can avoid the ads - BUT be aware that the hints just solve the puzzle, they don't show you how to complete the puzzles. So if you are pulling your hair out with a certain puzzle and are convinced it can't be solved and you ask for a hint - BANG the pussle just appears as solved and you're on to the next task - you are NOT told HOW to solve the puzzle.
But I like it and so far I'm enjoying it I like when my mind is intrigued are trying to struggle a piece of a puzzle that can unlock any of these doors and these games so that I can move on and that perspective I like it perhaps later on I will give you a more dog racing as I continue to play this game okay that's it have fun
Lovely games. Only thing I would change is it needs easier accessibility to hints, and better instructions for some of the games. I have played 1-5 and will enjoy the entire series!
Another brilliant puzzle game, already played 4 and 5, keep them coming, I am so addicted, love the new style puzzles
I like the condition of game but the ads...I hate them alot. Just when the game give free hint it shouldnt have any ads. Thanks
chalenging and brain training intriguing so far i beat 7 already but agree not having to do walkthrougs yet..7 was escrutiatingly hard toward the" play this game" toward the middle lol but overall great for some who likes to REALLY be challenged..think they needed more hint boxes tho.
Great graphics great escape rooms and settings doable clues although there are some really tough ones. Love playing your games
It's fun. However the clues often don't match up with the answers. Or such a complicated way of calculating that it's not logical. Get as many hints as you can as you will need them.
Lvl 48 is missing for me. So far so good. I've promised myself not to play more bcs sometimes it's so hard and bcs of ads and game lagging aft each lvl ends. But I can't put it down
After doing 4 of these games I'm still working on the logic of some of the puzzles. We're supposed to understand intuitively what some strange alphabet means or when there are simular symbols how one solves the puzzle and another doesn't. All in all an interesting game
Just clicking away on this escape one.... Not as good as the previous ones. Some rooms made no sense to the point that would love to ask the creator, "How did you come up with this?"
I've played all the escape rooms up to 6 and I often don't understand your logic in solving the math ones. I also feel that the picture clues as to how to solve puzzles are helpful. Wish more of them had them.
I'm still stuck at level 6. The puzzles are almost impossible. When I click the free hints button and I spin, it always lands on add.Then when I watch the add, it doesn't give me any free hints, I was soo disappointed
Great game except for waiting through several tries just to get just one out of the three hints tat are required.
too many bugs. the puzzles are random and have no reset. Like one on level seven. it will help you get out of it if you have enough hints. but makes it a boring session. half the time I can't get what I need because it won't grab. I have to try over and over and finally just in one spot only it opens. and other spots you don't come close to it and it opens. Level 23 would not allow me to get under the for 30 trys. when it finally let me pull it out it wouldn't let me take it. now it won't show it
I give 3 because i love the game series, but this VI.th part just always get stuck on the big riddles. Like you get to the solution and it just freeze and does not let you continue. You eventually have to use the 3 hints option to skip it. Thats annoying.
I love playing these games! Never had a problem til now. Played great until level 26. I solved the puzzle to go to the next level. Had to use my hints to get out of it. Level #27, I completed the puzzle and I had to end the game to get out. The hint continue to go back to the puzzle and I couldn't go pass that point. Can it be corrected? I'll just go to the next game!
I really hate this game sometimes. You can click on things you are sure that go together but nothing happens. Then you get a hint because you are stumped and that's what it tells you to do. Miracusly then it works. Its happened to many times to count. Its nothing but a big rip off.
I do agree with other players some mini games isn't to easy to solve, but i like to play hidden objects games, so just enjoying for game
While I do enjoy the escape room apps there are too many puzzles that make no sense at all. They have no rhyme or reason & it's just random solutions that don't have anything to do with the puzzle or room. One major issue is the puzzles need INSTRUCTIONS & since so many are just random solutions there is no way anyone could ever figure out how they work without blowing hints. The other major issue is these individual puzzles NEED A RESET OPTION so you don't have to remove every piece every time.
The mini games were good, the puzzles were challenging but not so difficult you couldn't figure it out. Very good game.
I really enjoyed this game. Most of the puzzles are easy, but the game was still challenging. Downloading the next one now :)
I really like the series of this game. This game opens all your mind towards finding clues and joining them related to the situation. Seriously amazing.
I have played other games in this series and all of them have their faults but this one has some very illogical answers to the puzzles. Very frustrating!
Could not get past level 47 because every time I tried to click on the chess clue the game would freeze.
Game is ok I tried to hang in there even bought several hint pkgs and still got stuck.1 Walkthrough showed everything But how to get into circuit box in hallway after leaving kitchen area of level 6 or 7. Must be a glitch because in walkthrough circuit box read 'Error' but in actuality it is black and i have the screwdriver to open but it will not.. I give up
Entertaining but it would be nice be shown the solutions to the 3 hint puzzles rather than just pass them by.
Some of the puzzles really suck. There is no rhyme or reason for the solution and they just impede game play. And the hint system is another bug: even after spinning the wheel and watching the whole ad, you don't get the free hint.
Played about 2 hours. Great so far except an unclear task on level 4. Had to use YouTube to determine why the calendar date for the current 16th birthday party wasn't working. Found that the actual year of birth was required. Hope this isn't indicative of the remaining tasks in the game.
I liked to play these types of games. But in this game some puzzles do not make any sense. We have to use hints to solve them. Overall it is a good game
Everything abt it is perfect.. this has been my easiest level so far.. i love tge creativity and graphics
Pretty cool game. Other then needing 3 hints at once to bypass some of the puzzles that are nearly impossible to crack. Other then that. It is a fun game. I have finished 1-5 and injust downloaded number 6 and 7
Puzzles are good & challenging but the ad for a hint doesn't work at all. I thought it was just on room 10 & 11 games, no it is every single game there is
Great game...some challenging puzzles. Love this game maker and I'm anxiously awaiting CYE 13! My favorite puzzles of the series. Kudos!
The rooms are challenging, but not impossible. There are no annoying "guides" giving you hints that you don't want. It's a lot of fun. Love it.
Like the game and the graphics are very good but some of the puzzles (that take 3 lives if you can't solve them) are almost impossible to do as there are no clues as to what you are supposed to do. Come on, give us a sporting chance without us using up all our hints. Besides, if you are stuck and have less than three hints to 'buy' your way out, it is game over and you have to leave the game as there is no way to get past that point. I will not pay (cash) for extra lives or hints - too addictiv.
I am playing this on a Chromebook, not a phone and have to burh hints to get by all the puzzles that want you to shake your phone. I can't. Not happy , otherwise a good game but you should let us get by these for free or don't have phone only games on a site where some are downloading to a laptop.
As in other games, clues are small and dark. What are they sometimes? Have to guess. Whole game is hard to see often. I love the concept. Give clues to solve rather than just three hints to bypass. We're in this for the puzzle solving. With jigsaws give us a picture we're trying to make, it's very hard to solve an unknown concept.
Some puzzles unplayable and instead of directions, the hints you get just zap u to the finished game. Not fun... But the levels that make sense and aren't too dark can really be fun. Wish all levels were
no adds to get free clue points. need to buy!!! sometimes it shows option active to see add for clue, but u wont get reward/clue point after viewing add. useless....
This game is too hard. The video screen with the passing colored balls is too hard to get past without hitting the wrong colored balls. Sometimes the button registers and makes the clicking sound, but the ball doesn't disappear, but if I hit the right color again I get an error buzz and have to start all over again. ☹😒😑
This app is very nice, but one problem I came across was that verry rare we get the hints when we spin for that and all most we get only and only the AD. It is very rare that we get any hint and if we get it then we get only 1 hint not 2 or 3. So I request u to plz work upon it. Otber wise there is no probl in this app. Thid is very nice and I enjoy it very much.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘
i like this game but they could give you some idea how to do the puzzles you really have to use your brain to work them out , you can get hints by watching ads but they don't come very often , it is well worth playing this game πŸ‘
Would give this game 5 stars except that on some of the mini games the clues are either non existent or are hidden so we'll they're really hard to find, or just make no sense even after using hint and the answer is shown I couldn't understand how they came up with the answer. There should be more yes or hints given on harder levels. This is about the 4th or 5th escape from this developer game I've played and I really enjoy them all and will keep playing even tho it gets really frustrating.
love it but I will no longer play. I can't believe how many ads you must watch before getting a free hint. Getting a 1,2 or 3 hint spin is too few and far between.
Great game, good puzzles. Occasionally a second easier hint would help if the first one leaves you stuck but you can get there if you persevere.
All these games are great. Some puzzles are ridiculous, but the majority of the game is great. It would be better if it had some sort of storyline. Nothing intricate, but just something to follow.
Fun game with a lot of good puzzles. Now and then there is one we can't solve without the clue and the answer seems like it was just a little too obscure to have ever figured out, but I'd imagine it can be tough to create this many puzzles and not end up with a few that the end user just won't get. Good job! Thanks for the game!
Its a good game, however, when you watch an ad in return for a hint - you don't get the hint. Please fix. Also, some puzzles could use a 'how to' guide.
Good graphics and some nice puzzles, but the hint system needs a change. On some puzzles you need to spend 3 hints to bypass them. I do not wish to pass these puzzles, just want a hint on what to do. The levels can be a little frustrating at times as you often have to resort to tapping all over the screen to find a particular sweet spot. Additionally, some puzzles have little or no logic to them. Apart from that - pretty good!
This game series is good, but I didn't realise that I'd played this one before. However even with re-installing the app I remembered I only originally thought that this edition was so-so. Puzzles are easy enough and the hints are helpful. Looking forward to playing the latest version.
Bugs and aim spinning and spinning and use data for spins and do not get hints it a bug game full of bugs. Iam dis waste my data to download this simpel game
Im at escape room number 6 the first was okay but some of the puzzle were random and i had no idea what i was doing i had to guess my way through and they are no clue as to whats going on. And the wheel spin omg its annoying cause of you spin 10 times you always end up with ads. Also some puzzle when resolved by using hints makes no sense at all, i have no clue how that becomes the answer but otherwise its okay
sir ,the game now is really working in excellent condition, all the bugs before have been fixed, and thanks for providing tdm mode, it is really good. I'M really sorry for the my negative review I've given earlier for our game. your game is great and beyond imagination.
I had to uninstall, mainly because the games are so unnecessarily challenging. How can the developers go from such perfection in version 3 to 4,5,6?
Unfortunately, the small screen of smartphones sometimes make the play difficult. Cannot see tiny script/numbers. The designs are absolutely gorgeous! Using the tilting of the smartphone? Damned clever! Oh. Note: if only one could see reassembled artwork to appreciate it after the reward is revealed. Keep up the great work! An excellent pasttime. Thoroughly enjoyable and challenging. Three thumbs up! ;-)
It's a good game design for the most part. But i have to uninstall it after getting through seven levels. When a clue is found, and the player taps that area again, don't open that location again if there's no new clue there. In levels where there's more than one room, make it more obvious how to get back to the previous room. Also the color contrast could use improvement
I love the game. Have played 3 of the escapes. But this one has got some glitches. Not able to move forward with a right answer. Am being forced to uninstall the app in this case. The wall game of Level 7 has issues. Even though i know the answer i tried to escape using hints. That dint work too. Uninstalling... :(
4.5 Stars. Some of the puzzles are very challenging; and you might need a walkthrough. However, this installment has been well developed.
The ads for hints are made for a different size screen than I have so you have to close the ad which closes the game and reload it. Other than that pretty good game.
Overall i like the game. ive played everyone before this and intend to play every one after it. The ont thing i dont like is how some of the puzzles dont come with explinations as to what you should be doing.
I enjoy the game. I like solving the puzzles, but sometimes I don't know the objective. A little more instruction would be nice.
Game was alright but adds are annoying and have sound when i turn off game sound, additionally some puzzles just dont work sometimes and others have you making logic jumps that dont make sense. How ever the worst part of the game so far is level 14, i almost stopped playing cause of how bad and nothing like the rest of the game it is. So could be better and lost a star from a single level.
enjoyable game. stuck on level 10 . i know what i have to dobut can't get the disc in the right order after two hours. Have tried to skip game but need three hints i've watched eight adverts but no hints given. I'm now going to uninstall game.
It's very addicting some levels are hard hit hint they gave me the equation but still did not understand it. Otherwise pay attention and escape the room. Good luck
Overall it is quite a good game, although some of the scenes are too dark to see where you start. Some of the puzzles require an explanation of what needs to be done.
Some of the mini games are just stressful, frustrating, and not fun at all. Especially because I have no idea what the objective of some of them is. If I pick up a broom I would naturally think I will have to sweep something, why did you have me stick the broom in fire, make it make sense.
it's the best it has good clues, it's good for the brain and verry hard. if u want u can download all the other ones they're cool as well rate this app β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† it's the best.
Level 7 is not solvable. The wall block puzzle will not complete,despite pressing the 4 blocks in any order. Generally, some bits are a bit too dark as well.
I love it give my brain the right tools to exercise and I'm loving it more and more even when I can get the puzzle into the right squeeze or get a clue I just can't give up I try until I'm now sure it's my last option to get answers but anyways thanks again
Puzzles can be a littledifficult. Would be nice if there was a 1 point nudge instead of using 3 points. Still fun to play...and addicting!
I guess I've played 5 or 6 of these now. Pretty fun, mostly trouble free. I use a walkthrough at times, outright hints at times. I don't do the math puzzles mostly and some are just too tedious. Right now is a glitch on the chess problem. Both the hint and the walkthrough say it is right but it just doesn't work... happens sometimes. Uninstall and start another one..
Challenging but generally do-able. A few more instructions on aim of some ofthegames would be very helpful. Also, many hints are completely useless. Instead of solving games for 3 hints, maybe place one item/gem etc to reduce the guess work sometime.
Great game, just wish all of the puzzles had an explanation, because on a couple I was unsure of what I was meant to do.πŸ˜•. Other than that, wonerful game! Kudos!!
In the middle of a puzzle the game will pop up an ad for the other games in the series, kicks you out to the menu, and erases your progress on whatever puzzle you were on.
Not bad, I just started, most of the previous comments where right, but you need to think about, don't waste your hint, take a break and come back to try again in a different way. For now is fine, let's see at the major levels
Have to watch ads for hints...I have watched several but only got one hint. Misleading and disappointing just to watch an ad and not receive the hint.
Some of the games are impossible to play without instruction. And the spin for hint ads don't work, after watching a 30 second ad you would think you would get a hint, not with get a free hint spinner. I now cancel after spinning if it lands on ad.
This game is great. My only complaint is that the hints aren't hints, they're answers. I'd rather have a hint to help me figure out the answer than have it handed to me.
I like this series but I hate when the quiz is just too twisted that it's impossible to find any clue to solve and I only have one or two hints and can't move on...
I have issues with puzzles clues. You put clues on few obvious puzzles and leave none on clueless ones like lv46 square puzzle (space ship? After inserting magnetic card. Only very few are like this tho, the others are fine *SPOILER* see the colours, or patterns, or pictures, lines, shapes to figure out how to solve it -- applies to all "play this" puzzles *END OF SPOILER*). I was spending my time trying to make a 50s, then 45s, and turned out, it needs 40 😷 did i miss the clue that implies the 40? 100 and 50 is an instantly guessable number, but 40.. But the jigsaw (?) puzzles are easier, cause you give pattern or colours to it πŸ˜† Overall, this one has very lots of short scenario escapes, mostly with one time consuming main puzzle to solve. Subjectively judging, this can be hard for those who tend to miss little detail, like one more item to go, but can't find the right spot to click πŸ™ I still give the full stars anyway because the lack of 'very few' clue on certain puzzles (like lv46's 40 square -- if i rly didn't miss anything) and my 'lack of clicking on the right spot' skill can't justify the value of the room riddles created and presented this nicely 😊 Also the hint works nicely, it shows us how it is supposed to be done if we use it to clear a puzzle/riddle (that's how i found the 40 lol).
Some puzzles make no sense, even after they are solved. Or there is no way to solve without using hint. Then, it doesn't show you how it was solved. For the most part, a fun game.
This game is so exciting and addicting..unfortunately in level 34 when you need to move the horses the tiles are hard to touch.
Not sure what happen but level 12 and 13 are the same, apparently it was correct but now those levels are the same. Level 14th in jail thing not so fun. I have a suggestion. Can you design so we can pinch the screen wider. Some scene are so dark can see the small print and designs. Just s thought.
I'm really happy with this game but reason why no 5 stars is you stopped giving me the free box add that give me 1 hint and in the other way of the wheel when I watch the add I get nothing I used to have a hint to what happens to you developers ! !?!
Good game but some of the puzzles make no sense. It would be nice to use 1 hint to tell you the objective of the game instead of 3 hints to solve it and still not understand!
Pretty intriguing, and there's a seemingly limitless range of puzzles. Some are too hard, but I've managed to avoid buying hints - just watched the ads.
Usual mix of puzzles from downright simple to impossible even with walkthrough. Hours of puzzling fun.
Great free game. Interesting, challenging puzzles and easy access to hints, which I could not do without!
I love mind tests and if anybody else likes mind games they will like this just as much as I do one thing I don't like though is on the wheel of hints you almost always land on add.
so far, so good. Update: puzzles need some sort of guidance! level 13 has two that give absolutely no clue as to how to play/solve them.. ugh Update: same old same old! The hint wheel doesn't give anything but ads... 32 spins; 32 annoying ads!
This is now my 6th version of this escape room game I've played and I find them all fun and addictive. Much like other comments many of the puzzles are quite confusing and even when I use hints to solve it usually doesn't explain how it got to the answer. I still very much recommend it.
Game itself is fun and engaging. The graphics are good but not great. The only issues I have with the game are the constant barrage of ads. I know you need to pay the bills, but the ad banner in the lower left screen is large enough to be distracting. Then on top of that, game play stops every 2 min to make you watch an ad. Sorry, but I'll be uninstalling this.
These games are truly the best!!! Even though the background music is a bit annoying, it "WILL NOT" change my 5 star rating. Get it now before you miss out!!!
Most of the puzzles are not puzzles. They are only ploys to get players to buy coins. Frustrating! I play for fun & there is no prize at the end to make it worth the cost. Puzzles are meant to be worked out & doable. These are not. Sad
Played many escape games but this one is really tricky, though you would get hints also to crack puzzle. I liked it, good brain exercise.
Perfect for a relaxing time and a coffee, the gfx are crisp and clear and the puzzles are fun my only gripe is i would of been happy to pay for the whole series of games to get rid of the ads but the game itself i cant fault
Escape 6 continues this prolific Developer's struggle against boredom with 50 more 'scenarios' - all totally free. Nice. The cheerful theme is death. Yay! Death, decay, contagion and disease, alchemical madness, the plundering of ruined temples, the desecration of human remains, the staying in luxuriously-appointed 5-star hotel suites, and playing with cute bunnies in children's nurseries. Eh? Oh yes. (The rabbit reminded me of Jan Svankmeyer's disturbing 'Alice' animation.) There are rather too many Rubik's Cube-style sliding things IMHO; the logic of the numerical puzzles sometimes escapes me; I loathe arcade challenges with a countdown timer; and I dislike 'touch and tilt' puzzles, but overall this is good stuff and provides hours of entertainment. Note: The self-replenishing free Hint should only be used when you've dug as far into a puzzle as possible, otherwise it'll reveal something you already know.
I like the game but I can't pay for the hints needed to help solve the puzzles. Can't there be another way to besides guessing games
Awesome virtual escape game! I only wish that in some instances they could provide a description of the different items. The graphics are good, but sometimes it's hard to tell would an item it is.
Some of the puzzles are impossible to figure out without watching a walk through video or using the hints.
I think this is the last version for me. The "games" are getting more obscure. Either they are virtually impossible to solve on your own, or they give you NO CLUE what the goal is! I solved a puzzle and entered the correct word. Nothing. I tried again - Still nothing. So I used my clues and because they wanted me to find another clue 1st, which I obviously didn't need, it rejected, my correct answer! Or you tap an area and NOTHING! Do it 2 minutes later, and suddenly there's a clue. I give up...
Fairly simple but good puzzles if you remember to look and touch everything and everywhere. The touch accuracy isn't perfect but good enough
Its a good logical game but there are some "puzzles" you need to solve but don't give any instructions on how to start the puzzle or what the goal of that puzzle is.
I hate this version of escape room 50. hints are so hard to get with a stupid roulette spin that makes you watch endless ads for no rewards. since the puzzle I am stuck on cannot be completed on the small screen on my smartphone, I have no choice but to delete the app. FAIL
It's a good game but a lot of the puzzles had no instruction and no hints, just an option to skip. I had to watch walkthrough videos a lot. I would love some instructions or even just a picture of what the goal of the puzzle is.
I love the game because of course its challenging and I love solving problems, mysteries & puzzles. However the thing that kind of pisses me off are the stupid hints... when you need some more hints you spin the wheel and its always landing on a stupid irrelevant ad that has nothing to do with the game and doesnt give you any hints for watching it so the ads are pointless. Can yall fix it asap? Its annoying and I mean really annoying...
These games are awesome! At times, I do not understand the puzzles (even after watching a walkthrough or getting a hint) but I am sure others do! Wish there was a zoom feature since some things can be difficult to see on a phone screen. Overall, I really enjoy playing :)
I love the game but you have to watch ads while trying to get hints and the ads don't up your hints even after watching to the end.
Ideal for passing away an hour or two. Could do with more hints as some of the puzzles are really difficult.
the answer to the puzzle does not always register unless you take a hint. I have solved puzzles many times, taken a hint out of frustration, and see an answer I already input, which then magically works.
There's no logic to some puzzles, which is very frustrating! Most times I don't wasn't you to solve a puzzle for me (with no explanation), I just want a little hint! It gets really annoying to have to use 3 credits, when 1 for a small hint would do. Also, you "insist" on "your way/order" of doing things. So I could have solved a puzzle but you won't let me clear it as you want something else doing firstπŸ™„
Fun game, love to play. I only wish there were hints for the puzzles. I don't want to pass them entirely, but it's the only option most of them give. Also, when I use a hint in a room, I don't like that it uses the hint before I get to the puzzle itself. It just circles the area to go, then my hint is gone.
Got to level 7... looked at book with squares. Pushed on LHS 1 & 3. Pushed on RHS 2 & 4. Looked at walkthru. Same squares, but not working for me?? Uninstalled..
These are normally pretty clever and inventive but this edition has but only a handful of decent ones while the majority are just silly. The familiar music still kicks ass, though.
I gave 3 stars only, first thing is, I do like the game but it's frustrating when the puzzle is really hard. And second thing is when you don't know the answer, is because when you're answering a puzzle there's no clue, so how am I supposed to solve a puzzle if you don't have clues???
Its okay. Some of the puzzles are too small on my phone (galaxy s10+, not tiny). I think others in this series are better. A lot of these puzzles are frustrating as opposed to challenging. When you finally solve them (or cheat, use clues etc) you don't think, "aha! How clever!" You think, "that made no sense." That being said this series overall is one of my favorites.
Another great one.in the series. I'm not the best at these typemof games, but the way the game play is set up works well for the novice, yet will still be a challenge all around. Some of the puzzles are so obscure that finding the patterns seems impossible _ at these times I'm grateful for the hints. You have to be patient if you don't want to spend money and you need more hints than are given during normal game play...but it can be done. I've finished 3 in this series without buying hints.
I would have given 5 stars, but I take issue with the fact that you assume this game is being played on a phone. For example, some levels require you to "tilt" your phone in different directions to solve the puzzle. However, I play this on a laptop, so it makes it impossible to solve unless you use clues.
The mini games that you have to play in the game are very difficult especially when no 'how to play' is given. You got to keep watching an ad for a hint, sometimes as much as three times then the hint is still not given. Other than that the game is interesting to play.
I understand that it,s a thinking game what,s the most lodgical ? its a great game but you need more tips? I played tips & I watched a vidiuo but get my tip + it took my tip number away ?without giving me the lightid tip?
I do enjoy the distraction..... But, I agree with many others... Some of the "puzzles", aren't really puzzles. There is no thought involved. It's just something that a programmer decided would be cool. AND...... I've purchased clues (mostly because your "puzzles" are SO obscure) but they don't transfer to other games. Not cool. And what's with the "escape 100 rooms"
Playing multiple games and levels and it continues to be different in various ways. Also, the scenes are very various, detailed and creative.
I give you 5 stars for creativity and interesting content but the logic of the clues need a bit more thinking. Other than that .. perfect game play and sequence.
Fun game, but too many games with no direction. I LOVE little mini logic games, but please tell me what the objective is.
Good game, one main issue, the option to earn extra hints by watching videos doesnt work. I must be owed at least 25 hints by now. Otherwise, its a really good brain work-out
Really great game. Makes you think. Only bad part is that some levels need instructions - you have puzzles to solve, but there's no indication as to what you're meant to be doing.
Colourful and makes you think. Puzzles are logical but some are just beyond me (which may say more about me than the game!) and sometimes needing to wait for 3 hints can be a bit frustrating. I would like to see the finished puzzle when you use hints to have these completed for you - they disappear off screen quickly
Very addictive, play daily to help keep my mind sharp since I am getting a little older and am retired. My husband and I compete to see who can get through each room! Just about hard enough...some of the other apps are too hard and I get tired and frustrated but this is just about perfect!
awesome games the whole escape room franchise and also really addictive. Once I start playing with the game I have trouble putting it down. Well done it's a really good game I've just downloaded the first 7. Wish I had more space on my phone to download all of them. 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 x
Sometimes puzzles don't make and you have to watch ads to earn more hints to pass a level. Even with a ton of time on my hands and watching walkthroughs I'm stuck. Hints are used and don't even help. Frustrating.
On the 6th set now! Good puzzle game but some of the final problems are really obscure (the making of a number for example out of two sets, with no clue as to how to actually use them!) , and tiny to see... There needs to be a help in the hints, not a pass! Some I just don't get and would like to know how to do not just skip through!
The poor contrast in lighting and shading hides necessary areas of interest requiring random tapping in Hope's of finding what you need or using a hint. Some codes have no corresponding or recognizable clues requiring the use of a hint. Otherwise, the game is decent.
My issue is when you watch an ad to get a free hint 95% of the time is doesn't give it to you. Really aggravating
Love the game - i wish our purchased hints could be transfered to next level!! I just lost 100 purchased hints!!
Great game to play. Keeps your interest and brain working. Rooms keep getting more difficult but not so bad that you lose interest. Some clues are obvious others not so, which can make you feel like a genius or not so much and wonder how you missed it.
I watched many ads and you did not give me a hint . I have solved a puzzle only to be given another puzzle; lazy programming. I have logically figured out a puzzle only for the game to not acknowledge because I had not found the the hint first. Many scenes were so dark that I was mostly pecking. This is a glorified hidden object game with some puzzles. On a positive note; the puzzles were varied and interesting. I am no longer going to play any game created by this/these programmers.
I really loved this game its really challanging and brain cracking, I will recommend more hints and some of the games inside doesn't have instructions its really hard to understand it at times.
Love the games, played the 1st 5 too. My only issue is the hints. The first 2 are very vague and just show you what you should be looking at, then the third one solves the puzzle. I would like to see the second clue be something that hints at how you could solve the puzzle.
I have been forced to use hints to solve 2 of the puzzles. Even with the hints, I have no clue what the solution was supposed to be. I found an apple so the answer is zebra...duh. I hate it when games do that and also fail to explain how that could possibly be the answer.
This is the best game. I love all of the graphics. the Sounds, colors, and movements are very good. It is very addictive. I really can't get enough. Well done!
Why do yall not respone to any reviews or questions? Could yall please fix the bug on level 42? It will not let me get pass the entering of the name on the computer. Thanks. Well I unistalled then reinstalled.Now I have to start from the beginning again. I also lost all the hints that I had bought and earned. I would give it no stars but it doesn't let you go that low.
I like the game a lot, but at level 47 the screen freezes. At first I thought it was my phone, but nope its the game. I cant tap the clues to finish the puzzle. So I cant escape. If I cant move on I will end up deleting the game, which is a bummer because its a fun game. Next day: Game is still frozen I guess suppse I'll delete the game now.
This game is can be addictive, but in a good way. You really have to use your brain, for each mini game and puzzles. It's great fun! TY
This game is amazing, it challenges you and the clues are hidden, but yet so obvious that you tend to miss it, I'm officially hooked
Dale! Nice little Easter egg there :) Anyway, review, I'm almost through the series of apps. Overall good game. Gets a little repetitive but I don't mind so much, maybe the series wasn't meant to be played all together in sequence. Nice design on the actual rooms, they look good. The puzzles don't have the best variety, but enough to stay interesting and challenging. Sometimes the clicking/tapping can be finicky, especially if you don't know exactly where you just clicked and want to come back to an area. Hint system is not great, if you're not on the right screen it will use up a hunt just telling you to hit the back button. But you can get through every game using very few hints.