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Can you escape the 100 room V

Can you escape the 100 room V for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by HKAppBond located at 19c block one scenery court Shatin. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Some puzzles are challenging and fun, some have hints or a guide to assist you. And some puzzles make absolutely no sense whatsoever, even after it is solved. But it keeps my brain active and makes me feel smarter...sometimes.
It's ok but a lot of the puzzles do not make sense. There are random answers for puzzles that i have no clue how they came up with it. Also, can't get pass level 7. I completed it but it won't let me go down the ladder. Thought maybe I missed something, so I used a hint but nope, nothing. So now I'm uninstalling. The first game is better. Not sure how the games get worse instead of better as the series progresses.
Alot of the puzzles need explaining. U need to be a freaking genius to solve alot of the stuff. Would be nice to have some explanation is to what your suppose to do. Idiots!!!!
Lots of relaxing fun. Not overly hard ( thank you) and you can watch ads to get hints which help if your wallet is skinny. I plan on doing all of the escape the room games.
Great game. some of the puzzles could use instructions buy otherwise the game is great. Good mix of really hard and easier puzzles. Can earn enough free hints to beat the game if you take your time and like puzzles. This is the second set of room games I've played by this developer. The first 50 were solid too. Played on Samsung tablet and a Samsung S8 phone and works great so far.
I really enjoy this game. Feels like brain food. One thing.... When it comes to some of the games... sometimes it's not obvious how to play it.
If you ever tried the 'can you escape the 50 rooms IV', this one is much more difficult, one reason being that most of the "play this" puzzle no longer have "?" button to explain how to do it. I can accept that, cause irl mystery, we wont get a "how to" neither, but it will be nasty if any ppl will give a bad stars just because they wish to be told what to do every time ๐Ÿ˜‹ btw all levels are completely free, i spent not any single penny, and the hint ads works just fine for me. The puzzles, yes, idk how to judge it really, but if we pay close attention, its clear what to do by seeing the pattern, the colours, the order. It takes a smart eye and correlation, yes, but not that "random", or maybe it works like an IQ test, so just hang in there and try to figure it out to feel like our IQ is 130 and above for understanding it ๐Ÿ˜… hard truth, cause when one said it cant be figured out, well, as a matter of fact, some people do figured it out in a short time. Personally, i hardly use the hints to skip or check on those 50 levels, which means, it is beatable.
I've 100% been enjoying these games. Some of the puzzles can be super hard to figure out but I learned recently that you can use 3 hints to solve them, game changer when you've been stuck on a puzzle for days lol
The overall game is really fun, it's just that whenever I spin the wheel, it somehow always lands on the ad, and rarely on the hints.
I like the puzzles, but hints are not as plentiful as I'd like. YouTube has walkthroughs, but some puzzles have several different versions. I've taken to uninstalling the game and going to the next version up if the hints are scarce. I can't afford to pay even .99cents to buy hints. When I run out of hints and game versions, I'm (sadly) gone. I've even stopped recommending these games to my friends. Too bad. so sad, oh well, oh heck... :^/
Can be very challenging at times. I suggest using a tablet for some levels to SEE some clues and tools. Overall, alot of fun. It can get very tough and maybe best to come back after giving brain some rest! LOL
Highly detailed graphics, annoying advertising if you want to play for free. But no need to spend money on playing.
I am enjoying the game. Some of the puzzles that are math oriented are very tricky. I am not a math wiz so they are more difficult. I need to use more hints on these puzzles. Overall a good game.
Fun game, but there is a little problem when we are done. The place we searched in and we got the purpose, it is not canceled, but it appears constantly when you press it
Its mysterical and additive but the only problem I have with it is when I run out of hints and go and try to get new ones its never let me I dont know if its my phone or not but anyway I absoulty love this game.
This game is so much fun. The puzzles are very challenging and yeah!, there are also some puzzles that are very hard to solve especially that there are instructions given. Overall, its good.
Addictive and very cool game however some of the math puzzles are ridiculously hard and no clues are given as to what needs to be done. I've had to YouTube several levels. For this reason I give 4 and not 5.
Many stupid mini games repeated many times. Annoying! Small objects, too small! A game has to be funny, yours is not at all, unless you play a couple of levels. You use boring IQ tests for what? Is it supposed I've to calculate my IQ?More tools to use, keys, put something interesting, not only silly exhausting mini games! Probably you can't do that. Uninstalling... after more than 30 levels I'm tired and totally bored.
Sometimes you are forced to use your hints (3) because there is just no way to get through and when you use it, it does not show you how it resolve the game, it just goes straight through to next level or game.
a great series and 5 is less buggy than 4. I play on android, and occasionally have an issue where a part just won't do what it should and i have to exit and try again later. level 39 is doing that now. The hints are working fine for me, accumulating as i play. with the graphics, some things are too small to see.
Game would be brilliant but some puzzles are so ambiguous. If you haven't enough "hints" left to 'pay'" for the solution, it is game over as you can't go any further till you solve it. (I don't pay cash for extra lives). That can become expensive.
Beautiful graphics and great hint of mystery with each room...I would have given the game five stars, except some of the puzzles do not provide any explanation as to what you're supposed to do, when they actually should. Otherwise, love it!
Love these escape games it makes life a challenge to see if your able to preform each one without help and see if you can figure out how to get out of a situation if forever in a one.
Im enjoying the game, but you need to put in a description for what the puzzle is supposed to do! Like most games like this, there is a little ? In the corner and you clicknon it and it at least shows you what the puzzle is supposed to do. Some you can figure out, others you just have to click until you guess it.
These games are really fun, the graphics are beautiful and they somehow keep the puzzles pretty fresh and original. I think this is the 4th one I've played from this developer. The puzzles just get too hard for me sometimes, though. I end up on YouTube checking solutions maybe 20% of the time. But I'd rather play a game thats too hard than too easy. And it's a super fun way of getting your brain in shape and sharpening your thinking.
I enjoy the game, but it often is hard to figure out how to play/what the goal of the game is. Also, sometimes the hints aren't very useful.
It good for time pass and addicted game.But the free spin does not work well.when the spiner i use always add..alot of add, that is not right
Graphics are good,but sometimes there are glitches -- like it freezes and I have to wait till the next day for it to resolve itself. The games are really good, however the pieces sometimes don't move well and it becomes immensely frustrating. Thats the reason why I gave you three stars. If these programing issues are addressed, you could shoot for the moon!!!๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ‘ฝ. (50th moonlanding anniversary). ๐Ÿค—Thanks for the games.
Very challenging at times. The only thing I don't like is when a puzzle comes up without instructions. I wish the clue would hint how to play and not just solve it.
it's fun but i just started, very uninteresting some of the puzzles are hard, you really have to use your head,there should be a thing to explain how to play some of the games, you just don't know how to play by looking at them
Lots of totally illogical solutions. Some levels way too easy, then many impossible so you have to get hints just to pass the level as you have to be illogical to figure it out. Kind of a ripoff. And you still cant tell what you pick up half the time.
The clues, if any, to some of the mini games lack direction and purpose. Also, it takes six or more attempts before one can actually get a "hint" if/when they get stuck. Other than that, it's not bad.
The escape games are usually fun for me. However, this version has not been very well thought out. Some of the clues are set by putting two or three clues together (usually some form of math) that doesn't work so after trying and not getting it you hit tips which shows the clues together. There may be numbers (as ex) 5 + 2+ 7 +3 which of course is 17, the clue may say 18 or 20 or whatever... just saying that a few of the clues are incorrect. There are other problems as well. Just sayin'
Some really good puzzles to solve, and unfortunately some that are seemingly impossible. At least, there is a way to overcome that problem, but, when you ask for the solution, it is solved instantly and you are not allowed to see the the final answer, or understand it.
Love these puzzles. Very challenging and fun. Sometimes they don't make sense on some puzzles but still very entertaining.
Good game but there is no way to exit the game and at the same time save your progress for later. I have to shut down the app which means I loose my bonuses
fun game but some puzzles/problems are extremely hard to figure out. please explain what it is that we are supposed to solve. most of them I have no idea what I'm even supposed to do to solve the riddle.
Math questions are a little illogical. Like the last one I just did there were six possible answers that would solve your your puzzle. 172, 127, 217, 271, 712, 721. Since there was no fixed answer for that chain of thought I threw that approach out looking for a solution that would give me a single answer for the combination. Needless to say I could not find one and had to take the hint which brought me back to my previous approach.
It's a decent game, but some of the puzzles make zero sense with the amount of information given. Mostly generating number codes. Sometimes you have to do math, other times you have to do some weird common core math that isn't math at all and you have to figure out the strange pattern to get the right code. LIke, they will give you 5 digits and tell you that each digit equals something else. That something else you are supposed to somehow figure out the order of the new numbers after you did the math with the old numbers after you cross reference them with pictures. (If that made no sense, it's because it actually makes no sense in the game)
Love this game. But a few of them have problems. Getting points to use is limited so I will have to collect them over days to be able to play. I would rate it much higher if those two things were fixed. I have played them all. Frustrating to put a lot of time in a game and then you can't go any further.
Challenging, yet some puzzles have no valid reasoning. PLEASE...more hint options please. At least give the option to watch ads. Love this game!
This is not a fun game if you can't get get a single hint from the well nd all the adds you watch you would think that there would be the same add every time but no all the same add and no hints at all. DO NOT INSTSLL.
Good game. Quite challenging. Some bits annoying as you can be clicking on something, use a hint and just not clicking in exact place.
Some puzzles are not making any sense. Also the items are not clear and because of this lots of time taken to resolve a room. Apart from this the game is good but not anywhere near to "The Room" from Fireproof
Good points.. Levels do challenge your logic & game is rewarding when you complete. Bad points.... Some levels have hard puzzles as you aren't told what image is meant to look like & the "free hints" wheel doesn't work. I watch numerous adverts yet no reward
All are good graphics stages easy or hard. but I hate the most was when I try to take hints it comes ad it's okay if it not come so fast but till half an hour I have waited it won't comes any hint then by side is coming one hint and it take 30 sec why is so much ad . And one more thing if I have completed level 1 then why is it coming every time every levels i hate the most . Only two stars for game graphics
Already beat 1,2,3,4, and 12. Working on 5 and 5 has some of the hardest to figure out clues out of all of them. I don't know why but I don't want to have to work extra hard when I want to relax... but I do love the game so...I will continue to play till I win.
good vision as all; good graphics, V. good music, nice puzzles and mystery show. But it's only 50 rooms not 100 and required more options when you select tools or wont to fix parts, what ever you want.
It's a good game. Some fun easy levels some harder ones and it's just a great time passer however a lot of the hints don't make any sense and some of the puzzles could do with more instruction rather than just pictures on how to work it. One puzzle I've had has made literally no sense towards what you had to do which was frustrating. Also free hint ads don't seem to work. I click free hints occasionally and it give me a picture of a badlands ad and nothing else. It won't give me any hints.
I love how the clue and puzzle has been set up.Its a fun game that makes you to think much.Love this game. I gave four out of five because wheneverI want to buy a hint ,it doesn't let me to get it quickly instead I had to wait for it's own timing.
clues don't make any sense. puzzles dont make sense. uninstalling. make more sense like the original escape room games. this is stupid.
very good but some where just like , how i know who was the president by year that time give some hint about that in level 34 but i like to play explore the level i already played your lot of game i enjoying all the game chjjdgj bbhjn and why that 500 alphabet so i typing unnessary coment likr bffhxfjjxfjjvg vhfjiffryuhc hhfhjvfgtidyifyofhoyofoyf hlgdyodyodyo fchchocgihococcohckhchohzfuzitxgigcgccyoyohhochoclcckhchocohhohocfyofycoychocochochococchochochohchochocoyccuocoucohhocohcohchoccohchochoc
Enjoy the game, but if I didn't have a video to help me out I would have uninstall the game. The hints need to be more giving. Like you need to find a knife, etc.
Playing from escape game 50 rooms 1 Till here at 100 rooms 5 This game is an addiction โค Love its graphics and the way it engages your mind in game . It never let you get bored nor it stucks you anywhere. It helps you keep your mind active and also helps you to learn how important is to consider each and every single detail for real life matters as well. Just enjoying it much Thanks to creators.
Most of the puzzles make sense. Some areas of the picture are too sensitive in being selected. overall, challenging and fun.
I enjoy the game. some puzzles are easy, some difficult, some seem impossible. labeling or being able to see what clue you picked up would be very beneficial. I have a hard time figuring out what I just picked up. otherwise, I really enjoy it. thanks!
Everything is good but there is one issue . When we ask for hint in the spinning wheel and ad came so after seeing the ad we don't get hint .
This is a pretty fun game if you like puzzles, but some of the puzzles don't really make sense. I also don't like how it costs three hints for some puzzles, and if you use a hint in the wrong place, you basically waisted your hint. The spinner for hints also stinks, because the spinner almost always hits the ads, instead of the hints. You could make the ads give you 1 hint, instead of just wasting time. Besides all that, it is pretty fun.
Not bad but it's not as good as 50 rooms escape 4. Too many maths involved in trying to make levels hard. If I have to use a calculator to play a game often, it spoils the fun for me. At the same time some things I found it difficult to understand. For example the level to count the cubes in a crate of boxes. Till now I do not get the number and used hints and YT to go through.
Great graphics. Intresting puzzles except the math ones. Don't really like math. lol. I've played this one before, but it's amazing how much of the puzzles you forget. Great job.
Brilliant for mental agility. Many hours spent on the puzzles when I should be doing the housework! Please keep them coming. Very pleased that I dont need to pay for help either. Absolutely fantastic.
I enjoy these escape puzzle games and have played several so far. The puzzles range from easy to difficult which is expected but what were the devs thinking when they decided to create this particular game? The puzzles range from easy to impossible the players will never solve even by some small miracle. I've had to rely on every hint or YouTube walkthrough to figure some of the puzzles out and when "solved" wonder who can up with that idea for the rediculously unsolvable.
I love these games but this puzzle the answers don't make since with the clues given. And one of the puzzles you could not solve and when they solved it the way they did it wasn't possible with the moves given.
The great series of Escape the Room apps. V of a series is far more challenging than the previous four. Requires a good amount of math skills and"Detective work" . 4.5 Stars
Some puzzles make no sense even with hints. Some mini games are a bit too tough to solve. Most are challenging but can be solved with time. Rest of the game is pretty fun.
Same great attention to detail I love. Only one thing an explanation for some of the mini games a lot of the time I have to go to YouTube just to figure out how to play. But great game play. Getting out of the rooms is really fun except that one caveat. I will keep playing even if I have to go to YouTube. Thanks for a great game again.
Pretty fun game! Sometimes I get a weird glitch in a spot or two bit for the most part it's great fun
It's a great game with some great puzzles. Unfortunately there is sometimes no logic in how you are supposed to work out some of them. The hint button isn't a hint at all, it just does the puzzle instead of giving you hints on how you can solve it yourself. Very frustrating and annoying!!
Overall, the game is very good. The difficult puzzles distract from the game. Otherwise it would be a five star game. If I wanted puzzles, I would get a puzzle game.
I love these games but this one was made too difficult, it feels as though the intention is to make people buy hints. Even after I used hints there was multiple levels where I still did not understand how the game came to the answer it did plus the games you play have no clues e.g. showing you what the end puzzle should look like, so it's a real shot in the dark. This really took away from the enjoyment.
Great time killer. Over all the game is ok. it's a fun way to kill time. one of my complaints is the clue system. when i spin the wheel i always have to watch an ad. that's not so bad. but then it doesn't give you the clue after you watch the ad! Ok I'm back! I'm on level 48 and I really don't know why I have stuck it out. There are NO INSTRUCTIONS for mini games! Please help me... Someone? Anyone?
I am addicted to The Room series of games. I love the puzzles and games. There aren't too many ads and you can get hints by watching a full ad.
This is a very intelligent game. Just the right amount of challenge for me with great graphics and design. I would have given 5 stars if it weren't for the extremely offensive content of the ads between play. West Game ad - a woman begging to be used. Puzzle Survival- women in their underclothes and being used to throw to the zombies. The makers of this game are accountable for ad content!!
These games are ok, but not my favorite. Identifying found objects, adding a zoom feature, showing clues for mini games instead of just ending the game would improve these escape games for me
I love escape room because you get to think smart and get to have fun in one level 5 I finished all the other ones also if you get stuck you can use hints for it that is amazing every one should play it it is fun I like to explore the room
Pretty good game. Of course some levels are total nonsense, but thats expected in a puzzle game, therefore, the 4 stars. No ads unless you want them for hints. Update: I find that lots of levels are total nonsense and need hints to solve the puzzles. Down to 3 stars.
It's a challenging, fun game. My only complaints are that the daily hints are hard to get applied and some games within the game give you no instructions on how to play them or what the objective is.
Split sound and music into separate button functions and you get 5 stars. I like the sound but I can do without the music. Tell all your brothers too.
Great game! Really makes u use the 'old gray matter ' especially in rooms further along. Had 2 use the tip jar every now and then. But, still highly recommended. Would have have given it another 1/2 star with the 4 but didn't know how...
Its a awesome game the only problem is the hints this game needs lots of thinking and focus its just the right amount of challenges the hints is just a problem so i am rating it 4 stars
The hints no longer work. You watch the ads and nothing happens. They added this stupid wheel where you have a chance of "winning" free hints. You never win. Please fix this. Right now I'm stuck on lvl 22 and it's stupid slide color sorting puzzle. It has been over a month. I stopped playing for a majority of that time. I would love to give this 5 stars, but the ad/hint thing combined with this roadblock of a puzzle cuz I don't have the attention span needed to fix it keeps that from happening.
Really fun puzzle game. Some of the rooms are really easy and some are quite difficult. Just wish it was easier to get hints. Overall it's worth playing!
Best game you can ever play. Keeps your mind sharp and active. Some levels are too hard though, but the more challenging the better
Absolutely love love love this escape game โค๏ธ kept me busy to no end, puzzles are ok some hard but u get enough hints to pass by watching videos and playing each day plus u have a spin wheel that gives out hints or ads but I have won a few hints this way so u really can pass and play fine without spending real money's but if I can I do buy some in app purchases just to support the development team. Try it yourself to see how entertaining it is. Take care now โค๏ธโค๏ธ
It's not great. Some of the items are so tiny, and with no option to look at them zoomed in, I often have no idea what they are. The bouncing clue boxes are REALLY irritating and the auto playing video adverts are a massive no no for me. I can't recommend this game.
Nice game. But some problem need u use a hint to solve. Because there's not much clue or leads to solve the problem. I like the idea of make the game harder to be more challenging. But at least connect the puzzles or problem within player grasp or within the rooms. Some puzzles doesn't have a single lead to solve it unless u used a hint. That make it less fun and less enjoyable.
Challenging, yet some puzzles have no valid reasoning. PLEASE...more hint options please. At least give the option to watch ads. Love this game! Addictive.
Some puzzles are easy, some are quite hard. Some are totally illogical and even after using up the tips to solve they don't make sense!
Cannot get past level 27 because every time i complete the puzzle (tried it 8 times now) and the little building flies off, i get a message that unfortunately it's stopped working. Very disappointed
Really enjoy the variety of puzzles, glad the item doesn't have to be highlighted in order to find where it's used. Also more responsive to touch than 4 was.
Some in game clues are a bit too cryptic, but apart from that, most make sense. Still enjoying and saving up my hints for when I'm really struggling. Frustrating when, even when the hints tell you the answer, you know you never would have worked that our on your own.
Very taxing and thought-provoking game. Love it! Sometimes it seems impossible and I have to come back the next day with a fresh brain. Well worth playing.
Pretty fun and at times really challenging. Great way to pass the time and get your brain working! A+ Guys! Oh and for anyone complaining about not getting free hints it's all a matter of chance. Spin the wheel as much as you can.. you have to wait a minute or two between wheel spins. I've gotten plenty of free hints :)
It would be a fantastic game if dome of the puzzles weren't ridiculously odd to solve, and even after solving with hints, some puzzles make zero sense.
love these games. some of the puzzles could use instructions. i would have given it 5 stars except for the wheel you have to spin for hints. you get stuck watching all these advertisements and never get any hints
Rubbish, a time consuming piece of over used puzzles of antiquity designed for no other purpose than to create more games with that cursed sound track, and produced more escape games that bear no resemblance to the original. Meaningless aimless tripe.
Great puzzles and graphics however the hint button at the bottom right of the screen is very easy to press it by accident by side of palm or finger and using a hint for nothing. would be good to have a confirmation if we want to use a hint if we hit the button.
Love the game BUT had to edit my review. I thought I solved a puzzle. It didn't work. I got so frustrated I used my hints and got the answer. WHICH WAS EXACTLY HOW I SOLVED IT, but they put the pieces in the opposite order! There was no indications of how the puzzle should look at the end. But I'd done what the puzzle required! And it's not the 1st time! Same thing in Version #4, Room 49! Or I'm working a puzzle and I suddenly get sent back to start screen! Loosing all progress made!
Pretty much what I expected: a slightly janky escape game. The ad load is annoying, but that's the price of free games. I'm sufficiently intrigued to check out the other games from this developer.
very nice. my only complaint is that certain puzzles are not very clear as to whst their goal is so youre left clueless how to go about solving them. but the numbrr of hints available for free by watching some ads are enough to ride over such difficulties.
This is 1 of the best escape games out there. Every puzzle makes sense, not like some other escape games i have played. 50 totally FREE levels with minimal ads and plenty of hints should you get stuck. Whether you're a novice or an escape games addict like me you cannot go wrong with this game. This is a must for any escape gamer. Definitly a 5 star game. Thanks guys for a brilliant game.
I give you 5 stars however, some of your hints to games don't make sense at all, they follow a weird logic. If you can keep the LOGIC appropriate to the in game "games" .. you will continue to be the best escape games out here. Graphics are superb! When the Logic makes sense, the experience is satisfying and rewarding! Keep the escape games coming, PLEASE!
while playing escape 50 rooms 2 level 29, I have gone to the last door and played the game twice to "open" and the door will not open. so I am now stuck there and cannot move to the next room!
Fun game, love that it can be played without data or internet once installed. Only complaint is sometimes the challenges are tough to decipher but it does give lots of hints. This is my go-to game :)
I really liked this game it was hard and easy at the same time but I do not like how every I need needed hints and went on the mystery wheel I always got the ads and when I finshed an ad it gave me no hints!!!!
Still has glitches which makes you want to use hints to finish, only to find out you were right all along! the item clicked on didn't respond.
Definitely the most challenging so far in the series. Bonus points for not having to kill an animal and actually getting to save a person for a puzzle.
Most of the puzzles have no clue as to how to play them. I don't want to use the hint to solve it, just wanna know what I need to do... little help. Then when I spin the wheel and watch the ad I never get my hints!!! I like these games but they could be so much better.
I have posted this with every game. I think your hints on the games should hints and not solve the game. Then you can give more free hints because it should 3 hints per game. Thank you
The game is really cool but some puzzles leave u clueless. There should be an improvement on that please. And atleast they should be some free hints as well.
the objects found are very small, hard to tell what they are. Just have to try them everywhere. Near end of puzzle you don't give hint, just wants you to pay to pass puzzle. Never find out how it worked. Great game otherwise.
Very interesting game and the grapics are so beautiful. I always take these types of games as a challenge. Whenever I play these types of games my inner voice say you can do, you can solve it . Open the door open your mind.
I would happily rate this game as a 5 if only there was a way to magnify the puzzles so I could see the details on my smartphone. When I can't view the details in puzzles, such as 100 Room 5 Level 46, it is near impossible to solve -- even after completing the sections containing the body & plumage of the bird correctly. I even put the puzzle on my laptop screen but I still can't see enough details on my phone to complete without spending hours trying different combinations.
pls change u r title. I thought that this game will contain really 100rooms to escape, but it is only 50 rooms game. Other than that this game is so interesting. I suggest people not to play this game when they are stressed or irritated because there is a chance of getting head ache. That's the only request from my side. But some times when we need hints we don't get them. some puzzles doesn't need hints to play, but some need hints to play. some puzzles are confusing,so we can't get them to ๐ŸŽฎ.
The hint button is too close to the play zone and I frequently hit it when looking for clues. Have to use a magnifying glass to see some game features and to determine what items found are and their use. Mini games are hard to figure out even when they have a โ“ to go by. Game has been updated to the point where you tube walk-thrus are sometimes useless. But hints do come often enough so you can bypass when totally stuck. Other than that I enjoy game and this is the 5th episode I downloaded. ๐Ÿ‘
Entertaining game. My biggest problem with this one, comparing it to the ones before it is that too many of the number or letter lock puzzles are way to convoluted. I don't mind if I have to use a hint and then I'm like oh that's what I missed. What I don't like is when I use a hint to solve a puzzle and once the answer is revealed I'm like how on earth was I supposed to know that, or it still makes no sense even with the hint. That gets frusterating. Level 7 final lock box is good example.
This is my 5th Escape the Room......Enjoy the challenges of solving the different puzzles, but wish some of them had instructions on what is expected or how to play them.
This game is mostly enjoyable. I love challenging puzzles, but some of these are nearly impossible without using walk-throughs. Even these don't explain how to solve the puzzle, just give the solution, which may not be exactly the same .The hints are often no help at all, and it is frustrating to give up a hint only to have it take you back to the previous screen.
Overall fun but on some levels when you're required to move a piece/gem to solve a puzzle the one at the top is stuck and won't move. My phone is calibrated so I wish the game worked with the auto rotate and that may help solve this.
Find these games very addictive. There are some similar style puzzles however they aren't so frequent I find them boring. Quite quick to move through the rooms, but lots of rooms and multiple games so keeping me entertained. Do keep managing to accidentally knock the hints and wasting them so an "Are you sure you want to use a hint?" would be helpful. Either way - like the game.
Really testing ..... gets the grey matter going... some puzzles very obscure solutions.... but if it was easy it wouldn't be as much fun.
Great game. Nice puzzles,and very good at getting you thinking. I spend hours on this game. All round great game.
Excellent game, just the right level of difficulty. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that I feel some of the puzzles need a little explaining. Some of the items collected are very unclear and I picked them up and not had a clue what they are. Overall though, an enjoyable and entertaining game.
Hit and miss Good game in the main but some of the puzzles don't make any sense (the flags on level 43 game 5 for example) . You are then forced to accumulate and use 3 hints just to get past it . Also please make the items you pick up in the right hand boxes more visible. if you don't know what you've picked up, how do you know how to use it. Still play it every night though ๐Ÿ˜‚
It's really difficult to solve some problems ,but it's kinda fun solving them. Really worth downloading.
it's okay for a strategy game the only thing I don't like the puzzles get harder the more you get into the game, and if you want to use hints you lose money fast you get to use 3 hints at a time that's the bad thing about this game overall it's fun.
It's quite an interesting game but there are some parts where you do get stuck...i recommend not to make the next versions hard
Need to actually give hints on every spin where you have to watch an AD. It gets super annoying to have to watch 10 ads and wwit 3mins in between before you can spin for a chance to get a hint. ALL of these games in this series have that issue. Otherwise it is not a bad game and does keep you thinking.
Random tapping aside, the end puzzles for levels make no sense or too cryptic or inane. I had to give up on every one so far...and I like a good puzzle!!!
lots of fun.....most puzzles can be worked thru....touch everything and get all the puzzle pieces......the answers are always there.....use your brain and you will find the answers.....
Decent enough. It's a pretty good time waster, but some of the puzzles make no sense. I could just be dumb, I guess, but every now and then there's a puzzle or a game where I never would have figured it out without the hint, and then I still didn't understand why the answer was the answer when they gave an explanation for it.
Some of the puzzles are too much of a stretch, there is no connection no logic to it. Overall the game is alright.
Love the game, there should be a way of taking your hints with you when you've finished the game, if I've bought and paid for hints and don't use them all I've either got to play the same game again, which I can't see the point of as I've already worked out the puzzles, or move on and download another game in the series but then I lose the hints I've accumulated, which makes paying for hints a waste of money. I will now use the walk through on YouTube to find the answers to the puzzles instead.
I love how this one aint giving easy levels. Literally Level 1 was as hard as they get and I am here for it. Great game.
This one is not my favorite. Loving the series all together, but this one is a little disconnected in terms of clues and mini game premise.
This is mostly fun but some of the puzzle answers don't make sense even after you had to watch a bunch of ads to finally get the answer. I am a college grad with a double degree and feel you must have to be a mensa member to figure some (not all) out. Or maybe a math genious with schitzo. Some games could also use an explaination of how you are expected to play. Iblike this kind of thinking game tho it could be more geared to the common people.
Very interesting game. Puzzles are very annoying and will have to use hints only most of the time. Some games misses logic in answers.
Enjoy it for the most part, but the logic behind some of the puzzles completely escapes me. Also, sometimes the picture is just too dark.
The puzzles don't have instruction of what must be done. When I use the clues to solve some of the puzzles, I find that the clues are too hard to use to get the answers.
A game with great potential but in need of a lot of work. Many puzzles are nonsensical, passable only with hints - unfortunately the hints system is a total mess and destroys the rest of the game. I suspect this is deliberate to try and force players to buy hints. This very poor element turns a great game into a bad one.
Great game and very addicting. Some of the puzzles are hard to figure out at first, but the clues definitely help. The graphics are wonderful and I love the multi room puzzles. I can normally get through a room in less than 5 minutes so they are not extremely difficult. This is a great game to play and definitely recommend to anyone
It is really easy to pass the game but your mind plays tricks on you sometimes can you learn art from the game
Its ok, but at least a quarter of the puzzles make no sense even after you get the solution from hints ๐Ÿ™„ and if you run out of hints then sometimes you just cant get any more๐Ÿ˜•
i really really like ths game..this is my 5th app escape games...graphics are too gud......im always waiting for hints๐Ÿ˜‹ thn ill complete one by one..im always waiting for what nxt in another room...finally im in 5 escape games...then eagerly waiting for nxt nxt apps...๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
great graphics, a little on the dark side to view but otherwise good. do not like the free hint, rarely do you get one always just as and no hint .
I love these escape games, they tend to be quite testing at times but FUN nevertheless. Great way to whilst away a while, whilst also giving your brain a wee workout, making you have to 'think outside the box'
it's OK !but some mini games makes no sense and very complicated not hard but complicated ! also there is one repetitive annoying add is like two Asian anime girls not dressing well (inappropriate ) keep showing and showing it's game but really annoying I don't like my kids to see this inappropriate kind of games and people please remove it !!! and thanks in advance
An enjoyable game. Some of the puzzles are quite difficult. I wish there was steps to solve the difficult puzzles so that you have options to figure puzzle out yourself instead of it being solved for you with the use of one hint.
Worst escape game EVER. Initial challenges in each room are too easy and final ones you have to either be a mindreader to solve or find a cheat. How about clues, huh? Give us a chance.
Would of been more stars easy. If it wasn't for all the adverts. And that one estate agent advert what doesn't have a close option so you have to close app and fresh start it each time. Uninstall
Really enjoyable and challenging game play. Only removed one star because I wish you could get hints to help you solve before just being given the answer.
i really enjoy these games, makes you use your knoggin. The graphics are nice, its time absorbing and i would recommend to anyone thinking about playing. Thank you for the escape, ha!
This game is too involving! I am obsessed with the setup and I love playing all the games from this series! Done a great job with the riddles and graphics โค
Puzzles are great, but your way of getting free hints is ridiculous. Telling us we'll get free hints then making it spin a wheel that only has a 50/50 chance of giving is hints is lame. Especially since you already have ads all over the place. At least give us a single hint for watching the ad that nine times out of ten the stupid wheel lands on. That would make sense.
Due to the fact that you have to make a purchase on level 33 in order to finish the last puzzle for the escape, I rate this on the level of being a scam or a fraud. Before someone enters the level, maybe they should be told of such, that a purchase for clues has to be made to get through so they don't have to sit there wasting their time trying to figure it out for nothing. Thanks for allowing me to waste my time while you try and sneak in a scam for profit, but you didn't fool me. I gave up once I realized it that's why I'm warning everyone else.
The only problem I have with the game is the puzzles that I don't know how to make pieces move or what I'm supposed to do. But you get hints to help. I love the game! It's challenging and relaxing.
Fun game, uses your brain. Some puzzles are impossible for me to work out, but the hints are really good.
Theses games are good as there challenging and that you can really get into them But I've noticed that you have brought out a few more new games but I can't play on them witch is a shame but anys way apart from that still think that all the games are good
Some of the puzzles don't make sense with the hints provided -or lack there of. Also, level 33 is frozen. I finished the level and it will not let me progress, and even if you hit the hint button just in case you missed something it doesn't do anything...and it says I have 4 hints, so it's not that I do not have enough... I am uninstalling due to this issue.
Half of the puzzles do not make sense, like it was made by a lazy guy, but of course you can BUY tips , I get it
Fun game, think you should be able to inspect items you pick up as sometimes you can't see what it is after you have it.
A good game but the hints spinning wheel feels like a scam 1 in a million try you get the actual hint it's always the damn ads!
Good game. But few tweeks needed. Its got lots of great mini games but no instructions as to what you need to do and when you use the hints to skip the game, it gives you the answer but its a complete mystery as to how you got the answer.
95% of the puzzles are easily solvable. There are some puzzles that don't work right. And the hints for watching the ads doesn't work. But I have completely passed 2 of these games. So I say 5 stars.
Made it to 19 and uninstalling. I found myself having to YouTube walk through's too many times, and 19, still didnt get it. Too many confusing things u have to try to put together concerning math.. and in Roman numerals smh Some are just guessing where to click.. I guess it only makes sense to the developers and a few others, its lost on me.. going to pay for a better one. Hopefully u improve it for others that come
I've been playing a short time but finding it extremely difficult, especially getting hints. I'm not sure I will keep playing. This is not a player friendly relaxation game. ๐Ÿ™„
Many of the puzzles are simply not logical. I realize I may not always see the logic and I am okay with that, but these are beyond the pale. the game is fun but I absolutely couldn't do it without help from youtube.
Great graphics. Good Puzzles that art always too hard to complete quickly. As you progress some rooms / scenes turn into 2! Had too much trouble with a puzzle and a code in two different levels so used FREE hints. You can progress without in app purchases which is great.
I really like this game, EXCEPT for 2 things.... Some of the puzzles are damn impossible to figure out cause there's no hint of what the goal is. I've had to cheat and go online because I couldn't figure out what the objective was. And the second issue is the "hint" button is TOO damn close to the playing area, and tapping in the lower right corner of the playing screen I've hit the hint button and wasted several HINTS. The hint button needs to be at the top of the items bar or something.
I see no logic in some of these puzzles especially the number and symbols. I looked at the hints and there is still no logic. It would be much better if you gave the goals for some of these puzzles. The puzzle on level 50 had no instructions. I spent 3 hints. Didn't want you to solve it for me, just tell me how to play.
Great game to make you think and its a good time killer. if you want to get the free hints though, spinning the wheel is useless. for 3 days I've tried to get hints on hard puzzles and i can count on one hand how many hints I've "won". ads every damn time. you'd think out of ten times you take that chance you'd get a hint at least once but nope. other than that it's not a bad app. keeps me thinking and gives me something to do
It's a fun game. Some rooms have clues that are tough to 'click' on so the hints can be a must, but are plentiful if you watch ads or lognin daily. Overall it's a good puzzle type game.
some of the puzzles are way too hard ans random and basically require to use a hint. please make them a little bit more reasonable with the next rooms. make more and more do not stop, just consider thr advice
Good game but with some puzzles you dont always know how to play them. When you pick up an item its not always clear what it is, saying what it is would help.
Can get lost in this game , very enjoyable,I think some of the puzzles are impossible,so could do with a way of winning some hints
Some of the puzzles don't make sense and are difficult to figure out. watching ads for hints doesn't always work and some puzzles need 3 hints to pass, its difficult to get that many. when you click hint sometimes it will just tell you to back out of the room. it also asked you endlessly to rate the game. better hints easier to get and puzzles that make sense and it would be a great game.
Challenging time say the least. Some puzzle solutions are just a tad too vague for it to be considered fun. Takes thought outside the proverbial box.
Love this series! Challenging yet doable with some simple logic and memory skills. Some puzzles seem beyond solvable without hints which are readily available but sometimes make little sense. Great graphics etc. I'm hooked! Wish there were something more exciting than "Congratulations" once you complete the game...
this is a great game and it really makes you use your mind an relax i really like i hope i dont find any "bugs" in the game cuz that would suck for me but so far there are no "bugs"...
This game is so fun it helps my brain work out every day and it vary challenging the more I play the better I get but if you really wana win you have to have patience because as I told you its vary challenging this helps you gain patients this game is really good for many prupesis
Extremely challenging. Some puzzles don't provide clues to solve which makes it very difficult, must revert to clues often.
overall great game, nice puzzles that are often pretty challenging (when the solution can be logically deduced), but some of theae are just waaay out there. like, not just outside the box thinking, more like nowhere near the box sometimes.