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Can you escape the 100 room IX

Can you escape the 100 room IX for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by HKAppBond located at 19c block one scenery court Shatin. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The puzzle games often have confusing instructions, or have none at all. When I try to get a hint, the game just circles the puzzle, with no clue how to play it.
if youre going to design a game with variable math i would suggest you dont use formulas with multiple answers. dont get me wrong i appreciate the effort you put towards making the game but that defeats the purpose of the logic portion. im only finishing this game because i want to see if this is a theme within your games. boo on you for focusing on graphics instead of strategy
It is a good game but some puzzles are difficult to understand. They are not making any sense. Overall it is a good game.
I've done the previous games I - VIII and fun just goes on! For every game I usually needed 2-3 hints overall, and there are rare puzzles that just make no sense even with the hint. Any complainers about the game being too difficult simply chose the wrong game. Perfect for persistent people that like to think! Still hope to complete a game with no hints lol.
โ™€๏ธI really love these games.๐Ÿค˜The puzzles are challenging and I am totally addicted to it.๐ŸคฏIt definitely gets a 5 star rating from me.๐Ÿค“I can't wait to see if they come up with something new I've played all the ones that I have found.๐Ÿ‘Thank you! Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you come up with more challenging puzzles.๐Ÿ’
good game, more hints would be good. Some puzzles are too hard because we dont know what we are supposed to do with them
Very laggy and some ads you cant closed so you have the closed the entire app and open it again.. some levels has me scratching my brain.. this could be awesome if bugs were fix.
Its good just some puzzles make no sense and no hint is given most of the time but for easy ones they provide free hint. Ugh kind of annoying but hopefully you save enough of the hints that you can redeem for those situation besides that ITS ALL GOOD ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
I enjoyed games I to VII of this series, but VIII was a drop in quality. I am happy I jumped to IX, which is again up to the usual excellent standard of the series.
difficult but not impossible to play,currently at lvl 23 in just 2 days,good graphics but more instruction should be given in difficult puzzles,there should be an option to zoom in things as it becomes difficult to see clearly while playing on mobiles,also on clicking the clues in inventory we should at least know what objects we have as sometime one can't decide whether it is(say)a mug or a bucket,and the free to spin wheel doesn't work at all,fix these as they r ruining r gaming experience...
So far the puzzles are way more intuitive than 8 was. I found 8 to be rather frustrating. This one is more fun.
so many of the games do not make sense, even with the "clues". they do not offer instructions like some games on other apps from this same company, so you end up using your hints or hoping for free hints from the wheel. ended up uninstalling after a few levels
really enjoyable. some levels are really easy, some in the middle and some really hard. very ranged for people of all levels. even if I do have to use hints a fair few times! brilliant brain trainer, fun game and time waster
puzzles are obscure and rather pointless. the free clue section is totally useless, as it loads ads which don't register so you don't get clues. even those that actually play through only give a clue 1 time in 10, if even. Game is inventive and somewhat well thought out otherwise.
amazing puzzles , lots of varieties but some of it gives a headache due to sometimes it becomes ridiculous. the graphics and design as exciting and entertaining as most of the puzzles.
again, i wish the puzzles could give some direction or even what the completed puzzle should look like. no continuity of clues. not the best rooms, but still fun.
There seems to be a glitch in level 23. I collected the item but the drawer with the swan lock won't open. Even using the hint, it points to the swan but it won't work. I tried closing the app and coming back again. Still didn't work.
The medicare plan ad makes you close the game completely out to be able to play again. There is no way of returning to the game once this ad pops up.
One of the ads doesnt ever close. Besides this some of the clues just dont work. Otherwise it is nicely difficult.
Good, could be better if you stopped cheating and also allowed enlargement of screens so blindness wouldn't become a factor!
Played these games before, same basic concept as the others. Interesting and challenging but in a fun way. Many of the puzzles don't have directions so it requires a bit of guessing and random button hitting. The equations at time seem a bit out there in some puzzles but that's what you tube is for.
They don't give you any free hints except at the very beginning and never get anything but ads from the hint wheel deluxe. You have to buy all your hints and that gets really expensive when you almost always need a hint in every room. Really not worth starting or playing.
Some puzzles are too difficult and you can't get a hint how to solve it, you have to use 3 hints and the door is open but you still have no idea what you were supposed to do or what the solution was.
Short unavoidable ads but they don't get in the way of the game which is a refreshing change ๐Ÿ‘ Game itself is midrange difficulty, some simple, some not so simple. Gotta think outside the box sometimes
Love this game! Really feels like I'm working my brain! I like the different varieties of rooms. They're never the same!
Having been frustrated by most of the earlier games in this series for various reasons (but stubbornly persevering) I did not even get to solving the first puzzle (clock dials) where one is apparently expected to have eyesight that would put an electron microscope to shame. This sort of thing is unforgivable and I won't even bother wasting my time any further.
Don't bother trying to get help from the in-game "hint wheel" because you will be sorely disappointed. And some of the puzzles you have to organize things a specific way but the details are so similar on the items you can't see any difference this forcing you to use hints.
Really works your brain. Gets a bit irritating when you use hints because the touch isn't working well. I really do like this game.
Would be a lot more if you didnt have to use at least a hint or more to solve one puzzle. Also would be geyting more if i wasnt bombarded with the constant sign to rate it after i already have several times. Next time im asked to rate you will continue to get less stars!
Good game but some of the puzzles make no sense, glad i am not the only one thinking how on earth am I supposed to know the answer to these. Some of the puzzles you have no clue how to go about it. Good game otherwise.
there should b clues from 1 thing 2 do til thr next. not enough HINTS either. everytime i spin the wheel it ALWAYS LANDS ON AD. I never get an extra so called "HINT" I'm not pleased with this game at all. n a real escape room u have CLUES.
Fantastic set of games that somehow manages to use similar puzzles without them feeling the same. Each "game" has 50 rooms/levels of varying difficulty, but we have found that each game is a different style or difficulty. 1 is easy, but 2 is hard with some puzzles not making sense. 3 goes back to being a breeze and so far 4 is just right. My 5 & 7 year olds love to play it with me, yes they struggle with some puzzles, but that's what dad's are for.
Another fun escape room game. Please can you make the next one so we can turn the music off but keep sound effects on? The soft soothing / spooky music gets really annoying, but I keep it on because I life to hear the sound effects (clicks etc)
"Get free hints. Watch an ad". You watch the ad and never get the hint. I'll NEVER buy hints from this game. To me they ruined the game with this scam.
I'm hooked! No coins to win or buy. Just solving puzzles. I love the fact that I don't have to give up my 1st born to buy one mire game before time runs out. Escape room allows me to play as I wish, no pausing and losing money, score blah blah blah. These rooms challenge me which in turn helps you out in life to be more observant, find the root of the problem, (in the games they're clues and resolution comes from finding the way out. Luv this game!
It's nice and all, but some of the levels have puzzles that make my eyes hurt so BAD. Aka the detailed puzzles. Overall the gameplay is nice (Graphics dark) but the puzzles though... I think I need glasses now, thanks.
Most puzzles do not make any sense!!! Don't waste your time unless you are super bored and want to be frustrated!!!
Love the game. Puzzle hints should help, not pass a puzzle. And some ? In puzzles are confusing or useless.
Love the game and challenges but agree that inventory items are difficult to see on phones. Also, I have won hints on the spinner, but they aren't credited to me - twice so far!
Love these games but some rooms are so dark it's hard to tell where to look. Also some items are so small, hard to know what the item is and how to use it.
I started with Escape I about 2yrs ago and had completed all levels in Escapes I- VII. VIII had a lot of glitches so I quit playing. Last week, I came across this one and decided to give it a try. I'm hooked again. On level 34. Yes, hard to see what some items are but it's on a phone screen. The improvement from earlier versions is there are more opportunities to get free hints to help with puzzles. Thank you for that!! And you can always watch a YouTube walk thru. Keep up the GOOD work ;)
Purchased hints. Did not receive. See only now lots of people complained. I detest games where you have completed the task and it is still active. Graphics horrendous. Not all mathematical mini games make sense, have to buy hints and then not receives it. Ridiculous!
Love the idea of this app! Its one of the better Escape room apps. Wish that A. The games, esp to figure out equations were not so friggin hard!!! B. That each game had at least first move, an example if you need it. C. That you got more hints. I don't want it to be easy, bht some of these its like "HOW THE HECK WOULD WE HAVE KNOW THAT!?"lol i play though!
It is really bad when you are near to solve the puzzle after lots of efforts an ad pops up and ruin your whole effort it sucks, the game is awesome but this ad feature making it more than worst. What I will do I will leave playing this game due to ads during solving puzzles.
It makes you to play games to open things and you have no instructions and no idea how to play the game or what the objective of is, you can sometimes fumble around and figure it out or you have to waste clues, but when you use clues it solves the game for you without ever telling you how to play.
Hints do not regenerate (again). It is irritating that the hints regenerate in games 1 through 7 and the devs decided to just get rid of that for 8 and 9. Also, clicking the "free hint" icon in the bottom right and watching the 30 second video never gives me a free hint. And, the completely useless "free hint" wheel is programmed to never give you a free hint. I spun it over 30 times in a row, didn't get a hint. These bugs need to be fixed, games 1 through 7 were great, 8 and 9 not so much...
Most puzzles are fun and make you think. A few of them don't make sense or sometimes you don't know what you are actually supposed to do to solve them. Overall fun game
Love the game but a lot of the puzzles don't make any recognisable sense. The puzzle with the roses and light, what was the point of that. The clue made no sense.
Puzzles are just too absurd to solve. The common puzzle in this game requires you to tap every inch on your phone to find the correct hidden thing and I don't find that good gameplay.
Some of the puzzles are so far out there I just use hints to get past them, but otherwise it's really fun.
This would probably be the best game out there if there were instructions on how to play some of the games without wasting your hints. It gets old having to buy hints because the game is not self explanatory.
thank you for making new one ๐Ÿ˜Š i hope tou guys make more because for someone who has a wandering mind, this game keeps me focused. Perhaps, a tenth one?
Usual mix of very simple to outstandingly impossible! Pity the walkthrough that you get for 3 lives just solves the puzzle without showing you the method needed to find the correct solution.
It is an awesome app but i absolutely hate hate it when i spin the wheel and instead of 1 hint or 2 hints or 3 hints i get a plan old add!!!!!๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ And it goes with all of the other ones!!!!! {ยฐยฐ
love each new room. graphics are awesome. lots of work went into the pix! dont like evil signs like pentagrams. unfortunately, some of the items that are collected are hard to identify. love playing!!!!!
I've ALWAYS been a fan of this series, I find the navigation around each room simple, fluid and well constructed. Navigating your way around each room is easy & each puzzle is VERY easy to understand but some puzzles take time to calculate. For example; In one puzzel you had 9 flowers & each one had a certain amount of petals attached to it. The idea was to make each row/column/diagonal add up to 9 petals. Moving flowers around until the correct sequence - it took me 15 mins! GREAT GAME GUYS!!
Love this series of games, puzzles sometimes are really outside the box and 100 levels is actually 50 but they keep your brain ticking over nicely. keep up the good work PLEASE ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
It's a really fun game...quite relaxing I have no problem whatsoever except for some challenges that are quite complicated but otherwise it's one of my best games. Just keep up the good work!.
the more I play better I like it. puzzles are so much fun. I often go back and play game over. cant wait till x comes out fun fun fun
Very good time filler. I like how your not giving us ad overloads after every level. Not very hard but definitely not a skim through the level at top speed
Same GREAT game....JUST DO NOT NOT NOT BUY HINTS!!! I & a few friends have paid & NEVER ONCE RECIEVED HINTS!! Just do the redundant spinning wheel and u will get there eventually (not that many spins actually) j/s
Inconsistent programming. Sometimes when a puzzle needs a part it says "I can not do that", sometimes nothing. Sometimes when an object has fulfilled its usefulness it disappears, but not always. Sometimes when an area has been solved, it becomes inaccessible, sometimes not. And don't get me started on the time it takes to get back to the game if you accidentally touch MENU.
Level 11 wont give me the clues after completing dragon puzzle and the first symbol puzzle. Also, it kinda blows when you try entering the answer, finally give up and use a hint, all for it to give you the same numbers you have been trying to put in. Game was great until this happened.
i I love playing this game but once you have purchased hints it never offers you free hints and when you watch the video for free hints, it never gives them to you. it's basically a scam in my opinion.
This game is a lot of fun but.....you need to tell what we are finding. Like scissors, etc. For example.
Great graphics, some of the puzzles defy logic or lack instruction of some kind. End up using hints because some are ridiculous. But overall a fun game. Later versions seem to get better. Recommend!
Good game. For the most part. Low star rating because of the flag in level 16. You guys screwed up big time. Make it right.
I do luv these games but i am only givin 4 stars instead of 5 for 2 reasons. #1-There needs to b n easier way to get a free hint than spinnin wheel, sometimes as long as a half n hr? #2-Need more instruction on what to do on certain puzzles. There have been many times I've had no idea what im supposed to accomplish n the puzzle? And of course, when that's the case u have to spin for hints, so that brings up reason #1 again. Would b great if u could do this for those that luv ur games!!
Some of the games are a bit obscure and could use better directions. But otherwise it is a good challenge and very enjoyable.
this game is fun and engaging... don't use all your hints up because the are some puzzles like on the on level 44 that are very hard to pass.
Very challenging for me, but I like it. We'll have to wait and see how far I make it, before I give up. WE'LL, I made it to level 7 but I can't beat the paper puzzle and I don't seem to have any way to get more hints. Time to uninstall!!
I love this game although I wish there was one app and it had all the different escape games on them that way I would not have to download a new one each time I finish the 50 I don't even know what number of game I'm on bc I didn't go in order. But other wise I love the game it's fun and a lot of strategy.
love this game once i start playing i can't stop the clues could be better, when you use a hint it just tells you where to go and some of the game dont tell you what you have to do , you just have to work it out for your self they really do get your brain working i would definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes to work things out.
Walkthrough is available if you need help. This is the latest in the 100 Rooms (actually 50 Rooms - thatโ€™s a puzzle in itself!!) It is incredible that this huge and varied puzzle game is completely free of charge. A few ads to watch is a small price to pay. There are an enormous variety of puzzles from easy peasy to huge headache level difficulty! I played on a tablet but if youโ€™re playing on a phone it would be pretty hard to see some of the screens clearly. There are a few annoying issues - eg an August calendar which only has 30 days on and so threw me off track for ages but overall itโ€™s a pretty good Escape game and took me many hours to complete. Iโ€™ve made a walkthrough on my YouTube channel: Suzieโ€™s Great Escapes which will hopefully help a few people with the more tricky puzzles. These games are like a training ground for room escape enthusiasts.
Carrying on an enjoyable format. The usual combination of challenging and frustrating mini games. Very pleased that you get more hints in this version, I don't mind watching an ad if I get a reward!
Damn this is the 4th game I have tried to play in this series. It's not the game as every thing is good ,only issues is the puzzles most of them are to hard .I found about every 3rd room puzzle to hard. Like the lay out of these games but not puzzles that make no sense sorry won't play any more
Love the game. It is extremely challenging. But it would be great if some of the puzzles have theโ“ so you know what to do.
As with previous games in this series, graphics are great. Though i have a larger screen on a newer phone now, certain objects are impossible to make out once in your inventory. Puzzles are the right challenge level to prevent boredom and keep you engaged. Much better than previous game 8, as the solutions to many of those puzzles appeared very random requiring the player to make logical leaps or use cheats inorder to solve. This level has also added the red and yellow hint box back!
A lot of puzzles just don't make any sense, even when you use help and it shows how, you think how on earth??? After watching add you never get hint, not sure about this game.
This game is osm. I am playing this game to good for the first time in the morning and then I will be in the middle of nowhere and the other side is the only simple but is the game is effective.
You need to provide more insight to the games. Some are totally unclear. Other's are so far fetched as to how you got to the answer. But enjoyable non the less
Good but I wish u fix this bug In level 34 when u get potions it writes that I have 1blue and 1red and 1pink and they must be stacked together to fix the puzzle now I can't win the 34 plz fix this game Thank u
It is just fantastic game ever...๐Ÿ˜€really i enjoyed this game toooo much that i've become crazy abt this...l had played 8 chapters of this game๐Ÿ™†now am going to playing 9 chptr of this game ...thnks for making this types of games ..i feel relaxe while playing this game this make my brain too much active while solving the different types of puzzles..thnkuu so much for this types of game ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒjust fantastic that's why i rated 5 stars๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
please make it reliable!!! can't match the two clues without hint!! and hint also doesn't come before many tries!! and how can we play a game untill knowing about the method to play it!!! please update the app soon....
Entertaining, fun, time consuming. Some of the puzzles don't make sense but that's what the hints are for.
I don't mind playing a mini game, but at least say what the game is! Allow a reset. And make the controls easier to use. Too often you have to figure out the objective while playing.
nice episode but certain stages have games where you are clueless on what you are supposed to do. eg. stage 45 I didn't know what exactly i had to do to solve the puzzle, had to take 3 tips to clear it instead of solving it.
Need to give more directions on the puzzels . some puzzels are very hard to figure out what to do . But other than that I enjoy these games very much also when you do solve them I wish there were more time to watch the solution .
For the most part easier than the previous release, but still challenging. A couple of relativity easy but time consuming puzzles, but we play to fill our time. I do wish however that the hints were a little more subtle. Can be played without interweb connection and ads are not too intrusive.
I dont know if anyone else has the same problem. I am stick on a level. I have the right answer to the puzzle (my last 7 hints said so) and it wont unlock the door. I have noticed I have clicked on things and come to find out I needed it but had to use a hint. is this done on purpose or is it a glitch?
Too Frustrating. I had to cheat by watching YouTube just to make it to level 27 until I officially gave up and deleted the app. It is supposed to be puzzles and fun, but some of the puzzles and algebra involved were complicated and hard to guess. I'm OUT!
Great game. There are some puzzles that are very time-consuming. They are not challenging, but just tedious. The other 95% of the game is just as good as the others.
Some of the clues don't work, spent over an hour pushing 6 coloured buttons in the correct order and colour but it would not open the cupboard. Ended up deleting game.
Love the game but please please stop doing so many puzzles with the foreign symbols. Hard enough when you don't often give a clue as to how to do some of the games or what the object of the puzzle is, but when you throw in the symbols I lose patience. Fortunately there are some brilliant rooms/scenes amongst the weird science / dark factory ones.
Love the difficulty of the puzzles! The hints are pretty much worthless though. Save them for skipping extreemly, obnoxious puzzles (BTW-costs 3 hints to skip a puzzle). Otherwise, i loved it!
I've played a few of these games, ads aren't intrusive unless you're looking for free hints, the puzzles can seem impossible but stick with it, look for clues to the answer and think logically. Good series of games - I'm hooked. If they make a bit of cash though ads then it's well worth it. Of course you can buy hints if you want to but i haven't needed to as yet !
Must select exact pixel to pick up objects. Some "games" have resets and how to play some don't. Inconsistent programing. Lots of ads but no hints.
Needs a zoom, to help identify smaller objects, and instructions on how puzzles are to be done. Some puzzles just pop up with absolutely zero instructions.
Very good series. I'd be willing to pay for the game if they made free hints easier to get. Maybe even 1 per so often,and not just when you've run out. Hate the maths puzzles grrr :)
Some items are too small to see and some rooms even using the hints don't explain well. Also some of the games are nearly impossible to know what you're supposed to do even with the games with a question mark to explain aren't that helpful.
When I watch an ad on the spin cycle it dont give my hint. I even waited a long time (forever)...some aztec puzzles r muddy and dark...js
All of these are stupid. Puzzles with no clues what you're supposed to do, hints that are useless. They don't give you hints, it uses 3 hints and solves the puzzle with no explanation. Have tried about 8 of these and they get worse as you go on. It's mildly amusing for about 15 minutes, then repetitive, boring, stupid. Actually worth about 1/4 to 1/2 star.
Great game, challenging without being impossible. Some of the mini-games don't make sense and without use of hints I don't understand how you can complete them (I have wasted hints purely because I don't understamd the expectation.)
some puzzles have no explanation or logic forcing to use hints.... even after the answer is shown, still doesnt make sense. some clues/ objects don't react unless you use hints
Clever and challenging - sometimes the order of things seem arbitrary, but other times I kick myself after using a clue because I just couldn't see it. Encourages looking at things in unique ways.
Great fun, hard but the ability to solve depends on your ability to solve problems and common sense helps
Love puzzle games. This one has puzzles that are too difficult to solve because the point of the puzzle is impossible to figure out. Guess that is how they make $. The ad is too close to the "Back" button. Also, many of the scenes are too dark.
Ads on free hint wheel are useless. It says 'Watch Ad' but it's an ad you don't have to watch, just close immediately. The ads also don't give you free hints like they should. And some puzzles on levels have "instruction", but they don't actually help understand how to play the puzzle (e.g. the Number Circle puzzle on level 44) Would NOT recommend playing this game to anyone.
Addicted to this game.So I'm here now. Some sub-puzzles in games are so hard.But I get the hang of it now. I bought hints at least one time in almost every series. And with the help of free hints from watching ads, it's bearable. Now downloading 10
This must be about the 5th 50 Rooms I've completed, not necessarily in sequential order, but I find it very challenging and relaxing at the same time. Thank you. It's the first Escape Room game m, I've found enjoyable. So I'll be sticking with 50 Rooms until I run out.
Overall the game was fine but some of the puzzles were near impossible to finish without hints however some puzzles were quite good and challenging as for most of the game quite moderate level. The graphics not bad and personally didn't get any bugs.
Beside the odd puzzle where the instructions or logic wasn't clear, it's a good collection of rooms to escape. Very good.
So I go to utube and they have tutorials for this game but no one is "ADVISING!" I had to give up. I got as far as the vacuum filter inthe robot. Had to delete it. Bummer.
I am hooked on these skillfully wrought puzzles! Only been playing a few days, but I feel smarter already.
Enjoying this game immensely, some of the mini-games could have had some instructions though so not 5 stars I'm afraid. Worth playing.
I always like playing these games, but this one was a little too ridiculous on some puzzles. there's no way you could solve them without using hints. The last level I was able to escape and didn't have to do half the steps to do so. This may sound too critical but, you can't cook a whole chicken in the microwave. Lol
Level 23 puzzle on the desk is ridiculous! A bunch of arrows facing every direction??? What is the combination?? After checking developers walkthrough, still no logic to the answer!? Stop adding these SENSELESS COMBINATIONS that nobody(except developers of your game) could ever solve!! These ruin your game!!
For the most part I really enjoy this game. Challenging and fun. I wish there was a delay between solving a puzzle and the final reveal so I can see what I have done. Sometimes I don't know and others I would like to celebrate a victory.
Bug in level 34. I collect all 3 potions but it doesn't acknowledge them as all 3 and I can't continue on.
I love playing this game but 4 times now I have bought extra hints and they never show up in the hints area.. They take the money from my bank but the hints never show up.. It has also happened to my grand daughter twice.. Fun game, just don't buy hints... Done with this game if I don't get my hints I paid for or my money back....
This is my first try at this developers escape game. Some puzzles are challenging and a few don't make sense but it's kept my attention. I'll be downloading another when I'm done with this one.
My favorite of the 100 Room series! Graphics are consistently above bar and the creative minds behind the puzzle concepts never cease to amaze me. This was a well thought out & exceptional game. Can't wait for Room 10!!!!
I think ๐Ÿค”! It is a classic puzzle game, if you like the challenge must not miss it. The new 50 room escape , let u can't stop, start your brain cells, your observation. your judgement , your calculation trying to escape. If you love puzzles games, you will not miss such a wonderful challenge. so rooms, so challenge, waiting for you to escape ๐Ÿ˜‡
Frustrated. It gives you mini games that it makes you play, but not only doesn't tell you how to play, it's also doesn't even tell you what the goal is. Then when you finally get enough hints to bypass a have you had no idea how to play it doesn't even tell you then what you were supposed to have done.
You kept asking for a review so here it is. The game would be 4 stars but I couldn't give it that because of the arbitrary mini games that have no direction. Hopefully you remove these lazy cop out puzzles with something actually worth playing.
Pretty fun, sometimes could use a little clue about what exactly the clue is leading at...but still fun.
Great line of games, I've played most of the series and I've enjoyed them all. There is an error on level 44 though please fix it! The code on the final keypad does not work so I double checked and the same solution I am trying works in videos on YouTube, but not on my app, so I can't play the last few levels :(
Each and every game in this series is the same with different puzzles and they're all excellent! Always worth downloading
Challenging but, I play on a Samsung s8+ and have a big screen for a mobile. Clues are still difficult to see at times. They are small, poorly contrasted, or turned in such a way that they are unclear. When tapping in codes on keypads, they briefly highlight when your finger touches them. since the highlight is under your finger, it is extremely difficult to see unless you hit the right spot allowing you to see the edge of the brief flash. If you miss the flash, you don't know if it registered.
Gets the brain cells working. Frustrating at times but if it was too easy I would get bored and stop playing. A few of the solutions make no sense (to me) but there are plenty of free hints available if you're really stuck. Locally targeted adverts in-between levels can be annoying as there seems to be no close icon so I just close and re-open the game itself, could be I'm just not waiting long enough for it to appear.
This is the friggin stupidest game EVER!!! I couldn't get through level 1. Why?? because all your colors sre vague pastels! Why are you deathly afraid to use colors that ALL people can see, not just the 80% of the population that have absolutely perfect color vision. I submit that you are are prejudiced against the handicapped. SHAME on you!
Great game I really like it, but some of the puzzles are non comprehendable. Overall, great workout for brain.
I hate that you can't generate free hints. I got stuck on one puzzle in level 36 and I either have to pay to buy 3 hints or I have to quit the game. I'm going to uninstall.
Puzzles are nice, but sometimes there are multiple solutions to one and the game only accepts the one it likes. Frustrating. Many clues are too small to be seen or touched clearly on a phone, it would be optimal to play on a tablet.
Good fun. My daughter and I play together. It has helped her with problem solving. Occasionally some of the puzzles seem to be a little impossible.
Hey since moment I dwn loaded it's the type which I cannot help but be kept intrestard and whish to play to connect the dots and check the clues to find out it's great mind thinking game,if I not played u should give it try and I get u find it grabs your detention lol it great to have sommat to keep your interlectual cogs turning
it's a lot of fun but watching the ads for a free hint doesn't work, a lot of puzzles are fun but you really dont know how to start them unless there is a ? to show you how. the constant ad box at the bottom blocks some of the puzzle. It would be great if we could enlarge the pic to see the puzzle better.
I have played a few of the escape games and I like the level of difficulty within each room varies. There seems to be a few problems the further into the game you get. When a box appears for a hint once you watch the 30 second video it doesn't give you the hint plus the spinning reel is pretty pointless it doesn't give you hints. It is a great game could do with a little ironing out a bit. Won't stop me playing tho!!
I've always enjoyed these games! I've downloaded and completed a number of them and throughly enjoyed it every step/level of the way! It's just the right amount of difficult, not too easy so that it lacks any challenge - or too difficult so that you end up just quiting. They generously offer a fair amount of free hints. Perfect for those times you find yourself "stuck." Great games and absolutely no complaints here! =]
It's a pretty nice challenge. But, not to hard. It keeps my interest. I can't wait to check the coming rooms!
some of the puzzles in this one are so ridiculously hard. The clues make no sense. It is obvious they just want you to buy hints so you can bypass the puzzle.
I loved the game up until I got to level 44 and now it won't let me pass on the number pad for the door, I even looked it up on a walk through after trying like 20 times to check and sure enough the number I typed is correct but still it won't accept it! It's super irritating getting that far knowing it's right but not being able to advance!!
Good points.. Levels do challenge your logic & game is rewarding when you complete. Bad points.... Some levels have hard puzzles as you aren't told what image is meant to look like & the "free hints" wheel doesn't work. I watch numerous adverts yet no reward
Love these games, but I wish you can get hints a little more when you spin instead of ads constantly. They should be more evenly split
A fun game, I have to admit it has some hard games, I wanted to quit it took me a while I just put it down for a while then picked it up again and finally got it. Play at you own risk. Sometimes it is hard too get.