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Campus: Date Sim

Campus: Date Sim for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Amrita Studio located at Kritis, 32 PAPACHRISTOFOROU BUILD., 4th floor 3087, Limassol, Cyprus. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Sexual Innuendo, Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not as bad as I thought. Been playing for about a month. Don't really need to pay to win at this game (unless you're that desperate for less-than-risque artwork). Just use your energy at slots, charm a girl from time to time, do stuff outside of the game, return when energy is full, rinse and repeat. They need to work on the girl next to the slot machine, though - her movements make her face look like it's "swimming" on her head. This Bitcoin event is kind of a nuisance, though....
After recent update it was not starting properly with internet. Even if I have best network speed. Before update it was working. Please fix this problem
Lightly entertaining. But needs more adult level stuff to maintain any interest. The girls need to be more raunchy. Give some thought to the girls detail..some obvious "points" need to be addressed. They dont need to be undressed but they do need to be allured to.
After updating the app twice, it still won't let me even enter the game. It tries to load and the promptly fails and says I don't have an internet connection, when I know I do. Please fix this, I was actually really enjoying the game beforehand.
Its a fun game, Until you get so far. Then everything cost too much and the rewards from playing slot suck and not enough. This game is designed for you too spend money to get anything good. The events suck as well, 140 energy get very little or nothing towards event.
Game was working well and it's a great game. The last update caused my game to not be able to play. It will pop up with an error that says it cannot connect to the server.
Havent really decided, cheesy not a lot of side games to earn points,money, etc... just watching videos to earn. Content not great. But I havent even passed level 1 so maybe it'll improve? I'll go forward until I have to spend my own money to be able to progress, then I'm done.
This game is so boring it drives you crazy. And the only way to move on in the game is to watch non stop ads or become an actual millionaire, because you need money to play it. Real bad game. Sorry developers.
There are two ways to get cash to advance in the game, you either have to pay or watch a lot of ads. But it does seem that if you want to move faster then you need to pay, but if you don't mind waiting and watching ads.
Ok if you're a pre pubescent schoolboy who gets off gawping at pics of scantily clad female cartoon figures...apart from that it's a slot machine and offers little else in the way of entertainment. That said, it passes a few minutes and I actually quite like waiting to progress.
It was so laggy i restarted it and it was still laggy soo this game is bad if u can impove it i will play but as long as it is laggy im not playing. I played for 3 min i got lag
Pretty lame tbh. All you do is spin slot machines, make money, then use that money to buy a gift or a take a girl on a date. And each time u take a girl on a date all it does is gives you energy to keep playing slots. And honestly from the slots u make like no money. Its better to just watch ads for money. Overall its a boring ass game I wasted my time downloading this
Nothing exciting to see , it just get boring over the time, you have to pay money to see the best and it's not worth it ,seriously $ 50 bucks to reveal a special pic?! Which I didn't pay...so uninstalling.
As usual these days the ads get in the way but its got me hooked so far. Will see how it looks in a week or two
This game becomes more of a cash grab by the day. The odds of unlocking anything are so slim without pumping massive amounts of real money. The developers should be ashamed of themselves.
If anyone needs instruction in the meaning of price gouging, extortion or misleading advertising, this is the game for you. Spin to win game with some moderately amusing visuals, but most of the "2nd chance" options used to be purchasable with in game currency. Now it's cold hard cash, and ridiculous amounts of it. Even the Lottery charges less for online games...and you can win real prizes in those.
This game is very money centred everything is overpriced, it is one of those 5/10 min games a day, until they change the cost of everything do not play. For my review I am giving it 3 stars and you can't call this gameplay it is just click on a person talk to them/give them a gift then loose your money and swipe over to something that's NOT going to be called gameplay by anyone and the graphics are awful if I could write more I would but don't install the game for your own sake.
Spend your time playing a one-armed bandit mini game and watching countless videos for small amounts of "money" in order to participate in the storyline that requires LOTS of "money." Unless you have real money to throw at this game in horrendous amounts, you will not get far fast. As an example: a gift for one of the girls costs 71k and will progress the game about 2 minutes. The cash price for that amount of "money" is $14.75
Decent game play but constantly bombarded with having to buy stuff or wait 24 hours for free stuff is annoying
I was enjoying the game despite the bonus (burgaler) spinner being obviously set against you, but at 2:25 this morning I signed into the game and got my 7th day set, 50000 and 65 extra spins, then suddenly the game froze and now it won't load. I'll update about this later. My other issue is when you hit the jackpot with the multipier in place the jackpot amount does not multiply.
Mind you this studio makes some killer games, this is not one of them, the modles are bland, the mini-games are bland, and the interactions are bland.
Great game, until it started to ask real money to continue some tasks. Time to unninstall. Thanks, bye
I have sent an email to support team on 19th of August. I have sent the a reminder on 28th of August as well. I did not receive even a confirmation email that they got my email. I have lost the progress in the game couple of days ago and support team does not reply...
It's just terrible you can't even enjoy the game cuz it's just ad after ad after ad. The point of a game is to be fun and engaging, this is neither. I wish I could give it negative stars.
Spin the wheel for 2 weeks just to lose all the cash in 3 minutes of the side game. Everythingnis wayyyyy to expensive. Nonway im spending 50 dollars on a pack that might last 10 minutes Edit. Change to 1 star from 2. After playing the card game for 500K coins to win 30K. Now it cost 800K to play. There is no way yo get 800K back from it.
I would make it a 5 but the second room is too exspensive and it takes too long to finish a vip bar its so long i am still at 1 an i have been playing one last thing when you get the pictures that have a gift why do i have to pay for the second one its annoying
This app won't load, tried restarting said app, but to no avail. Also in the private room game, you only get one chance, whereas before if you had the money accumulated you could carry on, plus there is no way I'm paying $5.99 for an extra go. Please put this app, the way it was where it was f2p from the outset, otherwise I'm gonna uninstall it.
As many others are saying and I agree. This used to be a fun game but with the recent updates and OUTRAGEOUS prices for extras that used to be paid for with game currency. The game has gone way down hill. I've been waiting for a new room for weeks. There's no incentive for me to continue playing at all.
This game is alright. Its a simpleslot machine and in return you get hot pics of girls. My only problem with this game is the occasional glitches. Specifically when there is a tournament event. Basically you use your slot machine to collect say for example, crowns. If you have the most amount of crowns out everyone on your leader board you get prices. I could be accumulating 30+ crowns and have NONE of it added to my score. I thought they'd fix the bug but 2 updates have past already.
Pretty fun if you just like to spin endlessly if watch lot of ads for more energy, oh and gets expensive and cards you can't get far before get a busted then if you watch another ad then stop cause busted again seems to always happen
DO NOT spend money on the game. You will not get what you purchased. And the game will not respond to your emails. Have seen a few other people complain about it also. I accidently made a purchase. I tried to close my phone before it went through. But I got a receipt saying I made a purchase. When I went back on the site to see it didn't credit what I purchased. I messaged the game and sent proof of purchase to them and it has been 4 days now and I haven't heard back from them.
Well. Over a period of a couple weeks. I've been trying time and time again. even after a bug fix update. and still cant get past the initial opening of the game. It wont allow me to view the picture that is needed to be clicked to progress into the game. And now? guess what? im going to delete this app. also. if you read other peoples reviews. they say the same thing. if this game were anything like the advertisements for it. i would have the chance of being an amazing game. but its not.
The game is cool at first but gets boring after a couple of rooms. It shows skin but would be a great game if it showed nudity or almost nude. I'd be okay if I had to pay for that upgrade. Now after the last update, I can't connect to the game. I'm deleting the game.
Be nice if you see less clothes.... when will the next level will open. Let's go to the newer updates . Been waiting how much longer before the new up grade . Kinda sucks waiting for new game
The graphics is good the girls are beautiful but all it does is make you hornier then you were before u opened it. This game is made specifically to make you spend real money or watch a lot of videos. I spent 300k of coins just to get her blouse undone. The game is boring and not like in the ad where you had to do math to undress them.
Super glichy, likes to lose your progress, this tournament i was well past the second checkpoint of 1700 when the tournament apparently disappeared for a whole day, when it showed back up i only had 530. Extremely frustrating! Support never responds either unless you write a review.
Waste of time, but not a good time waster. Pointless...play a slot machine to rack up money to buy girls gifts. Then they "send" you a game text of a pic that you have to spend money to open and its no more revealing then what theyre wearing in the room. Unistalled
Progress was not saved after launchingthe game a bit later, so just lost payed money. Will write to the support team, but it's a lost of money and time for sure. Be careful and don't do the same mistake.
Very glitchy Not much of a game. Basically a slot machine with mediocre drawings of women. Worst part is how their servers work and keeping whatever tournaments or daily challenges working. Half the time they disappear and even a restart doesnt bring them back
Terrible! Before UpDate, I managed to start the game and play until some moments when it blocked and shut down. I failed to open the photo album, collection, map. I took a break for a few days to take a break from not being able to play. Tried to play tonight but is looking for UpDate. Okay. But !! after that no more way to start the game and get to the "room". (Unfortunately, the application stopped working.. constantly) and so on for half an hour. You totally screwed up with UpDate.
It's a nice game. However it gets too hard later on. You have to get some of the best pics using in game currency and it takes a long time to gather enough especially since I keep getting unavailable adds every 30 seconds.
This game could stand out from others if the prices would be toned down, as well as the rewards being more consistent and more frequent. Most of the time I just play on my PC other games while I watch ads to get more cash. There should be multiple ways of gaining more money, as well as ways of obtaining energy. Since it's luck based, energy can depel very quickly even if you store weeks worth of it and still gain nothing. I believe we spend too much and gain too little. Otherwise the game's ok.
Had a very good experience with this program. But I am not able to afford some of your services. Otherwise your graphics are great with your collection of women.
the art is good and slightly jarring - the bodies are very realistic but the faces just dont match with the rest of the art style. there isnt much for a compelling gameplay but it gets good points for being polyam positive. thats really hard to find in dating sims. the gameplay is a combination of slots and your typical make the best dialogue decision to romance the girls. definitely not something id spend money on but its easy to earn cash/spins by watching ads with seemingly no limit
Too many mini games, constantly wants you to spend money. Gets really slow the further in to the game you get
I saw an ad in which they said you can play rock, paper, scissors in this game. But that is a lie. Also you to play this game you need to waste a lot of time which is not worth it
This game is lame. It takes a lot of cash to do anything which means you spend most of your time watching ads. When you wasted a good deal of time that you will never get back, guess what? They have a feature where your money is "stolen". I think I rather watch paint dry.
Absolute junk, would give zero stars if I could. Secret room will stop at 1/2 turns everytime. The games sucked to start, and updates have made it worse. Nothing but a way to get you to watch videos.
I rank this among one of the most boring and time consuming games I've ever played. All you do is play the slot machine for predetermined hits. The longer you play the less hits you get. The money you spend on their gifts and outfits is so expensive you really aren't getting any enjoyment out of it (unless you spend real money, of course). If you are wasting real money to get turned on by cartoon drawings in skimpy outfits, please seek profeasional help.
It's an okay play, but I was very disappointed when I won my first tournament and got completely screwed out of the prizes. I spent hours dealing with ads just to get let down. I'd like to see that fixed. I mean hours wasted getting all those checked flags, leading by 200 or so. Finish in first place and then no reward. Bummer
The game lags theres not alot to do with it but either spend money or play the slot and advertisements are unreal they need to re-evaluate this game
I did enjoy the game until the quest mode. For some strange reason. After the second island, I just waste my in game money. It doesn't register my spins and earned money anymore.
Fun. Easy. I like that you can play without spending money. Just takes longer. But a good game. Hey. Why is it when u guys end a promotion I don't get the stuff I earned? What's the point if I can't claim anything?
Its all about the ads. Once you realize the only real way to advance is by watching tons of ads, its fine. I just click watching ads for money while I'm doing other things, then when I really have time to sit down and play, I have the money to. Good time filler game, but even as a new player, don't expect to play more than 5 minutes without watching ads for money. A good once or twice a week game.
It's been a cool game over all.. I gave it 2 just because it glitched on me 3 times.. Twice when I perchised in game items and it charged my card but never actually got the item.. And the 3rd time is when I actually wone a competition and becam the emperor, I've never received any of the rewards.. I contacted the developer but I've never heard anything back from them.
They need to either lower the cost of some stuff or raise how much you get from watching ads and more spins ! Arleast other games let you start off do ik mg good then it starts getting slow but it's the opposite with this game ! Other than that I like it !
Ads, ads and a few more ads..... did I mention ads. Just when you think your done, more ads. And this game get expensive really fast. So you have to watch more ads just so you can watch ads. And you will never accomplish anything except watching ads. Horrible game unless you like to watch ads.
The last two updates have been absolute duds. The first one pooched the reward system of an event and the latest one is forcing microtransactions one a feature that you previously could use in-game currency to continue with. If the game keeps getting worse with further updates, I will be lowering my rating and potentially outright quitting.
Im at vip 7 (coming soon) finished my level and there is no level :( with ads with all that! I feel I earned something mainly winning the last two stawberry challenges!!!!
Constantly restarts and loses track of what I'm doing, how many spins I have, etc. Plus, it's a really stupid game.
Was a pretty good game to kill 20 to 30 minutes, but now its been updated so basic things like buying a turn for the secret room is 6 dollars, and the game is rigged so youll never get more then two turns without buying more, just to name one problem. Was fun but they killed it.
Dude! The last update now basically just a way to push in app purchases. Unless the developers actually start developing content, this game is basically a waste of space.
If you're gonna rig the game, try to make it less obvious. Card games bust every third try. May only get to 5th before you bust again. Same with the special games when spinning. Never get to earn rewards regardless of number ofads you are forced to watch
The game just freezez in the tuturial when we first have to open the photo, already installed and uninstalled twice. Never playing until they fix this. Also, why does this happen and does anyone have a solution? The game sucks a lot, dont play it ever. ITs a waste of your time. EDIT: 11/8/2020, the game still freezes in the tutorial.
I cant even make it through the very beginning of it ive tried uninstalling and just clearing the data and everytime it does the same thing getting stuck at the very beginning right after giving the gift and getting the first photo
It was okay at first but when I am trying to see the full picture at the beginning of the it freezes or won't let me see it, I am still at the beginning of the game
Easy enough game when it saves properly. I've been playing 4 four months and reached room 9 without spending anything. Spend energy when you get it, and save up your cash for the later rooms that cost a lot.
Decent game needs a couple of fixes thats about it When i logged in my progress has disappeared now i have to start all over again
Good but lacking. Pay to win is way too expensive. As a result I won't spend a cent on the game. Which means I will only spend 10min on the game in a day. Which means I will be put off of the game and end up uninstalling it.
I love this game :) But there is a problem not a problem but 2 many problems 1 they say you can see photos if you have 10000 bucks 2 when the girl came and play with me the cards game the game finish in 8 seconds bro 3 the energy finish so fast NOW PLEASE CAN THE GAME MAKEE FIX THIS PROBLEM??
Seems changes were made to push people to pay-to-play/win. Some of the games aren't playable, due to being maxed out in rooms. Random games aren't random. There's no way to always lose on the 3rd spin, to have to watch an ad... Every single time...
game keeps getting worse. latest update lowers the rewards received. game is stuck at VIP level 7 and won't let you advance. message says it's "on vacation" and level 8 is "coming soon" for months now. what a joke. Also TONS of obviously fake 5-star reviews.
Quite ok game but takes its time before you can get to the good stuff. A lot more creativity could have gone into this to make it even more seductive and naughty. These are college girls for crying out loud, they seem to be more interested in romantic gesture than wild fun
Not bad pretty entertaining, I'd give it the extra star if I could download the pics we get!. My best advice is take your time with the girls!. Budget yourself and be sure to replenish what you spend before moving on to the next girl!. The slot machine and the watch ads are your friend in refilling your income!. Don't go broke while playing the game. I have yet to spend one red cent. Also take advantage of super bet on the slot!.
What a complete waste of time downloading this game when it clearly doesn't work. I have just downloaded this as it looked pretty good, To find that it just crashes all the time. If you fix the bugs in the game I will change my rating but up until it's fixed the 1 star is staying.
Started out fine but has become more ridiculous. Freezes up. Doesn't always give you the rewards you earn in the tournaments. You can burn through all your energy with very little success or winnings. Basically it's a 5 minute game for the day.
When I finally got to play the game it was actually pretty decent. However... I will say this: I have realized that this game works sometimes and sometimes doesn't depending on what type of phone you use. When I had my galaxy phone, this game worked great. But now that I'm using a different phone... I can't even get the game to load. (Which really freaking sucks!!) With that being said... This game may only work for certain people who have decent phones.
It was a decent enough game, but for the last three days I have not been able to make any progress. That is, I'll play the game, unlock new things, even get to a new room, close the app and then come back to find that all of that progress undone. As it stands for me it's not that the game is unplayable but rather there's just no point to playing anymore.
Game is rigged to capture your money. There is a 4 card game where 3 cards are game prizes and 1 "busted card". You keep selecting 1 out of 4 till you chose to quit and take your prizes or get "busted". What are the odds of selecting the busted card on the 3rd attempt... Every time out of 14 tries? The odd are better winning the jackpot on the powerball twice. The games are rigged. Don't install till the game is fixed.
This game isnt a game for kids or anyone really, it seems aimed for teen/preteen dating game BUT its centered around basically the equivalent of an escort or a prostitute. You even STEAL money as a positive plus. And then use money to upgrade how the girls dress and skimpy pictures sent to you from them. Revolting.
Just been playing a tournament & was way ahead & had spent a lot of hrs over 3 days to get there & then the game crashed & won't even get past the main title screen.As the game is loading it just gets stuck 3/4 through & no further.I've got enough memory & all my other apps open up fine including a couple of your other games.I've got far in this game & can't uninstall & reinstall cause I'de lose all my progress & there's no way I'm starting from scratch again.Hope you can sort this out pronto!
Just started. It's good so far. They do put a emphasis on purchases and I don't like paying real money for games my budget is too tight.
Latest update 28th seems to have issues. Also the new additional map one you progress the next spin takes the "bucks" but the progress bar does not fill. Not happy with the current glitches as its taking the bucks but not paying out.
Started out as a decent enough game to pass an idle moment but developers have got greedy to the point where its almost impossible to progress. 400k to play the card game that a few weeks ago was 50k Room raids that if you have the 200% bonus activated frequently return golden chests or poor amounts. If the next update doesn't make it more playable. Its getting deleted
Requires a lot of game cash, which is earned slowly.they make it super difficult to keep up with increasing prices for dates and gifts and photos. It's a gimmick to spend real money for game cash instead of being very patient.
Edit: September 17th edit: This game is stil lbroken . For some reason its not renewing energy anymore. I swear every time they update this game they break something else . I'm sure they probably don't care either. Completely redoing the entire review. This game is rigged. Somehow they rigged the mini games for you to waste all of your cash with little to no reward. There is really no use playing this when there's no possibility of winning. Stay away or plenty of heartache will come your way.
This game is basically a cash grab. Literally no depth to any of the conversations. Very limited in what you get to explore gifts are hundreds of thousands of dollars takes nearly a week to be a multi purpose tool bag to 3 women in a room. Honestly don't bother you guys. Replika is a paid subscription but gives much better conversation try that out instead maybe no photos but these sucked anyways.
I liked this game originally despite it being unbalanced between bucks and energy which can cost you good money, but it's become boring now. Nothing more to win as tournaments repeat offering no new cards. Badly in need of a further upgrade.
Uh oh, I think I'm hooked! I haven't stopped play this for 3 hours a day ( the time grows every day OMG!) I love this app more then gacha life, trust me I love gacha life more than I do my own family which is a lot.
how freaking long does it take for a new room? are the devs even working on this? new room has been "coming soon" for weeks. stuck at VIP level 7 and the game won't let you advance. message says it's "on vacation." what a joke. Also TONS of fake 5-star reviews.
It's definitely a good game, not 100% but solid, I mean there are some things that are difficult(example) I hot Emma confused with Sophie and tried my hardest to get Emma on the slot machine thinking her name was Sophie. Mainly because I already got Sophie and Kim at least once each, but that is just me, everything else so far seems pretty straightforward, decent solid enough game to pass the time, overall very much worth playing👍
The card flip game is a guaranteed loss on turn 3 every. single. time. So unless you're willing to pay, because I've never gotten past the 5th flip, good luck getting all of the rewards.
Have been playing for 4 months but starting yesterday the mechanic of the game are all screwed up. Each time I started today it gave me day 5 bonus and daily spin. It does not maintain money count and even though I should have more than 200 crowns it still says needs to get 1 to enter tournament. This is a waste of time if it won't keep track of what you have done. Ever since last update this game is not worth playing.
Paid for one of the packages for extra energy, but never received it. Didn't have a problem taking the money, though.
It's fun. You run out of energy quickly and the money levels go up so fast to date/talk to the girls, it's hard to keep up when what you gain stays at the same level.
I thought the latest update was supposed to fix the bugs, but there seems to more bugs in it than ever. 19th September 2020 Again another new update then the game won't load on mobile network and when connected to WiFi it keeps saying connection lost all these bugs always seem to happen whenever I get to room 6. I think you need new capable programmers.
Everyone raging about things being expensive are trying to play too quickly. I haven't spent a dime, keep getting progress and just open this app once or twice a day. It's great fun if you're fine with taking your time.
Slow, laggy, and once you are surprised to see the "picture" in the beginning the game lags or crashes. If it is just my Wifi then sorry for the negative review but I am 50/50 positive the issue isn't my Wifi
This game is honestly so funny. The amount of ads you have to watch is more than any game I've ever played, due to the fact that if you don't watch them you'll play the game for 5 minutes a day 🤣. The card games are quite literally rigged, and the price of character interactions scales to how much money you have. I'm also not sure the developers have a strong grasp of the mobile game business because some of the Micro transactions are $45 🤣. And they're not even worth a 10th of that.
Until the most recent update, I had this game at 5 stars. You now have to spend real money to play the card game in the secret room more than once instead of the in game currency. I did spend real money on this game for other things, as I felt it was well proportioned and fair, but the whole game is now nothing but a money grab. The enjoyment and interest is gone for me now and I will be uninstalling it. The developers have ruined one of my favorite games!
It's good, but I just wish you didn't have to pay, I wish you could find a secret to get it example: get a mission, that has to make you pay but there's a free way to do it.
Could get a better review, but since the update the game won't load, and I know it's not my connection because my other games work just fine.
Annoying and now boring, get rid of the hack attack mini game its just a waste of time and offers nothing to the game, everytime it starts i stop playing the game for the days its running.
Where is the update it said that my version is dated. On android and on ios is working fine without even saying anythig. Beside the event passed by already why does android need and update when ios does not?! (?)> What do you mean by game is customizable? In what way?
it's fun and simple from the beginning but not now anymore after the game application updated on 7 november 2020, things now progress with purchase otherwise you'll never win lol like the other player review said if you wasting your real money to get turn on by cartoon drawing then guess you need seek a professional help lol
Somewhat decent game but you if you spend real money, they don't give you it back. Please make it so that people can get their money back if they want to developer(s).
Its a fun game, but its hard to do anything without spending real money since it takes at the least $40,000 game money to do anything. And yes, you can watch ads but that only gets you so far before you have to spend real money, the game is not worth the time.
This game is a joke, it will not open up after you take a snap shot, please do not waste ypur time, i have been patient with this game and have tried on several occasions to get it to work, but had no lock at all
Painfully slow to progress through. Raids are practically impossible to beat and slot game is 1 dimensional.
Based on other's ratings I think this game should be absolutly free like PH which means you only pay for a premium upgrade like a DLC like a xbox or Playstation game would have but it's a free mobile game kinda like PH is free unless you wand to get preimuim DLC package I think you should take my idle and you will make more money than PH for this game my server don't work with the game
I'm convinced the game you play with one of the girls is rigged so you win round 1 and lose rounds 2 and 3, forcing you to watch an ad and then pay to get to round 4, because I always lose no matter what I do and have never made it to round 4, and have also never failed round 1 so it's clear the game is rigged and forces you to lose rounds 2 and 3 every time. Also, everything is expensive, and you earn very little money, so it takes forever to even play the main part of the game or get boosts.
I'm giving 1 star for now and feel like deleting the app. It won't connect to mobile network at the minute. Also, I was just about to complete room 7 and it's now put me back to room 6. Please fix the issue as I have spent a lot of time and money on this game.
Not sure where these 5 star reviews are coming from. I understand ads and every game has ads. Some ads are forced down your throat in some games. This game does NOT force ads down your throat. But in order to advance, you have the option. Watch an ad or don't play. Lol. At least it gives you an option.. so, I played for 10 minutes and I watched 30 ads to keep moving forward. Hahahaha... Delete! Done.. at least I had the option. But the option was, stare at the start screen or watch an ad
As many others are saying and I agree. This used to be a fun game but with the recent updates and OUTRAGEOUS prices for extras that used to be paid for with game currency. The game has gone way down hill. I've been waiting for a new room for weeks. There's no incentive for me to continue playing at all. One the pick a card games now every 3rd round you always get caught no matter what and are forced to watch and ad to continue.
Day after day feels like you're doing the same thing and then game. Spinning for Rewards. Getting money in that game that you used to date women. And then the cycle repeats again. If I didn't have to do the same thing over and over and over again I might actually like the game but it's quite boring.
So far it's awesome 🤩😃🌹💰💲 well when I just update it.. it seems it keeps resting its self!!!? Basically I pay I get above a $100000 than rests when come back on.. Ugh. I like the game. But it should have adult material too. Like showing breast and nipples and maybe a$$!? But that's for 18+
I have used this app for a long time, but I will be uninstalling now. The money grabbing for this game has progressively increased over the last few months, but after today's update, you are now charging £5.49 to complete bonus games!!! Far too excessive, and the content in the game (which is basically animated pictures), doesn't warrant that sort of expenditure.
Overpriced for lottathings, luck is rigged. slot machines will ALWAYS give you the first 2 same symbols, money and wallets most of the times, or when you play the card game you have 80% chances to get the first 2 rounds correctly whatver card you pick BUT it's 100% guaranteed your 3rd will be a bust, making you watch an ad, then you can't mess up the card you pick since the Busted card is already out but, if you don't take your gains right away after, you'll lose it all b/c itll bust everytime.
The game is beyond a joke I did originally give it a 5 star rating but everytime I exit off the game it restarts like I spent £5.99 on one of the starter packs and exited off of the game went back on and it restarted before that point so it was literally £5.99 down the drain and i brought pics and can no longer progress because it keeps restarting
Fun game but need pockets full not money to play all the way thru. They give you chances to win money but you have to watch several ads to get it.
This game is a RIP off. Tournaments and some game play don't work properly or even open at times. Fails to recognize your earnings and winnings so you don't end up getting the rewards you're entitled to. Very buggy. I would recommend staying away.
It was good at first but then there was an update and now the game doesn't load up. It says no internet connection but I am fully connected. Please fix thi!
You have not been working for two weeks. So far watching the ads provide for money that makes this game playable. Please make the cash for the slot machine and ads bigger. This is not a story game app. Other than that well I have been looking for a game like this here for too long. Seduction can be played. Thank you for this.
Not a bad game, but tired of constantly having to update every other day or lately every day. Especially without wifi..may be deleting soon. 3 days I've been trying to update.. it's ridiculous to have to update this much
I can never get past tutorial cuz the girl keeps getting in the way, I rate one stars. Game sucks I will play again when this is fixed
Well. This game has just gotten alot worse. The card flip game which i used to rely on would only cost 100k gold if you messed up and got busted. Now if you get busted you need to pay £5.69, talk about money grabbing. Dont waste your time on this game before long they will want to charge you 99p everytime you want to open the game. Scum developers
Fun but needs to give you more ways to earn instead of continually watching ads or spending major money. Dont know if I will stick with it or not for much longer.
The storyline (if one can call it a story) is good and the deal of having to "gamble" is fun. Although I'm not one that likes ads this game offers great prizes for watching ads. It's not like other games with pop up ads. Approval granted👌🏼
From reused assets to stolen artwork, this p2w excuse of a dating sim is a sorry, lazy cash grab. Hours spinning a roulette wheel and watching ads to gather money will reward you with cringeworthy dialogue as it simulates interaction with the characters. Unlike real dating sims, each girl gets about 3 or 4 dates, and 5 lines each date, it has not even a resemblance of story or progression in any way. The IAPs are extremely expensive and the art assets are just filters, the same heads copied over
I thought I would try out this game because it looked like fun but it takes so long to get the money that you need for the VIP pictures VIP ranking itself needs to be made it easier to rank up and I would like to see the girls in a little less clothing and in the college shower room with no clothes on at all where they make out with their college roommates and/or the teachers and make it all uncensored please make it cheaper to buy girls a gift date them and buy private pictures please?
Interesting game. But in game stuff are overpriced causing game to be unbalanced. And I would pay to play, if it wasn't so expensive. You can pay 8 bucks and realize it only lasts you 1 maybe a few minutes before you have to pay again. If it was more affordable it would incentivise me to continue
Game wasn't bad. Now its just a joke. Everything has to be purchased now. Dont waste your time playing or even attempting to download. You'll be highly disappointed
This game is definitely on the cheesy side but not in a bad way. The cost to interact with the girls is a bit high, but it isn't that hard to obtain the 'money' to the slot machine and ads. The side Bitcoin game could become annoying if you are constantly getting robbed. I am only on my first playthrough, so can't form an honest opinion about that mini-game yet.
Was good to start with prizes and basic enjoyment but as it has went on it has got so greedy that i am going to delete it as it has became more about the money and less about the enjoyment. Wish devs would charge for there games making it a better experience for all and i get the money means they can keep making it better but jesus h christ