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Cally's Caves 4

Cally's Caves 4 for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by VDO Games located at 35 Bruce St. London, Ontario, Canada N6C 1G5. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really loving the game! However- when I unequip a weapon mod, it disappears completely, and it's not there to be used on another weapon. That is a huge waste of money. Is that an intended thing? Thanks!
edit: ran into a bit of a glitch were if you play the main screen is smaller and the surrounding area is filled with other parts of the area making it difficult to navigate. but if you pause it, it becomes normal until you unpause it. i'll dl it again to see if the problem is persist, if not ,i''l take a screenshot of it and maybe a few sec of in game footage. edit: it still persist after 4th dl. took a screenshot and vid for proof.
Seems like a really cool game, but i got a big problem with it, for some reason the game slows down whenever i am in a combat or when there is some gold flying out of chests and dead enemies making the gameplay super slow and unplayable, Not sure if it's from my phone or the game, either way i hope it will be fixed in the future.
While I couldn't blame you for this but- Meizu isn't able to detect this and Cally's cave 2 as a game. Thus jumping will immediately transit into the active app selection screen. This is somehow not the case with Cally's cave 3 though.
Good game, not optimized for controllers. I found this on the Razer Kishi app listed as compatible, but it's really not. Which is a shame. Please add support for the Razer Kishi, and make the touch buttons disappear when a physical controller is being used.
Using my Moga Pro, and once you have more than one weapon, every time you press the fire button it automatically switches to the next weapon. Too annoying to keep playing. Especially annoying if you're trying to rapid fire.
game seems great so far but please tell me there's a way to turn off the on-screen controls so that I can play with a controller without visual interference
AWFUL..........tried number 3& 4 played about 3 minutes lost ALL lives paid gold to resurrect only to start at the beginning again..... seriously no fun whatsoever.....no difficulty setting seems to be only extremely difficult setting
It is fine for a mobile game, wish rolling was still a feature, like in C'sC 3. Also the game lags a lot.
Fantastic 2D sidescrolling action platformer that encourages exploration due to the enormous amount of items and weapons/weapon upgrades that can be found. Incredible controls that feel very tight and responsive. Plenty of levels and tell story is simple but gets the job done, but the star of the show is the game play and the fun of finding, using, and upgrading all the weapons. Definitely download this if you are a fan of the genre!
I played this installment of the Cally series right after an earlier one, and the increased polish is just...wow. I just started a new game + and enjoyed my first run a lot! Love this game. Challenging but not unreasonably so. Decent story and graphics. Love the weapons and upgrades. A few of the sprites feel a bit too small but unless you're visually impaired there should be no issue. If you like platformers, give this one a shot.
Better than I expected for an android platformer but the in-game menu is slightly too large vertically for my oneplus 6t which leads to some things being unclickable.
Great as always. The bosses seem a bit easier, but this game isn't about bosses. Another great addition to the franchise! And btw, I'd play an exploration game based on the spike climbing mechanic. That's still my fave part of the games!
Awesome Platformer Gamenfor Android for sure! I first discovered this in iOS so I was glad to also see it on Android. If your looking for a chill side scroller / shooter, then I'd recommend it for sure! Weapons are cool, love the upgradability and gameplay. The pixel-art is rad, also!
I've played an earlier version of this game and it was pretty fun! Recently re-installed this game to play again and now it's all glitched out and buggy.. the game is split into 3 glitched out screens... Each of which displaying the same game and platforms. It makes the game unplayable. Hopefully this is fixed up soon! Best of luck! - Motorola E5 Plus.
this is by far one of the best games I've ever played. but i got to know do you plan on continuing the series
I really really love ❤️ this game I have this game day & night and end this game in just 4 days but i playing this game again & again Please please 🙏 please Make next part of this game please
I've played the whole series and I have to say that this is one of my most favorite games. The pixel art is nice and controls feel great. Great work keep it up!
I luv the game ❤️ Cally reminds me of Penny from inspector gadget with the pigtails and wearing the color red ! All that's messing is some one like Dr claw's nephew talon who she has a crush on to challenge her !
screen is jumbled. how do i send a screenshot? can this be fixed? my friend plays this and it looks cute so i really want to play too
Very fun game, i completed everything except Suvival, only ne aude of my impacience/time limets, QWERTY mode is a fun off side misson, but i did manage to miss out on things like the bow, machine gun, and discgun on the first run around, overall, good game
i didn't think cally's caves 3 could get any better, but cally's caves 4 is a whole new game. IT'S AWESOME!!!
I've reviewed the other Cally games, and I got to say you have done it again, this game is pure gold and definitely deserves much more notoriety. A hidden gem in the store the game gives a lovely story, very fun gameplay and a lot of bonus content, and its all free no micro transactions or any type of purchases. Cant wait for the next game but again I can't give enough praise to the cally series.
Glitch glitch glitch glitch glitch on the right hand screen. Which makes it hard to play the game. No thank you don't waste your time! At least if you have a one plus seven pro?
Wanted to like this more than I did. It's a fairly decent metrovania type game, but ultimately, the whole thing feels a bit anaemic and lightweight, and the levels tend to feel empty and repetitive. It just hasn't got that x-factor that makes a really satisfying gaming experience. With more going on and more meat on the bones, it could be good. Like it is, I think this is one for the younger gamer. Nice try though, keep it up.
Supposed to work with the Razer Kishi but you can't remap the buttons. The screen just glitches ourlt wjje you try. And the shoot button shoots but also cycles through the weapons at the same time. It's pretty much unplayable right now.
Its a fun game and it kills my boreded and a good time killer too and sometime the jump butten doesnt work sometimes fix the bug and i put 5 stars
The game is a very good Android side-scrolling RPG with great game play and graphics. However, there has been a glitch in the game that made everything extremely small and unclickable. Please fix this bug in the next update
Super good and entertaining game. controls are easy and allow you to move fast and gain skill in fight. Enemies are diverse and it gets more and more complicated as you advance. Levelling is rewarding and the action is dense enough to make it fun but not as much as to make it confusing. A few glitches though reduce the quality, like the problems purchasing upgrades that do not work (e.g. melee x4). In my case also the "final pistol" appears but can't use it even when having robin's vest. Also some functions of the game are not very well explained (like tiers, robin's vest and types of collectibles). Thus I stopped playing because it feels like missing a piece of the game. Hopefully it will get fixed.
I love this game a lot because the graphics are cool, the music is great, and the story is cool. I also like the different weapons you can use and that they level up. I like the boss levels and that with enough practice you can beat them. They just don't make them like this anymore. Thanks developers, I hope you can make Callys Caves 5 and more cool games. Recommended😀👌 I've finished all the levels, and bonus level twice and Qwerty Zone. Great game.
One of the best platform games available, and ny favorite game since Sword of Xolan. Its like an actual game not some stupid repetitive Android game like we're all used to. Decent mechanics, great levels. You level up your weapons, the one you use the most becomes the most powerful. There are also collectibles and various power ups for your character. I liked this so much I bought it on Steam to support the developer. A LOT of fun and highly recommended.
Major screen glitch on my phone. It appears that the game is cropped for a smaller screen so the screen at the far right side will blink constantly and show a copy of some random part of the screen, which can be extremely disorienting and definitely hurts the experience of the game pretty severely
It was fun good side scroller shooter can ne difficult at times but overall a great game. I had to uninstall it before I could try new game+ but all my data is gone I 100% everything but new game+ I just didnt have the room or time to replay it again then and dont have enough to replay the whole game again just to get new game+. I don't like rushing through games I like to enjoy them the best I can so I'll habe to redo everything again when I have time and memory space
Not at good as the 3rd installment of callys caves this ruins the charm of the old game and makes the game more complicated without much of an guide
Difficult but great to play. The trick is to constantly port back to Stage 4 bonus level to collect hotdogs. The final stage, very tricky. Well done, great game
First in the series I've played and it's 10/10 so far. You complete it, but it's only half the game. You choose new game plus and you replay all the zones with all the bosses again but the levels are different and the enemies are harder. It's perfect! So much fun
The bosses: forgettable. Enemies: unimaginative. The sarcasm: gone. Plot: Uninteresting. Space sucks. Caves are cool. Miss the lava. Still reasonably fun... I wouldn't describe it as a kids' game, but the racy virtual casino ads are just wrong. I'm not a perverted compulsive gambler and have no inclination to click on such things. (Ad problem is fixed. Thank you.)
It's OK. I didn't enjoy the music, at least I enjoyed just a little. I enjoyed the story. The DOS collecting scavenger hunting gets really tedious. The game lags more than its predecessors. 1st n 2nd were much smoother. Characters look much better each sequel, although last looked still pretty good. Looking forward to CC5. =)
This game is awesome Ive played since the beggining and i would reccomend it to anybody from 6 to 66.Its just fun for people of all ages.
Money eventually becomes no issue. Once you max certain weapons, there's just no reason to ever use anything else. Bosses can be beaten by mashing shoot while never moving. I groan every time I have to play as the bear. Melee is only good for parry. Not sure how you get quad jump, but you need it to get things and I never found it. Other than that it's a solid free mobile game. I'd recommend it for a few hours of enjoyment.
K guys let's talk When u try to rapid fire it lags alot And that's pretty much it And I HAVE TO SAY this is ONE OF THE MOST BEST GAMES IN THE HISTORY OF GOOGLE PLAY STORE!!!! I mean I thought stranger things was good but THIS!! OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH and can you like Tell me how to find water wings and assault rifle... Cause I just finished the entire game great story too... Anyways thank you guys so much🙏🙏🙏 God Bless You... And I also got a notification that said fatal error... Hope that doesn't mean anything bad.
Glitch in Melvin fight in new game +. He can get stuck in the ground when he turns into his bat form if he falls below the floor after you kill his spike form. I did this with level 24 rpg. Otherwise the game is fun haha