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Cally's Caves 2

Cally's Caves 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by VDO Games located at 35 Bruce St. London, Ontario, Canada N6C 1G5. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Thank you for making one of my favorite mobile games to play. The controls are funny sometimes but most of the time smooth. probably because of how small my phone is.
First of all, I found this platformer quite interesting. TES-like progression of leveling up your guns as you shoot enemies is a fun feature. I found enemies varied and challenging. Upgrade shop is another good thing about this game, as it provides a good reward for those hard-earned coins. Now, onto problems: No level select, game always starts at Cally's House, forcing the player to beat all the levels again. Cally gets stuck in some places, forcing a game restart. No quit game button in game's menu.
+0 coins when picking up coins. Would rate higher but I need those coins to get triple jump to advance further in the game.
Game is somehow good but many bugs and gliches.. You can buy all in store when you found the technique haha..
Was happy playing, untill I needed to purchase the triple jump to countinue the story line. The glitch prevents the collecting of coin needed to buy. Please fix this as soon as possible. I would like to keep playing this game!
Map screen and save function has stopped working between android 9 and 11. Tedious to start from the beginning every time. Fix pls.
While the game itself is fun it gets to the point where you just want to uninstall. It says there is a map but it doesn't work all it does is pause the game. There is no exit game button and you have to start over from beginning. Only reason I can see anyone giving this game 5 stars is that they either 1 can sit around for days and play or are people the developer knows and just giving high rates.
Man, how in the heck did I miss this little gem? This game is crazy good for what it is - a cute little platform shooter. Simple yet elegant and I'm loving the 8-bit style. I already grabbed the third installment, but it's extremely likely that I'll play this one for quite a while before I even touch that one. Good stuff here, folks. Grab this one if you haven't already - for some reason. Quick question - where's the first game?
So the game is great but the map doesn't work so every time I off the app I have to start all over agian please fix it!!!!
It was an enjoyable experience the adds were annoying... till i went farther i was happy to let them be my resting stop for my fingers it was great though exp for guns were ridcoulous i have took the time to max out all of them but the worse was the grende launcher i couldnt find callys cave 1 for some reason in the store so i guess i will be playing three its worth playing not many games are played like this yet the store iteams could be bought quickly if guns exp was foucesed but worth the 5 stars
I love this game as much as the other Calley's Caves, however, the coin counter doesn't work, which means I can't buy a triple jump and get past a certain level. Is this normal? Thank you.
I asked the Dev's on why there is no map on this game..The Dev's replied back saying they were gonna fix it but never did..So I give this 1 star cause everytime I play this i have 2 start from the beginning due 2 no map..Not right..I bought into this game and I can't play it due to this issue..
But why is it not saving my levels. Every time I leave and come back I have to start all over. Why is that????
Good game but WARNING!!! There is supposed to be a map feature and it doesn't work. You will have to start from the beginning of map but will keep your weapons and level. It is not getting fixed cause people have been complaining since the game came out which has been a year now. Minus that awesome game.
So, no option to turn the sounds or the elevator music off, and when you close the game you have to restart from zero? I heard this is a good game, but first impression leaves me with "amateurish and lazy" instead.
The map function is not working, forcing me to play from the start everytime. Then I decide to speed run the game to see the end. 2h20m to finish, literally just pass through enemy to finish. Not a fun way to win. Level design suck too. Lava and bat. Fk that. I won, never play again. Not recommend.
The map button only unpauses the game. No save points, no checkpoints, no saves. Just restart, every time you close the app.
Great story line and love all the weapons but the only thing I don't like is all the ads but other than that .....it's perfect!!!
This game isn't as "Hard" as it claims to be. On Level 5 theres an exploit that can get you all of the upgrades early. The game isn't well developed either besides a few background changes the layout and enemies of most levels stay the same. Bosses are just overglorified Damage Sponges. The story is non-existent. I don't care about Cally's Parents or Herbert. Because I DON'T KNOW THEM. The shop is in the Pause Menu. Instead of being spread out every 5 levels or so. Overall bad game.
theres a major glitch that every time i collect coins it says +0... got to a point where i need to purchase triple jump yet cant collect coins
I really like the game. It's awesome but I just hope that in the future you can fix the map. Even without the map it's a great time all around. Nice job.
I love this game so much I like the songs the guns and the enemy you guys sure know how to make games please make a part 4 by the way this is my favorite game on mobile device
It's a good game but every time I play it starts at the beggining and I have to make my way back through everything. I uninstalled it and installed it again and it did the same thing I tried to erase the data but it didn't let me. I have all my things (coins, upgrades and purchases) but it doesn't let me see the map. What do I do?
Many bugs, got stuck going left on the first screen, my gold didn't increase when picking coins and the game crashed when I tried resetting my game, couldn't complete it without gold.
Lovely SNES-like graphics and good controls. I LOVE the Chill Out-style Music. Upgrades aren't too expensive. 96 Levels of Story Mode and a further 12 Levels of Challenge. My main gripe is the Jumping; It's easy to jump over a hugh hole and then get pushed back by an Enemy into said hole and sometimes the Double/Triple Jump doesn't work hence the 4* review.
Very buggy. On first run it had glitched graphics. Then it did not count any money gained (always +0). A pity, this looked like something I might want to play.
Great game, as ever. But the jumping is sticky overall super fun! I love this. No Internet on any of the games, absolutely fantastic
Good but it has its flaws.I can't use the map but every time. I play it starts at the house forcing me to beat every level,there are a few jumping bugs (cally needs to jump higher)and where can I find Callys caves one.
This is quite a good game but too bad because i am already in level 50 and when i went back to the game, it started all over again. I can't even click the map, it just redirect me to the starting point of the game. Hopefully you'll fix this bug then i'll give it 5 stars
A simple and easy run 'n shoot platformer for when you just want to unwind for a while. The only challenging level is the last one.
The game is fun but where is the first part of the game . Will give 5 star if upload the first part too