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Callbreak Multiplayer

Callbreak Multiplayer for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Teslatech located at Kupondole, Lalitpur Nepal. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Add something daily spin coin. If all players will play with coin then they won't go left the game before finishing tha game. And add some sound when we throw the card.
Great game but sometimes boring because of no sound .. Add option to play with players in contact online ..It will be a great help😊😊..
Add Voice chat feature in call break nd also add play with friends (in room or Facebook friends) It will send your game to next level
Not well properly functionable according to game mentality. Opponents most of the time paas highest cards to continue game... Improve algorithm to play the game, also improve randomness of card distribution. Randomness of card can also be managed through last suffle cards with certain degree of randomness.
Game is ok but ad is Randikhana While the Game is ok but the ads are 18+ and has sexual content which promotes nudity and sex. For example a girl with cleavage and a girl provoking she's alone and she is searching a boy. Can't play the game in front of kids or family member. I am going to report the game
Ok ok but multiplayer is not so good but better for understanding the game better by playing with bot.
What a app .I m surprised there features,and play online offline both are very interested...good luck
This is not cool have a lot to say but I think it was just the same as it did last year when it came out to be the best in setting up a good game to win a championship in setting up the playoffs and the TEAM that was the first time I had ever had the chance 2of 2I have to go back and play the best game
An overall basic experience. The app is little low on the feature side but does the job. One thing to notice is that the rules are slightly different here - like while distributing the cards, a player can only get 3 suits.
Really love it,but graphics is medium quality. Online multiple is good, but some incorrect in this game
This is going worse and worse with time. Its just crashing and crashing. Whenever I start the game after 1 round or in theiddle of the round it take me to back to the home page and there is network issues I checked. Worse ever.
This is very interesting and easy to play. It including international rule and very good app for playing game and easy to time pass in lockown.
I love this game,,, but The game not come in screen soo,,,, I don't know that this game has a problem or my mobile system is problem,,,
Playing this game for last 3-4 years, but the ads are getting more and more day by day, most of the times ads are related to 18+ content, valgur images/videos related applications and nudity. you can not play it infront of kids or family members.. Uninstalling it now, for the same reason.
This game is so much nice one thing is it is offline and another thing is that we can play it any where and have a lot of in any where it is not like a freefire that ki doing pen high in the game so i switch i this game it does work with data or Wi Fi so i lobe you game i am thankfull you are i my life i love you call break ......love you....
It's a very good Game...Veey Interesting(Time pass mood fresh ing Game)..It's Became More Interesting if you Update On It...Like Card game Another mode.And Gaming History,like How Much time I Win or Top Cards Take....pls Update It....
Doesn't let you declare suit while calling. Doesn't show which suit is trump suit during the game. Poor game
It is not downloading from playstore now. Just moving round the download icon. Tried multiple times on different days. Kindly fix this problem as we can download the game. Tried it from mobile data and from wifi also but all in vain
It is very helpful to learning cards game and it very easy to play the game but it takes too much time for Online multiplayer game πŸ‘ˆπŸ™„.
I have played lots of callbreak game with real cards and love to play it. But this game is not a bit closer to callbreak. Its not a playing card game bcz you can not chose the cards of your choice to proceed the game. This game is completely programmed and you are only card holder not a player. Worst game and programing.
i like to play this game,but whenever we start playing with bots in multiplayer mode if a bot plays a lower card instead having a lower card to play we Are forced to play a higher card ,and lost the next game .....this needs to be corrected
Nice app. But I feel there is a mistake of not allowing user to select the card of same suite. It always chooses the bigger value card in this process user couldn't achieve its target
the game is best in all games which i found in playstore but i want that you should do some recommended changes like statics and change code of card spade should not be always trump it should be up to us if we want we can change it....so there are some updates needed to improve the game impact better otherwise game is superb...so please keep attention of my suggestion in next update.. Thank you so much
Getting of good set of cards is 10% . Did u make the game so that we can play or ur computer can play?? What an idiot algorithm
I like this game as this game contain multi online player. But there is also one drawback many people start to play but they get left after some times.
Few errors still. Computer operator have same colour card, In first hand, still he cuts and takes hand and then in second operator keeps calmly the same colour. Plz look into it.
Now there has been improvement on hanging in this app, but one needs improvement, that its cards are not good,They leave the game and run away, such people should take some drastic steps. At the same time, there should be an option to play 13 times in this game, not 6 times.
The game is really great. I enjoybit very much. However, I am totally disgusted with all those vulgar ads popping up all the time. I mean what kind of a sick perv is in charge of those ads??
Players should be able to pick our own cards and not forced to play cards, if a Ace is being played i shouldn't be forced to play my king if I have other cards to play. I don't like playing with the bots the game starts cheating.
Don't take a single breath during play Callbreak multiplayer if you love your "Device" as the main function is to hang over system?
I love playing when my daily data is over. No such thing like hanging nor exit in the middle of the game i am lobing it. Thank u so much [email protected] for being with me when my daily data is over. U deserve 5 stars. Love.
Good Game app but there are some important shortcomings 1. Game automaticaly shut off during game and restart again. 2. There are so many cheating by conputers that you can see clearly. 3. Game should be reaslistic. 4. Every time same trump feel boring.
Suggestion: 1)please add in- game emoji or emoticons. 2) most of the times I play multi player, players quit and I have to play with bots. Please design it in a way that people can't quit. 3) design is out dated, try giving it a fresh look. Overall 4/5
Call break multiplayer is best card game. But we face some unknown issue like as no offline multiplayer on hotspot and Bluetooth thanks
Very bad it's take so much time to install and I install the app on my phone it's not open then I uninstall the app aging download its give same trouble.
Trick-taking card game, a variant of Spades, with online multiplayer. Callbreak Multiplayer brings classic and popular card game with online multiplayer feature to the Google Play Store. Game Rules Callbreak is a trick-taking card game played with a standard 52-card deck between four players. There are 5 rounds in a game. Players' sitting direction and the first dealer are selected before the first round begins. To randomize player's sitting direction and the first dealer, each player draws a
I have some problems with this game first of all its algorithm, why the player next to me have a card which is better than me ( and it happens all the time). It's practically not possible and irritating. second is it doesn't show online player always tell the server is heavy on load. Although the game is okay but work on this issues. and also it doesn't let you to use the card of your choice I can predict the moves of my next player so why I should play it, If I know I loose most of the time.
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This is really a great game that passes my time before I realize. It's a tricky , thrilling and interesting game that attracts me to play the game again and again to win as many times I play........ Keep working hard:)
Worst game,so unfair. I can't pick a smaller card and when I pick large card the next one has the larger card. Lame lame lame lame!!!!!!!
playing it for a ling time but for last few months the app is manipulating the cards. i play this game for more than 10 times each day and for each game the bot playing cards after me has the bigger cards except the card A if it comes to me. otherwise the bot playing after my cards having greater cards than me. if it occurs once or twice it can happen incidently but this is happening for each and every game. thinking to uninstall it. would rate this app in minus if possible.
Very bad app and have bug... Everytime in tourney event next step never start just waiting lot of time.. And in big select table stop the game during the match ..
this game is good thats why i am giving 5 star but there is a small mistake in this game and this is ads please enter a primum account and ads free game
Worst game ever i played just because it has no feature to play by own πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š worst dont download.. if it has feature to play by own so i will play..
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Why did I got second position in a game where score is following- Bot-2 score is respectively- 3.0+1.0+5.0+3.1+3.1=15.2 final score. My score is respectively- 3.0+5.0+2.0+2.1+3.1=15.2 final score. In this situation who shoukd be winner and second. I want reply for clearance..
I've been playing this game since 4 or 5 years.. Or I don't really have any problem with this game.. I would say.. callbreak multiplayer hold so many memories of mine... Thanks for this game.. ❣️
Very nonsense and irritating kind of game made just to harrash you only, rather other games of call break are better than this. 100%. Just by mistakenly download this and just suffer.
it's a very basic game, which can be played offline as well. designed with basic necessities up to the mark. no nuisance nothing doing. one of the best games
I think first time i have played this with in 2 to 3 days i understood how to play and easy to understand graphics i also gud but but i have one issue that is about point ehen we make a bid like i did 3 i get 6 point it wont add all points but but when we loss it less down up that bid which i call for plz do it some for this .. . over all i liked all things boz i issue i gave 3 star when it ll improve i ll rate 5 star after that.
1. bot hands most of the time better cards. 2. most of the times, higher spade cards are given to bots. 3. sometimes 10 of any set is the highest card given. 4. subtraction from -ve points is inaccurate.
Just third class, too much add.. Everywhere just everywhere even on the centre of playing board/table full of adds
It is a very useless game. This game is meaningless because I did not have a bird leaf. I had to print the trumpet of red paan which did not let me print.
Very bad game rules doesn't follow by its own developers..... After boating players it is suddenly disappear.... πŸ™„πŸ™„
Please add something. This game is very good but very much simple. Even we can't chat or use any emoji.
Very bad experience on this application. I am searched for another application but google play suggests me this on priority. Another call break app which is developed in India by Indian developers is 10*better than this . I'm going to uninstall this . It' very bad application and bad suggestions by google play store .
It's the best game for some elder peoples and they play its like that they are playing in really so they enjoy its very much and i would love to say that it is the best game in the whole world
+β˜… for good Game & β€“β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… bcoz u r not worth for this. only 1 time out of 10 you get good card otherwise 9 time you loose & opponent get continue good cards. 😠😠😠 & Missed sounds in game.
there are two major suggestions for the devlopers 1) when play online anyone disconnected system should be play automatically and while Facebook friends play any two fb friends required for joining and if next 1 or 2 friend not available online system should give players for play
It doesnot gives better cards,and in reality while playing with friends i often wins but in this app i often looses,its all programmed,afterall its a app and it has nothing to take with real luck,its programmed
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When you play the game .. almost in between the game you got server error ..go to the home page.. unhappy with this app
When Score card screen is on top, make a bid screen is behind then if we touch on score card screen it make a bid automatically. Please improve it
I really enjoyed this game.. graphics is okkk...control is average.... customisation is very great...I play this every day....very interesting game.....I love it....
Enough Room for improvement @ User Experience. It's not user friendly. Stating the above out of more than 2yrs+ experience over playing with it. Want to deduct given 2 stars. Uninstalling too.
Too much Irritating... cards distribution isn't fair.... unfair very unfair...... don't download.........I am frustrated regarding this.....just garbage.
One should be allowed to choose a card of his choice, not always bigger.and should have ludoking type feature to invite people of your choice to play(based on invitation code) If incorporated then during this pandemic time when playing card in a group sitting together is banned only from Odisha at least 1M people will download and play it.
Bots always win, playing with friends always replace with bots, when data is on always showing annoying ads while restarting the game, when only one card is there to throw, it should throw automatically.
Why cannot choose a small card,for example,i have king and opponent have a A, someone throw a queen i just have to throw a king, fuxk, and they got a one point with A,if i throw a small one and i can get a one point with king trazz game
Game is ok ok .Your are forcing to put higher no card every time but you have fixed one card as color .it must be suffel everytime .
Super game this game learn to me who can handal bad switchvation and keep pasance in bad switch vation and not happy in good switchvatian only focus only your victry when you reach to your victry
It is a good game.But l don't know how to play?. Sometimes I got good result then after I lost it.I humbly request to the creator of game to set the rules to how to play.Then after it is a amazing game and I will gave 5 star.
The gameplay is so made that it forces you to loose the game the game algorithm is so designed that in 99 cases out of 100 the player or bot playing next to you will always have the card greater than yours...not happy would recommend the developer to develop the game which feels the fair to everyone
Add play with friends & more game mods. Also you can't play tricky, because of the algorithms in the game. It always forces you to use big cards.
A nice game . Having lots of fun. This may be improved by changing its background . But then also it is a nice medium of entertainment in this lock down.
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Cheap game. Very poor algorithm. It's already decided that who's going to win. The person who gets good cards and wins in first round, most probably (90%)only he/she will win. So frustrating game. 0 star.
I think there is a option required that Is game I'd share which use to connect our friends that make a team and play together. If you can do then please update
Game is all fine, however..... 1. Player should change their name 2. Don't force to play specified card, instant of that reject the through card, if not useful for specific hand 3. Update new version so that we can play online with friend as well as with computer
There is no incentive for players to stay in the game. Nor is there any cost for players who quit the game in the middle. Players will simply quit the game if they lose one round and the we have to play with bots.
This game is good but the functioning team behind it leads me to write the wrost review 90% of yime when we are playing online the game dissconnect us from server and the whole match is crash.. this is so irritating .... Solve this
Nonsense The app keeps on refreshing multiple times. Game is good but there are several glitches and slower response from the app. The worst part is the game ends for no reason again and again. not at all satisfied with the app performance n graphics
actually the game can't be given a single star. the worst game engine and worst graphics of any call break game. it is also designed for losing rather than winning. please don't download it...full of adds also
Nice game and features but in slow network it goes slow in online gaming mode so please improve this.