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Call of modern FPS: war commando FPS Game

Call of modern FPS: war commando FPS Game for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by FREE SHOOTING FPS GAME DEV located at 8/F OCEAN CENTRE, HARBOUR CITY, 5 CANTON ROAD, TST KOWLOON, HONG KONG. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game great machanics but the graphics are a bit too unrealistic but i really like the game play good game
This is a really cool game. My only peeve is that on my side of the settings on sensitivity, is that it seems like I have to keep lowering down.went from 35 to 25 and still hard to control.whats up with that guy's? .
The game is fun ,but each match goes by too fast,pls extend more time on the battlefield,,and one more thing it lags alot too many bugs,pls fix the problem and i'll think about giving it 4 or 5 stars,thank you.
the best game ever! the sniper scope is really cool and realistic. but can you add campaing? but this game still deserve 5 stars. better then pubg
Its a nice game but there are some issues on the controls,,, it is working but not very well,,,, but i would to say i like this game... the game play and the graphics are good... i love it....
Game is good graphics are also good for android but the one thing is that sometimes it lacks very much and tha ads are too weird because they just hamper my game, so my experience of this game gives you 4 star and please reduce this ads
Seriously ? It looks like the people giving it 5 stars or either kids who are enjoying killing bots without turning on fire button in a fps game or paid reviews.the game barely even has real players and some sort of maps.plus,there's no Hud layout customization why ? Aren't the gun prices too high ? Well...what else can be expected from a developer who can't make a original name for his game,even most of the screenshots Are stolen from cod mw.the ads are the only thing they put effort on.
Amazing game just one small request that please put adjustment in the settings because we gamers like to play game in our way
Its really fun its joyful i haven't got any bug about the game but as long it does have any bug ill give it 5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ But its really not for kids there's swearing😅 but its really fun i think at the age of 14-16 its good enough because there are some swearing in this game please do not let you're kids play this (who ever have kids)
It's not a game that you can play for hours on end without getting bored, but for a time killer it's not half bad. Movement feels laggy and weapon animations feel like they were kind of slapped together. It's not the game you see in the ad, but it is an ok game that's good for killing time.
This game is amazing. Out of all of the games that i have played on my phone, this one is by far my favorite.
Game is not playing on my phone, Firstly it open and instruscts me to press start button, then takes ages to load, suddenly exits the game
Good entertaining game! But i've not seen missions. It is just like playing counter strike after clearing enemies it goes victory and repeat again. I'm looking for long way missions to finish. Such as rescuing, penetrate enemy borders with specific command and changing weapon to use.
Hey could ya make the map abit bigger and have 12v12 it would be cool if ya could do that it would be crazy if u could would ya put like the name of the teams this is a good game
Very great game from the Moana played at I would like to be able to shoot the gun myself that'd be nice but great game and thanks developers for making something like this have a good day
This game is cool i mean really cool nice game is has great graphics 👌 and cool weapons nice work😃
Great game. It feels like I'm shooting bots. Just the accruacy. When I shoot the gun just puts my camera up. So I shoot upper. Pls remove that feature. I know it makes it realistic but it's really hard to shoot.
Game is great, weapon prices are not!!! Also needs to be offline. Come on developers don't be greedy, lower prices!
The game has ok mechanics pretty basic over all no game modes apart from tdm controls are weird with two joysticks and there is a slow ads speed the ads are bearable but they are annoying.
Great game I downloaded it and I spawned in it and it was laggy for only about 10 seconds if you guys get the same thing I got just give it a second and it should load other wise 100 five stars percent five stars
This game is really nice and if some improvements are done in Graphics then this game will be awesome
This game is very good it has good graphics, good control and it's auto fire. Please add differentiate types of maps and add more kill points at least 40 kill points in next update.
I'm sorry but I don't like the automatic shooting pulling the trigger myself is much more realistic and that familair voice that says (nice kill) after every single action is irritating and any game that won't let you navigate out or shut it off when your finished is cheap and suspect to me also if you like commercials there after every single tiny combat segment which is about 25 seconds long,if you like all that then this game is for you
Cool game! I love it gunz but please add a battle royale mode that's gonna be cool,And there's a bug the bug is i can't kill the player if i use a pistol uh idk if it's a bug or not btw cool game!.
When i was downloaded the game I was expecting this is boring game but I started play the game I was rong this game is so cool I recommend everyone should be downloaded the game really it's too Good game keep it up Good work game developers otherwise perfect game and I love graphics thank you so much for giving us such a perfect game...
I am now at level 30..the difficulty level of each level is the same (1-30) too easy...that makes this game a bit boring..make this game a little difficult..after that I will give 5 stars
Good graphics but difficult to control as the same button for moving the shooter is the same button for aiming.... So tiresome doing it
This game is really I watched the ad of this game and played too it is very . Those who tells that they don't like this game it has auto shooting they wanted to make bad of this game on purposly . But I. Really love this game . It has multiplayer options too . Nice game keeo it up . And please update this games then this will he very good and everyon will like it . And if it has 25 to 45 second then keep the patient . They don't have patience . Good game love it . 👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗🤗🤭🤭🤭🤭
It's Really Cool 😌 I Like It Only Some Suggestions .. a) Player Moment And The Holding Of Gun Is A Little Awkward So Please Make It Some More Great b)This Game Is Really Cool So I Want You To Change Its Name And Give It A Superb Name.. c) Make Interface Little More Good Please Try To Add Custom Hud Options ETC... That's All The Game Is Really Cool Anyway...It's Offline And It's Really Fun Try It Now
This is the best shooting game. The graphic is good and a lot of weapons.But its a bit laggy when you throw grenade, hope developer can fix it. Thanks a lot.
Nice game but mission is so easy and short time mission ...please you improve game mission to long and hard
I really love the game but it doesn't have missions is only one stage please try to upgrade the new the controls are okay and the background colour everything is very nice good fps.
The game is great, but it's 30 seconds of game play and 2 minutes of adds. Adds are just over and over non stop, really makes the game suck.
The Game Is Fun But The Problem About Team Deathmatch Is When A Team Got 12 Kills The Game Is Already Finished. Please Make it More Higher like 40 kills and The Game Is Finished.
It's actually a good game but it's also a commercial-fest..I don't have the patience for a commercial between every single screen, level, and breath..get rid of at least half of the ads and it's a 5star game.
Good game though i was scammed to belive that the bots are people i love the game but i suggest that u make the bots bit stonger cause i rip through them like hot knife on butter😂😂
Really great work on graphics and map.And it is in offline...Must play.. Applause for developers team..
Cool game! I love it gunz but please add a battle royale mode that's gonna be cool,And there's a bug the bug is i can't kill the player if i use a pistol uh idk if it's a bug or not btw please lower the price of the gun i don't want to see like SCAR:999999999dollar no. Cool game btw
i like this game because is so cool team work multiplayer player's are any cantry are go to help in the many player's very nice game I like it
I don't like those baby games. Those games are awful. I like gun games. Because it make me feel happy. I already tried omega,free fire,pubg and more. But I liked this game more. This game is look like omega or free fire. I think I like its graphics. I rated all the gun games 5 star.🙂
Awsome game ,,really love the game But the background seems same in every offline war games so i request the game creator to make a more better and realistic,,,,👍
Dear god is this boring 🙄 no challenge whatsoever. And an ad after EVERY match?! Really?! Play CODm lile a real man 🤣
Well where do I start the graphics are good but every match is like 25 to 45 seconds long and an ad after if buffers for about ten seconds each match the sniper is terrible and the advance shooting (where u shoot on your own) is terrible and the prices for the guns are ridiculous just for a sniper it's $9999 and when u buy the guns you have to watch and ad to collect it so all I gotta say is 🖕🖕 this game
Game is good but the worst thing is that after collecting rupees and gold we can't buy a new gun while we are offline and second thing is that guns price is too high.
Horrible i am not able to open the videos so that i could claim my rewards🥱this is the shittiest game ever
Developers can you make this online multiplayer plsss its ok of you don't add br but plsss🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 plsss then add more mod like capture the flag gun game prop hun't and the max kill in this game from now is 12 😑 its easy to kill enemy tho . This game is hilarious like hahaha like thw emote nice game btw noice 😉, try it
Very nice but work on more weapons, also add different characters and decrease amount of weapons all other is good✌️
I am pretty sure that all the positive reviews of this game is either the developer or someone who works for the developer. The multiplayer arena is totally FAKE! The moment I saw that the enimies are all targetting me I understood that the game is running offline and all of them are bots.And one more thing, it is totally impossible to make a full online fps using unity engine. So, stop getting scammed.
Nice graphics ,nice controls, and nice gameplay try something more or update the game and put save game option in it
I like the game. But to ad heavy. If I choose to skip one then let me skip it you went from 5 to 2 stars because of so many ads. The ads are longer than the stage.
Its a great game maybe too many ads, great graphics, i truly love this game its reallt worth the space on my phone
Its different in a good compaired to all of the other shooting games. It has good action without being to hard. I recomend it👍
The game doesnt work it just shows me the start button then I press it it loads then the screen goes black and takes me back to home screen everytime
I am now at level 30..what is certain is that the difficulty level of each level is the same (1-30) too easy...that makes this game a bit boring..make this game a little difficult..after that I will give 5 stars
Cool game develop it 🙏🏻, and put some features in the game, like, customisation HUD, comments online +offline mode😄
This is awsome wen you jush hit a enemy u kill it one shot all ready u must play this game end give it 5 star's!!!😀😀😀
Wow! Dude this game is like realistic game and the graphics is so nice! But how to play with multiplayer?
Its an amazing game.. Nice graphics,Good gameplay. So smooth gameplay, and there is a ton of guns that you can use and buy The money depends on how much you kill and if you killed 10 ppl then you will have 10000 dollers.Fantastic gameplay but there is only one problem that is that i think im actually playing with bots cuz they are only getting 1 or 2 kills and im actually getting 12 or 11 kills in my first game But i really did enjoy the smooth graphics and the game. Really loved it, do try it.
Sometimes I play this game it will be hanged I can't move, I can't shoot there is little problem in that game
Like it but your controls are cofusing any way the game is just started now i dont how it will be when i get further ho0e its good
Really nice game. Just like COD(Call of Duty). People who can't download COD can download this game. I will always preffer this game over COD.
A true definition of Art! Quite a perfect job! The wonderful experience in action and the beautiful graphics that are second to none in the world of games app development!!! Good job, guys.
Wow very good game but sometimes the control give me hard time I hope it'll fix this but I really love it
Really best game all are good etc, my request is made harder (one life one soldier one battle an 20 Vs 20 Or more etc), stop Auto fire, auto fire make very easy game, request please switch control buttons settings (left/right) custom control, Login to facebook,You know everything i just tell you, (Custom control), Thank You.
It's actually a good game. Manual firing is just easy to find (below the firing button). An enjoying and simple game
The game froze my phone could not do anything for awhile finally was able to restart the phone and uninstall the app, maybe it's not compatible with my phone
Guys you don't know at the down side you can see Auto/Non if you will click the Non so it will not shoot auto but if you click Auto so it will shoot Auto