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Cafe Tycoon – Cooking & Restaurant Simulation game

Cafe Tycoon – Cooking & Restaurant Simulation game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by AppOn Innovate located at AppOn Software Pvt Ltd. C 12 Liberty, Phase 2, Northmain road Koregoan park, Pune- 411001, India. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like this game.It is because it not use any wifi or data.I can choose an characters weathear she/he girl or boy.It can be a profisional game in the world.I can appreaciate this game.☺Excellent game.
A very good game....the only thing I don't like with it is that the money that I earn from the shop is not enough...but other from that its good
I have unlocked the pasta bar, and when the customers order the white pasta dish, it has a lock on it, so your ratings go down, it won't let you cook it, and its taking my gems because its locked.
it is a nice game but i think the time of the store must be decrease 😊 because consume more time and we have to wait 😊
It's too great. It also gives the importance of time. When I play it first time I just wanted to clear the all levels in one day. In this game we have to cook more more delicious and fast. Truly it's very interesting. You can also try it one time. 👍👍👍👍
Every time you get on the to do list the whole game freezes but other than that it is a pretty good game
This is very bad game I will give this only one star because only one level is opened in this game when I try to download next level they say me please try again I hate this game
It is a very good game but there is one problem when I need to click on something we always need to click it 5-6 times and this is very disappointing Overall it is a 4 star game but not 5 star Thank you
Fantastic game, In my Phone have best game means This game only + Points: Didn't struck in this game, Cute customers, Nice update, Nice Game name (Cafe Tycoon), — Points: Nothing to say minus points in this game 😇 So Only I Give 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
This game is just so much fun. It runs so smooth. I am a little disappointed. I just paid for some gems and haven't received them.
I really want to give 10stars...This game is really awesome with less mb...I'm still enjoying this ...5 stars is very less for this game ....so...everyone should try it....than all cooking games(low mb) It is really 100% good..one more thing is I have just installed 10min before that's it ...I just fall in love with this game..
This game is very enjoyable.It doesn't contain any ads before you move to another level,but the problem is i can't download the third one(Indian one)u guys should do something about it please
the game is interesting but how can one person do everything in time. the customers should sit themselves and there should be helper for cleaning.
The game is good but if i want to play it a stretch, can't do that because of the supply limit. Also dunno because of what reason i wasn't getting an option to view ads to increase the supply. Still even if that ad thing is resolved, limited supply will still be an issue if you want to play it in one shot.
I love it but one thing i do not like is when i click watch an add to have free gems but when i click it it says "Sorry no ads available"
It's pretty good. You can play without the Internet which is great. It's a fun way to kill time too. No issues at the moment. A solid 4 stars from me 🌟
the game is nice but when i try to download the 3rd one, the paris game it wont go through. i am trying to download but wont go thru.
I love this game❤️❤️. Super game. I am speechless. Can ur team can make cafe tycoon 2plz i love it
The game itself is beautiful..very affordable and fun..no boredom..everything works just perfectly🥰
Love this game! You produce a lot of dishes and serve them under a timer. You are challanged with the turn over. And they increase the amount of clients, add more dishes, and increase the amount of tables to serve. It is all challenging and a little repetitive, but can you hang in there to get to the next restaurant with more different foods. I can and will, hang in there and have fun. I guess I'm addicted to the fun.
Game is too fast. Customers eat as quickly as they take orders! Makes the gameplay too fast paced to the point where I end up not enjoying the game! However, cute concept.
This game a some but takes long to losing have to do something about that😄👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏😄😄
It's an amazing app l love it especially the time is challenge you gotta be fast your time will be up and you wouldn't have served all your customer
I like this game but after some time my grocery got finished please do unlimited grocery otherwise I love this game.
I like this game alot I just found it when I realised I want to try a tycoon game when I found this game I fell in love with it and I wnat to play it all the time
This game was great fun, until the update. Now i am not collecting gems while i am playing and i cannot access my to-do list to collect rewards for my purchases.
I love this game and that's why I rate 5 stars but plssssssss make the downloading faster in the gameplay because we would appreciate it if the downloading is faster and it would be more fun best game ever
Best thing is you can play offline, you get gems when online, you don't need to finish a restaurant to open another😍, it only takes a long time to unlock the next level especially that evey level becomes longer every time, that's where i get bored
I'd say it's cute... The gameplay is simple, easy to understand. There are ads,, but not intrusive at all. The in game purchases are totally optional and not in any way disrupting the game progress. Total good job for the dev, it must be a hard work to maintain the system without being greedy. Thank you so much :)
I so love this game...but please reduce the time given to get supplies to get to play the game...because I even forget about to play the game because of the lack of supplies and it's bad..thank you
Nice game .I like it.but some times it will be struck, need to prick 2_3 times.everybody said this complaint , please try to solve this.
😀😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😄😄😄😄.. I've been playing the game for quite some time and is it just three restaurants I see another fourth restaurant over to the side but do it or lock????
Like resort one better.. upgrades are strange, not straight forward. A bit buggy in the tap... Have to hit it just right to work. Like the diffrent locations keeps the game interesting. Havent tried off line yet. Over all fun. I have purchased some packages... Incentive to keep makers interested in making improvements.
This game was great fun, until the update. Now I am not collecting gems while I am playing and I cannot access my to-do list to collect rewards for my purchases. I have bought all the upgrades, but cannot collect the rewards for the artwork, thus there is one item left one my to-do list that is not checked off. I believe this it's preventing me from progressing I the game because I have been ready to download India note for quite some time and it just keeps telling me India is "coming soon".
Yes, it's addictive. Yes, it has lots of ads, and I understand that - developers need to get reward for their work. However, I agree that the supply refill should be 100 instead of 50. Please don't ask me to raise my rating to 5 stars. I'll do that if you change the supply refill pattern based on users' requests.
white sauce pasta is not open..i lost my all dimonds bcoz my smiles not complete bcoz of white sauce pasta.😈😠..how to unlock that dish? plss tell me
I love this game but why can't i get to open the chinese restaurant 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔any thing else ok appon👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍
I have give you 4 stars because the customer is coming very fast. Ok but gg mean good game. Nice game
This game is so interesting and very good I suggest to all that you please install it . I like mostly the new dishes and decorations things in this game
Takes an hour plus to be able to play the game again. It's a great game but takes too long to restore the groceries only for 5 rounds 😡
I have given two stars because this game is funny and ful of entertainment, but there is an problem that you have to give supplies to play the game, it is so bad, after 1 hour you can get 1 pack of supplies, so bad way of playing, so don't download this app, it's bad game.... 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕
The customers eat too fast and food cooks too slow.plus can you lower the prices when upgrading appliances and furniture?
The first two levels are good. I've unlocked all the dishes. Why not the Indian restaurant is opening?
It is a best in all offline games I like this game 😍and it's my sister favorite games she plays always this game so that's Y I give 5 stars to this Cafe tycoon game ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I hate that you need data to download other places but it is a good game.also it is hard to play and i rate it only three stars.
I love this game but l keep deleting it all the time but this time i we not give up becuse is my favorite a lot .............
it takes so long to refill goods. The steps she makes takes long time to serve. Everything takes long time in this game
Better than so many boring games. Because its good game. But, there is a problem the supplies wiill quickly end and the timeup will for a 43 minutes.
Its very nice game but one bad thing singer bought with real rupees.and one waiter is not enough for customers plz make 2 or 3 waiters ..i give 3 star..
Well... Cafe Tycoon is an interesting place to be when one's bored. However, I found some things really annoying. One, you give only 50 supplies when 100 make a full life pack. I think you should refill to match a full 100 life pack. Two, there should be an extra reward for disposing waste completely at the end of game. I do hope these would be implemented, aside those, keep up the good work!... But I wonder why I had to start my New York cafe afresh simply because I did an update. Not good.
Really really really amazing i thought this game would be like all the other that i have played BUT it is completely different I LOVE IT ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
The game is nice & has fun to play but the lives are more & more less so that it's annoying please give more lives. Once 5 lives over we want to wait for solidly 2 hours. Hurting😠😠😠😠😠
Its a very good game and enjoyable.If u download this game,ur net will be used in a correct option.I hope this review will be helpful to u
I love this game but when we are going to more levels the speed will came .when u reach level 5 going u cant play this game
This game is fun,I don't have problems about this game....I downloaded this game this day.....When I played it I was empressed It's very comfortable and I was happy to have partners too.....So if this Game is fun.....I gave 5 stars because you made me happy when I'm sad as always not in the mood.....but thankyou.....And also this is not my Acc. I don't know why I don't want to make an acc...but that's all I hope your next game will be fun...💜
I love playing simulation cooking games perhaps there's an option where i can boost her movements to have speed in serving..im addicted to this game
It's a great app! It has a diner dash vibe to it and the animation is exceptional. Also a great offline game, too.
It's an interesting game but I give it 4 stars because I need money to buy an avatar. But it's a good offline game. It however makes me hungry lol 😁😁😁😁
I love this game very much ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it is easy to play and I have no problems with the game
I have give 5 stars because this game is amazing and offline also. Please make cooking diaries of the world games also
So much nice game please install it who made this if possible try to make Cafe tycoon 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 but if possible then only make.
I'm in the beginning stages but seems fun so far, only bummer is that u have to wait about 2 hours to play again after u've played only 5 games, I'd have given more stars if you only "lost lives" if losing a game, but u use up your "lives" even if u win a game
It's good till some time but when i go to 'reward claims', my phone gets hang, it doesn't provide reward, so little sad and disappointed🙁😔
It is very good at first also now but all the things we have to do. When the costumers come to the shop we have to click them, click the chair and then go to them, take the orders, then click the chef, click the recipy and then after cooking is done go and collect the recipies and click the costumers. I loved this game.There are 4 places to do work like India. Also there is timing limit of the costumers. If it is red, we can buy pastries but the pastries are costly 100gems please make them less.
all round better than most games 😊ADS are a given, come on folks😒 & they give you the lil boosts u need sometimes. lose the grocery bag play control-we like to keep goin til we cant ! easy tap control, relaxing simple gameplay, pleasing graphics. dont frustrate yourself- enjoy !
It is very nice game. And entertainment is also too good. I love this game. You must install this game, once you play this game love it too much.
This is really a good game, I am enjoying this game in my free period. You can also play this game in your free period and enjoy yourself by this game . BYE BYE Have a good day
The game itself is very fun. However you dont get to enjoy it very long because the sessions are extremly short :/
To all people who is looking for an offline game, try this one; it's offline, restaurant game, and this can also save your storage. Imagine that it's not even a 20 mb?!?! So I gave ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ to this 😁
I like it it was beautiful and if it big mb it's okay backside i have 5.1 mb remaining it was so cool i don't want to uninstall it cause so cool and interested I am so interested in this games go and download it
I am enjoying this game very much. It is awesome. I like fast games. If it does not have puchase, everyone will download. I have a request can you remove the purchase one?I love it 😘😍
I love the challenges. It is like the best game I have ever played apart from kitchen story. Thanks a lot. App on.
awful number of ads and you expect us to buy supplies with our own money? seriously? then how will buy supplies at my own home?
Well... Cafe Tycoon is an interesting place to be when one's bored. However, I found some things really annoying. One, you give only 50 supplies when 100 make a full life pack. I think you should refill to match a full 100 life pack. Two, there should be an extra reward for disposing waste completely at the end of game. I do hope these would be implemented, aside those, keep up the good work!... Why are other cafes not open yet? Would be uninstalling soon since other cafes aren't been updated.
Just downloaded and it seems fun, however when I open the to do list it won't allow me to click on anything. I have to close the game to even get back to the play screen. Not much fun without being able to complete the To Do list.
One of my favourite game easy to play and very enjoyable. . But i think it has some pblm that it doesn't go in the next levels / (in next cafes ) But still it's amazing and fun loving 👍💖
nice game. hope and wish more games like this. with more customization and management system. Nice work
When i saw this game..... i ignore it... Because i thought this game is not good and have so many Ads 🙄 then second day i saw it again and then again😯 so i download this game and i play this game ....this game was 😊😊 osm, amazing i love😍😘 it so much
THIS game is so awesome i really enjoy it the most when I am bored it is soooooo cool🤞🤞👌👌👌
Good game... getting pretty frustrated where I don't know when the next level opens up. I dont see a pattern or any info in the app to give me guidance. I am waiting for the 4th level to be available and it forever is not. I click on the little Chinese house and nothing. When can I play it???
very entertaining game loved it totally very satisfying but life agar Jada milte kom smy me to or Vhi a66a Lagta all though I am obsessed with it
it is a very nice game because this game is not more difficult and not it is more easy ✌️✌️✌️ I was shocked why not open india 😑 I play 50+ levels of newyork but can't open india I requested to please open India and please tell in which level play newyork then open india🙏🙏🙏🙏 and please give me answer for my question
it's very bad we have to wait 2:00 hours for 50 supplies and second level is very bad more than 200 days it is going, anyway any one please tell me how to go to third level please don't download this game😕😕
This is very amazing game I love this game and it is also offline so aI love it but a problem in this game if put characters and we buy the characters with coins then it is the best game in this whole World
Thank you for the Gems and short ads. I like the flow of the game and the upgrades. Looking forward to more good things to come. Thanks Guys
It is a great game! Totally addicting. And I like that there are different chefs for each dish and the way they make food not just standing there. And I also like some decorations 😊
I would say this game I fun but every time you are done with a level it's get to a ad and no so I wouldn't recommend it it's needs more work 🙂
This game is really nice🥰, its just that it sometimes stuck...🙃 Rest is sooo cute🥺 and I can't stop myself 😝
I give this game 3 stars because it does not play when i am supposed to claim my prices. but I like this game it is very easy to play. please fics the problem
Amazing is akl I can say wow .download this game and it will make you loose boredom but be careful can be addictive I spent the whole day playing it and never went for a break
This game is enjoying, but somehow it takes so long after 10 plays tou have to wait for 2 hrs. Ao that it will be refilled again. I hope that it would be removed so that the player doesn't have to wait for that 2 hrs. Pls fix it as soon as possible.
I like this game but one thing i have no supply i need gem but you need to purchase why i need to purchase? Its really bored.
Seems fun! If you've ever played the Diner Dash series of pc games. That's what this game is based off of. I just wish that the singer didn't cost real money. Otherwise, while there are alot of ads. I understand the need for them. like others I just hate that you have to wait to earn what I call energy/supplies.
This game is great! It is easy to control and the fact that there are different chefs for each dish is amazing.
Game is pretty fun. Wish we could keep playing but they only give us 5 games, then you have to wait 2 hours. Ads are useful for lives, but sometimes it says there are no videos available. And when you unlock another resturaunt you have to use 1500 coins just to play it. But overall very fun and addicting game.
I LOVE the game.. But it just won't unlock the New York restaurant, even though I'm at 13XP. I mean i just don't understand how to unlock it... It says it will unlock at 12XP but still nothing.
The game is fun, but you have to wait to long to get more supplies!! If the timing was shorter it would be a lot better.
The two-hour waiting for 50 supply items is a bit too much. The 10 supply item per game doesn't even help. You can only play it for 5 times! And when you already got the hang out of it, a message will pop up saying you no longer have supplies to play. Its good that they allow players to watch an ad to accumulate supply items but for an offline player like me, its a disadvantage. I can't play it when I want to since you have to wait for two hours to collect the supply items.
So far I like this game , even you have to wait for about 2 hours to get for the supplier but it does worth for me ... I would like to say that I really enjoy play this games , so addicting and very interesting also , there's not to much ads so you can enjoy your game But if you want to expand your business (in this game ) you have to download it before you can play , quit not good for me
I love these game apart from the time given to serve the customers is short Please extend the time and also add ice-cream ,cake and popcorn to the menu
This game is very very nice I love it but in game one problem so I got one star so I give five in four the problems that in this game the all chef not come fast 10 12 level complete so so the all Chef come so please I request you improvement of my problem and this game is very very nice so I doing delete this name and thank you do you like my comment and post so you click yes and no thank you
If u want an app that will make time pass by, this is for u. You won't be stressful to go on the next level.
I Love😘😘😍😍😍😊😊😊 this game very much I spend many time for this game but,one thing I did not like in this game that is we unlock the levels very hardly and to unlock the level we hqve to downlode the level again SO It should to look and give update the game 👋👋
It's an amazing game. I just started playing it and i love it already a I see may self playing it for a long while.
So far 5 stars. Love it. We are off grid so I love that its offline. Great game. Wish there were other small ways to earn.
I like this game very much I think that I am a chef when I go to serve the food to the customers 😁 in short I like this game very much :-)( ˘ ³˘)♥
Cool one.....but the musician is to be purchased which I don't like.....that's why give 4 stars......and Can't open the last one please tell how????
Rating 2* instead of 0 bc its a great idea if it was truly free to play but they dont give enough gold, its like every resource is the premium not just 1 or 2 like most games. I even dont mind watching 2 ads for every single level but give me more than 25 gold for it. Without gold you can't do the upgrades so you cant really progress. Sad bc the game really does have a cool layout. 🙁
it's an excellent game. most of the time I get 3 stars on each level. you just have to have a strategy :) just 4 stars rating because I really exercise my patience on the fact that for each level passed an ad appears. might even go to a 3 stars rating on a bad day when I would love to play more than 60% of the time instead of taping again and again on the close ad button. and I think it does not support in app purchases from RO.
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I like this game this is interesting game likethis game thats why i give 5 stars to this game and one more time i say i like this game so muchhhhh
this is a good game but I don't know why I can't see all my levels to go thorough them again and complete my stars
It's fun to play espeacially when I'm bored i normanly play this instead of doing anything else, really.
I'm playing this game from 4 yrs 💛 and I just luv to play this, but please remove it's duration time of bringing back items ☺
I love this game .it is so easy to play and also u can upgrade anything you want at any time.u should really download this game
Its realy the best game with the best amount of MB's The reason i gave 4 stars not 5 because the customer get angry real quick but i think its realy good for making it harder and harder bcuz its more fun to play,im realy happy that i downloaded this gm...realy recomend for you all to download who are thinking to download it. I just want to say, good job to the inventer of this game keep it up with more ideas love from canada, i also have more ideas to tell you. 1: invent a game like homescapes!!
This game is very nice but please putt some other items loved it game so I give four stars 😍😘😘😘😘⭐⭐⭐
It is good but it mostly ideas taken from "kichen story". so i give it 3 star. BTW like this. But made it different game. Don't copy.
It's a very good game it's not a bore type games it a very interesting game I like this games rule because it not make a person bore it's level are outstanding
very bad experience..... the app only aims at making money by forcing people to buy every damn thing or by watching videos in the app can't even go to the next level normally, game is fine
I love it need to make more games like this one, the only thing that I don't like about this game is because you can't go back to a level and earn 3 stars
The game is good, but is really annoying if you don't have supply to play, so it will be better if the supply is constant and we don't have to wait to get it, because it make the player loose interest in the game
Great little game to play.you don't need to spend money to upgrade and that's a good thing,easy game and a great time killer
The game is good, it needs little improvement when it comes to the coins because you will get less, the gem is much better. However, you will not enjoy continuously since the supply is limited, I hope that it will remove so that you will play without limitation but well done. And I hope it will take action for these concerns.
Downloaded the game after reading comments... But really satisfied... A best cooking game for fun & Time pass... Try it... Or else u r going to miss a good game...☺
This game is very interesting,i have no complaints about this game but i would have loved it better if you would have to actually cook the food but no hard feelings
I like this game and that's why I will give full 5 five stars😁😁 so friends i recommend you to install or download this game😃😃 and kindly i request you to see and ones time to try this game then you know that how much interesting and amazing game this is😊😊
Awesome but every round I play thier are ads so I say to take all the ads of or I will not give 4 stars really bad becase of the ads but it's a good if I say so by myself
It's a really nice game however there are just too many ads after every game played but overall its amazing .
I love this came play it a lot but you take to long to put the dishes new ones and that litte thing that jumps of for more speed takes to long to come up but love this game and i sm 69 years youg
Cool game it's just that you have to wait long for supplies. But it really is 👌👌👌👌👌👌