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Caesars Slots: Casino game

Caesars Slots: Casino game for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Playtika located at Playtika Holdings LLC 2225 Village Walk Drive suite 240 Henderson, NV USA 89052. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I used to play this game a lot. I forgot why I stopped playing it. Today I opened it up to play some slots. I played for about 10 minutes before I stopped. I couldn't get past some stupid feed my pet page to get to play slots. I had forgotten that slot machines are not the priority on this app anymore. It is too bad I remember enjoying a lot of the slots on this app. Wish I could open the app up and play them again without doing things like feed my pet. Please go back to being a slot app!
Best slots game out there. Multiple mini games going on at the same time so you can have $$ to keep playing. Every once in awhile they tighten the winnings and make it hard ( hoping u spend some real $ ) so know when to bet big and when to lower your bet or shut it down. Thanks Caesars
For NOT USING REAL $ this game is monotonous and has little excitement! Just as I said, for not using or playing for real money, this slot app is VERY BORING!! YOU just keep spinning the slots, making "gazillions" of points but with NO OUTCOME!! SO WHAT ABOUT THRPOUNTS? NO BIG DEAL IF THEY'RE FAKE AND IT DOES NO GOOD NO MATTER HOW MANY POINTS U EARN!!
Had fun. Won a lot, spent a lot, overall had fun but frustrating when the game glitches out and freezes and you loose out on your winnings. Definitely fixed. The amount of money I've spent doesn't make the game worth playing anymore with all the problems and glitches. Oh I'm sure they'll blame it on bad luck or dry spell πŸ™„πŸ€”πŸ™ƒ πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ Got it. Suuurrreee
I'm always two or four pet treats short Everytime I play or try to get the last treats and jackpot. Please tell me how to fix this problem without having to pay for pet treats. It's the same problem with all the extra games if you want to win or complete it you have to spend money. If that's all this app is about I'm going to uninstall it.
Obviously pay to play experience, I've had 150 of the 153 Hercules items for about 15 days now and can't get the other 3 unless I pay for them. I had a chance to get 1 or 2 more maybe all 3, but customer support has failed to help with the glitches and getting me my coins refunded in time before the end of the event. I was thinking about giving them a few more dollars but there failure to get back to me in support has turned me away. So, unless you want to pay constantly for there failures.
Im not proud to say it but ive spent hundreds of dollars on this app over the 5+ years ive been playing it. Im level 2331, i liked this game alot, thats why i bought stuff. Im disappointed that respins that used to cost $2.99 went up to $17.99, the coin packages are not worth whats being asked its ridiculous. I just had $3b coins betting 50m and got no free spins, major wins or santa mail. Im unistalling it and counting my hard earned and foolishly spent money as a loss, very disappointed......
Don't buy anything as soon as you do the glitches begin and everything is taken... And not just the tokens all of the "extras" you already earned are taken too. I did reach out to customer service but nothing was resolved.
I love the game. Kinda expensive to play but a lot fun. You better watch your bet before you spin because they will up your bet without u even realizing it. Y'all owe me quite a few billion that I know I will never get. But overall, very entertaining and interesting and fun. Keeps me occupied and on my toes at times. Just needs a little work in the caring for the customers area, if u know what I mean.
This morning at 9:19 CST, while playing Wolf Howl Deluxe I rolled 3 scatter icons, and 5 dollar amount icons. The first roll I got all 7 slots filled with dollar amount. The big center and 3 on each side. That would have won me the mega jackpot, however I never got it. I only won from the free spins. Please correct this so I can give a good rating.
It a fun fun app and it compatible with mistplay to win on $ playing today this app mistplay Already racked up 2225 that I can put on mistplay list of credit cards like Amazon the list is there for me . If your into playing games mistplay and smores are legit. Just starting playing smores already have a dollar earned too. Tell them I told you about them plz My player luckywinch Thanks and no regrets here.
This game has so many hidden factors to make you lose! I like to play but have to update the game constantly!!? WHY??? Totally Ridiculous. Each time I get enough $$$ to play, it's quickly taken away! I've played for many years....that doesn't seem to make any difference! Sick of being RIPPED OFF!!! Of course I'm always directed elsewhere!!
I used to love these slots, but im over being ripped off. I counted up the money i had spent on coins & it was $110 a lot of money for a 65+ lady on a low income to spend, i actualy was shocked at how much i had spent. The reason was when i did buy coins i won some big amounts, but then nothing & it went down fast. Its so bad to continually lose, & be spending too much real money, i cant continue to spend money on slots, im a bit addicted so emailed them to block me. Havent played yet.
As far as a slot game 🎰 its just that. The machines are tight for a game that doesn't pay any real money. Also I can't see myself making a purchase when the paid payout is less then the daily bonuses, and you will just lose the coin to fast. Also the game seems to give more wins at a lower bet. Over all its mediocre at best Edit: no egame is a game of chance its a game of algorithm. Just for that response I will be deleting you game because obviously you think people are stupid.
Great way to pass time, not always rewarding tho. You can make millions in a few minutes but you can also go dead broke in even less time. I normally uninstall once I've bottomed out. The climb back up tends to be a journey that will last a few days. If one game isn't hitting just log out, the others probably aren't either. You'll just end up wasting money
I thought it was getting a little bit better. A new update & you take back all the money that you have. Want you to buy more money every time you change games & you can't even finish the extra games to make you feel better, so you can play a little more. The games are fun, but every thing you people do sucks. Why don't you program the games to win a little instead of putting a ad to buy more money.
Don't even bother downloading this.Still a complete waste of time. Can't even finish the binge bar.. 2nd time beating food truck and finishing the Odysseus journey, they still took it all in less than 2 hours. I wasn't even betting enough to qualify for the chunky box either. Don't waste money on this game. You won't ever win. They have great customer service, but still not worth spending money on this game that is so incredibly tight fisted with the wins.
Updated a lot since played last year, new features are great. Games still fun and vivid, but there are still some annoyances. If you happen to get triple xp applied, if you get a mega win it knocks you down to double xp, or if the "open shell" pops up you're only getting regular xp until it goes away... so your triple xp is barely ever active. The bonuses and payouts are still awful, might even be worse than what I remember. I would not recommend spending any real money here.
There's a glitch in your daily quest. It says trigger 10 free spins in any game . I'm stuck at 9 ,and have triggered 14 free spins and not getting credit for them. Can you fix this? So I can move forward . Been playing since 2015.
Well I just purchased that extra spin mega spin that you get after so many plays for $1.99 I repeat for $1.99 and it went through Google pay and it went right back to the game and I did not get the extra spin I paid for. so is that just a rip off it's the first time I've done that with months of playing this game and I figured it was just $1.99 gone I didn't get to spend the roulette thing so do I get my money back or you going to get me a free spin or what Sucks
It waivers between good luck and bad. The games r fun & grt graphics. Allows many ways to earn free points. If you're a max bet player watch for streaks of luck or itll get expensive.. Some popups you have to close b4 you can play anything. Excellent response and customer care! They really care about your issues.
Same problem, after so called cool features, no daily bonuses, no inbox, no daily spins, and after every update, all my games i have previously downloaded go back to re downloading all again, caesars is great fun but just leave it alone Thankyou
Lost my level of 2192, features want download. Thought I could fix problem by deleting game and reinstalling. But lost everything and the game started back at level 1 and all games locked but 2 and only one of those will download to play. Sometimes it will give me the lobby bonuses and sometimes not. It is totally irritating!
The only way you can win in this game and progress is to pay for it. I noticed that when I stopped paying for the daily swap for $4.99, I can't win any games and when I happen to all the coins are lost within minutes along with any free coins that are given as a motivator to continue playing. Caesars Casino has went from fun to being a complete ripoff. They let you win a little then take everything away. Unless you GOT MONEY to Burn, I suggest that you don't download this game!
I wanted to give the game one more chance and it doesn't even rate a star I spent a lot of money and couldn't even win a jackpot is it that hard to let people win some times I really liked your game a long time a go it was a great game to play you even won sometimes now all I do is loose πŸ˜” not much fun almost 4 years I've been playing this game guess it's time to quit I don't mind paying it would just be nice to win sometimes it seems like the more I spent the faster I lose that's sad
Played for months, spent probably around $1,000 on packages...having fun. I understand it is a play-to-win game and so I had no problem making the occasional purchase - but recently their greed has just gotten to be too much. The way the game is programmed to purposely work against you to force more purchases has taken any fun or sense of the excitement out of the game. They aren't even coy about it; it's just blatant and irritating. I won't be spending another penny on any Playtika games.
Terrible. This prize pet game keeps popping up and there's no way to exit it. I keep having to exit out to play another game and it keeps popping up. Take it away!!!!
This is the absolute best slots game, that I have ever played. The graphics, in the games are unique and the wins play better than all so far. I find myself playing for hours when I have the coins to do so. When you win a large jackpot it makes it harder to put down. Still playing for hour's on my favorite game. I recently deleted 4 other games, because they don't compare.
Slots with decent graphics but nothing special. A little heavy on the pop-ups for buying things. Could up the payoff percentage a tiny bit. Lots of bonus stuff going on which is good but a bit busy and overwhelming since every side bonus is accompanied with multiple buy pop-ups everytime you change slots. All in all an average slot app. 6/2021. Update. Raising my rating by a star. Still playing after a year. The constant side quests, bonus and changes is a plus. It keeps the game interesting.
Was enjoying this app, I bought a pack of coins. The the app crashed and when it rebooted all my coins were gone. If they were free coins I wouldn't care, but I paid for these and they were stolen. I don't recommend this app.
Why did I go back to a beginner? When I opened the App, it said "register." I did what it asked me to do. Now I'm starting all over! Hell no! I was up to level 3100+ & had billions of coins! Find my original play!
My review has changed due to the cost of tokens, less nice jackpots, the cost of extra spins daily spins. Your rewards are too low for the cost you spend playing. I'm thinking of removing the game from my phone.
Until recently I really enjoyed playing this slot game. But everytime it is updated it's harder to play. I don't mind winning and losing, but when I start to only lose, its time to play another game. I can no longer even get this slot on my tablet, it tells me to update but won't update. When I try to reinstall, it tells me it is already installed.
fun game. I love slots. Unfortunately I can hardly play due to if you want coins or gifts you have to buy them and I refuse to spend any money to move forward. Game is fun but doesn't pay out enough not give u enough in free coins to play long enough. Maybe 5 Spins. I do still play just have to go back and forth till hyperlink fills
I had a decent amount of coins and was nearing level 1000. Opened the app to do the collection of lobby coins & wheel spins & the play as usual. The game did not load normally and then I noticed I was at the beginning of the game. There was almost nothing in coins and the level had reverted back to "1". There were a lot of hours filling boredom gaps in my days reaching the level I was at... I will probably Uninstaller the game as that was simply not cool. WARNING TO OTHERS
It's pretty good I got mine through the app flame where you get paid to play it starts out really good the pay and then next thing you know you're playing three times the amount of the sensor getting but lately the app flame hasn't been logging my time so I haven't been playing very much
I play many of these type of games and this seems to be the least paying one the daily reward is so low others give u 200 thousand plus this gives me 40 and is gone in second I spent 14$ to get a bit over a million got no wins no free spins and it was gone within in minutes the layout is good but the payout side of things needs some adjustments ..
This game is a right top off. Everytime I deposit money I loose it fast. When I don't purchase anything I make more.money. also if you get a good jackpot win and your bet is say 4500 after you win, your bet automatically goes up to like 75,000 and cause you having changed the bet yourself, you think it's still at 4500. And obviously you loose it. What a RIP off. This is supposed to be a fun game but it takes your money like any casino except to win nothing and get back nothing. What a scam.
for Michael Rosen...deleting app after this. slots are way too tight unless you bet big, and maybe not even then, which quickly uses up their opening gift, and timed rewards are mere pittances so you quickly use up all your coins and cant get ahead. if u do a little, slots stop paying. i am in much better and rewarding other slots, so, so long caesars
Constantly always a problem pops up anytime during gameplay, not just sometimes, but all the time. Which forces you to restart app. It can happen 2 mins or 20 mins in the game at any time. Plenty of phone memory on new phone, with no problems with other games or apps. I wouldn't waste money on a game that constantly closes out, cause of a problem occurred. Very annoying, been like this since I recently started this game for days, everyday. Once a problem, always will be more later.
I love Caesars and have played and bought coins for 5 years. My only complaint is for you to remember we play for escapism from the chaos that's going on the last few years. I don't want to be bothered with ads every time I change games, you never ever did that until a couple months ago. Also, I love that you brought back the Pink Panther games.
WONDERFUL Graphic stunning, assorted slots, daily challenges easy to hard. Themed and regular slots. Pay outs up and down. Free coins every 4 hours. Caesar Slots much have an creative awesome imaginative team! The new themed slots, are interesting, as well as entertaining. Caesar has setup an exciting way to play slots! #1 You have daily challenges, which you have a club you can join, a week (remember u have team members), who donate to you and play same games which earns you more coins.N
I've played this for two years and do in app purchases frequently. Lately, everything has gone up in cost and you rarely win. They'll give you big bonuses and immediately take it all back in losses. I'm going to uninstall and find another one to play.
Would like the option To turn off the in game music & only have sound effects of the machines. As it is now, i play the games on mute because the music is lame. Too many pop up ads. The update pop up also gets very annoying. Clicked on update, it took me to the play store but showed no option to update the game. Only says uninstall or open.
You know i have spent somemoney on this game because after soo many years playing i felt i could trust this game. Well i was wrong, i was playing the wolf howl one got the 3 respins feature , down to 62 mill and there was my come up with a couple 90 mills in the respin, and some others and wouldnt you know it, i didnt get any of that bonus feature. Pretty messed up. Makes ya think about the whole ordeal. Time to find something else
The games are relaxing but the ads are annoying when switching slot machines. The ads have also cost me hundreds of millions in tokens when claiming a bonus. Some games have bugs. Aztec Journey needs a tune up. Not all wins smash the appropriate tiles. If fixed I would give 5 stars.
I like the games. I dont like that there are many pop-ups and now some pop-ups happen every time you switch to a another game. It's annoying. Also, the update message keeps popping up for several days, but when using Google play to update, there is no update. Please fix this.
Was fun, you can spend money on coins and they won't last you 15 to 20 minutes. Play very low and slow and use the free perks. You can spin over 900 times doing one of the challenges and never get the mega bonus and lose all of your coins and get a fraction for those amount of spins. You will never pick any prize bigger than minor. You will always pick mini. Game needs to be rebalanced. Every time I mention this to them in emails, I get losing is part of the game. Money grab
It's a very good spot games, totally not pay to win, I haven't paid this game once and got 200 million and lvl 200 just in a few days, but there are too many ads ingame which pisses me off
I love playing the games the wins are big and I enjoy all the other things you can do to win coins. The only downside is I've noticed when I'm doing really good. For some reason I'm being cheated out of my daily quest. I know it's all program that way because the game counts my winning before I even win.
Will take your bet and not spin the slots also will not give all spins after watching ads will totally cheat you out of winnings many many many times so beware spending money on this one at your own risk... Fun for frustrated mindless play otherwise I wouldn't be over level 800..remember this software is going to cheat repeatedly big time almost daily. If you can get over that fact you can enjoy it.
The only problem with this app it does not clearly show how many points you have won and also the Big Lie is the format of all bingos is for the indiviual to play free a certain limit and then here comes the$$$$ and they block you for playing other games just like good old saying goes its to good to be true.
"while playing our game you must have been through many ups and downs" is what you say to everyone. How stupid I would be to purchase one of your coin packages during a pandemic, when 70.000.000 credits won't even give me 3 minutes of play. That would be a waste of my money. You greedy thieves aren't even trying anymore.
I defently recommend this app there is alot of slots you can play and I won mega wins and 2 mini jackpots.And I won 2nd place on a contest. So yuh in my opinion I love it it's fun to play and if you run out of coins you just have to wait a couple of hours and you will get 2,000 more so you can play.
I haven't spent anything but my time playing Wild Howl. Started with 100k in coins and after about 8 months I have a little over 151 million coins. Play just about every night for 1-2 hours. I set myself a limit and a goal, whichever I reach first I almost always stop. It's a very relaxing way to unwind at the end of the day. No complaints here.
Lots of fun. Couldn't put it down. I started to play and put it down hours later. Warning do not attempt to play just for a few minutes it may keep you there all day. Great time.
love it lots of fun, need to fix leprechaun riches not rolling right,not sure if it is just my phone or game is messed up,3free spin rounds in 120spins haven't had 2 in 500,garbage your making it impossible 24billion coins garbage
excellent game lv it but i have noticed that the game encourages you to bet higher but when u do bet higher u don't win you end up losing very quickly and I have played this game for a while and now it is very hard to get enough free coins just to have a go started to play another game more which is a lot better
Surprised at how fun this to free However I am getting very sick of all the updates every few days. I've had to delete multiple apps off my phone now to be able to keep updating. Given I know I need to get a new phone but still it's very annoying to update every other time I play
Hi there?, I'm very #[email protected] at the moment. A person cannot finish the binge bar if you make it so hard to complete the daily challenge and it takes forever to feed your pet. Very unhappy. I suggest you have a good relook and change a few things.😠looks like you only answer positive messages.
I thought this was real slot games that you could win real money on? I have almost a billion coins...or whatever, and have leveled up to 60 I believe and I see no money being won . Wth do I have to do in order to win the money that was advertised in the beginning? That's the ONLY reason I waisted my time with this game! I mean in order to play this game, if you need coins, you all have no problem trying to get me to give you my money! Is this false advertising πŸ€”
Why is it they say bet more and when more? When I bet more I lose more than I win. The past two or three days I've been having trouble playing the game. I was told to uninstall and reinstall the game, it worked for a few hours. Then the game was disabled. I uninstalled and reinstalled it again and instead of using my email I used my phone number to register, it seemed like it was going to work., But it keeps getting froze on prize pet. What is going on. I might as well find a different slot game
I don't like the news years greeting, wishing things that never were And the games won't stop spinning,have to keep exiting out and going back in This casino sucks, can't win anything. Other reviews were right. Since update they won't let you anything. Even bonuses aren't even paying $1. Horrible
The game will go to the prize pet without me touching it and there is no exit button to get back to the main screen so I have to completely exit out of the game and go back to it, but only get a couple of spins in before it goes back to prize pet. Please fix and I will give 5 stars, its otherwise been a great game
Stop with the "rate this game pop up after every single mega or big win. The pop ups and trying to get players to make purchases have gotten just WAY TOO MUCH. IT IS RUINING THE ENJOYMENT I USED TO GET FROM PLAYING THIS GAME. IF THIS HAS NOT D3CREASED A LOT WITHIN THE NEXT 30 DAYS I WILL BE DELETING THIS APP.
I like this app very much as it pays out often. There are a variety of games to choose from that are fun. My only complaints have to do with the Freddy's Food Truck pop up that changes the play on the screen. I have lost a great number of jackpots because of this annoying practice. Please make it go away. It also costs quite a bit of out of pocket money to play for a chance to win some of the bigger jackpots.
First off they don't give enough FREE coins at all. Barely enough to spin at all. Then, the next bad thing is the cheapest purchase is 2.99 and that's barely any coins. Why can't you make .99 coin purchase? It's no fun when you can't play without paying. And I'm only on level 200, Two thumbs down!
Don't bother with the new Monster's game. You lose keys, it crashes during your spins and eats your coins... In fact, lately, way too many pop-ups, and the odds have changed on all games to force more spending. I am looking at other slot games. (And I have Gold status, so I'm not just a newbie whiner!)
Fun game, way WAY too many pop ups and too easy to spend money (which they want) and it doesn't last long at all. Gifts you send or receive from friends are garbage when you get up on levels. You spin a high amount but get pennies for any bonus. On to the next app.
Game doesn't allow you to win for you have to bet like you have trillions of dollars to win the best goodies to complete side games. Even with the new version. Still unable to get five star items with out making purchases. And the higher the level doesn't mean I make any more real money. Very costly to buy five star items.
Constant promotions keep popping up. AND, game keeps prompting me to update but the update never downloads so have another nagging box the keeps popping up and game is slowed to a crawl... Not a good experience so I don't play this game very much anymore.. It is definitely on my future "DELETE" list...... Playing towards obtaining 6 mega wins to achieve a milestone does not work...got several mega wins and the number accrued never changed..
Has to be the most awful slot game out there. It hardly pays... The bonuses are so small and can only be collected about every 3 hours.
I have been playing Caesar slots for several years now. I'm at level 5,300 something and at that point they make it so incredibly hard to get anywhere with their side games or to level up and they just don't offer their high limit players anything worth a damn. I realized today because I haven't been going to the real casino due to the masks that I spent $300 today for a fake casino and I didn't get squat for it. So after today I'm taking them off of my phone and Facebook
Update to my review from yesterday Dear playtika, My review is not about payouts. It is about getting smaller bonuses throughout the day than are the usual ones.. not in different games.. the main opening before I select a game to play. Now I am getting smaller daily bonuses and being expected to pay for ones that I didn't have to pay for previously. I am going to uninstall this app due to this. Have a great day.
Bring back the mission challenges. I was able to work on multiple goals at once to earn coins, chest, treats, etc. I dont like the new onesπŸ˜” it lets you only complete a few in one day. Also, there is way too may duplicate cards to ever fill your sets up. I am playing nothing but max bets and getting one star cards. Game needs some adjustments big time. Dont even get me started on the investing money into pet treats that gets reset every week. πŸ˜€πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ
Worse casino app I've ever played. Lmao. Joke isn't close to this experience. Sit in a room, alone and lose. At least the others you can chat while they steal your money. Didn't win a spin that was above my bet. Wow. Failure. Also love reviews when you say glad you like the game when all they've said is how bad it sux. Any good reviews are obviously employees.
It's a really fun game, but I'm not sure what to do when you are out of coins for example your out of coins and other slot games will give you a way to make more money πŸ€‘πŸ’°. but I'm stumped πŸ€” just keep watching for the free ones to Pop up.
Im not really sure exactly how i feel about this app. Best i can say is we have a lov3/hate relationship. The amount of points to get the giftcard seems outrageously high and very unable to reach. Especially when they have a deadline to do it. They also want you to install like 5 new apps a day and play them for 3 consecutive days. Seems like a lot. I have about 10 of them i am required to play everyday for 3 minutes and that doesnt sound like a lot but let me tell you, it gets very time consumi
The makers of the game seem to be giving more popups and now, most upsetting, I see they have taken away the big jackpots they used to have on some of the games. Come on guys, these are not real coins. No need to be stingy! First, your coin packages need to be way more generous, second, less popups between games, third, bring back the jackpots! This is a fun game otherwise
Long long time player. Felt i needed to update my review and. Games keeps getting better but wish you didn't need to feel that you need to spend money to reach goals. But I enjoy the games and for sure pets
Played a lot of slot games and by far this is my favorite. This one has great balance. Some you constantly lose and heavily persueded to buy buy buy...a few you just win so much that it becomes boring. You can buync9ins of course but does not feel necessary. This one has nice little side features to strive for without being excessively difficult. I play the slots I like and let me build my purse. Very well constructed...kudos to the developers
It is okay for slots, to many times it tries to push buy ins.maybe the minimum bet could come down a bit, cause most times your collection of coins is so low that you can not bet that big all the time. For me it would be winning the lottery 1 spin. As for me with your bets would only allow three or four spins then wait 4 hours for more coins.... I gave it 5 stars anyway, but that's for what it asked for when it said give us a good report so now I did.
Why doesn't the "owner/developer/programmers just create a site with side games & leave slot players to play slots?? Now we have yet another side game running in addition to 2 or 3 others. This is ridiculous!! 2 side games is enough at any given time!!!!! Learn to be responsible and I (and others) might give a higher rating.
Fun and addictive. But you run out of free coins really fast!!! It would be nice if they would offer more ways to earn them. Once you run out of free spins, which is REALLY fast, you have to buy coins to play!!! It sux!!! And if you're like me, you know that to win more you HAVE to do a MAX BET!!! That is where they get you!!! You use up all of your free spins this way!! THEN YOU HAVE TO BUY MORE SPINS!!! DONT GET SUCKED IN LIKE I DID!!! IT ISN'T WORTH IT!!!!
There are too many things popping up, you have to feed the cat, collect items to slay a dragon, you can't enjoy spinning for doing everything else. I like these little extras,but not when you spin once and then you have to do all this other stuff. It stresses me out because you can't get into the game you're playing.
The old version was much better than this, the new daily play missions are stupid, get 3 big wins while you are after spins, then no big wins in 400 spins when you need them. I was going to make a purchase but realise it would be waste of money, so I've joined a proper gambling site that actually gives something back if you win. And I got 10 free spins on first day, the other 90 spins are nowhere to be seen, yet another false promise. Soon be uninstalling this rip off 'game'.
This was a favorite game with five stars. Now it only gets 4 stars. There is a good variety of slots, but each one is getting harder to win on. And the prize pets can't be advanced easily unless you spend real dollars. It makes me sad that they would make using real money to complete things the norm, in a time when cash is short and people are without work.
This is a frustrating site. Good games, good activities, but the manipulation is off the charts. You have a great session only to lose 6 sessions in a row. I just went 800 spins on different games and got 1 mega win and no bonus. Then there is getting an early retrigger only to go 12 spins in a row with no wins. I dont expect to win all the time or even half the time, but losing 90% of the time is not what I signed up for. I will not spend another dime until they loosen up the games.
I gotta say after playing for months hours and hours and spending cash money on this game I had my bank roll over 3 billion and had all the slots unlocked until it would not let me play no more until I updated the game , so after deleting a few different apps so that I got room to update but now I'm back to square ONE with zero bankroll and back to the front of the games it said update not start all over they get πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Žfor this move they did to me .....
Everything I load the game it keeps popping up with this prise pet thing and I can't do anything else. It won't let me back out. And all I can touch and do is click the adds for buying wash or buying food. I can't even play the game for more than a min and it auto loads me to that dumb pet. I use to love this game but I'm frustrated
This app is nothing but BS if you start winning to much it is very odd I got it goin on with this game so i am spinning but next thing i knew I was no longer spinning the slot machines but I am in a board game supose to roll dice and it took me forever to get back into my game but my slot machine was still rolling funny right how is this happening?????
This app does a very poor job of overall payouts and scaling to level. There are not enough overall payouts, big wins, mega wins, free spins, or bonuses. For a player who's level 450+, it's extremely frustrating when the login bonus is only 240k (same as it was at level 1), and yet to 'participate' in ongoing events, there are minimum bets that are scaled to level, so mine are about 7M. Being given 240k, and only being able to spin once for 125k doesn't make a game.
More bait and switch promotions this holiday season. Complete a task for a special prize but what they don't tell you is you have to make purchases in order to complete the task. Instructions deliberately left out so they can set you up for failure unless you pay.
The best game ever !!! But the award yaw give are not enough to even make a bet. Nor is the gifts your friends give u which is a waste .yaw need to at least make it high enough to bet...And ever time i get enough money to go to the high Limit Room .It want let u win for nothing in one day i played it all just to see what it would do. I lost it all .39 billion. That not the only time .
Your app interrupted my play with pop-ups in the middle of free spins, letting the computer finish 3 times. And then I get to Ceaser's actual casino and I am essentially laughed at for thinking my hours of play would be worth anything. Should read the fine print but it is hidden by all the ads and popups to spend more. DAMNNATION. I should have known better, but expected more from y'all. Peace be with you, and my money.
It's sad when you jus want a pokie app that lets you ava-slap ! To many pop-ups that cost money ( I get it I need some)but not this many?! And what's with the stupid pet thing ? Should have been left at home not taken to the pub ! What a let down!
I was up to 425 million then they took it all back and I've tried to keep winning and they let you get close but take it all away again. They don't give out enough free coins. I like this app better than slotamania and the others. But they just get you hooked and then won't let you win enough to continue with the other bonus rounds. Just so you will buy coins.
Hate the pop-ups love the games. I think playtika is a rip off .there shouldn't be a time limit . It makes u buy every year to get to the next level and never make it , l have stay on the same level for 2,years now to start all over again. Done buying lets see what happens this year as I cannot afford any more
It's fun I just think you have to wait to long for bousous I use to love this game but lately it seems like you can't win anything and it takes way to long to finish the special games sorry to say but I think I will just uninstall and try one that maybe you can at least get some wins
This will always be one of the worst games ever together with your Slotomania game. Too many interruptions to much asking to by coins to many other games interrfering with the game. Always and it stop the game on a spin making the spin a lost or it could have been a win but we will never know with all you do to interfere.
I enjoy playing at Caesars but there are a couple of things that you do that I dont like. First why did you take away the daily challenge and other missions ,with the binge bar we are only able to work towards 1 objective at a time instead of getting credit when we accomplish something. And I really think it sucks that at the end of the year you come and take away status points that we have worked hard through playing and purchasing to acheive I dont feel it is fair.
Dragon is the very BEST ADD ON THAT YOU HAVE EVER HAD! You should keep it as a regular feature all the time!!!! Just for my Dragon I am giving you 5 STARS!!!!! What I said about the Dragon was correct but now you put on the lion. At a certain point if we have treats to feed them you will not let us play the slots anymore until we use the treats we have and feed them first. This really really really really really TICKS ME OFF!!!!! I should be allowed to decide if and when I choose to feed her!!!!
Lack of positive win. Not fun to loose constantly. Not like its real money. Ive played better casino slot games that tease and then keep you with coins to keep you wanting to play. This was easy to delete since I hit zero 3 days in a row. No one likes to loose all the time algorithms wrong if you want a successful game
that stupid "feed me" tiger that sticks its damn head down every 5 seconds during gameplay to make some annoying comment ("only 349 treats left to feed me!") is freakin annoying & distracting as hell people! Kindly introduce a "hybernation" mode that lets players switch the little bastard OFF! The update tab on the left is also highly intrusive & annoying (not to mention the endless popup screens!) And why those way-too-frequent updates in the 1st place, developers? To justify yr own jobs maybe?
Very intertaining only problem watch your beats when starting and changing games i loose all the time bwcause of this i do wish games would start with min and not max i feel pretty jipped even though its free hate looseing 1 to 10 mill.in just a.couple spins other than that its been one of the best casino games complete on gaming graphics and side games are very fun also still new to them and they to are entertaining its greate to do something other than spin and very ginerous when getting
I have been playing this game for several years. I have really enjoyed it until now. I was sitting at 15 billion coines 1000 plus levels. Then it ended.my phone broke and was replaced. I transferred all data and everything was fine until I got to this game again and found that I was at level 1 with 39000 coins what a letdown oh well
Here we go again with the app doing more cool features which causes loading issues that go on for months. Always the same advice to uninstall and reinstall which does nothing. It seems this always happens close to tournaments ending so you can't reach the grand prize. Also too many contests going on at the same time, so you are being forced to play. Just what are these "cool features?"
Honestly this is the very best slot game ever, it is totally based on luck and not how much you spend!!! I have played all the slot games available on Google play and yes I have made purchases, but with that being said, only this game thus far is based on total luck and not purchases, which in hard times like a pandemic is so truly wonderful !!! Please give it a try and bet low when you play a game and if it is rewarding you, bet a little higher, but don't bet the farm!!!
Odds of winning a very low. It pushes more than other slots games to buy coins. There are too many others to choose from that promote winning. Graphics are good. The developer says it's a game of chance but the odds are Def in favor of the house by a long shot.
You can tell this a Playtika app by the way they keep you from acheiving missions for what seems like forever once you spend even the smallest $ amount. I struggled to meet one mission today but the second one is impossible. Its too bad because their games are a lot of fun. Hence the 3 stars.
Everything in this online casino is about trying to get you to spend money on air. Everytime you switch games you have to navigate through 6 ads begging for money. Enough is enough. One ad is ok two is tollerable but so many ads begging for money is insane. If I was to spend money at an online casino it would be one where I have a chance to win real money. Sorry ceasers but your online casino is well below par in my view.
Edited: No longer fair play. Free coins except when you go up in levels it makes you bet so high to participate, you do not get a good reward in return.. The "tournaments" do not pay well at all! Prices are high to purchase...keep in mind you actually get nothing except virtual entertainment in return like $20 for a respin? I am likely going to call this a money grab and uninstall it. Too bad...I enjoyed playing.. Keeps it interesting with challenges. Great graphics.
Some of the newer games are really bad, they are just older games but with different graphics. The newest one "Big Silver'' is atrocious, virtually no chance of winning any coins, to be honest, not worth playing. In fact the whole app has gone downhill over the last 18 months to 2 years. Not much enjoyment to be found on here with all the changes being made, and becoming more and more about in app purchases, if you don't spend money you can't really get far any more.
It's appreciated that developers should be paid for their work and if millions are playing and paying, don't call it "free slots", because it's not! Furthermore, your wins are small and few compared to the times being played which means you are becoming greedy. Perhaps I should rather uninstall you from all my devices and rather look at youtube......
Payouts have gotten real bad in the last few months. Ive spent over 100 dollars on coins in last 6 months. Wont be doing that anymore. If theres a way to give players more wins, thatd be awesome! Or some nice sized amounts of complimentary coins on the message inbox page to keep players playing so they can spread the word and get more people on this site. I want this ap to be very successful! 😊
I like the game, but it's always freezing. Will keep spinning and spinning without end. I have to start all over most of the time. Otherwise I'd give more stars. Going to delete. I want something fun with a lot less hassle.
excellent game but i have noticed that the game encourages you to bet higher but when u do bet higher u don't win you end up losing very quickly and I have played this game for over 3 years and now it is very hard to get enough free coins just to have a go started to play another game more which is a lot better. From playing more than 3-years on this game I definitely think Bet More lose more
I have spent so much more on this game then what you win!! They sent daily goals just for you to spend on credits just to fail at the goal in the long run. You cam spend and spend but NEVER acheive the goal given!
I hate when the so called DRAGON interups my playy, i just quit all together!!!!! Still the Dragon interrupts my play, so i dont play as much!!!!! PLEASE let me choose if I want to play with your stupid idea, the DRAGON..... I I WANT TO PLAY IT, I CAN CLICK ON IT JUST LIKE ALL THE GAMES!πŸ˜΅πŸ˜ πŸ˜•πŸ˜°πŸ˜±
I would rate it higher if it weren't for the side games that interrupt whatever real game being played. The pet thing is a good example. I play to relax and take my mind off of my responsibilities. That creates a virtual one. I wish there were some way to rid the slots of the side games for those of us who would rather not be involved with them. I'm editing my review I took away a star That food truck..the boxes..the pet....and now the level up notifications..I played for 20 mins...annoying!!