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Cabals: Card Blitz (CCG)

Cabals: Card Blitz (CCG) for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by BISBOG SA located at 12 rue du Midi CH-1003 Lausanne. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it can be difficult in stages to get better cards and more money but this is the challenge. this is a fun time waster
If you like this kind of games(deck building), go play Storm Wars. No p2w, no wounded mechanic, you play as much as you want.
Miss the old stratrgic game so I installed it again. Yet I found this brainless totally different game. Shame
Greate mechanics, love the card art Edit 1: indeed, leveling up is really tough, maybe dev could tweak that a bit, especially with the long wait times for healing.
Original Cabals game was more unique with its tile/hex system that set them apart from other games. I play Ascension, Star Realms and Legendary DXP and this card version of Cabals just didn't interest me as much. Increasing my rating to 3 stars for unfairly judging the game because I liked the original Cabals game better.
It's okay. Would be nicer if my time was not wasted on waiting to upgrade cards or to fuse cards. Real pain in the Ass sometimes
Absolute garbage. New players don't even stand a chance. Every battle you lose horrible and don't even stand a chance of winning. Completely impossible to advance and level up if you don't stand a chance. This game is garbage and a complete waste of time. I CANNOT AND WILL NOT RECOMEND THIS TRASH TO ANYBODY.
Gameplay is in the deck building, it includes card upgrades and fusions, battles are automatically resolved. Interesting, but, choices are limited, pay or grind to get any meaningful combinations. The fun of working your way through the map, upgrading your deck quickly stops so, back to terribly slow and boring grinding. PvP is not much fun either. Original game was top notch, this one even manages to wilt the great art by taking it out of context to an unimaginative excuse for a story. Sad!
Awesome graphics.I really like the battlefields.I have mostly tier 3 cards because I have anviled too many cards.I like the Battle graphics too.The PVP battles are too hard that I cannot play it.So,I say sorry.The map is filled with battle so I like the game very much.
Maintenence time is incredibly slow.is it one person in a rowing boat going to fix it in Antarctica gggrrrrrr
The decks just play themselves. Yiu have no options during gameplay, only furing deck construction. A shame really since i live the theme.
I've only been playing for 1 day, but I absolutely love this game so far! It's awesome I love the skills some of the cards have too. This game rocks and it's simple to learn
Great art and quick game play a little sluggish if you try to progress without paying for a starter pack.
Great Card game. It is a little hard to level up but much much easy if you spend the cash. That is what I would do if you want to get to a desint state
It is a wonderful game. Rich in lore and full of Lovecraftian monsters and mythos. Beautifully illustrated and highly diverse in both units and cultural influences. The gameplay is both simple and enjoyable, but not fore players looking for in-depth combat. Highly recommended to players looking for a whimsical and fantastical experience without complicated gameplay.
You can only go so far before the game becomes unplayable without dumping real money into cards. Extremely limited card variety. A vapid, brain dead time waster that isn't fit to kiss the feet of its predecessor.
Please take my money. I trully appreciate the experience this game provides can you please continue to add new cards and missions? The story is fantastic and the design on the cards is reminiscing of ancient mystic art. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
I like the concept. Heavy duty start that seems unwinnable. However, patience and doing many PVE battles (even wounded) will get you plenty of cards. I also like the fact that the devs are replying to comments (even the really bad ones). I would give a higher rating, but the game lacks a "tech tree". We are totally blind for what to reach for and what a " fusion" gives until we have have the ingredients for it. Knowing what cards you hold is not clear beyond the top card (of same type). The game forces you to use your top level card when I'd like to use lower level (thinking archeologist here). Finally, but not least. I do understand the need to go off and unavailable for play in order to better the game. But wow!! I cheer when it's online and mutter "offline, again... Always offline!!" Most of the time. I wish you guys luck, I'd really enjoy playing this game with a few tweaks and an up and running server.
This game has a great pulp/cthulhu setting, I really wish there was a deeper story element to it. As it is now you get some flavor text on missions and that's it. It seems quite free-player-friendly too, but of course you can't expect to be in the top 5% without paying. The card gameplay mechanics are not unique, I've played similar games, but this feels solid and it's fun. There's no energy limit so you can just keep playing until you lose a fight after which you have to heal or wait. Definitely worth a download if you are into CCGs!
solid world with a great atmosphere. the game itself is pretty simple and quick with pretty grindy elements, but that's what I like.I don't have to spend too much time on it. it could use a bit more diversity of gameplay, different modes and such, plus something to make the battles more interactive. Bring spells in that can be played during a game while the deck automates? have the iconic characters be avatars that give cabal bonuses? I don't know, it's ok as is but has a lot of potential
Starts out okay, but quickly becomes a money grubbing slog. Want good cards? Buy some gold, you won't be able to afford the platinum pack otherwise. Want to try beating that "17 power" witch's coven that whipped out a full playing field on the first turn? Feel free to buy some potions, you'll run out by the time that one is at all possible. I'd recommend avoiding this game, unless you want to pay more than you would for a pay to play app.
Look, for what it is as a fast paced deckbuikder game it's alright. however, I still to this day would love to play the original hex tile version! although this game is alright, same universe blah blah blah I still feel removing the original canals was a very poor decision. I would rather play 10 hours on the hex tile version than 1 hour on this deck version, sorry.
Giving it two stars because the overall aesthetics are gorgeous and the atmosphere is beautiful. This is two more stars than it deserves. The game play is ridiculous and stupid.
I love the look of this game. I like the individual card mechanics. The map style campaign is a fantastic design. There is so much I enjoy about this game..........which is why it's so disappointing that you have no control over the order cards get played in. My feedback to the creators is to add a mechanic of drawing cards into a hand and increasing the size of the deck you build. That would provide more deck building fun and give greater meaning to your card selections. Many of the cards I selected in the short time I played this game were heavily dependant on order of play. The right order worked wonders, but the wrong order was worthless. Having the order in which your cards gets played be entirely randomized and out of the players control is extremely frustrating!
This game is honestly the worst pay to win I have ever played the PvP is entirely impossible, the star level means absolutely nothing and the cost of card packs are extremely over blown for how many you get, and what makes it even worst is the fact that the grind that you would have to do to catch up with other pay to win players is not even enjoyable because you'll lose most of your PVE matches to enemy decks that seem to always have the exact right card or at several levels higher than advertised by their star level
Nice to see my account back to rights. 5 stars for the support but only 4 stars for the game. Purley due to the unbalanced pairing in the PvP section. I think putting a level 6/7 player V's level 15+ is a bit unfair, but maybe that's just me.
This game is super boring. You do absolutely nothing, just watch the "game" happen. There is no skill, there is no tactics, there is no control. Just throw a deck together and hope it plays out in your favor. woo.
I'm going to have to distance myself from the fact that this isn't the original Cabals. I am bummed out that game no longer exists after spending a good deal of time and money on it, but that should taint my review for this game. Card Blitz is fast paced and simple, harkening back to Warstorm; a game I miss dearly. And maybe it is because of that that I am so generous with this review. I want to love this game, but after playing casually for several days now the single player story just kind of stops. Why can't I go back and play past sections? I'm way below in level for the other sections and I can't make any gold or gems, unless I spend money. This game has a lot of potential, but it really pushes for me to spend money and also for me to wait around whilst cards fuse (something that can take hours to even days). I just want to play a card game, and the average match lasts 10 seconds or less so it doesn't add up. I'm disappointed, but I do see promise so long as the developers do something more than add one little section I can't do because I'm so under leveled thanks to single player just ending suddenly. If they make it so that you can replay EVERY previous mission and still get rewards, this game would be perfect! But right now, I'm stuck until I spend not just a couple of bucks but a ridiculous amount of cash just for the chance to maybe get better cards which I will then have to fuse which will take dozens of hours of waiting all just so I can play a 10 second card game.
PVP is broken. Downloaded game unlocked PVP. First PVP battle I am level star 14 the opponent was level 61. Don't bother downloading this.