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Business strategy 2

Business strategy 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Igor Zemlianoi located at Kiev, Ukraine, 04128. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Everything is awesome now! My bad. I misunderstood the process of leveling up the skills. I LOVE this game! I just can't stop playing! I've never come across such an excellent, life simulation game. My best regards to the developer(s)!
Once you get the hang of this game, it becomes so addictive, so educational that you can't put it down! I really enjoy it!!
Simple but very mentally stimulating game ads are few and far between and any purchases I've seen only enhance the game and are very very inexpensive. These are the creators we should lift up and help because he's not greedy. I have only great things to say about the game and developer
Original: Good. Edit: it's awesome that the dev actually cares, that's really cool to see and i am sorry that this was a lazy review. The game is actually fantastic and has a complex but not too complex style which i really love. Thanks for caring enough to reply and thanks for an awesome game
Very Fun A Lot Different. The first game is a lot simpler than this. It takes a minute to get used to the changes but its worth the effort
I LOOOVE THIS GAME!! Had to make a review and support you guys. I wouldnt mind if you made the game even deeper and more complicated.
This game is a really amazing business and career simulator with elements of the stock and real estate markets. Id honestly give it more 4.5 stars as it needs some polish from an interface and aesethic standpoint but the game play is great even though there is a lot of clicking/tapping. Also to echo someone else point when you own a business one in every three turns you lose money from an event. As there is a third version coming out more options are needed for other businesses you invest in.
Its very good gane this was the game iwas trying to find almost all of my expectation are inside the game. But ihave 1 suggestion make the money in the game not gold coin make it to paper money or like this $10000000000
Really basic UI, but actually a genuninely challenging game. Went bust about 7 times before nailing the stratergy. It's refreshing to see a game so focused on achieving the right balance for a good strategy, instead of just another brain dead, cash gobbling point and click. Ads are ok at 1 every 24 turns (20mins of game play if you're thinking about moves). Worth a try, i enjoyed it.
It is very good game but some additional features will make it more interesting. These are: 1. Able to operate multiple businesses. 2.Get job at same position where left.
Great simulator, there are just too little cars and house and not much options, could it also be possible to open multiple businesses with many options and more items to shop for like clothes, diamond jewelry and expensive diamond and plain watches
Really interesting experience, Now it's time for you to stop playing around and start your real business, find a way to make some money, or just look for investors and make a real app thats works online and make players in one competition trying to rush unlimited goals from lvl 1 goals to lvl oo... i think the game is still so easy because there is no much ways to lose money like real life...for me the game is still useless while you have nothing to lose, but if you have a one virtual account..
Very nice business game. It may seem difficult but it is indeed a very simple as after 3 restarts, on the 4th I proceeded becoming a billionnaire just for 1.5 day without using a single diamond. Anyway, good game guys and I really enjoy becoming a student, director, businessman and even tackling global warming. I encourage you guys to keep making games.like this but should adopt more advanced features.
Great game! Edit: This game doen't saves progress, I went from 48 to 18, please improve. Edit 2: I appricate your efforts towatds your customers, What happend was: I just didn't played the game for a long period of time, because of exams, but when I entered the game & pressed on continue & surprisingly I was 18 y/o & Please make a feature (maybe login) so that game doesen't forgets our progress, Even if: 1.We played after a long time 2.After deleting & reinstalling game.
I like this game, my only concern is that sometimes some of my stocks vanish from my portfolio randomly I don't why, the other day I had about 127.0000 stocks from Mayhel Brothers, while I was waiting for the price to go up to sell them, suddenly they were all gone. That's very annoying.
This is an awesome game I love it but I would like to leave some suggestions here: 1.Dev(s) can make the interface better and can use better graphical images in HD quality some like good images instead of using classic images. 2.Dev(s) can add a good background like not a particular colour but like I screenshoted the UI removed background and added my own coustom background in a image and that looks pretty sick and you can also add a option to coustomize background because it's too simple.IEmail
It's a big if you have no idea how businesses operate. Patience is key as it's in real life. It's good.
I like a lot but add a difficult task to score and recieve a diamond or something otherwise keep up the good work i will keep on supporting you
It's a best game. Feal like a reality. But please add some show-off features like high reated houses, high reated cars, etc. And please please please add some money spending ways. Becouse money is growing but also wants some spending ways.
This app is extremely interesting. It's challenging and full of twists and turns. It takes sometime to get used to but it represents the rigorous nature of the financial market. Good job guys.
This game is difficult. It's so impossible to make enough money ... if I cut expenses then I am not able to work if I keep expenses I can't earn enough money to sustain my lifestyle let alone have enough time to study on the side !
I played the first game and it was great. Yhis one has even more depth to it. Albeit it's lacking in variety of business since I'm just an oil baron getting more and more wells at this point.
Fantastic game. I love it, but can you please add the family factor. Obviously you can't be single forever
The game is really hard but if I commit myself to study and understand how it works and I can play it properly it will make me a smarter and a faster thinking individual so great work on the game!
Great game Igor! I like the elegance and realism of it. It is also very educational! The first improvement I suggest is to limit user clicks, since this game can't be played very long as it is now. You could add some simple buttons, change the locations of pop ups or consider giving the user some automation options for specific parts of the game. These improvements can be added one at a time and seem fairly easily to pick up πŸ˜‰ Thanks!
Igor. This upgrade is too complex. So many features for a mind game. No real Target, No deadline Don't know if I have the time to play this.
This game is surely great. Mainly for the facility of understanding it (for the folks who already has some english knowlegde, and you do not need to be an expert on "capitals market". My only comploints concerns about the game layout, which I think could be a bit more modern in order to make us feel more sofisticated. Congratulations for such a good piece of work!
On my 3rd try I reached all my goals at my 39. I would add the "cancel" option on "quit job" and "quit education" button cause I accidentaly pressed it couple of times. So far loved this game P.s thanks for georgian translation ;)
This game is so amazing and addictive but I think more business should be added...maybe like a tech company or a financial firm or automotive company 🀷. Anyways, great game.
Hard to understand, I really couldn't get the hang of it. The stocks trade was waaay to complex and realistic, and starting off with only 5000 dollars is so damn little, I think at least 10000 is a minimum starting point to at least by a car and do food/sports/parties for a month. Either that or increase the amount of money gained from starter low pay jobs.
Very very interesting games keep doing great work in this business strategy games waiting for part 3 . Thank you
Love this game, I can't get enough. Only thing I would add; is more goals for later in life. I stop global warming around age 28-31 and have nothing to do but restart and try to beat my score. Excellent game though.
Great game! I believe it takes care of all principal factors and aspects in life. Having a good scheduled life, all it's easier
I love this game so much. I only wish there were more life goals. That would make it more fun and challenging. Nice work guys
Large improvement in complexity and winning strategies over the previous game. I would appreciate a layout which lends itself to portrait mode. Landscape mode is better for one-handed casual play
I have played this game for a while and beat it a few times. Its a 4.5/5. Its a very good game, but I would recommend that the graphics can look a lot better. Also, the game wod be so much better if you can have one tab open while playing the normal game. Like if you can have the bitcoin price open while you can go on to the next move, it wod be very useful so you dont have to keep looking back every move.
This game is awesome. But in my honest opinion: 1. please add macro economic indicator, so we can see and predict what would happen next week. (news in this games is kinda shocked me out, it sudden come. with no clue) 2. dev you can add more comodities, so the macro economic is more predictable because a lot of sign/clue from comodities and stock before something happen. i still have another suggest, do you want to read sir? i send to email if you want to. i've reached 150B on 63y.o thx
Very good financial/business simulator. I enjoyed the game. Its my 3rd play through and I think I've got the strategy nailed down. Crossed the 5billion mark twice and successfully stopped global warming. I'd like to see other factors like family, relationships and possibly inheritance.
Addictive. Most I've ever played a mobile game however is it a bit hard to understand at first and may not be good for children under 12. Other than that it is an amazing game which I played for hours on end
Amazing game Kinda seems boring at first but once you get goin and start makin a little money it absolutely becomes impossible to stop Btw any one else reach 3trillion?πŸ˜„
It's a very decent game but I would love to see a part 3 with more features or a massive content update after about 2 hours of trial and error you'll know everything there is to know. I just want to say, I have the up most respect for small indie devs.
Exceptional Game, so many new additions to the earlier version. Applause and hands down to the developers for such an engaging game.
I should give it 5 🌟 bcoz it's a master game to someone who wants to be successful as a business man. It really shows that the more you invest the more you earn and am sure that I've picked up a hard strategy of running a business.. keep building for us more games like this.πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ and I urge that you people if possible you should start giving out gifts for the best player of the month in this game cuz we make our money for nothing. Can you imagine I reached on retirement age when 1.5B is
I was hooked to this game for hours! I played the first version which was outstanding and this one is undoubtedly even better. It's uncommon to see games with so few ads as in this game, which makes it remarkably captivating. However, I'm sure there is an algorithm that crashes the equity after I buy it.. ;) Where do I sign up for the 3rd installment?
Fun game for few days, after you understand how to make money and manage your life, it's pretty easy. (tip ignore job and focus on freelance / get management skills up and run a mine at beginning) Would like to see more options on job page with different types of jobs. By the age of 23 I have nothing to do but try to get to 5b achivment, which is boring and easy. Random disasters are too frequent, need it to space out both in news and company I'm running. Oil company getting 2 disasters 1d
Great game kept me on my toes for bit but once I figured out time management I was left needing more of a challenge
I like this game so far! The only thing that would be nice is if you couod fast forward more than a week at times but it's still great
Really love this game... It logical and basic knowledge of reality. Improvement are always adviced.. 1. More challenge and a little cooler pictures or animations won't be bad.... 2. Records of expenses both for Personal living and company are very important as well. This would give you some sense of responsibility. Ζ˜ΓœΖŠΓ–
Really?? I made 19 million by investing in gold in my acc i had 4000 coins and when I tapped on next move it showed you are Bankrupt game over. I was playing it from 5days everytime i get bankrult this time i was playing this chance for yesterday night 5 hours continuously and i started again for 3 hours continuously made 19 million and it just bankrupted me i even had no continue by watching video or Diamonds i had 20 diamonds there was only one option quitπŸ₯ΊπŸ˜‘πŸ₯Ί please add continue option once
Great game. I checked this one out because the original version was cool. The only thing is I don't know how to keep the sleep meter higher. There should be a better tutorial.
I don't think Developer has any knowledge about share market. He's just a geek who put codes together to simulate a game 😁 What a stupid person said it is good if news are like previous month's headlines. This damn person doesn't know whether news are to help to decide investment or to see what you blindly done last month. Developer, I hope you put some sense in your nonsense brain πŸ˜†
What a business sim should be. I just wish there was more stuff to do, more things to buy and business to own I also wish that you could own more than one business, and do more than stop global warming, like make us go into space and stuff
Its is a fun game although I couldn't win both business strategy and business strategy 2. I don't know how to win :( but it is good. It would be nice if there is a discord group for discussion about the game, some tips, and suggestions. Because, for example, i wanted to write mor suggestions but i erased them because of the limitation of letters. So, if you do this please put the discord link in the game or the game's description.
I really wanted to like this game - it has a basic idea and solid gameplay. However, once I was balanced with my life stats and making money, the game became a complete slog. By age 20, I had maxed out my stats and thought about attending university, but I dreaded the prospect of tapping through four years of turns with nothing much happening. Likewise, tapping through multiple menus every turn to invest or start businesses didn't seem much better. Maybe Business strategy 3 will be better.
Great game, the ads didnt bother me... but i still decided to pay for no ads to support the dev. This is how you do it guys. The game gets boring end game, but going through the businesses to grow and get more wealthy was a great amount of fun. Managed to stop global warming at the age of 42.
Robert Kiyosaki type of the game, I enjoyed it very much. Igor it would be great to add option to be married, and expenses would go up, and having Kids and expenses would go up, additionally few scenarios of hostile take over of competition and buying out competitors. Politics could be added with country of your choice, game mechanics could be developed around this. Just my 2cents,all in all a great game.
A great game, has alot of potential but needs more work of the ui but other than that its an amazing game.
Very good but i would really like to see the ability to hold and IPO and float a company you own or the opposite and privatise a public company I would also like some more company options and also the rigs ont the bitcoin mines break down a lot also I think it would be good to start with maybe 7 or 8 thousand as the begining is quite tough but its great adictive game.
Fun and addictive but I do wish I had like a legacy option where maybe I could pass on either some wealth to the next time I play and or pass on so good fortune idk, but it is very fun to play
I like very much this game! Is better than version 1! You can learn bases lessons, usefull in real life!
A good game, the only issue is that I can have communication at 3+ in leisure tab but it doesn't change, it only seems to be able to decrease. Edit: Nevermind, I just had to spend a year spamming the turn button
So the game actually isnt a bad game at all its a cool concept and theres a lot of potential to it. At the start of the game though I think it should start off asking what language you speak, my experience I opened the app to an awesome language i dont understand which sucks and i had to click all the buttons to find the language option. Keep working on this because its not bad at all, personally I found out Business is confusing so thats why im giving it 3 stars because i was confused in game(:
Excellent app.πŸ‘Œ Ads are not intrusive. A lot of potential. More stock option. Maybe a option to invest a specific amount e.g fractional share. Also a option to invest in all the companies, a equal amount in each company. Honestly, one of the best games I have ever played. Kudos to the developer.
Addicting and simple and YOU DONT PAY TO WIN OR PLAY!!! what is an add every 30 mins or so or pay 3$.... cheaper than Timmi's
Awesome game. Waiting for future new great options on the game XD In comparison with first Business Strategy lol is way better. Congratulations on a great game.
This is a good financial management game that incorporates a career, various investments, and an in-depth personal life well. It's easy to play and can be quite addicting.
I really injoyed the game and i like the fact that when you start you have a little to do a lot with, which gives you depression that more like simulating real life issues i enjoy it.
Just awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ. It's a all rounder. My one request is for the developer to add options like employment of managers and accountants for my business. Rights to fire and hire. But as it is it's glorious. Thanks. Kindly let me know when you are releasing the 3rd game. I've played this so many times. Make the game longer please
A lot of the stuff makes absolutely no sense. At 18 your character gets depressed because he doesn't own a home the cheapest of which is a 250k apartment building. After your 2 year community college you have to go for another 4 years for university. Even with 100% popularity and customer satisfaction (and all skills maxed) your bar will barely break even and that is ignoring the 15k fine every couple of weeks with no explanation). Any time i buy stock the company nose dives and stays down.
Great game. Got up to 1 trillion dollars by 50 and just clicked until I retired. I would suggest a high score board so that people play more than once. Also, not sure how but the language started in Russian. Almost didn't play because I couldn't read it.
Awesome game, it has few bugs, and the translation to Polish language was weak and propably from translator, but there wasn't nothing what would change the overall experience from the game. Can't wait for Business Strategy 3!
Very simple game, easy to understand. A bit of struggle at the start. Needs more late game purchase options, eg: - To buy out other companies instead of just the "invest" option. - Add zinc or copper to the commodies? - Allow for multiple business' to be accumulated. -Super fund option (choice of what to invest in? Maybe like 1 option can be for like increase to hourly phase time after reaching a total deposit limit, or bonus %income?) Alot more potential to make this game alot more complex πŸ‘
I really like the game. I have a few suggestions: it would be nice if the large numbers have space in them, it would be easier to read. Another, I have a BB KeyOne and the screen is not adjusting to the phone, its too wide so I can't see the first letters on the right side and also last letters on right side.
Thank you , 30 billion cash + 50 million income + 20 billion bank + 10 billion plus In real estate + Investment worth 10 billion plus + best house + best car + all the points achieved .
Best game ever, just became my favourite. Quite a step up from the 1st Business Strategy and I like it. Turning ads to the gamer's benefit was brilliant πŸ˜‰ looking forward to the next version if it's coming, but anyways I still don't need it. This game is the best yet!!!
It's absolutely an amazing game that will teach you real life business strategy. Moreover, it can teach you how to become rich and how to manage your expenses in life. Most importantly it is one of the best games I've ever played. A lot of thanks to the developer. πŸ‘
I almost deleted the game because i was having difficulties with being successful. Always went bankrupt. But eventually found a strategy to make. It's an enjoyable game and i reccomend it to anyone looking for something to challenge their thinking.
7k reviews and every single of them is replied.. thhats some next level of a developer. The game is great, though once you got to understand the pattern, 5billion is very easy to achieve under 25years age of the character
This game concept are the one that im looking for,the game was fun and very time killing although its not simple,but the thing that i hated the most is that the chance of bad thing happend is too high like for example the oil company i had was likely to broke or people are mad about their salary,i cant even compete with the game at all,if you reading this please fix this Or... its just me that VEEEERY unluck :/ Welp i'd like to apreciate if you tell me the percentage of bad thing event
This game is very fun even realistic to an extent very simplistic but also kind of complicated. There's room for more content like more business options more stocks to choose from and better stocks interface but none is necessary. The game is fun and even has the proper implementation of paid currency and ads are not invasive and it's not a pay-to-win.
Simple but really interesting game.. shortly I'll try to own all available BTC.. Let's see how it'll go!:)
I found a bug... Once you get to a certent point with a good job and some promotions you can just keep going on vacation instead of doing the stuff like jogging watching tv cooking dinner ETC and gives you a lot of time to invest in you business and make millions bc you got so much time tomgetmbuying stuff ETC this needs to be fixed it is allowing people to make 2.3billion dollars in 2 hours. PLS FIX THIS
Great game. Here are a few additional suggestions to make the game more fun. 1. Enamble real completion among players by making the game online and enabling grobal rankings. 2. Include more commodities and more indicators like inflation, demographics etc. 3. I had my oil company valued at $1bl+ and when I didn't sell my oil due to unfavouble prices, i went into negetive cash flow without noticing it and my company went bankrupt ($-100m). I did not get any proceeds. Fix this!
Everything is awesome now! My bad. I misunderstood the process of leveling up the skills. I LOVE this game! I just can't stop playing! I've never come across such an excellent, life simulation game. My best regards to the developer(s)! Edit: what's the highest score. For now, i can only reach 2900. Any tips btw? Thx
Fun retro look and feel. Game is somewhat challenging but would be even more so if you could have several business to own..
Guarantee one of the best. Confusing st first but plain simple in the end i love it am addicted to it BUT.....BUT... i need Business strategy 3 plz with more options such as more business to start as well as spouses maybe etc.
Good but needs polishing. I found a bug where if I buy all the available stocks then try to sell them the game gets confused and pays me for them but then doesn't allow me to buy or sell any of those stocks. Was the logistics stocks. Another issue is this game was harder to figure out the basic controls on than the original. It may scare off players. I played the original a lot and still had trouble. One example was figuring out where the turn summary menu was. Kinda hidden.
It is by far my most favorite game! The graphics need a bit of an upgrade, but the gameplay is amazing!
This game is amazing. I played it for like 6 hours non stop. It is so addictive and just plain fun. I seriously recommend this game. And the best part, it's free! Thank you dev so much for replying to my questions, i really appreciate it. Great game and i hope to see more games like this :)
The first version was my favorite game about business/succes simulator. But this i liked more. One thing you should fix, its year time. Time to reach anything should be more, like till 80 age or something. Thanks for this game!)
Wasn't even playing for 30 minutes. I was nearly broke, then I got sick for 3 weeks. Idk man. RNG in this game so bad. So, yeah, I uninstall the game. 3 stars out of pity.
Beautiful game that teaches a lot for the young ones! The only unrealistic part of it is that it lacks family obligations, but this game teaches the 23 and broke during global lockdown people that maybe it's possible to get that 1.5 mil estate by 31, IF you ride those waves, put some skin in and.. wait I have some freelancing to do.
It's nice for simulating basic knowledges for running businesses and maintaining investments, all in all the game's pretty fun!
Can not edit my previous review, so here's a new one. I just would recommend lowering the need for leisure activities a bit due to them being too demanding.
Fun, but lots of ads. There is an option to remove them completely for a few dollars if you have the funds for it. Without ads the game makes a pretty good investment/life simulator game.
Part 1 was much better imo. This game goes too far into keeping attribute bars up like the Sims games. Takes away the fun of trying to play a business game. That feature alone blew this game for me.
Game play is extremely fun. Played it from scratch many times. But the businesses we own should have more variety.
I played your original game and loved it, finally a game that SOMEWHAT follows the laws of economics. I had high hopes that you would expand upon that in the sequel, boy was I disappointed! You added more ways to make money, it's true, but all of them are based on random chance rather than market forces. AND WORST OF ALL, the original aspects of the game that DID follow market forces were replaced with MORE random chance! Gold doesn't drop to all time lows DURING AN E-CRISIS. Disappointing!
I love it, it doesn't have many ads and it's very addicting I suggest do more updates I would love to see more ❀
Like the first game but, lasts so much longer and with more thigs to do! Absolutely love it! Only two things are off a bit: 1. I would like is to have commas in the larger numbers (noticeable when running a business) 2. Would love to see the total amount of money displayed when you reach 65 or be given notice to sell all properties before you finish. Still a very playable and enjoyable game, thanks!
Great Game! I have been playing this game for months and it's been really interesting. I would like to play another advances version of the game where there are more tasks sucha s global warming task and more stocks/commodity to play with.
The game is fantastic and addictive. Please extend the life span from 65 to 85 or atleast 80. You can also continue the game by inheriting the assests to the players son(the player himself) and start a new game with half the assets. Please improve this. It's hard to think that the game will end oneday and all the efforts we have put will be wasted.
it is way more harder than the first one but i liked that there is no limit to how much i can earn , & the stock market is really unpredictable now . any ways great game
Very good game. But need to build some intelligence to have accurate estimate of stocks and commodities price changes. Its so easy to earn money in commodity market when u invest less than 1M. I have completed all life goals at the age of 32, with all learning skills & Bank credit rating at 5 star, having 30 manor real estate buildings, a business which earns 9 Million+ every week, and assets of 50k+ Gold and 100k+ sugar. But the game doesnot announced completed, why?
The guy who maded this is absolutely awesome replying to every rewiew even bad ones the game should really need a little ui changes character changes so to show difference between older version of it but overall just awesome
Awesome game, the details are the best like when if you dont pay atention to your health you dont have the time to work, so everything is related. Thank you for the game, really god job!!
Very much love it, I've attained almost all goals, only the last two left, how I wish that money was real! πŸ˜€, but the game pretty much encouraged me to persuit my own business goals. My suggestion for the developers however is to change how you input figures when buying or selling assets, its frustrating trying to get an exact figure using the scroll, I'd prefer you make it so that we can enter figures directly.
Absolutely love the game. Completed all goals by the age of 39 and retired with more than 100 Billions unit of money. I understand developing is not easy but still I feel the game is very limited. As the game goes by you feel that so many things are unnecessary and you can finish the game just by focusing few things. Like, schooling doesn't help you at all if you're doing the business. I would like to see more option for business interaction and not with same repeating scenarios. Thanks πŸ‘
I really love this game, it makes me focus and think. It introduce me with the way how investment works and to be motivated and how to be successful in life. Just thinking maybe you can add statistics like you can see your overall data, add more task for achievements and make an impossible task like achieve 1 trillion or 10 trillion. I love the game just the end game makes it lifeless.
Fun business sim, you can play it 100% free and be fine. Only occasional ads, unless you wanna get ahead with optional ads. The complexity level keeps it accessible to anyone that wants to learn it
greatest business simulator game series the first game was great but this one is a masterpiece soooooo much addictive gameplay
The principals of wealth creation and passive income measured by time - not $bank balance - is well taught in this game. Very instructive.
Amazing game that teaches you also about life and makes you think on a deeper level if you let it... can't wait for part 3!
Very enjoyable, adds aren't very annoying, the optional ones give useful amounts of the 'premium' currency. Can't ask for much more from a lil free fun game.
Is it just me, or is it too easy? I played a few rounds now and my best is finishing the Global Warming project at 30 years old.
This is an awesome game for people that are interested in finance and money in general.Theres a bug about vacation I hope you are already aware of it.I would love to see more business and can we please have more than 2 businesses at once.I would like to see a buff in the salary in the career path because frankly it's to little.Can you also nerf the time cost because it's to high.Optimizing the graphics is always a plus.Keep up the ad diamonds because it helps f2P players a lot.Thank You:)
In reply to the developers for previous review since you advice to use day off and vacation to fulfil lcharacters needs then when to use leisure activities because if we use it hardly getting time for other activities. I mean would like to manage the leisure activities as well. Great work though Will 5star it if u explain.
A huge potential in this game. Enjoyable simulation game, need to add story to add an "RPG" touch to this simulation game.
After how amazing the first game was I'm not going to lie I'm slightly disappointed. The interface is essentially the same the only new features are more stats to try control which can get quite confusing, however, still an awesome game thanks so much Igor