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Business International

Business International for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Real Monk Games. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4W and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
kinda glitchy, was charged a fee to get out of jail multiple times when I chose the "roll a double" option. the "pay 100" option was unpressable so I should not have been charged. only a minor gripe, I know, but it's annoying. still a decent game, just minorly headache inducing at times
Same problem like other business games as it says in between of playing that You Lost and You have taken out the room. What is this?
this game is a joke. they have rigged the game so you are far far far more likely to land on your own property, chance, free parking, go and jail. this is done to prolong the game length. the dice role is NOT RANDOM!!
I used to like this game a lot. until people started cheating. they can move you on your turn. they can move when they're in the negative now. it's just no longer fun when they land on property they don't have to bid on it. like someone landed on a railroad they didn't have enough money to buy it, and so they were able just not to be it on it at all. cheaters take the fun out of it. so until you upgrade your system so they cannot cheat on here I think I'm going to delete it.
Best free version of this kind. Ads are minimal. Loading screens are quick. Doesn't record any stats though. Would be nice to see how many times I won!
The game is good and I gave 4 stars. Please enable the custom chat and more chat so, that we will have some more fun.. overall I am addicted for this game.
All that's missing from this game is a pot for "Free Parking", where all money spent during the game goes into the pot. Whomever lands on "Free Parking", gets the pot. Also, double the reward for landing exactly on "GO".
Looks like the game is set with a fixed algorithm. Game gets one sided after some time and the winner is already decided. 200₹ tax is high and salary is also 200₹. Either salary should be increased or tax should be reduced. First amount of 1000₹ should be increased to 1500₹ as it's too less to buy cities when we complete the 1st round. There should be options of selling mortgaged cities to the bank and taking loan from the bank. One player goes Jail for 6-7 times in the entire game. Fix all
pay super tax..pay business tax..go to jail..pay super tax..pay business tax..go to jail....if you like to do this than it is a great game. I have been playing monopoly for 50 years and never did I have this much non success. Not a lot of thought put into this game. Thank God it's free! Horrible game dont waste your time downloading it.
Always gitching mid through game....or room no longer exists...Had all three house and unable to build no mortgage on it.
this game is super fun for the most part. the only thing is the glitching and sometimes people hack. if this happens report those people and just start a new game. for the most part this is a fun and okay app
I am not sure if this game connects to facebook or not. I want some clarifications. Rest all good. I liked the game alot. It takes me back to my my childhood. Please update network issues.
I play this game everyday, but now I am uninstalling the game because it has been hacked. it has been times that suddenly some other player play my turn or buy or sell my card.
Broken game - my opponent was able to get 1000 cash instantly even after losing 3k on his round. He just mrtaged a few sites and unmortaged it back again.
I wish you qould fix the bugs. I.E. bankrupt with positive money, game not loading all players, able to play wuth negative balance, money going to another player, and turns being skipped. outside of that, fun game.
It will be more fantastic if offline multiplayer has there each individual dice to roll like ludo king.
It's a great game and I played it a lot as well as the older verion Buisness World but after a couple games it keeps crashing when I open it.
all those 5 star reviews are fake. i enjoy the game because its so easy to manipilate the cpu and win. you auction the expensive properties and make them go broke then buy up all the other ones for a dollar each. online mode doesnt exist
I am enjoying the game very much. True at times it seems like the AI has an advantage but most of the time I am able to pull thru and win. Things I wish you would consider changing. Allowing the ability to start with more money in the AI games. Also, wish the $100 super tax space was a $100 parking fee so that when you land on the free parking corner you have a chance to get your money back. As is the free parking corner is just dead space on the board, the only dead space that does nothing.
worst app..not at all working properly.uninstalled with in minutes.the room was created and everyone joined,but the game was not getting started
It is a nice game but the issue is if we get call or get disconnected for a while we cannot rejoin the game in private room. So I request developers to please enable this feature so progress is not lost and once player resumes AI doesnt take over then. Kindly address as soon as possible. Overall superb game!
Let me understand this correctly. On the previous (discontinued) version, we were able to play offline with no internet connection required. Then you updated and a internet connection is required, even when you play offline. And you call this an upgrade?
Too many glitches in the app ..th whole experience of the game is lost when the game unnecessarily Remove one of the players , give double the money on sale or even when one is removed from the game room due to unstable internet connection they aren't allowed to re-enter using the same code
great game except your ad placement covers the screen where you would type in a dollar amount to offer in a trade. This is a hard stop for me. Disappointed.
i love this game its an awesome game but they should be record telling us how many games we played and of those games how many were won. Thanks
Am I the only one who opened the game today and suddenly the game plays on its own? I am not controlling it at all. Also, suddenly all the players are getting two turns. It is suddenly full of bugs.
pretty boring once you know how to manipulate the AI. auction the expensive properties. trade for half what they paid in the inexpensive ones. make them go broke. they never bid more than what is worth. update = rip off of Monopoly.
Playing with AI is no fun as AI is not intelligent enough. In onine multiplayer very rarely you are not sent out of the room telling connect issue, and if you aren't then, sometimes all of a sudden your cash is reduced or your property is in someone else's name. Overall a lot of bugs in the game that needs repair.
great game except your ad placement covers the screen where you would type in a dollar amount to offer in a trade. This is a hard stop for me. Disappointed. Update: thanks for the fix!
Its a good game I like it. The only problem I've had playing the computer with 2 players is when it completely switchs off, went back into the game and resumed but lost some of the properties & all houses? However, you can beat AI even when it seems you are at a disadvantage. 3players is a challenge but overall a good game.
The game is good but there is lot of glitches I had faced bankruptcy when I had enough money happened to to me 5-6 times and also when trading my money is taken but the place is given to random player this happened 3 times also when taken out of room and reconnecting AI gives the places bought to other players inside and cannot be got back from others need to correct these toake better friendly environment and this game is designed perfect but some glitch clearance it can be improved.
Same game as monopoly, with different graphics and more ads. i think Hasbro came after them for using monopoly name..so they changed the game... but online version should wait for other players longer than 20 sec. if there is no humans just say that instead of bots..the time constraints on move is good while playing against human but not for the bots. I have lost 2 games just because of it.
Not good every time i play a match only i am the one who should pay more rent but earn less sallery fix this or take it as zero star rating
The game is good exactly the same as the hard copy i used to play years back but the only different is the starting capital, its too small it's usually 2000 instead of 1000 before you go round once you are bankrupt it make the game not enjoyable so i think you should take note of that
This game is gud to play with family and frnds. The only worst thing is that this game quits off in a snap and the particupar game data gets erased. Its so bad as we lose interest to play. *PLEASE* *FIX* *THIS* *BUG*
It is an amazing game ........ especially online multiplayer..... Great developers .. Hatsoff to them..
Excellent recreation. Only problem is there are predictable tactics you can use against the computer opponents which give you a significant advantage making it a lot less challanging. But otherwise, it's great. Looks delightful, sounds nice, fast animation, it's great!
game automatically throw us out from room once get time-out. very bad experience. game auto exit also many time then rejoin take time. Also add voice chat, friend request and friend list and friends online option
I was enjoying the game until recently. When a property is being Auctioned the "tap here to show board" screen covered the bid buttons so that I am unable to bid. This means I cannot move forward. Can this be fixes urgently.
Game is good but players frequently gets disconnected saying ai will take over for no. Reason Otherwise game is good Please look after the issue
Its the same game, multiplayer online still with dumb bots and not humans, them buy properties and then you buy from them half the price they paid. They just changed the name of the game, graphics and used a different company name (maybe after Monopoly sent them a seize and desist). Its a pity cause it was well developed except the bugs and weak CPU AI, and the unavailability to make rooms and wait until humans join it, with the chance to start with less players if all are ready and agree to.
Issue 1) The AIs are to easy to exploit. Meaning they will always accept well below the market value, so you could easily buy their property cheap to sets early on. Issue 2) The low number of real players. Not necessarily the apps fault though, but still impacts overall enjoyment. Issue 3) The gameplay is glitchy. I will decline an offer, but the transaction stills go through, so I end up losing property I didn't want to sell. Or a player's turn will be skipped.
I get to be disconnected to the other room..which I don't know...while am playing..I don't like it and it suck... get it together if u can't operate it
The last update prevents you from bidding on property. It isn't showing a bid to go through. The only option is to close the app. It's impossible to play now.
Like others, I am experiencing the problem with the bid window. I have a Galaxy S8+ and, when the bid window comes up (which, of course, will always eventually happen), it seems to be sized so large that the buttons are off the screen. I can use tbe slider to change how much I will bid, but that's it. At that point, the game is effectively dead. (I can't even dismiss the bid window.) I sent an e-mail to the support address about this several days ago but never received a reply.
this game is fun, especially with friends. The only limitation I noticed so far is not being able to play on LAN with friends instead of one through a internet connection. To the developer: maybe a bug or something, whenever I want to trade but the time runs out I get disconnected from the room. So the game ends, happened more than 3 times. It would be nice if we could tweak the game rules a bit.
Because after some time it comes rejoining room but then it comes room no longer exist.problem must be fixed as soon as possible.
I don't have a problem with the al but the game keeps saying reloading and then room no longer exists. In addition there are people who are in the red and still able to outbid for property. This isnt fair
Enjoyable game EXCEPT for LOUD pop-up ads that clash with gameplay, such as the middle of bidding. Can't use in quiet place because game settings don't affect virus-like LOUD advertisements, that continue popping up after ending a game even after reboots. Did I mention loud?
When the AI starts losing, the AI starts cheating. I owned everything and the AI was able to go around the board 17 times before ever having to pay rent
Good game it plays just like the brand name game only downside is not many people play so you are likely to play only bots most times. And when you do get a human player they will want to buy the whole broad, basically playing by themselves cause you have nothing if you decide to sell your props. Still a good game just don't sell all your properties. Oh, sometimes the human players will use mean and vulgar chat either ignore, leave or hit them back with ur own mean words😉
Online multiplayer assigns cpus. If we are on online multiplayer they should be real people! Not cpus that are too easy to take advantage of. when a cpu is in the negative you can buy all its properties usually for $1. Major glitches too.
This game is great if i play on Android but as soon as I download on my iPhone, it takes me to the Indian version of monopoly game and not the original one that we used to play as the kids. Please suggest how to prefer changes on iPhone to play as London streets n properties !!?? N not Howrah station types Indian places. Thanks
Lately it has taken me a long time to download certain games. I am wondering that maybe I don't have enough megabytes. What do think?
a very bad experience too many bots in online mode the DICE is being manipulated ( if the bot has hotel on Mayfair, the dice will land all players on it in one round one way or another) this game is an insult to monopoly
When we want human 6 player games sometimes 5 bots are in the game. I can understand that 6 human players not possible all the time but there will be something to wait for humna players if player wanted to do. (look at game risk as an example). And bots are so easygoing. We can always buy from them with nearly half price and in all games first player take everything from bots and it is unfair. Normally this is a great game but bots and player system should improved.
Been with this game since it was called... well something else. It's a faithful not buggy adaptation of some... sort of board game.
What an awful app. Background mind numbing music continuously remains on even though I have set the sound to mute in setttings. Can't join a room or do anything else while this horrible app is on. No idea what data is being taken from my device. Ads are horribly annoying as the app increases the volume to max before playing them. You cannot exit the app unless you listen to the horrible ad.
FIX THE BUGS - when it runs, it's fun. however the game disconnects or shuts down a lot. Fix this please!
I've played a lot of this game... but only because I love Monopoly. its super glitchy. But you'll often get a glitch free game so those are fun. The boys are really easy, just offer them a little more than half the mortgage value and they sell every time. I used to think that only the 'guests' were bots... but I've discovered (by offering trades) that sometimes the bots have actual names AND PHOTOS, which is weird. Are they just using people's pics?
Please fix this, the jail forcefully acquires 100$. If they had to take it they wouldn't had given a choice. Pleas look into this matter soon. Elsewise the game is very fun to play with freinds
Since the latest update, when playing on my Samsung 7, when I choose to auction a property, the "show screen" window covers the bid/ fold button, effectively ending the game.
I really like this game.its easy to move around and simple to pick up.the only downside is when someone leaves in the middle of a game an AI takes over and you are able to do deals that a human player probably wouldn't do.
does not work! played multiplayer with my fiancé against each othet in a game room. these didnt link. at once stage he had £600 on his phone and -£430 on my phone. one of ua was frequently in jail on the others game. it ended when a big came up where my fiance had given up i then gave up and it saif i was still bidding. thia then broke the game on both our phones. this game is a joke and does not work
this is the best game ever but the robots should trade for more money and aution for more money it is so easy to trade with them :(
Enjoyed it until players started hijacking the game such that my assets suddenly becomes another players... another player is suddenly player mh turn for me... a player suddenly have over $15000 ... the glitch, cheats and all should be checked because with this the fun is sucked out of the game once a player in the game knows all these cheats. Also developer should please create a room where players can be selected from not these random selection where some of the players are AI...
The game is excellent but somehow in half the games i play people play with negative money. i cant move if i owe someone, yet there are others that build houses and buy properties and they have like -1500. I dont know if its a glitch or cheating but spoils the fun.