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Business Game for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Ironjaw Studios Private Limited located at #707, Shambhavi Habitat, Manipal Perampalli Road, Manipal - 576014. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4W and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Despite having high internet speed, the game disconnects and when I rejoin, my condition in the game becomes worst from best.
Worst experience. don't buy everytime your connection accidently breaks for a sec it shows room oes not exist and so many ads and bad ads with nudity and disgusting graphics. Chances are based on algorithm that extends game even further.
its a good game but i came across a few players who were talking really bad like verbally abusive language, i hv got screenshots. Do resolve this and come up with a secured chat option.
This is the worst game ever i played. We play it for fun not to feel disappointed. It is human nature to get pissed if being cornered. If u wanna make one player to win do it in a way tht doesnt disappoint the other player too much. Im gonna uninstall this app and never play again.
The algorithm of the game sucks. It's completely biased towards one person and it's completely boring cos of lack of competition (on either side). also there is no pause button in game and there are network connectivity issues all the time.
I would say,it's the worst monopoly game ever, opponents are able to play & build even though they got bankrupt,plz fix the bugs😡
Unfair game please add dice to decide who will play first. Coz the person who gets first turn to play wins coz he can buy land half price from AI. Make it fair. Make strict AI they easily sell land at cheap price. Alot of improvement. Also if opponent times out deliberately if he don't afford the property so he deliberately don't put it for auction
The game is good 👍 But cant be log in with Facebook Even sometimes online multiplayer are Ai and few bugs
Trade option is useless. Don't know how to do trade and no help is available. If you are playing with two players in device it's useless to use Trade option. It doesn't work.
Some player cheat easily..!! They can go negative balance even 500-1000 and still continues. Some player sell the property but you can't built the houses even though u own all the same color properties due to some invisible cheat feature. It spoils the whole mood and i am seriously thinking of in installing this apps. Hey developer can you explain why it happens???
Game is good but it reconnects in between and some times says room is no longer available. Suggestions: 1. This should have point credit option which can be reused. 2. Winning history or credits 3. Custom chat option with players With these your game will rock in playstore
This gameplay is good. But it needs a "Continue from where you left off" feature. Me and my friends where playing and when took a break but my phone exited the game as it was in the background. When came back we had to restart. And everyone lost interest.
It's fun, can we get options to pick what color we are. Tired of always going first and always being red lol
i even dont give it a HALF STAR. just a WASTE OF TIME !! very bakwas algorithm, when played with computer during aution process it automatically close the bid without user permission. and all the taxes are payed by only player1 not any time by computer. totally BAISED towards computer. DONT WASTE TIME !! DONT INSTALL IT
Uninstalling because the logarithm is poorly developed. When you will be winning, it will log you out. Numbers will not come accordingly while opponents will get. Chance will only debit but opponents will always get credits. Worst experience till date compared to other similar game.
super game. I like very much. but same processing to trade. but below 100 R's we trade easily get any place. that's the trick to get all places get
Great way to play Monopoly! The only reason I took away a star is that the NPC'S are too predictable. You always know what's going to happen in an auction and you can outbid them by bidding 1 less than they have, yet they can bid that themselves. It's fun, but gets repetitive.
Really a good game. I am having so much fun to play this game. But can you add 'Bank🔫 🔪Robbery' option here? Please add this, it'll increase the gameplay⭐ratings. Please add it quickly. We are waiting🕥 for an update.
Super game ,i I like this game very much,but it was boring for me because I played this game many times please update the game
Awesome ! Few suggestions: 1. When a player leave the game and did not join for next 3 rounds then he/she should be declared bankrupt 2. When a player lands in a city which he/she cant afford to buy then it should be defaulted to auction in 10 seconds (now it ends up in time out which skips auction). 3. If the bank balance of players are hidden it should be more interesting. 4. Voice call can be introduced. 5. More options can be added in chat section. Apart from that a great fun to play :)
the game did not allow to skip buying place to any players it goes into bid and any one player should purchase even if thay dont want even if you fold it says give up and automatically the bid won to other player. So this is not good on playing
Its a good fun..brings back childhood memories things that can be improved : initial capital can be increased to rs 5000 or shd have an option to set manually.. a player gets bankrupt immediately after he pays rent for hotel and game ends quickly there should be transaprency in inter transfer deals a person should have an option of not buying a property
The worst game ever on play store .. Everytim i open this game i saw a message saying "checking for updates" for about 15 to 20 minutes. Don't know why the developer had made a such software This game is such a time waste
Developers should include a pause for room games. People can't sit and play for 3-4 hours continuous. Each and every one have their time spans for being free. So my genuine opinion would be to include a pause for room games.
Another bug, where the game glitches and a person can purchase land with no money when they should have gone bankrupt... Not sure if it's a hack or a bug but it turned my favorite pastime into a pain..
Game has bug if you don't have money and you landed on a city whose cost is more than what you are having ideally it should go automatically to auction but in auction and buy window if you didn't respond it will time out and property will go to no one. What a joke don't developers test the game before rollout.
Did so Much hardwork using mind and in the end it removed me saying 'reconnecting' , i am not gonna play again and waste my time
I like the game very much, however, online multiplayer needs some more improvements. Many a times, opponent with less cash waits for timing out, which results in lot of time waste. I believe that property should be automatically auctioned in this case
how do you mortgage property/sell when almost bankrupt. it says hit highlighted property on board but I hit it and hit it and hit it. need a more specific instruction on that. I lose everytime I stead I could sell/mortgage property to stay in the game.
It's a great game. I love playing it with my friends online, specially in this covid lockdown. And it's same as the board game we have so it gives the same feeling as boardgame did when we were children.
Exits game for 10 seconds tries to rejoin Tries to reconnect... Game no longer exists... This happens EVERY TIME fix this!!!!!!!!!
I have thoroughly enjoyed this game. An ad after each game isnt too intrusive and a friendly feel to the game's ambience. Thanks for making :)
i like this game..so I am going to suggest some improvements. 1. When a trade is offered allow us to check the board for the actual price of the place... 2.please use the whole screen for the game and not just half of it...please zoom in the board so as it fits the screen. 3.if a player doesn't respnd please auto respond for him rather than not doing anything at all...
The game doesn't work smooth. I played against a player who seem to have some key and could continue playing with negative score without repaying th debt at all. The creator needs to fix the bug or suspend such users
Great Game Well Build.. Good UX Ui.. problem is only if someone calls you while playing the game.. game doesn't reconnect to room.. it just says room no longer available... Wrost Feature Ever Seen
Its just Monopoly, but a good time killer. only issue is that the game keeps closing on me, and I have to restart a game every time. It doesn't allow me to resume where I left off.
Pls add like a feature that like if you have 1 friend who wants to play but you want to play with 4 more players , like 1 real and 4 bots or online ppl....pls
In real bussiness game if player don't want to buy a ticket then he can leave the ticket but in this game there is no such option. so another player can buy ticket by auction in cheapest prize. Thats why it finish the joy of game. First you buy a game from market and play it and know how it works and then make a code according to it. Otherwise game is good. but that auction module will end the fun of the game. So please improve it. Thanks
Its monopoly! Always fun! :) Ok so update! Its crashing constantly! In the middle of games! I was winning 3 different games and it crashed. Right at the end of all 3! So I'm giving this game 3 stars at best! When its functioning correctly.
The game is interesting if played fair. There are users who uses cheat codes so that even if they are having less money that can still buy properties. Developers to please look into the matter this is very disturbing.
There are so many flaws and errors in this app. Please improve it. Please improve the app on the points mentioned below: 1. Whenever I want to mortgage any of my property, after mortgage, I can not see the positions of any players. 2. Enlarge the board size. Use all of the space. It would be great if you guys make the game horizontal and put all the options (trades, sell, buy, redeem, mortgage and player information) inside the board. 3. Add option of like offline+online players in single game.
Most useless game to play will disconnect you in the middle and close the game awful lot of bugs 🙄🙄
The game is overall fun but you should also add voice talk feature and there are also some bugs like i can't login using my Facebook account, etc.
Game of the game was just a little bit of a bit more fun for a guy like that guy who 8was and his team is a great guy who is the best guy who knows how much I can make and how he can get it right and I think we are better at winning this year and the offense has been better for the last 2three than we did in this season and 29nd is this really the 3only and I will play 3with in the playoffs if they win a lot better because we need 45feet in the first quarter to make the team 4that 5that a game fo
The game is interesting but unfortunately it gets disconnected every frequently and it makes loose intrest on the game, very much disappointed
There is an issue with this game... my headphones/earphones goes into handsfree profile. Since this game doesn't have any voice chat, I find it very odd. Please fix this.
There are a few bugs I found. The AI is weak. When I have lesser money also ai buys for full price. Some times Ai takes over us and we can play along with it causing inconsistencies. Playing one game for half an hour causes phone to heat and about 30% charge to be wasted. On top of that very poor game logic. When once a player is under debt and he repays it and has low income and lands on his own property the game auto declares bankruptcy which is very annoying. Please fix all these.
This app is the closest to the real Monopoly Board game I can find, but it needs work. It is set up so that all opponents constantly get sent to jail and it really slows down the flow of the game. The computer players are too stupid to make it in real life. They don't know how to handle money. It would be nice if they could learn like a real player. For instance, I never sell railroads and repeated offers are annoying. Advancing the bid scale needs to be simplified.
So many glitch in my case many times when i own majority of cards with hotels in comparison to others and then mortgage any card, game declare the opponents winner. Similarly if you own many cards sometimes it declared bankruptcy. And some time when network is not good than also it shows that you loose
Game is good but alot of negativity like if u roll dice double for 3 times it's pure luck but u will be sent to jail and people on 5th or 6th place don't get to buy any states but they keep getting money and people in 1st or 2nd place have lot of states but no money in hand this is a glicth in game please rectify or add more states ADD OPTION TO CONNECT TO FACEBOOK
Fine game. Don't know how you can purchase things if you have no money. There must be a cheaters glitch. And the chat is annoying. I'm tired of being harassed and people just fishing for chats. It's hard to actually get a game going with a serious player. They just change their name and picture and do it over and over. Make a profile permanent.
Absolutely Pathetic. The server on this game sucks big time. Had the issue been temporary, would have understand. But, the server always fails. The whole experience is spoiled. Better not to play. Sad no other developers have made a game on this. Uninstalled.
the best best game I ever saw in my life.love u . a lovely game but I want to tell the producer that some people r doing a misuse of it they r sending very very dirty message in chat option in online multiplayer
This game is good but the thing that made me give it a 2 star review is that if you are playing on tab then you can't bid in an auction. At first it does not seem so bad but when you don't have enough cash to buy the property it gets annoying because there is LITERALLY NO WAY TO GET A PROPERTY instead of trading which we all know never happens unless the opponent is getting more money or profit. The worst part is that earlier this game was fine but now it just is not because of updates.
I really like to play this game, only problem with this game is that it is bit hard during beginning but after some days, you may find ways to fool the computer, but still it is awesome to play with freinds
I like this, except for when it keeps loosing the connection when trying to play multiplayer, 😝 please fix this! I also request that players don't get sent to jail so dang much! The last game I played I was sent to jail eight times, that's ridiculous and unbalanced.
Worst experience ever. I love Business board game so much. But this app sucks. So many sexual predators out there in online multiplayer mode. Please disable chat for Multiplayer. Disgusted.
The game is good and revived my childhood memories. One thing which i don't like is when opponent start losing, they disconnect the game. So somekind of penalty(like ban from playing for an hr) should be imposed to discourage this as it is no fun to play with AI which can sell property very easily
Till Update This Game Was Fantastic But With The Latest Update We Are Not Getting The Chance To Bid When We Have The Required Amount This Is Too Too Bad Plz To Something About It And That Bidding Option If One Don't Have Cash To Purchase Anything So It Should Not Directly Go Towards Auction Plz Solve This It's Creating A Lot Of Problems
Worst game u will ever see. The game is always partial towards one player. I does not recommend this game to play to anyone.
The game sucks, I don't know why one player gets a single chance and other 3 consecutive chances. Hate this
This game has a lot of bugs. One for example, in multi player mode, sometimes you become other player as well. So you are playing for 2 users. Another, sometimes you can purchase even if you don't have any money left. Another, you are doing very good in the game but suddenly you become bankurrupt for no reason. Really frustrating. To the developers : you might want to kill yourself for the gaming experience you are giving.
Game was pretty good, but before I was even able to finish my first game I was dropped from the room somehow and couldn't even finish. Lots of other users complained of similar issues and I almost didn't download because of that but figured I'd give it a chance. Waste of time. Too bad 😤
I love this game, however the online players are ridiculous at times. they pick and choose if they want to play the match with you, some players are very disrespectful and some are creeps!! I really think the chat option should get disabled.
Ive played this game more than a handful of times online. Every game the lobby closes and all progress is lost. Not an enjoyable experience considering the time put in just to loose your game.
Has so many reconnecting issues...even I had good internet connection..I like this game very much..but please fix these kind of bugs
I started game with Happy mood , but it totally frustrated due to its bugs . One player could play and bid in auctions,even while having negative amount. There is no clarity how the dice should be thrown, some players keep on throwing dice 2-3 dice , it's totally biased . AI players are useless and there is no fun in playing with them, they always give profit to the player next to them , they sell next player any of place in cheap prices . Need a lot of improvements, otherwise it's useless.
It's a good game and I like that you can play with AI but you need to make it so you can play with friends and against AI at the same time
I had 447 dollars and then it said I declared bankruptcy. Also it sometimes auto accepts trades for me. Smh I don't expect and fixes bc last time it was updated was Nov 2020. Without the bugs it would be five stars.
Good game but rolling the dice, chance and the community chest always infavor to opponents that make this game sucks.
I hate it. It actully favours those who are wining it. People who r wining they never come on your built site and unluckily you become bankrupt when you land on their site which is built newly. The dice roll sucks in this game.
Fully wasted of time, lots of bug, very bad experience improve the performance of game and chutiya game sala.
I'm playing since 2017 , it's awesome , no lag no need to purchase anything. I'm giving 4 star because of ads. Online and offline both modes works well.
Glitches: allowing players with negative balance to play without repaying debt, kicking players out of bidding, allowing another player to sell and mortage property not owned by them, allowing players to purchase property or pay fees with negative balance.
This game is a complete setup. The algorithm is designed to be biased to help a certain player, probably because they want someone to lose quickly. If you are looking to enjoy Monopoly, don't download this game.
this game was wonderful to play during covid time. easy to learn and runs smoothly but new updates has not fixed some gliches. Connection was suddenly lost in between the game when you were so close to win. there were two modes showing while starting the game 1) play with computers & 2)play online multiplayers but during online mode opponents doesn't look genuine it looks that you have playing with computers. fix this issue and add saving option at the background..
I love the app I just wish we could actually chat with others 😊😍 wanted to talk to someone today and unfortunately didn't get that chance.
Game is pretty good. The dice is NOT rigged and I feel everyone has a fair chance of winning.One flaw when playing multiplayer, a player can land on a property and choose to buy straight, or if short on cash; auction, so others can buy it. There is no option to not buy. Some players just don't do anything until their session times out, n the auction or buy feature is skipped fully. Maybe the developer can add a timer when it's someone's turn.
👌This game is superb I recommend you to install it because seriously in my experience this game is very simple to use and I love to play business and monopoly & this game is damm awesome. I am addicted to it . But the help section should be improved so that new player can understand the instructions.
Game gets crashed , player data doesn't gets updated properly. Waste of time after playing for n hour.
It's a wonderful game . I have been playing from 1 months. But today I played with a person he have no money he is in - points but when he is bidding he can bidd still in - points. He is not going to bankruptcy even he is in - points . There was a place which he owns but I can build hotel in it . But money goes to him . I played for 3 hrs with him . He was not going to bankruptcy and he is in - 4000 points . So I left the game. This was the first time like this . Plz see after this problem.
Frustrating network bugs. You get disconnected from room anytime and unable to join back. No matter how much you try.
Don't play this game. This game is totally fixedand baised for pc. Everytime pc gets dice marks on either jail or its own house. Pc never gets a negative charge on chest and chance while everytime you have to pay for them. I wish could give 0 stars
There must be some coins/points system while playing online, that way it would be more interesting and prevent online players to just leave the game when they feel they're losing.
Lots of bugs while playing with online players. The dice is choosing automatically and all players are moving at a time. Even if you bought a property it's shown as empty at that place and amount debited from the player. Really disappointed........
It takes too much time to understand for beginners because doesn't guide while playing first time. Also showing Adult advertisement. Is it a worst thing.
Game is nice but try to make it interesting by leaderboards or points as most players turnoff the game when they are about to lose and if there are points for that they will lose their player ratings so then we can play with real players all the time and not "AI"
There are no limit for time out. A player can get timed out n number of time and still be in the game. This is really frustrating.
Lol the game has got so many bots. It is really frustrating to hav them..the game has lost its fun cuz of bots. Card trading should be open all the time rather playerwise
Very good but they need to add a option that if we not need to purchase a ticket we can't do it because of there is no option to leave that ticket if we have only 1 rs and the ticket is of 200 or above we can't purchase and the other player will purchase in only 2 rs the ticket is of 200rs and they are purchasing in only 2 rs this should need to be change nothing else .
It has potential but its crazy that the computer gets consistent rolls that give it money and I went to jail 3 times in a row.
Overall a great game!!! But one major problem is that the "play with computer" is very unfair and biased. The computer gets the best moves, the best cards and best everything. It is a very big disappointment in this part. Pls fix this!!!!
The game is pretty good however the option "playing with friends" is not working. My broadband network is pretty fast, still it's showing network error in everytime..
this worst. we even can't continue after closing the game. we have to restart after we close the game.. this problem should be fixed in no time.
It was soo bad mainly because of two reasons i got bankrupt automatically and unexpectedly even when i had some cash left and second there is no option for skipping the chance you can either buy the property or auction it otherwise you have to sit for few minutes until your time rums out really disappointed and even you get reconnecting even when i am literally sitting next to my wifi
Had fun playing it until the bugs, the flawed AI, and shockingly unfair rulings literally ruined the game. The incompetent developer company should close shop as it won't survive for long
The game is very entertaining, bit it does seem to be a bit unfair. The bots are very overpowered. One is always more powerful then the others. It almost always lands on it's own spaces and almost always has over $1000. They rarely land on your properties and its had to get money. It is possible to win, but it is very difficult. And you can play online but there always is a bot. This game can be fun. It is a lot like monopoly which I was looking for. I do enjoy the game but it has its problems.
Good game. But Several times i have been declared bankrupt automatically, despite having cash and property. Game needs lot of changes. Skipping auction by waiting to time pass by isn't interesting. Kills the game mood.
So many bugs. Plus AI is actually an Artificial Idiot. You can let AI buy all properties at higher prices and then buy from AI at half the prices. AI will sell you everything.
the game is excellent....all the features work properly....however in computer mode the AI is very easy to beat....pls make the game more challenging so that winning feels actually good....
Full of bugs... You cannot play full game without reconnection... And sometimes it automatically comes out of the game... Not a good one...
the game is very good.. i like it. following are the improvememt points. 1. you can't save any game you are playing vs computer. please introduce this option 2. when there is offer for trade, person is not able to see the board. this is very irritating some time as you dont remember the situation of board. please make sure person can see board whn a trade offer is made. 3. person can't choose colour of the player. please add that feature too. if any point mentioned is not clear, plz let know
Lots of bugs. Sometimes if the player touches on accept deal twice or thrice the amount gets deducted that many times. And some players are even allowed to play in negative balance. Without mortgaging any property
Good business game. But ads showing are not appropriate. Ads showing nuidity. Sexual content. That's why I have given 4 star. Please fix this issue.
What is wrong with this game. I am trying to convince myself that moves are random but why is it so that i have to pay all the fines and the other guy goes all free. I stand in jail 8 times and the other player goes without a interruption.
one rating is too much for this appp.... i cant create room or join to play with friends everytime it shows check your internet connection even my internet at 1 mbps speed.... i tried alot to fix the bug... its of no use ...
Every time getting disconnected from playing room what kind of server you have... everytime saying check your internet connection but Advertisements are played properly just after that are you people Advertisements selling organizations
Rejoining the room always gives error room no longer exists even though the game is in progress .. a lot of bugs
On issue with the gameplay. But I only found two issues. One with the connection lost problem regularly while playing online . And secondly please do add some penalty to the player who leave the match while loosing. Other than this everything is fantastic
There is only 1 out 10 real online player's available in matchmaking in online game.. Worst internet connecting issue. All the time opponent's game is controlled by AI..
Unfair game please add dice to decide who will play first. Coz the person who gets first turn to play wins coz he can buy land half price from AI. Make it fair. Make strict AI they easily sell land at cheap price. Alot of improvement
This game favours only one all the time which sucks There should be no auction for the sites cause it becomes to that people who don't deserve it and there should be a skip option when the player do not want the site to get auctioned
Highly ridiculous.. The AI seems to know the way around hurdles. It always evades the fine or rent... Highly stupid... These people are making fool of us.. 😡 Shame on you.. I will never recommend this game to anyone
One thing you can add on is when a player get bankrupt, all the properties can be owned by another player(the player taking the rent)
The game server seems to have no users. All online games are played by bots. I tested it by trading most valued card for $1 and it agreed. If game server does not have active users why fake it. I hate this.
Lot of bugs.Unable to buy places,suddenly one user becomes bankrupt even when they have money,turn is skipped for no reason etc..All in multi-player mode
you have made a very bad game. I don't know the rules clearly but when we play on board we don't have to get three cards of the same colour to build house on them.If it's the rule then sorry otherwise I don't like this. EDIT: Sorry I just googled it and found out that it's a rule so sorry for that
worst game ever made in history even 90s no 80s games are better doesnt wanna load anything like multiplayer its laggy and more for god sake dont make any games like this.dont even try to download game i havent even won a single game and everyone in this game are bot which cheat to win.i am deleting game right now😡😡😡😡
Have 1 suggestion, you can create different boards with different locations and conditions and put in the game as it becomes monotonous after a while
The game is really good. The only problem is that while playing online, with my friends, the connection is lost even for a small fluctuations in network. Because of this, I cannot play the game while travelling ( that is when I want to play). Can you please make the game to save, so that we can continue playing? or try reconnecting? I want to play this game with friends.....
I love this game, if the developers are willing to add a few features in the next update, it will be nice to have your own profile, with levels so you can level up! over all its a wonderful game!!! Nice work!
The major issue is no of player, when no. of players increase there are bots pushed but we have no choice to avoid that if we wish to not play with bots, Bots are too weak, there should be a way to select bots as realistic as human weak, med or strong. This spoils the entire game as people start buying from him with less than 40% value if a bot takes over, also bots have less intelligence to bid
Issue: In multiplayer game, if A player do trade where he/she trade for one place which is owned by B player , then when trade comes to B player , he/she can press Accept button many times... because of which amount of money will get deducted from A player is equal to (no.of time's B player has pressed th Accept button )* trade amount...
It seems better and all. But I downloaded this app so that I could play it online with my friends. And everytime I try to create a room it prompts something went wrong. Kindly fix that bug please.
the game is nice..there are some bugs ,which needa to be addressed 1) players see different cash balance of other fellow players at some times 2) on trading places, sometime double or triple cash get exchanged. please fix the issues early for a nicer experience.
Dice throwing is not random,it follows some sequence which makes the game not interesting.Instead of dice a spin wheel can be used which is stopped by each player so that game can be made interested
This game is totally addictive! I used to play Monopoly with my sisters a lot, but this is fun too. I'm still not quite used to the foreign city names. There are 2 reasons that I didn't give it 5 stars: 1) It needs a Save mode; 2) The amount of times that all players get sent to jail is ridiculous!
First round i played I got disconnected twice and on the second time it said the room no longer existed.
The game is really good but there is bug or a problem in multiplayer mode I start first game then after some turn there comes a message that you have connection problem but my connection is stable and same thing happen in every game i played.
Please fix the game anytime i try to create a room or join a room it doesnt work and says there's a problem i really like this game but it keeps hanging like this. Thank you
Well, in the hard time like this game is a boon for great time pass. It has revived the old days of board game. I have been playing with my friends and we liked it very much because of simple design of the game that brings out the same enjoyment just like board game. However, here a few things you must like: 1. seamless connection between different OSs 2. Remove bugs like auto bankruptcy 3. Add more features like changing initial money, visibility of deals, parallel trading and most important chat between friends. I am hopeful, if these can be improved, this game can be better than monopoly
Special chatbox must be added, in which players can chat freely while playing and i get many bots while i play online. Also i want to see the complete list of chance and community chest. Everything else is great, but these three issues must be resolved if the game wants 5 star rating.
What a bad game this is the worst game ever I have played when I go to the deal option no one does deal but I accept everyone's deal but then also the deal interchanges the makers should clear this problem if there was a 0 rating I would give it
On the business game please fix the time out limits, since some players just miss using that and staying their for long time without playing.
Not a bad game I really like to play this game a lot of fun I just want developers to add property like newyork dubai etc an chosar international business of local bussines local can have indian property and international can have international property but ya if get bankrupt there should be a way to get loan ya I play with my friends also this game thu said there should be a way to get loan but loan taking plz don't add because then the game will for months but I recommend to download this game
This game really good :) I kinda like this game,but this game needs more updates:(... If this game contains till more emojies and texting option this game will be awesome and interesting.If these options are fixed, its an awesome game,hope the team will fix this.I request the team to fix atleast the texting option.... :)
See i don't have a problem instead a suggestion. The colours should be more randomly sprinkled across the board. And i have also noticed the game supporting the one who made the game. So just that.
I am playing this game since a long time and as compared to what it was to what it is now, the bugs have increased alot. The computer sets behind a player and all he gets is either jail, income tax or pay from chance cards. Need upgrades and improvements. The makers shall focus on the issue to avoide uninstalls.
I found an issue, that is, a player can skip his/her turn for any number of times just by not rolling the dice, it gets timed out. And the player is also given turns to play until he presently remains in the game. Some players are deliberately doing this to skip their turns. This is giving a bad impression and experience about the game to other genuine players.
Excellent Strategy Business Game. Sometimes while playing with online friends, we see disconnection problem n reconnecting problem. The game layout asking can be resized braide because sometimes it is difficult to read in small fonts. Updated on 19.Jul.2020 In multiplayer online no mode the players are facing frequent disconnection problems. Please fix.
it is a nice game I have one problem which is it is too awesome please download it but there should be more please and more colours I am very impressed please comment on this review if you wanna waste your data my keypad is a problem but I won't blame it on the game cool and lovely I'm getting used to my new keypad spend your airtime on this wonderful super game I'm the world's biggest fan of this game downloads game whoever like this comment thank you so so so much goodbye wait for my next like
It is a good game, but it seems most of the matches from online is AI, even the guest players. They just give away the 200 rs worth of place for just 150. It just suck the fun out of it and becomes very easy. While playing with friends by creating room, anyone get disconnected very often and thwy cant reconnect in the same game. it is very annoying. Please provide an update after rectifying these issues. Option for befriending players can be inteoduced.
Game play is awesome, I have faced one scenario. One player low money at that he did not roll a dice untill he have more by rent from other players to visit his business area to continue for next round. Just skipping by using time. And next moment he had low money but not even call for auction skip the business using time. I hope you understand the scenario what i am trying to explain. Please do validation or if skip by time deduct some penality. It gives loyality for rest of player in board.
Nice game and good entertaniner . But if we are playing in the middle of the game it is showing "Reconnect " that is irratating . That s it nothing in the game fault..
This is the best board game ever! But their are some issuses in it .1.the time of finding opponents is too short .2.because of short search opponents time mostly opponents were bots.i request you to make offonent searching time upto 1 minutes so we can play with real players inside of robotic players.3.players left the game because their is no coin system so I request you to make coin system also.
Very bad game.. i don't if it is by default or what.. it only gets behind one player and charges for everything whereas gives lots of credits and money to another player.. there should not be any dissemination.. all player should be treated as one.. uninstalled today.. it makes us irritate.. if u r playing in happy mood you are gonna end up frustrated and if u r playing in bad mood.. then.. it will make u most angry like murder someone..
It is wonderfull game i play like more bussiness game on board in real game but is good game and who say one player play double turn and chance and comm.chest rule are mention real board game first play real board game of bussiness but it is not better than real monopoly game but better other bussiness game . It is not paid . Play with me love
Everything is controlled through bugs in this game so only 50% will be on your controll.It has too many adds and in multiplayer mode you can't rejoin again if the connections breaks, sometimes it shows room no longer exists , and the worst part it is built in such a way to retain the existing users .
This game is very good but please add money to the game like ludo king. There is no money so anybody leaves the game at anytime. It is frustating when you are winning. Pls also add different modes to the game if your team can. And last, pls add a option of "add a friend" and custom chat with friends. It will be more enjoyable if there is mic option or custom chat to interact with people. Pls keep these things in mind while updating the game next time. Thank you.
Good game with good visuals as well but plzz improve the multiplayer by adding room system so that if u have three friends end need 3 more players they can join the room without code u can add a public and private button just like in among us otherwise the game is great just need some small changes hope u read this feedback and try to implement it...
The graphics and rules are very fine for this game. Its a nice time pass. But here is a problem with private room creation and play with friends. At the time of creating or joining a private room, it shows no network connectivity whereas the network is full in mobile. I can able to do any other work over net, wathching videos but unable to play in private room of this game. Please consider this as a BUG in the code and try to resolve ot in your next update.
Always computer win you have got always fine and minus ruppes if you buy most good tickets you have to give fine in next turn or always mortgage your building
There are few things i would like to suggest: 1. when trade dialog box appears, give us the option to show board. 2. give some cut off time for disconnected players. 3. nerf mumbai a little if possible. 4. set limit on no. of turns a property can be kept mortgaged. 5. finally, try to add like voice call option. this game is really fun to play with friends, playing with voice will make it better.
Very annoying to see twice game has removed me from room, and reconnect fails. My internet connection was stable thorougout. Hence one star rating. Overall Good game nice graphics. Plz FIX the issue to get 4 stars.
There are some players who is playing continuously and selling other houses/hotels continuously. I think some cheat code or bug in the application is there. So please fix it.
Thanks for making this game free. This game needs a hell lot of improvement. (My exp)Android s21 review 1. Phone gets locked while in game. You should continuously keep tapping the screen to avoid getting locked. 2. There is no way to exit the game if you click on play with friends. 3. Instead of vertical board placement horizontal would have made it much easier to view.