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Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn

Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Xform Games located at Otterstraat 76 3513 CP Utrecht Netherlands. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Implied Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is just like I remember it. One problem is the controls. They are not good. If you look past that, It is a really good game.
The graphics are good the cars are creative and the over world is large and detailed. On the Nexus 7 it runs brilliantly and the controls for me at least were fine. But they need to add a feature where if you destroy some stuff the police come after you. Also there should be more cars on the roads around you and if possible make the over world bigger and iron out the bugs. Great game though keep up the good work! :-)
Jst 3 requests. 1) I need a map n a hint where to find my target. Smtimes it gts frustrating looking for a fountain or smthing abt which u dnt hv a clue where to find it. Please gv us a map or target tag or smthing. Plzzzzzzz. I ll b waiting for a response.. 2) its a bit slow in loading. 3) controls can b improved. But evn with the imperfections, its the bestest game of its kind to my knowledge. Keep it up.. :-)
Fun game and good graphics ruined and rendered null by absolutely HORRIBLE controls. Slow and unresponsive. Small fix would make HUGE improvement.
Very disappointed in this game, I can't even get to the main menu because the app keeps closing itself.
You guys need better quality the cars dont even come in tune they glitch out fix this bug really quick and I will rerate and give 5 stars.
Nice and interesting game but no accelerometers or motion controls due to that unable to play properly. Needs more control options then it can b worth 5 stars
Love the game please add more cars,another city and more destructive weapons and more missions and objects to destroy
This game is so much fun! You get guns on your car and everything explodes. The challenges are also really good. The only thing that is bad is the controls which are really bad. If this gets fixed it will be an amazing game!
iv played this game alot and its really cool but it needs more features like the ability to undo an upgrade like the speed or the steering because too much speed and the vehicle gets out of control especially the sports type cars and with the only control setup makes even harder. fix this and i will rate 5 stars
I didn't think this was gonna be as Good as it is. It's actually a lot of Fun. Those Turrets are No Joke though. You have to Shoot them with Misles. They will Light you up! I especially Love shooting the Cop Cars FTP
I love xform games, and now to see them on mobile instead of on the computer it sorta makes me happy. But now that I play this game it feels like something was missing that the other burning rubber games had, that thing was THE ACTUAL RACES! Now I know that this game is entirely based on destruction and what not, but couldn't they makes fight other cars with weapons or something of that matter? The control here is rather slippery and takes a while of getting used to. Its not good but certainly not terrible.
i think that i know the game because i played crash n burn on miniclip its do and im going to try keep the good work :) from, Azaree shakshak
The game is very cool with the discretion but the controls are bad you should use tilting motion and it hose on forever with discretion I wanted to play with other people and battle please fix this and can you make it multiplayer game and I would give you five stars.:-)
....But you kuld have some more levels. The game has got stuck on Destroy 200 Cars kan you try to fix it please?
Hello Xform!! This game is one of my favorites, however it's kind of hard to control... this map brings back memories and nostalgia from BR4 map. I wish it had more features and options.. I hope you will release more Burnin' Rubber games for android and fix a few bugs in this one.
The game is excellent time pass liking .............don't think........ Just download it ............... But the team need to work more for my five star rating......... In next update....... If u r seeing this review team...... 1. Get 360* Camera so we can view the position .... 2. Add more locations.................. Make the game around 100mb dont care but add these two things......... Add some more missions ( not necessary) but specially try first two things immediately.
This game needs tilt the controls are totally stupid.The cars and graphics are great for a cell phone. Im looking for a twisted metal type of game this is not it.Consider upgrade and you will have something decent. THE BAY RIDGE REVIEW KING OF BROOKLYN.
There are a few technical issues such as invisible walls and on my lg g4 the home button bar doesn't go away like in other apps but otherwise it's awesome, with a large world to wreak havoc!
I just downloaded it but it just keeps on closing the game. I had much memories playing this game as a child, I was playing on my PC but on mobile it just keeps crashing.
The steering is taking the real enjoyment out of playing. Please put a wheel in as an option. This could easily be 5stars...but at the speeds the cars move, using that dot is more annoying and frustrating than anything else. Trying to steer always forces me to quit and play something else.
I am an X-form fan! You can search me up on Facebook. I liked you. This is the best 3D game I ever played on a mobile device. And it is free! The graphics are smooth, the game effects are nice. Just the long loading time. Well all Burnin' Rubbers have long loading time. That is okay. I like all the Burnin' Rubbers- Burnin' Rubber, Burnin' Rubber 2, Burnin' Rubber 3, Burnin' Rubber 4, and most of all Burnin' Rubber 5. X-form and Elektra Fungi has done a great job of designing the game and music. This version of Burnin' Rubber 4 The City is fun. You get to shoot all you want! Please make more! As you can see, my Google Plus Profile picture is Burnin' Rubber 5! Thanks all of X-form developers! And to Shockwave!
The idea is interesting but the design is too bad to be playable. The controls are idiotically set making the game completely unplayable. The graphics are also awful. After strangling to play for 5 minutes I decided to remove the game.
Can you make the car packs free because you already making money with burnin rubber shift for ios and weapons make it in the update so that you can change weapons and put weapons from br5 and add more cars like dump trucks ,loaders ,br5 vehicles and other cars from games you make and vehicles that drive on the road and these cars I mean is so the player can drive and add more control settings can you add back paint shop
I can't pass lvl 14 the one where u have to desteoy 200 cars... I pass it and it just repeats ovr n ovr like idk if that's it or idkk someone plzz tell me what to do....
Give us options on the controls, would be nice if we could move stuff around and tilt steering would be great!
My brother has it and I liked the look of it so I got it too. The controls are strange, but other than that, it's awesome. I know that it sounds weird coming from a girl, but hey! I am weird!
Awesome game free to play but the games settings need to be add in the game starting controlers adjustment stable thing but still a free to play games and in app purchases is so cheep OK I will buy some of it to keep the game to get more dlc for the pc versions ok
I played Burning Rubber 4 on PC and I found this on my phone but it doesn't load for some reason! Can you please make the loading work for Nexus 4? Or at least faster?
Joystick is horrible I feel as if I'm being tortured trying to use it please I beg you to add tilt steering and actual buttons instead of pictures of the weapons like a and b. I will give this 5 stars and tell everyone about it if this is done for me. Also optimize it I need a higher fps count it gets choppy at times and the controls become clunky because of it. Thanx!
sorry i will say worse because the game sooo much bugs and the controls so horrible , when i change the graphixcs the game will black screen and the game crash. And when the car crashed the car texture change to black.
It's a good game under 50 mb good game play and need improvement such as more high speed thrilling action
First of all, the controls are hard to operate. Secondly, you cannot buy the military and sports pack, I tap it and it does nothing. We would like it if there was motion control and button control in the options.
omg help me developer ! just downloaded the game today and i launched the game, after the loading screen finish loading, the main menu shows up and then the game crashes while giving me mesage says "unfortunatley burnin rubber crash n burn has stopped" i cant even tap play, fix that developer, i played this game on browser "miniclip website" back in the day and i really loved it so much it is fun, one of my childhood games, so please dont ruin my opportunity of playing this game while i am grown
So seems super fun, kinda crazy taxi-ish. But the weird joystick on the right controls suck. I mean who does this? Just fix that it at least give some options to change. Plus having a link to your website that looks like a settings icon is pretty lame...
One of the best games i have played on my tab, but would be the best if they did something very simple. Fixed the controls. The steering control is not just bad, it is annoying. Update this game with a simple right,left arrow control to steer and you got yourself a grandslam of a game. Also a map or compass atleast would help. Besides that, definitely worth the download!
I thanks to xform, because they made this coolest and challenging game. this game is one of my favorite games. but please make the new update which has easy control. 😀😀😀😀
Graphics were descent but I can't get passed the level that you have to destroy 2 turrets in, if someone please figures it out Kik me at baseballpro5150 or instagram me at zackp__
I play this on my PC and its fine but on my android it shows pictures of the background in the shape of my car. And when I'm in the safehouse it shows a black blob in the shape of my car. Please fix these weird glitches for five stars. And it takes 2 or 3 minutes to load.
This game was excellent when I played this on computer.But when I grown up and downloaded it on Android I can't play this because game keeps turning off and goes back to screen.Now I hate this very much
One of the best selling aka free downloading games keep up the good work and maybe add a free jet for me
Lots of fun, hasn't got boring at all. In game purchases are very reasonable and not pushed on you like some games. Runs well on my generic Chines tablet and I honestly don't understand what people are talking about when they say the controls are rubbish, all works well for me.
Pretty gud twisted metal style i like games thats related to that it could b improve alil more n the steering is kinda weird probably gotta get use to but blowinh up things is fun :)
this game is graet dont lisen to the guy's that say it's dumb because i think its great and also try to make the controls a bit easyer i rate this game a 10/10.
this game is crashing. when I open it, it takes a long time to load, then it will back to the main page pls fix it then I will give you 5 stars
It is a nice and challenging game.Graphics are awesome but i have a problem with it's control system, it's not suiting to it, as well as it becomes tough to control the vehicle. If this problem is fixed then it will 100% deserve 5 stars.
But will u please let us change that car controls?! it Sucks! add Acceleration and Break Buttons. and put stirring to sides at left side of screen. I can't drive well with this.
The game just keeps crashing when I open it and it gives the following message :《 This game is only compatible with an older version of *Device* 》. Please do something about this
The game is good but there's to much lag and plus I mostly get bad glitches on this which are very annoying. Trust me I have a good tablet but this game seems to be its week ness.
This was the best game when I played on another phone but now it is showing that it was built for older version of Android
game is good but car controll system are too poor so being distrub with the car controll so please make a change with car controll system i will give u 5🌟 😁