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Burn your fat with me!!

Burn your fat with me!! for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by 株式会社 Creative Freaks located at 〒 600-8815 京都府京都市下京区天使突抜3丁目445 八幡マンション 202号 . The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I can't believe it, I'm finally working out thanks to this App. the power of wafuism sure is a sight to behold, anyways great app keep up the good work!
Cool apps, with story which has requirement to unlock it. The only problem I have is that if you fail to finish the required amount of exercise, the cal stat didn't change.
Date-Sim with Exercise Game. Normal exercise app is boring and not help motivated me to keep do exercise. For 2D Fan like myself. this app help me get back to what I'm when I still did excercise regularly.
i loved using this app but then my old phone broke and now i can't do anything it just says error all the time
in all defense, you should be able to Give your gender, cause this isnt just mostly guys..some girls like me still play it, if you could add this feature in the next update that would be great
Only downside is it will accuse you of cheating if you get in a zone and go faster than one a second or two. Which is annoying with situps especially.
I wish there were more exercises, rather than the four already there, because it helps me a TON. The storyline is interesting, and it really gets your blood pumping for the finale.
Surprisingly helpful and motivating! I've tried this a few times before and was never able to stick with it for more than a few days, so this time I applied myself a little more, and it's worked like a charm! Only suggestion I would have is to add an option to increase the amount of sit-ups past 20, it feels a bit low to me.
i love it! it was super stereotypical, but it worked believe it or not. I like the guy version a little more because it's more of a motivator with the name calling, but they both work fine. the biggest issue was the amount of things spelled incorrectly, but that's just because I'm a grammar nazi.
I used the beginner easy settings and in three months went from 5 crunches to 120 in one set This app didn't help me lose weight, but it did motivate me to improve my strength. I think it's clever motivation for physical fitness and I want more games like this!
good but... i reinstalled the app i click on play. it asks me if i want to dowbload extra data regardless of what i do it says error at the botton of the screen cant do anything bar browse the shop abd ive already bought everything except some costumes hope this can be fixed soon love the app edit: app is working like normal again thanks dev team for the fix 😀
I like this one better than the one made for girls. The story is a little more realistic and I am more motivated that encouraging words than mean ones. Sometime the sensor does not work well despite being set to the highest sensitivity though.
It doesn't trace your moves you have to touch with your fingers, to be counted other than that is was a good app, I uninstalled it.
well, if you wanna burn fat, just get this sh8 and exercise you weeb. if you wanna get abs, this isnt the right app. situps alone wont let you get abs.
I really adore this app and its counterpart. I'm a visual novel addict so it was a perfect motivator for me. I really hope the sequel gets a translation someday as I've recently gotten into running as well.
This game is amazing! It's simple and has good characters while motivating you to work out. You do need to have a good diet as well though - exercise isn't everything! To get coins you practice with the person you want to progress with as well as doing the exercise you recent did with them. If you can't get the points, reinstall the app.
Oh my, I'm lovin' it. It's because you can earn points so easily! Its also have the target number. Every you sit up or etc, you get 1 point! Ah, I'm totally gonna lose weight because of this game~ ^^
Descriptions on settings are lacking, can't sense when you do a situp, visuals are pixelated to heck, and voice acting sounds like it was recorded on a tape recorder
I just think that this game is not for everyone. People with low self esteem (and in general body) issues might feel worse about themselves and that's why I think there should be a disclaimer. But it gets the job done and as a masochist I don't mind. Bah bye <3
Edit: bugs appear fixed, changed my rating. App breaks whenever I try and play the game, asks for me to download something, instantly Android gives me an error. Currently unplayable (Pixel 2)
used to be able to play, now it asks to download extra content and it fails. Training and story are busted, please fix so I can re-rate devs.
Good premise, poor execution. Has a variety of exercise types but until you open the relevant story section nothing counts towards progression. Also won't log exercise in if you fail a time trial, for example doing 48 sit-ups in the 50 situp target time trial doesn't count towards anything in the exercise tracker. Keeping track of progression which occurs mostly by accruing currency is also needlessly difficult because there's nowhere in the game menus that shows you how much you have.
Hella great! There's a lot of stuff to improve (Like the motion tracker with squats being a main issue) but you can always just hold your phone and tap away if that's a bother. I like the idea of this and it really helps you be consistent at it (Which is the most important part of working out). My only major gripe with this is that the alarm sometimes doesn't trigger on the scheduled time but I'm guessing it's because I closed the application in the BG accidentally. It's solid regardless. 5/5!
Game will not unlock the third episode no matter how many points I earn. Fix this and I'll change to five stars.
Definitely could use a lot more work, love the way it is now, but you only get points from squats, it'd be cool if you could like set goals, and most importantly the format could be more... easy to see? I can never see how many points I have. Great start, but awaiting more updates! I'll raise my rating if they ever add to it
really great but heres ideas put a diet chart on and a bedtime monltor and a way for your trainer to irratate you if u dont wanna exersise so then we get more (moe)tivated and also a remimder when to rest and how much ro exersise each day thank you #i also got a tip for a new game for you guus thought it could help well you could make a game what learns others jappanesw well bcs i am the only one at my house learning jappanese so i get bored so you cam make another MOEtivation game what learns
Cute little workout game that helps with motivation. I'm really enjoying it so far. No crashes or bugs.
This is what I've been needing!! It really motivates me to exercise. However... I'm a straight female, and I think it would be cool to have an alternative version of the game where you can train and play story mode with a male instead of a female. But besides that, this app is amazing and the idea of it is very helpful!
This app seems rushed and not well put together from what I see. If there is ever a change to it, it let's you pick the exercises that are good for you, instead of thinking that everyone can do the same thing to achieve weight loss I would be interested in trying again.
It's pretty nice but I don't get why everything is free except for the back extension exercise when in the make version of the game intended for girls, all of it is free.
It didn't load after a few reinstalls and restarting my phone. A little peculiar. If this gets addressed, I'd love to know so I can play and re-rate.
An easier way to sync and transfer your data would be great since there are also purchase options in this app.
What a great idea. Having a cute girl on the screen definitely reminds me why I'm working out in the first place. The story is very sweet so far
This is useful and really give you a motivation for exercise because of waifus but i cant play straight because i download so many times Everytime i change my profile it start downloading again 🤣
I love this,, but why the girl keep saying im cheating????? im not cheating at all,, what the point of cheating this game??? please fix this or remove the voice line that saying stop cheating!!!
i really like this app! it makes exersize more exciting than i could ever dream of and keeps me working during the summer.
Many people are complaining about not being able to watch advertisements and get medals. In my case, restarting the app after once exiting usually enables me to watch ads. I found this app through Lost Pause's video two weeks ago. And it keeps me motivated so far. Great app.
its great!! but i cant get to the 4th chapter of the main story. i have more then enough points to read it but all it sais is that i need 57 points. I have more then 57 points and it even if i earn more points it still sais that i need 57 points.
Its gokd for some one like me over wate and needs some form of motivation to work out and the way this app does it is really will done especially for Otakus or weeaboo
Nothing makes you feel more alive than doing 200 sit ups under epic music in the last level of the main story. What felt like a distant pipe dream became reality and it's because you grinded day after day. Cheers to us mad lads that did it.
Why can't I proceed to the next story? It says it needs 10 points and I've done the training until 70 points and I still can't proceed to chapter 1 story 2
Game didn't work extra content couldn't download, I tried for 3 days, and without it the game doesn't do anything.
Needs more skins but overall good game also needs hotter girls i mean that why we are exercising for 😂
Buggy and terrible ui. Cant progress because no matter what I've done it still says 10 points to progress and doesnt even bother making it obvious how many points you have actually.
I like the game but my story progression has glitched. It says the next chapter will unlock in 94 points but I cant decrease the number. Ive tried redownloading the app but with no success.
Played this for some months w and it was actually nice and enjoyable, now i was thinking in back to it cuz i unistalled but it seems that i lost all of my progress '-' isn't there a way to get my progress back?
A fun way to start a workout routine and fuel it. I started doing a few push ups a night. Now I do 50 push-ups one night, then alternate to 200 sit up after a few months of usage. The moe-vation is real. Fitness definitely takes discipline outside some simple workouts. Nutrition, walking, etc. But this is a good way to start some healthy habits for the weeb i know you are, if you're reading this.
Pretty good. Functional, if not basic UI and cute 2d girls. Could do with some custom exercise options (weight training, etc) but it's alright for what it's worth. 9/10.
I got this app by a accident thinking it was a game, but this happen bc I read the name wrong. After getting in the game I was dead laughing after noticing what I download, but I gave it a try still. Now boom I'm addicted to it.
So I really enjoy this app, however I wish there was something in the app that would exemp you from doing a specific exercise. Now I say this because although I'm quite young I've got knee issues that limit me from doing the squats. Now I know I could just skip the exercise altogethed but it would be nice to have this function added in so that it doesnt affect your overall results.
Need fixing tons of stuff: The graph aren't displayed properly. Calorie count need to be removed as it's not correct at all. Increase training count: some are stuck at 20. Make it so that it stays in training instead of going to meniu. Add options like daily task, so little dot appears on exercise type untill goal was reach for the day. Increase max for achievements. Remove [don't cheat] dialogs since its frustrating that you try your best, at your limit, press by accident x2 and she is angry
The app is great and alot of fun, however the next morning when i woke up, all my data was gone and I had to restart everything.
Bought all the DLC, have 260 timed Moetivation points but can't move onto "Unexpected Expectations" despite having more than the required 10 points. Gated out of continuing which sucks.
I like the voice acting! But it didn't motivate me because I could just tap the screen mean my thumb got all the work out instead of the who body area that was ment to get it.
Cute, fun, and entertaining but I cant progress to the next episode. I need 10 medals and I can only get 9, I can't set it for more than 10 reps and 120 seconds. Other than that I really do enjoy it!!
Game is fun and helps motivate you to exercise, but it crashes when I finish some episodes (the first episode crashed when I finished 4 times)
it's alright good motivation because I like anime girls but it would be awesome it there was a option to choose if your a boy or girl cause it feels to much like I'm being treated like a guy but I don't like the other Burn Your Fat With me game cause it's a guy so you should add a gender option to your games.
Help I can't get pass the 3 minutes (75 reps) sit up goal. Good "game", but please properly close the app otherwise you will get the harmless progress reset bug - just close the app then the bug is gone.
Okay, so keeping in mind that this is absolutely ridiculous, I'm still kind of loving it. I can't imagine this will be a terribly effective work out app, but it's still good fun and better than sitting around.
Hello, I'm using this app, quite well made but there is one problem, you should earn points for the main story by doing push up and squat as well as sit up, because sit ups can really harm your spine, and it quite boring to just do sit ups, thank you.
I love this app, it's cute and fun and I have been noticing that I have been looking forward to working out because of this app. The only problem I have with it is that you can't choose the gender pronouns for your own character, since I am a girl.
I love this game, it's a good motivation tool to get people exercising who usually don't. But I do have some grunts about it. I took "nutrition" in high school, & watched documentaries about it; you can't lose weight just by exercising. The main vein of weight loss is diet, mostly limiting your calorie intake. It would be nice to see a system like that implemented, even something as simple as a calorie counter, or "Remember to eat something green today!". As well as some graphical updates.