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Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost

Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Crunchyroll Games located at 835 Market St #700, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA . The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love it a lot they're also not over priced like other games... also I got the Fukuzawa card that i liked the most and I'm very happy :')
This game is amazing to play which is why what I am about to say pains me. I have been having trouble with the new update. It says waiting for download and then if restarts to download again. I would like it if someone would do something about it. Please and thank you.
Beware the deletion. If you lose the game due to storage shortage or simply just delete it for whatever reason, there is no way to regain anything. Unless you already did steps the game never told you about to set a proper password, the game auto generates a bunch of random characters as a password for you, so good luck ever trying to figure that out. It was a fun game when I thought I'd be able to come back and play it again, but unless that password is set at the time of setting a username? :/
Awesome game, I can play for hours and still have fun. It's real awesome collecting all the characters, and the gameplay is fun too.(side note: would be nice if you could sell more than 20 things at a time, because you can hold like 2000 items, and it take forever to sell all those)
An amazing game overall. Easy mechanics and understandable (game-unique) storylines. The main story made you look back at the anime itself and reimagine those scenes from memories. Those who still haven't seen the anime yet can understand the story itself just from the game.
Thanks to the new update, All progress I had has been lost. I really think it would be wise to make it so it can't be lost again. The beginning of the gameplay was fun, but now that I have to slave to regain everything I lost? Not fun.
This game is awesome but I lost my data during transfer. I was on rank 51 but when I transferred data I still had to start from rank 1. Please help now I uninstalled the game in both devices!
Honestly this game is pretty fun. I just wish it was easier to get ability stones without having to pay for them, and ap takes AGES to refill fully so you can't do that many battles at one time. Otherwise I think it's great.
I love this app!!! and have gotten addicted to this in only 2 weeks. But seriously- the characters are soooooooo cute!!!! (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`)
I love this game it's really addicting and fun!! But I would probably recommend a PvP system or trading system and also I wish it's easier to gain more Ap because the higer the stage is the more Ap you loose (^_^).
The game is fun and easy to play, not too anti-newbie which I like, I've gotten a full tr eam of decent SSRs in only my first week, though it's pretty hard to get ability stones when you're finished everything in the main battle story, I have to rrly on events now for that..
Amazing game. Keeps me sane, and keeps me excited for BSD. Thank you. ^-^ Alright. For all of you guys who are still having trouble with getting in your game, as of the update of May 31st of 2019, this is how you fix it: You go to the Title Screen, there is a Menu button. Press the Menu button and click Clear Cache. Then everything should go back to normal. You're welcome.
I really like this game, it like the cards, the cute animation, but there are somting i wanna request, like maybe add more games, like maching thiny or somtin like that, and also when we revolve can the art be more epic? But anywat give 4 stars bcs i love tge anime and the gam
Great game! Should add a custom multiplayer mode so we can play agaisnt friends and some stuffs like giving your friends money ect.
I really love this game. It's very fun and addictive. I wish you could trade with friends if you have doubles of Characters. I don't know if I'm just EXTREMELY unlucky or that the Scouting is TOTALLY RIGGED. I ALWAYS GET DOUBLES AND TRIPLES. I'm not even getting any new Characters. Also, my friend has gotten the exact same SSR Atsushi FOUR times in a row and they were Rank 60. Edit: THE SCOUTING IS RIGGED. I GOT 9 DUPLICATES IN A ROW.
Can't login via facebook anymore, just keeps getting a message that facebook login is currently unavailable for this app. I guess Crunchyroll and Ambition is slowly pulling the plug on this game.
As a bsd fan i love playing this game but i'm kind of dissapointed in some part. First, i already have few ssr+ that i can upgrade to ur but the characters never appeared (hirotsu and lucy). Everyday, the ur characters upgrade are changed but it always the same one. Idk whether it needs some event to actually able upgrading those lucy and hirotsu ssr or i'm just unlucky. Give me some insight please
Connected my account with facebook but whenever i try to log in now it says this function is not available right now
overall it's a great game, it's fun, passes time, has all the characters you love. My main issue is that every character had been involved except Edgar Allen Poe which frankly isn't fair. Hes had his share or scenes and it really bugs me hes not a character
Ah far as games like this go it's a little expensive, but it's not bad. Enjoyable, but just be aware that compared to others it's got a high price for the paid features.
YEEYYY!!!! Thank you for the update and for fixing the gameeee!!! 😭😭😭 Thank you now I can play again! I missed my characters but thank you very much!
I really like it! The system is good and the rewards are reasonable, the only thing that i find irritating are the maintenances because I'll be forced to the title while I'm still playing. But the game at it's own is done greatly!
I just started play BSD: Tales of The Lost again. However, I cant seem to play it because of the new update. Please fix this.
Don't know if you realize, I had this bug which makes me unable to past the home/welcome screen. I've tried a few times but it's nah, nada. So I'm here to request for the update to fix the bug, thanks :'v
I love this game but when i updated the game and wanted to login via Facebook it says Facebook login its not available for this app please help
I totally love this!!!!! . Otherwise, I'd recommend some kind of trade or a shop where players can buy from each other, or maybe friends, for dupes. Scouts are broke. Most of the time where ssr is guaranteed, I get TWO of the same card in a SINGLE 11-play scout. Please fix the scout 🙏🙏🙏
GUYS!! I have seen a LOT of reviews about the game being terrible because of the account transfer thing, but you CAN set the password. It's like this. Settings -> Support-> Account Info and Management -> ID and Password! Then, you change your password to whatever you want, write it down, test is on another device and BAM! You have now changed your password! Hope this helped! Byeee!
Thank you to those people who kindly gave the advices in solving the problem most of us were facing. It's nice to see us BSD fans united as one~ As I said before, this is a wonderful game. I hope that there will be easier ways for more experienced players to earn ability stones. Thank you!
Love this game, if you play regularly you can rack up enough resources to play the scout, meaning it's not pay-to-play like so many others. My only complaint is that it's way too hard to get the event cards, out of all the events I've played I have only won one, this was in an Increased Drop event. I also was unable to update the app yesterday, causing me to lose my over 70 days streak (I am still unable to update it, even after cleaning and restarting my phone multiple times).
Good games. I didn't have any problem with the scout or any event (just please make the event time more longer^^ So i can collect the Moonstone). But, can you fix the marble Aiming? it sometimes worst, and i'm very disturbed. Please fix it! I would be give a 5 rate star, if you fix it. Thanks!
I love this game but, they should add a card trading option so that selling HALF MY CARDS isnt something that I have to do. Its nice to trade cards we dont want for cards we do want. Also, GIVE ME A DAZAI SSR PLEASE. Ive been playing for 9 months and I still dont have a single Dazai card.
I absolutely love this game really interesting fun and accurate.. could you guys please bring back the wonderland event and maybe add in player trading??? :)
Wish they had something were players could battle eachother I think that would be fun, but other than it is pretty fun I would recomend to fans of the anime or manga.
I've been really enjoying this game. There are so many new character arts for the Bungou Stray Dogs characters so I'm very satisfied with it. The game is great for F2Ps because it's really easy to get ability stones for summons, however, at times the gameplay can get a little repetitive
I usually don't write reviews but, this game is addicting and fun but there is some problems I have. First, scout. every time I unlock a Character, I always get the same one, like, I'm trying to get Rampo and I just get the characters I have. And Beat down. When I press the button It starts lagging, until I finish using it it's not lagging anymore somehow. is there a way you can fix this? I'm not sure if I'm the only one who's experiencing this but please fix it.
Love this game so much, the UI is very easy to understand, the characters are so cute, and the illustrations are top notch! I hope the SSR drop rate can be increased, but I guess it's also understandable that it's hard to get since it's super×2 rare. Other than that, great game!
It's a very cute and adorable game, I would really recommend it those who have the time to play games and love Bungo Stray Dogs. And the characters in events are beautiful 👌 I play it because I love Bungo Stray Dog its my #1 favorite anime!!! OwO and characters are Soo freaking adorable and cute!!!!!
Well... it isn't a game if it's all too easy. Sure there are going to be problems and the difficulty can ruin the mood, but isn't it just a combination of luck and strategic thinking? Do you get to decide your tiles in a game of scrabble, no. You make use of what you have. The developers are doing their best to fix and update every now and then. With the loading problem, it's probably the net connection, since the game needs a strong one... NO! Big problem and now I can't complete my loginTT
I really love this game, but please can you make accounts. I've had had problems with it. my lvl and characters was deleted by new update and I don't know how to return that.
I can't log in since yesterday...server maintenance? Please help. I don't want to break my attendance record.
As a huge fan of Bungo stray dogs, I absolutely love this game, the characters are so cute and I spent hours trying to get new characters from the events. This is a masterpiece, I love so much, thank you for this game!
I absolutely love this game! Very addictive and the anime is amazing too! Highly recommend to play. Controls are simple, Characters are awesome. The story too is pretty great.
I love this app! Is a must for any BSD fan! The pulls are not that bad. At the end you will get a special character if you grind enough for stones which is easy. Is not like other games that make it so hard and want you to put money money. I have so many good ssr characters. I really recomend this game to anyone.
I quite enjoy playing this game. The event characters are often lovely illustrated, and I can get myself distracted from stress when needed. My issue would be - the achievements pretty much end after you reach a certain level, and providing that they are the main way to gather the ability stones, there isn't much left to do than to buy them, and the stones are ridiculously expensive. 1 stone for 1 pln, so 250 pln for ONE 11 tries scout? That's an insane HUGE chunk of my monthly salary.
Pretty Good I like the aspect of the game, it can be boring after a while, but it'll hook you up again when you play it tomorrow/few hours (at least for me) It follows the anime story well, the characters design is still the same and gives the anime vibe as well Would definitely reccomend! It does have a gacha system, which I don't like, but it is still fun if you're the type of patient person
Not bad...I like that the game play isn't puzzle-based, or matching, using marbles is unique from other games so plus points for that aspect! Even better is you get frew ability stones (up to 5 if you complete the mission quests for each level) which you can use for the gacha "scouts" for new avatars. The chances of getting a really good character or even a featured one is also very generous. Minus a star because it can get boring and there aren't any cheaper priced packages for items.
Great game! I totally 10/10 recomend! The graphics and features are great, the scouts are pretty easy to save up for which is awesome! And I love that you can friend people to use their characters! The animations are adorable and really tie together the game!
This game is really fun, it's not that easy to get the cards useful for later battles but it is not that hard either.And I get to see the characters I like and not like so much. I like how we even get to see the story of the manga/anime because it could be hard to faind the episodes to the anime.
loved this game until the latest update on May 31 which made me lose ALL my progess.. goodbye rank 69... goodbye all my rare scouts. No one in support even helped me get my game back either, sent several emails. Ive been trying for over a month to get it back but guess I should throw in the towel. was fun while it lasted
great game, amazing and detailed cards, very addictive but i do wish ability stone rewards were increased in some way.
Ever since Crunchyroll took over this game has been nonstop bugs and crashes. This past month and a half Ive been dealing with uninstalling and reinstalling only to have the game malfunction over and over. You would think with the matinence they do which lasts hours to fix this it would be fixed. What a dissapointment. Oh did I fail to mention clearing the ingame cache DOESNT WORK
I was FINALLY able to load the game thanks to some helpful reviews. There is an official notice inside the game regarding the "Log in Error" and clearing the cache should resolve this issue for most. Fix: Title screen --> Menu --> Clear Cache. This will allow you to load the app without it crashing and losing any saved data. I hope this helps. I LOVE this game and would've hated to start again from scratch.
Such an awesome game! Great story, and a fun play mode, with awesome characters! I may be a bit addicted now!!
Great graphics, great gameplay in a style I've never seen before! I love all the characters, and you don't have to pay to win, you can totally succeed all on your own! Super fun, I love it!
i absolutely LOVE this game and the anime. bungou stray dogs is by far my favourite anime, so having a whole game dedicated to it is great (especially with the new rainy season kunikida card, that's ADORABLE). the game is so well made and really easy to play!! the stories as well are so well laid out, and adding the pictures from the anime makes my heart melt (i love bungou stray dogs a bit too much 😅) overall, this is one of my favourite games to play!!
NOTICE: with the recent update it makes it impossible to log in.2 methods have been able to solve this issue. Method 1 (recommend try first): Menu > Clear Game Cache > Play Method 2 (PLEASE record your player ID and password prior to this or you WILL lose your account): Menu>Data Transfer>note player details>uninstall game> reinstall game> menu>input player details. Overall: Fun game, frustrating when your game piece bounces back and fourth constantly lol.
Pretty cool premise and fun game. I haven't seen the show but I'm def interested now. Gacha rates are alright. The game itself can be cleared with the R and occasional SRs you'll probably pick up, and the actual gameplay is pretty easy to get the hang of. I would leave a 5☆ review were it not for the typos (grammar nazi speaking.) It's not too anti-new player, so I'd recommend giving it a go if you're still on the fence.
It's amazing u have to try playing this. if your a bungou stray dogs fan I know your gonna have fun with it with all the cute scout character you will get and the voices omf it's so cute I cant stand it. I really love this game so much I can't even dare to delete it because im so obsessed with it aaaaaaa
I usually don't play games like this, but this one is an exception. The gameplay is simple, but addicting (much to my surprise, especially it's BSD). For me the scouting was fine, got 8 SSR in my first week walkthrough (if you play often plus step up scouts). It's more forgiving than the other gacha games that's fricking hard to get a one SSR 🙄 The AP is a good feature, it actually can help you from playing it too much till 3 AM in the morning lol
don't get me wrong, this game is fun and all but i suggest the devs to do some power-balancing. i struggled to awakening my (mafia underboss) chuuya even with a team full of more than 2k atk and an ur+ and max level akutagawa supporter from a friend. i have to prepare lots of ability stone to use continue so i can complete all the materials. a lot of limited characters from previous banner also hit like a wet noodle compared to characters from permanent pool (rare scout)
1.In app purchases are overpriced 2. Lost over 1000 stones per each limited scout due to it ending. 3. After playing everything (scenarios, daily, school, memories) there are few chances to get ability stones. You're lucky if you get 250 a week and that really kills the game's fun. Events either need to be more frequent with more stones or the scenarios need to reset yearly 4. Unecessary amount of gold and way to few ability stones. Limited scouts cost way too much per how limited stones are
I can't get enough of ths game! I'm a huge fan of the anime series and this game certaintly delivers on all aspects related to the BSD trademark. This game is absolutely beautiful and full of amazing story lines, battles, and special events. I especially love that the game can be played in its entirety without purchasing anything. I love this app and fully enjoy the gameplay whenever I need a break or just when I want to see all of my favorite BSD characters!
Really addictive. At first, its really overwhelming and confusing because of all the mechanics, but i got the hang of it in a day. There's so much to do, and I'm wprrying whether I'll go to sleep, or ditch it for this :)
I love the game so much, it's really addicting and I love all the ideas of the new scout cards. The only flaw that I really see is how fast you use your AP up. It does come back relatively fast, but you still use it up quickly which sucks since I'd like to play it more. Other then that it's a great game, it follows the story perfectly, the art is amazing, and it's usually not super easy or not super hard. Bungo Stray Dogs fans will defiantly love it :)
Really fun! Lot's to do! really like how you can change to your favorite character and can earn more/different characters . really like the anime! 😄 Edit: Keeps getting better and better I love what their doing with it so far !!! I really like how you can be on both sides, and get stuff for both bases!
For those experiencing app crashing/not loading for this update, try clearing the cache (not the game data) by clicking on the Menu button found at game title screen. Less 1 star for the hassle of not playing for a day due to learning the fix just this day
The game's quite fun and I do like the mechanics and the events that they would have for the newly added characters or to just let players have have a very high-ranking character. But getting ability stones is too hard and should increase the amount we would get if we completed a difficult mission, like a 'Very Hard' mission. Other than that, I would recommend this. Edit 06/01/19: The new update kept making the game crash. Can you please fix this?
I for one absolutely love this game! It would be nice if earning ability stones are easier and trading was available through friends, but otherwise it's perfect!
It is very fun as it is different compared to other games. Though, maybe you can increase the ap, or have a special event where our level go up by a jump.
For those who are stuck you can clear your cache through the title screen > menu > clear cache, it'll delete your game file (Wont affect save file), so you'll have to redownload the game file, after redownloading everything should be fine. Just a reminder : do not uninstall the game without taking notes of the password and the game ID. you can see your ID and password through data transfer then choose transfer via player ID, you can edit your password there. You can also connect it to your FB.
I'm a huge fan of the anime! I'm addicted to the game and it can be quite challenging. The characters are so cute!♡ I love the little chibi versions of them and the illustrations. The UI makes it easy to understand and navigate through the game. My only issues are about how expensive the game can be when it comes to ability stones. Those are hard to come by and the drop rates (to me)are a tad crazy. Still fun overall and I highly recommend it to fans of the anime and manga.
Amazing game, love the style and gameplay. Would love to see more expansion to the story battles, however
Bruh...i like this game so much...even the event just that and that, but its kinda cool. Seeing many characters with different outfit. I've always wanting that this game has an official discord so i can discuss about this game, and build an ultimate team with the help of other player. Keep the goodwork developer and creator, wish you guys can make an official discord for this game, please. Thank you. Rip grammar
I've been fairly enjoying this game for quite a while now, especially because I love the anime. I was finally able to log in after the update; i cleared the cache from the menu at the startup screen.
Its a very fun game and can get pretty addicting. Please give me more Ranpos for my team i have pulled so many times and I only got 1 🥺
Been playing this game daily for a few months now. The best marble type game that I've come across. F2P and events run often enough to keep you engaged daily.
this game is fun and refeshing, beside of the marble game you also have stories you could enjoy reading. true that you need time to recover your AP, but it ddoesn't take long, and it's very convenience to play in your spare time, there's really no rush in playing this game. Also, if you wish to SECURE your DATA and ACCOUNT in case you change your device, don't forget to go to Menu-Support-Account Info, there you'll find your ID and password for data transfer when you re-install the app!
wooooo this game is addicting ngl would recommend :p people say it gets boring, but I always find myself coming back to it so idk.... Ohh and the animations for URs are really nice too,,, better than candy crush tbh
Since the update on the 30th, game no longer loads and crashes on start up. Please fix. I'm not really into mobile gaming and this is one of the few games I've enjoyed, very therapeutic. It's a nice addition to the bungou stray dogs compilation, the artwork presented is lovely and I'd say a must-play for any fan of the series.
Everything is perfect. Except for one of the event in which they promised a too character if you did a ten play which I did do and got nothing back had to do it three times before it worked. All good otherwise
Great game especially if you've watched the bungou stray dogs anime it has all familiar characters in all kinds of cute and amazing styles you collect more as you go and even gets to play the story for the actual anime it's soooooo cool it gets more fun as you complete new achievements and I always find myself relaxing on the couch and playing this game would recommend for all ages
Its fun, fair, and the different varieties of characters is amazing. Only thing is it's easy to finish the current amount of story that there is and how difficult it can sometimes be to get ability stones.
I love this app!!! and have gotten addicted to this in only 2 weeks. But seriously- the characters are soooooooo cute!!!! (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) But- THE SCOUTING IS RIGGED!!!! I've literally gotten the same SSR Atsushi FOUR TIMES!!!! I already have him as A UR+!!! I DON'T NEED ANOTHER ONE!!!AND PLEASE JUST GIVE ME A VOICED SSR AKUTAGAWA!!!!! MY DARK TEAM IS SO BAD!!!! I NEED HIM SO I CAN MAKE HIM INTO A UR!!!! also my friend is level 178 and they STILL HASN'T GOTTEN A VOICED SSR DAZAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing game! although I now keep getting " It isnt responding" and closes down by itself. I would want to keep playing this game but if you can help solve this problem it be great.
Love this game! Maybe the creators can add the toddler verison of the bungo stray dogs characters in the game as some scouts? That would be great
I love Bungo Stray Dogs and I just found this and started playing and so far its good but I dont care for the pull back marble shooting thing when the power up buttons are right there in that space. I would rather put my finger on the phone in the same direction the marble will shoot like the other ball shooter games I've played, like Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter.
I love this game as long as I love Bungou Stray Dogs...stories in this game are wonderful and exactly like it's manga. I love all the SSR and EX characters. It designed perfectly and I'm playing this game everyday.😍😍😍😍🖤🖤🖤🖤
The game kept crashing and I had to reinstall. I had tried searching for backup option before, but couldn't find it in settings, so I had taken screenshot of Game ID in advance. But now, after reinstallation, it is asking for some password as well, which I don't have. Please resolve the issue asap, and will revise rating and review accordingly.
I love the game so much it's amazing, but it kinda sucks how you can't do some scouts. Unless you have payed ability stones, and losing them when trying to get an SSR or even an SR on Scout's. The game would be a little more better, if their was a higher chance of getting an SR or SSR.
The only way to get your account back is by having a Facebook account or remembering everything from your ID. Which is impossible since you don't have the account anymore so I'm stuck not being able to play my old account.
I'm a big fans of BSD so I enjoyed playing the game. But I think there should be a notification about saving account or the password, because I don't even know we have password set for my account and when accidentally uninstalled we don't have way to recover our account sadly. Please regards these problems
This game is honestly amazing, ive played it before on my old phone and my current one (had to start over though bc transfer didnt work, not mad abt that now) What im sorta concerned about is after the newest update for the new Resplendent event, all the event shops aside the one with Yasano on the banner, are unavailable? My friend is having the same problem.
the app isn't working for me ever since it last updated. can i uninstall the app then install it again? will save the progress or will i have to start from scratch?
I actually like this game a lot but there's kinda one feature I would like to get, I kinda wanna see how long my friends were online coz I dont even know if theyre still playing, back then yiu had this feature but Now I cant find em Thank you !! Keep up the good work !!
Big fan of BSD. Tryna catch up with the latest season and to set the mood up even more, this game also has great features. Its gacha system, combat system, etc., are all great. Would give a 5 star but- Ever since I updated it, I'm always stuck at the connecting part every time I try to start it up. Any way to fix this problem?
I like this game, and I LOVE BSD, but the new scout update comes off as halfhearted. After 100 draws without an SSR drop you have a 50% chance of drawing an event character. Sounds good on paper. But if you're about 80 scouts in, and suddenly your 9 millionth copy of SSR Tanizaki drops? Right back to zero for you. It's almost WORSE to draw an SSR character at around that point. Can we please bring back the scouts where paid crystals get you a guaranteed event character???
Spent almost 1000 stones to get the Nakahara Chuuya EX and still didn't get it. Please see if you can fix this other than that hands down my favorite game.
I dont have a problem with this game at all! I think I just get really lucky with the scouting lol and the battles are super easy. The overall gameplay is fun and the storyline is exactly like the anime which I love btw. I really recommend this game ♡
Okay, so the problem with the log in error has been solved. All you have to do is clear the cache on the title screen, listed under "Menu." (Of course, the game is in maintenance now, so this is redundant.) I'm glad the issue is being resolved and I didn't lose my streak like I thought I would.
ok honestly? it's pretty good, and it's a simple game that can be pretty addictive when it comes in trying to get your favorite character's card, the problem is, finding news ways to harvest ability stones since i practically completed all stages possibles including the events.