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Bumper Cats

Bumper Cats for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Lifebelt Games Pte. Ltd. located at 30 Cecil Street #19-06 Prudential Tower SINGAPORE 049712. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game it's soo fun and exciting to see all the cat and how funny they are. This game helps me relax. I just want more cats to be added. otherwise it's the best side game I ever played 💞😻
An average game. Only problem is the ads and the progress. My coins and rank all got reset and there are too many ads. Would rate more if I get my coins back. I had 400 over and now I have none.
Totally love the game! It's so adorable and fun! So what you do in the game is bump other cars off the map, and when bump a car off you get 1x bigger, and ya. I highly recommend!
dont hate it, but i really really REALLY dont like it. like, i got bigger, and an ad shows up,no biggie right? WROONG!!! it deleted all the stuff i just got, damnit! im mad, really mad...here i thouht this would be a "good game".
It is a great game totally recommend it but the down side about this game is that there is a lot of ads and also sometimes when I hit the button that says "watch ad to be bigger " or something like that and when I have my wifi on in my room, it will not do a thing. But it is still a really good game.
I LOVE this app! Sure it has some ads, but then you have SO MANY CUTE CATS! :D I love the character design tgw way that the maps are made, I also played when the way to unlock cats was different buttt, I like it better the way it is :]♡ I suggest this to use in quarantine,cause everything is canceled y'know? But yes this app is GREAT! Thanks for reading have a nice day~!♡☆♡
Its a good game and all but the only reason I have it three stars is because there can be some ads but that's not my problem its mostly that once you have done all of the levels its boring so I recommend this game if your looking for a game u dont think your going to play it alot ☆•○• Overall its a good game
THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!it has amazing graphics and smooth quality.the man(or guy)should NOT BE DEAD or get arrested because they might be a kind person or a poor person like my dad.when it was my birthday,my dad bought me a nintendo switch and lost ALL his money,trying to buy me one because i used to beg him to buy me one
i like the game because its fun to play and also it calms you down when your mad i also like it because it improves my skills on navagating thats why you should get the game and the good thing about it is its free!you should download it !!! 😊☺️🙂
this game is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooôoooooolokooooooooooooooooo relaxing !!!!!!!¡!ll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l?
This is the pinnacle point of mobile gaming. Not only is your character easy to control, the graphics and gameplay are phenomenal. It perfectly combines the aspect of brutal battle royale with cute and cuddly felines, and the ability to customize your character and their automobile adds a pleasing, personal touch to the game. It is so flawlessly constructed that if you are to lose a match, it effortlessly draws you back in to start another, and the feeling of securing a victory is indescribable.
I love the and all but it always gives you the same map!!! So many adds but when an add comes it means the game is hacking don't let the little kids downloading this game please strangler are going to break in to your house and steal your children i give the game one half star even I'm a kid sorry !!!one star it is
Its i good and fun game but pretty hard but its fun you hafe lots of skins and cute cats and carts love it gust its hard but good game and i love cats
This game is pretty Innocent. But you have to fix the way All the bots aim at you. Maybe put a option of multiplayer?? Adorable and cute though! Just turn on airplane mode to Remove ads. Over all i think You worked pretty hard on This! Would give 5 stars if you just Fix a few things.. Featuring what i said, By the way It has Nice Cat models! and its a Great time killer! 4 stars :D
I love it. But once I got my unicorn cat, add disables, and events, I just got even more adds!? Why is that? I rate this a 1 for waiting my money! That was my birthday money! Booo! I'm deleting I'm sorry. 😡🤬😠
This game is soo fun I love it so much it's so fun and easy. I recommend this game if you are looking for something to do when you are bored.
Bumper Cats is a wonderful game!, I love it so much! All the unlockable cats are cute & lovable, I have grown attached to Cleo and Chungus because they're cute & lovable, the developer did a great job making this! This is an excellent game and can be enjoyed by all!
I really like this game, it is fun and I am glad that there is a 'watch an ad button to start bigger' on the front page. Once you have unlocked a new map you have to play that map and can't change map though. Other than that, Great.
Its a really good game.I love it but the only thing i will disagree with is that the sounds it makes when u bump a car it annoys me...And for me i dont get many ads like other games so thats why i give it a 4!And apart from the sounds I like this game alot ty for making it!!😁😁
dude i used to be obsessed with this, it does get boring after a while but i have alot of good memories of playing this with my friend
Okay so basically best game EVER!!! I have not had one of those annoying rate app things and there are barely any ads. It ia so fun and dont even get me started ont the graphics of the cute cars! 100% recommend to download now! If u dont have enough stotage space remember the name and come back when u do...!!! <3
It's really good. Cute characters, but you shouldn't have to watch an ad every round. And then to watch an ad to collect a character you earn. It just makes the game kinda feel pointless.
It's fun ! I think it's a good game it's like a few minute mini game it's relaxing thanks for create this game 😊
Only 1 star because this game hangs a lot and Also I must tell that if your data is on then also you won't be able to watch ads to unlock character, and every character is has something new in it. But, when you can't open it, you can't pass levels more than 5.
Full on amazing game. The online feature is incredible! The style is so cute and calming! It's also very funny in an adorable way! Some things I recommend: ・Account setup to save and backup for when you reinstall it another time to convert to a different device ・Add more cats and cars to keep your audience and even new players to keep playing!
I recently just downloaded this game and it is super fun my only complaint is the ADS omg I hate when creators of apps say they don't do it for money but for our "enjoyment" well obviously with the amount of ads you put in this game that isn't true I honestly had to go and buy the no ads but to make it more money they added to "LEGENDARY" pets to make it 5 dollars instead of like 1,2,3 those are reasonable.
this is so... ADORABLE!! there may be other bumper games, but this one out of all is my favourite. there detail and graphics are great! it's also on my level of challenging. please make more games like this!
I downloaded this game, and it immediately brought me back to play store. I tried reinstalling it, it kept turning black and exiting out the game.
Very cute game, I love that I can play offline and I love getting new cats! I am however, experiencing a few problems. During every round all the cats end up in one large group If u get close to the big bundle of cats, one hit lands me completely off the map! I also sometimes just teleport off of the platform without being near any cats, or I bumb a cat off the platform and the cat just floats and doesn't get eliminated. I do also think that there should be more things to do in this game.
Bumber Cat is a Funny, adorable, and safe for kids. For me this is like the best game there ever had. But I was hoping there is an online mode so we can make friends. There so many adorable cats. It's easy to play the controls are not to hard.
It's a really good concept, and I really think it could make alot of people happy. The issue I have is the controls, and unfair advantages. The controls are very wack, and crazy. The unfair advantages is once you're bigger, you have less of a chance of getting punched off, which can be rage enducing since you have no chance of come back.
The game is cute and kinda good... but I just dont like the fact that the game... is offline, this is to the developers... make a online mode and a offline mod... then the game will be good. But I enjoy the game tho... thanks for reading and black lives matter! 🐈
Great game, wish that it had keyboard arrow key support, as that's how I play rather than holding down the mousepad and moving around. Also lots of ads but come on it's a mobile game.
quite fun actually only thing wrong with it is that it lags for me a little but I'm still not going take off star(s) for that thought but I love the game!!!!
I've played the game now and I think it's pretty cool and cute! The cat models are awesome, the graphics are alright, every thing is great about this game but there is one problem, the AI is terrible, everytime I start up a level, all of the cats go after me, telling me they are robots and their AI is bad. So if there was one thing to change in the next update, please make the AI better. I give Bumper Cats 3 Stars.
fun and silly game. You can bump of other players of the end there are lots of cool cats to. There are diff maps to keep on the good work!
I downloaded this app because it's so fun and there is one unkown in this game and i don't sure who it is i got to find out what's happening ok bye and also what's with the ads boye and the game say's this bumper cats insent responseding and i still like it so bye and the game show's this and show's this ❌close app ⏱️wait send feedback ➡️ and i better give 5stars⭐ so bye see you later soooon
The characters are sooo adorable! This game is so addicting and can really test if you're an ultimate pusher! I recommend this game to cat lovers like me 🐱. But please, can you ease the ad breaks?
I think its a great game but really there is only two problems 1.There are way to many ads and they get in the way, I know you can buy a pass that gets rid of ads but its not worth it. 2. When you play as a black cat the screen goes all fuzzy and nothing works you should fix this as the black cats in my opinion are very cute
Best game EVER! you have your own little cat in a bumper cart wich is sSOO CUTE! And i think that it is really easy to win! My tac tic is to stay where crowded places are! I know it sounds weird but it works! I really think this is a gam for people who like cats!, like me! 🐱🐱🐱🚗🚗😄😍😍😍😘😂😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😻😻😻
the graphics are adorable the gameplay is a decent and the controls are decent enough, I see lots of people comlaning about ads but if you turn WiFi off there's non. only suggestion I'd give is the ability to Chose the map you play on. on my phone this game works fine, but on my new tablet (1 yr old) it glich alot. so please fix that.
I would give this a 5-star if it had a little more going on but other than that it's awesome because you can unlock new areas, play with real players, grow bigger watching ads, unlock new characters, and have fun!
This game is so cute and simple. I wish the developers would cut down the ads a little bit especially if you want to claim the bumper cars.
This game is sooooo good it has so many cute cats but there are way to many ads but apart from that it is a great game.
super cute and fun!! Although a little hard to control and resembles snowball.io. i am normally very hard on reviews so i would say what i gave you is great! Good Job!
Hello developers I gave this game a 4 star rating because it's fun to play l would recommend this game for a trip a very long trip.
I love this game but to many adds once you finish a round a ADD! And can you add more cats. but way way more maps I love it. I just got the app and I got ALL of the world's tooooo fast. 😸I am a cat lover but plz add more like chat. I love the game add more! Thank you. From, your cat lover.
this game is great,but when I was almost in 1st I was pushing this cat off a building and when the cat came off it was just floating there and when I tried to push the cat further, the game made me fall and end up in 2nd. You should really fix the glich; my wifi is just fine, it's the game.
Awesome addicting game! The cats are so cute and it's so fun to collect them! I love all the cats! It's so so much fun! I love this game! Cats are also my favourite animals, so that's another plus! The graphics are great, and the game plays so smoothly! Again, the cats are adorable! I love it! 👍🐈
******NEW REVIEW***** I got a new phone and all my progress is gone that I made and the 2 cats my mom bought me. This is unfair. If it's connected to my Google play account then my stuff should all be here on this phone now 😟😡 **OLD REVIEW** We get bigger and it is so addictive
Such a cute little game. I love cats and dogs. The only problem is the ads, other than that it's a good game 👏🎮
this is an amazing game! i love it so much! its hands down the best game in the world! i love playing as cats, my second favorite animal and watching as i get bigger! i also like how there are barly any Ads. this isa great game 😀
There is a ad glitch I know most games run on ads so I like to watch as many ads as possible, they don't annoy me. But the glitch is when after an ad and you click the x button, I clicked it and it brought me to the page, then when I tried to get back in it sent me back to the page, so I had to close the game, the ad I watched for a cat skin didn't count! I have all the skins except some ads and the ones that need money, this hasnt ever happened before with this game before so please fix it!
Bumper Cats is a fun, cute, and creative game. There are little to no forced ads. Good work, would love to see similar games by this team!
I love this game !! When I first saw the ganes title and info and logo I was so interested and impressed ! So I downloaded it to try it out and it was amazing and fantasticcc ! The gameplay works really good and the different levels are so much cooler and lastly please make the part to earn more cat cars easier and please make a cat car shop by using the money we get from our wins pleaseeeeeee and I would play it like that ALL DAY ! ! ! ! ! It would be soooooo much FUNNNNNNN ! ! ! ! !
What is up with the random boosts that you or other players get with your car? That is kindof annoying. This may not have been intentional by the creators, it could be a glitch. Either way the game is still fun (and pretty random but thats funny). This game is definetly worth playing. Hope this feedback helps! :)
This is a really fun game and i have got some cool games from the ads. I gave it 5 star because its one of the best games i have played
This game is really fun! However, it would be better if you add a chat and allow people to add each other. Perhaps you can even add a arena with power ups and stuff like that or add areas with monsters. Just some suggestions! Other than that, this is a good start, but it definitely has potential to be something greater. Otherwise the game will become repetitive and boring.
Annoying is the best way to put this game. the AI target you no matter what (it's a joke to even put flags with the tags because you know it's not a real player), often or not your kill can go without being recognized because the "player" you hit off the map could have just lightly breezed by someone else before falling. And the ads. god the ads... Overall, infuriating and not fun to play
It's amazing and very fun to play when i'm bored. I have no problems with this so far, but can you please give me and account code and then I can load into an account because I would like to be in my account when I have to uninstall it. But it is optional ^-^
Great game yes there are ads but you can skip them you can watch ads to unlock cute new cats and i there is a V I P thing so i bought it at a low price 10/10 would download
This is a fun, cute game! I really like the idea of cats riding on rumbas, like bumper cars into a game.Well, atleast I did like this game, this game glitched and the music wouldn't stop. Even if I went out of the game and turned off my iPad, I uninstalled it. It's not playing the music anymore, but maybe I'll install it once agian when that glitch is fixed. Because it gets really annoying when you listen to it in a never ending, loop.
SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! This game is super cute and fun,so i just wanted to say the akins in the game are awsome,the gameplay is amazing and that is all i wanted to say! Good job and keep it up!
I'm going to give this a 1 star because everytime you spawn they work together and they would target YOU theres less ads tho. but this happens In every round This was a annoying game I would give this a 3 star If this stops I died 5 times In a row because they keep targeting me I couldn't reach a faster rank either Plus Its cute but Seriously this needs too stop If this was fixed I should've gave a 5 star but Instead they didnt fix this TARGET problem It was a unfair game cause team & targeting.
Its a really cool game!!! I LOVE ITT SOOOO MUCCCHHHHHH. the thing is, i dont really know why do we need the coins, andd i hope that there is a new feature where we can add friends and play with them, not with all random players. thanks
It's really fun. Just a few recommendations: I feel like it would be really cool if we could customize the cats (like change the color of the cat or the car). It would also be cool if we could create our own cats if we wanted to if we didn't want to just change the color of the cat/car.
Its super cute and really fun but there are alot of ads. If they whould reduce the ads that whould be sooo much better
The game is good but there's too many ads, theres one after you win, one after you lose, and they are sometimes 30 second ads which are almost the same everytime- Without much ads the game is fun and easy, Two stars-
Honestly I kind of hate this game. The bot AI needs a lot of improvement, and the maps need to be optional. I'm really sick of every single bot targeting me, and I'm sick of the tiny skyscraper map. I'm also sick of the glitches causing the gameplay to be extremely unfair. And I'm sick of the ads every time a round ends. This game could be a lot of fun, but there's a lot to be changed before that happens. It's really just frustrating and annoying. Cute skins though.
I love this game!! it is very good indeed and im going to say something stupid so I can get in a video pls blur this out- and this proves the earth is flat;))
AWESOME GAME! There are quite a number of adds, but less than most other games, which is good. The controls are also very good. They are also such fascinating bumper cars! Best of all, THE CATS. They. Are. *ADORABLE*!!! I mean, who doesn't love some cute cats just hanging around in a game?! I rate this game 5/5 stars as it is highly recommended!
This game is really amazing! Its addicting to play, and the cats are super to get! Over all it's a very good game!
The game is so fun! But it does drain your battery a bit, though, it may just be my phone. You can slowly collect cute cats by doing objectives, and paying in game money. This game is so fun! And barly any ads! I love this game so much! Me and my younger sister LOVE this game!!!! ❤👌 5/5!
This game was so cute and fun! It's relaxing to push people off a cliff, the cats are adorable, and there's a variety of maps with different difficulty levels. My only complaint is that there's too many ads - I get you want to make money on your app, but these are like 30 second long unskippable ones that come every two minutes
this is the best because i love cats but mostly the game its very good i've been winning alot i give this 5 stars its the perfect game for you guys dowmload this please if u like it give this 4 or 5 stars i hope you have a great time on this game.
OMG I love cats and they are sooooo cute but one Proplem the ads keep on coming while I'm playing no fair deduct one star ⭐ now you have FOUR 🌟 anyways they are sooooo cute BYE oh yeah I have to deduct one more star because anything that you want you have to watch ads I hate ADS!
The best cat and cars game its adicting and fun! I recomend it there must be a costum cat and hats and bumper cars and more! I'd be glad to see that Still its soooo fun! I recomend it!
I've played the game now and I think it's pretty cool and cute! The cat models are awesome, the graphics are alright, every thing is great about this game but there is one problem, the AI is terrible, everytime I start up a level, all of the cats go after me, telling me they are robots and their AI is bad. So if there was one thing to change in the next update, please make the AI better. I give Bumper Cats 4 Stars.
Bumper Cats is awesome. It's a great time killer and it's super cute. There is barely any advertisements (I've only got one so far.)! The only thing is that it's really hard to get 1st place. But other then that it's awesome and I totally recommend it.
It's really nice for someone to play. If you don't want the ads, you can turn on Airplane mode and they won't bother you. But, after you've been to all the places, and you've gotten all the cats, it starts to become really boring. And that's when you delete it and start looking for other interesting games, like paper i.o. or slither i.o. those are really fun and realistic. I wish you the best of luck when you play!
I would have made it 4 or 5 star but a glitch happened. I was on gold 2 when the next time I opened the game I was on bronze 2 and before that I collected a few hundred coins but now I only had 7 also weirdly my name changed to 569. And some of the cats require you to play a certain number of days to unlock them right? I had spent 5 days out of 7 already but now it reset to 1. Please fix this glitch.Also please change the AI. They automatically go after me when I am big. pls fix the 2 problems.
I love this game but to many adds once you finish a round a ADD! And can you add more cats. but way way more maps I love it. I just got the app and I got ALL of the world's tooooo fast. 😸I am a cat lover but plz add more like more worlds. I love the game add more! Thank you. From, your cat lover, Nallah.
Its SO fun! I been playing it for hours. And the Ads to! The ads are all CATS awww so cute! 10/10 reccomend! ♡
there are no adds, only one if you click on a button to be one size bigger and the game is really fun!!!!!! :)
it's a very fun game. I like how you can earn skins by just playing. My only negative reaction is there are to many ads. Also, the levels just repeat. I'd like there to be a different illustration for the levels, and for the levels to be numbered
Please fix this app!!!!!! I can't watch any ads to get any cats.I tried downloading the app again but it's not working!!!!!!Please help
It's an awsome game! But I have a problem..1 is that there is alot of ads and 2 is that when ads pop up it goes to black screen and I should re-start the game
I love this game! It's so fun and cutesy and I love all the little cat characters! My only complaint is the ads. They're superrrr annoying and constant, so like every two games you get an ad, to get bigger watch and ad. And they're usually pretty long :( Othere than the ads, it's amazing and I do recommend this to others. If you really don't like the ads, you can spend $2 to get rid of them, but like other people, we're usually broke :/
Like it's super cool because there's super cute cat inside bumper cars and you have to bump them into random islands into the water line all sorts of stuff
I really liked It I am addicted but the thing is the ads are the most annoyingst thing u can think of. that is why I gave it a 4 but a part from that I love it oh and one more thing maybe u could make more maps. xxx
DONT DOWNLOAD!!! This app WILL NOT WORK! Is there something wrong with the system, because if there is one y'all need to fix it! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME, AGAIN, THE APP DOESNT WORK!!!!! 👿
Where are the additional levels? New boards? New skins? This game no longer becomes fun if you aren't going to keep adding to it monthly to give those at max level something to play for.
i love this game its so addicting-great time killer I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH this game is definetly for cat lovers-like myself and anybody should play this game their whole day!!!! Great quality too and the graphics are amazing!!!!!!!!!and its really fun In my opinion ANYBODY I mean ANYBODY should play this and its kid friendly no blood no violence just bumper cars with cute adorable cats in them bumping eachother around until there is 1 cat on. As soon as I played this I fell in love with it .
I'm so sad! I saw this game and fell in love but whenever I open it, it lags me out when I try to do anything or when the music restarts. I don't know why. I tried deleting other games thinking it needed more storage but that didn't work either. I also cleared all my tabs and open applications and tried again. I did this for 30 MINUTES! If you can, please help. I'm trying to play on a Amazon Fire Tablet.
Fantastic game! Although I would really like it if you add an option button to play with real players. Like people could make there own server and players can join them. Letting the person who makes the server gets to pick a map. Also gets to pick the max players they want in there server! I do know that my favour is huge and would take some time to do so. But If you can, I would really appreciate it!
This game is soooooo cute when I started playing this game I thought it was the cutest thing in a game But what makes it a four after every single round you get a AD! That's the only thing I want you to fix
I love this game It's easy addictive&fun to play The characters are cute But I wish there could be more maps to play as it's not challenging to keep playing the same maps over and over again Anyway it's the best bumper cars(or cats) game I've played so far I hope you can do better Keep it up
This is a fantastic app. It is exactly like 'Bumper.io' in fact, I uninstalled it then tried to install it again, then saw this on 'related apps'. It is adorable, but here are my only complaints. 1. The ai people are quite hard and they normally attack you. 2. Some of the maps are very hard and I think you should have a choice of which map you want to go on. 3. The skins are quite hard to get. 4. I don't care about this one, but nevermind, you can't do long names. Apart from that, great app! ;)
so far this game is interesting! cute game . If you want to play it during your facing a really bored time. it's recommended to you.
Graphics are the best!I haven't had any problems playing the game at all! I didn't even think about installing this app. My sister did and i didn't know. After i played a round or two i became ADDICTED to the game!😍