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Bulu Monster

Bulu Monster for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Sigma Game Limited located at 2003A, 20/F, Nanyang Plaza, 57 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
hello guys this game is my love for me my world best game but I cant catch any dragon monster and so can you please give me any powerful monsters and please 500 bulu points please I will be thankful of you and for my best game forever
That game was awesome, I'll giving 2 star only because so many bugs on this games, some events can't seen, I waiting whole day, and some times freeze my game. Plez fix it, as soon as possible.
the graphics is good but i can't battle or take those chest unlike before(im an old player and i played it again)
i like your game and i also played this before and wanted to play it again. i could've rated it 5 stars rn but the thing is when i was playing, for some reason i couldnt touch any buttons in the game nor pick up my monsters from the farm and cant click on anything... idk if its just me or its the game TT...
I would also Rate it to 5 star but the Game Crashes everytime when Fighting Gym Leader it crashes.Example:Enchantment added a new enchantment.
I use to love this game alot..but after awhile I got a new phone and decided to download it again..but when I did it wouldn't even let me in. Cause it kepted stopping.
Shoves ads down your throat only for the game to be slow and the controls to be entirely unresponsive. In the very off chance it does work its pretty nice, but good luck with those 1/5 times starting the app it works odds
Nice game but the older version is better in which the levels are at higher level that makes a challenge for players
Good concept, but crashes and slow navigation make play difficult. Could also benefit from in-game mechanics breakdown and zoom function for maps.
Great game overall I love everything but it's kinda like pay to win type of thing the capture devices are kinda expensive if you can't pay actual money to get more coins to buy them. Other than that the game is good
Bro I game is awesome and........rfffbevsnstnag No word but excellent work Or please please please πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί πŸ™ This game trun into multiplayer games pls.
You took a great game and made it completely unplayable with a single update. Can't even open it. Many players reporting the same plz fix.
Ya this is the best game for ever to me but there are some more bugs so I hope that sigma will fix that problem soon so please fix that problem as much as possible that's it
I am so happy about Sigma become active again. My first playing this game from 2014. I have lost more than 30 accounts in this game in 7 years. If this game had permanent data saving feature then I not lost that accounts. I hope developers will create a permanent data saving feature in Bulu Monster through Google, Facebook and More.❀️
This is a great game I had fun playing it a few years back and I still love it to this day. The problem is after the newest update I can't connect to my Facebook and can't get a migration code now please help me out here game management and thank you
I really love the game but i dont know why but today all of the sudden my game got crashed dont know why i wrote a mail to the support team hopefull my game progress get back to me.. if not then i will have to a good bye to this game i will really miss it.. it was getting so exciting.. but overall for reviews it Great game.. but just few bugs are there hopefull they will get pached.
The game is so fun to play but unfortunately catching dragon types needs lots of mosterball.It took me 100 monsterball just to catch one .Please make it easy to catch a dragon type monster
At first the game was phenomenal but then I saw the catch success rate of the balls you throw lol If you are trying to catch something your ball literally has a 1% or 4% chance of catching the monster you want. I ran through 60 balls trying to catch a single monster and still failed. long story short THE CATCH RATE IS EXTREMELY TO LOW and for that reason alone I am uninstalling this game.
Hello you did an amazing job at polishing and finishing the game however, after the most recent update I am unable to interact with anything in the game past the title screen please look into this
where the ads remover? i love this game but the ads so annoying. Dear dev, please add ads remover on shop, i dont mind to buy it. thx
I couldn't understand the instructions that was telling that I need to have a common bulu monster to enter the gym. tsss... πŸ˜’ please make the instructions more Clear please πŸ˜’
This game was my childhood. When it first game out i was about 9. Now i am 15 and am loving the nostalgia! +1 ⭐, nostalgia +1 ⭐, nice controls +1 ⭐, i cant and could never afford pokemon, so this is a good subsitute +2 ⭐⭐,great animations
I love the game so far, just started BUT i have fo open and force close the game many times to even be able to play, it will load to my farm and nothing is clickable. This is the only game that does this so i know its not my phone. Please help!
It's useless while in the arena I am the trainer so I should be controlling and choosing my monsters skill but they acts on there own Wich is not good
BADEST game on Google Play when I draw monster tickets they always give me onion,sheepskin,cuppi,and ,cobra So now I have more than πŸ’― onion,13 sheepskin and 45 cuppi I have only one farm because the money is too different to earn in the game
Pls someone help !e I can't enter in legendary cup pls it does show the legendary ticket or common balls which are required to enter in lc my news is not updated pls help me sigma limited or any one else is facing problem pls reply
Every time I try to use my tickets it kicks me from the game though I did have fun before it started kicking me.
I enjoy playing, specially right now because it's 6th Anniversary . . . but my concern is, the game corrupted for many times, so my saved game waste, and the most frustrating is you actually have good monsters that can only obtain through events, i hope they fix that . . . and i experienced it again, i already emailed sigma about it, i hope they fix it as soon as possible because i gonna miss the 6th Anniversary event, i save Sigma-game-nium to obtain the evolution material for Sigqua....
fun game. the only drawback for me is the wait time to heal monsters and the lack of healing items (can only be found in chests, rewarded from quests, or purchased with bulu points that cost real life money).
good game graphics are very good story is also good but please remove the tutorial it is very long and boring
Please fix the bug in tomorrow update of Halloween event cause of the bug I was not able to play moon festival 😩😩
well its a very good game but 1 mishap after we took my sis to work it started acting funny it said that " won't work" so I kept trying and trying it wouldn't work I was so far 😒😒😒😭😭😭 pls make it work pls I'm begging you πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
It was fine but its hard earning bulu points in here can you give some compromise and also about the capture balls well can you make them available individually
The game itself is fun and unique, Pokemon lover gonna like it. Unfortunately, the dev rarely responds to the player whom lost their account or having a problem. The contact information they gave us is nothing.
It is very fantastic game. I face some problems in catching dragon type Monsters. After throwing 20 pokeball, it finally get caught. There are very interesting festivals. I mainly like moon festival. I suggest you to play once.
This is the best game i have ever played but after this new update the game does not responds please fix it so iam giving 4 stars
This game is fun, but I does not get the rewards when I battle in the regular tournament.Can you fix this please.
Can't connect via Facebook and when I try to load my phone save it just freezes at the farm screen. Unplayable for me at the moment.
It's a great game. Kinda like pokemon (of course) but not as free moving. I'm fine with that but every time I exit and enter back the game, it shows a message showing "the event has ended" then I get sent back to the farm.
I want to give it 5* but can't this game is extremely buggy to the point where I lost a account that I put a money into. Either fix the bugs and let me access my account or give me my money back.
Horrible I played for awhile and spent alot of money on here and it wont pull it up anymore and it had me start all over again dont waste your money on this app
The game is very good but the only problem is that the levels are decreased. I mean that in the previous version the level of monsers in the ice region was around 40 but now its only 20. This is not fun to play anymore so please reverse it and its a very fun game. Thankyou
I'm going to be honest with you I think you should start expanding on the game such as maps monsters etc. Not only that but you should try to keep your webpages up to date an working. When I try to check the gym requirements it says the webpage is unavailable. Also your wiki fandom( I'm not sure if you can or not but just mentioning it) needs to be updated as well. This is one of my favourite games from when I was younger. Thank you for making such an amazing game and I hope you expand on it.
The game has a good idea, but... it's very glitchy, there are both constant banner ads AND interstitial video ads (with no way to turn off either one), and, perhaps most annoyingly of all, the exp bar after battles is so slow that it takes FOREVER! The game is playable, but it needs some work. Good concept and cute critters, though!
fun for about.... 1 week. then the bulls get way too strong they are impossible the catch and it takes forever the level up. it gets more annoying then fun
I cant get past the first scene where my monster is inside the fenced off area. The buttons are all greyed out. Uninstalled.
This is the world's best game no problem but you can give lion king special event tomorrow plise I have today problems that bulu monster is not working so you can fix it
Woldve given it a 5 star if the bugs and glitches weren't there, and also the arena matchmaking is not fair, some matches are stupidly easy while others are extremely hard , also can you make it that candies give more exp for high lvl monsters cuz it's hard to lvl up after like lvl 50
Please update the game, l been waiting for a monster item for a whole year and it came in pvp but my game can't open.
Before the update it 100% working,but now it keep crashing... Now im going to uninstall and use the backup file of the game before update.
I contacted tried contacting them for support since the game seems to issuing a error code when I transferred my old account to my newer phone and received no response or assistance, it's been a week since and I will keep this 1 stars until I recieve some sort of support. Update how is this game getting updates when everyone here is complaining and getting no response from even the devolopers???
You know I really love it but if I get the lucky draw tickets and want to use it. It never works so please check it out by the way I can't really get the ice cream even if I got 1st rank that's the problem.
This is an amazing game i have ever played some time there will a bug but is the best game like pokemon
Last update has to much bugs.i unistalled it and install it again and nothing and i have been and old player of bulu. But simply put. Fixed it or deleted it
I used to play this game during 2016 ... this game is very fun and challenging ... when I download this game again in 2020, the walktrought becomes short and the monster level becomes low ... it makes this game boring ... so I hope the creator of this game can restore this game as beforeπŸ˜‡
The game is good but i can't get in the game right now because it is closing when i open it and i don't want to delete it because i'll lose all my progress
Please help. The new update doesn't even come on. It just shows the start up screen and just remains there. I have sent a message to sigma-game but no response yet. Really do love the game though.
A very good game. I really like it. Worth 5 stars. Only thing is that I hope we can acually battle trainers in friend battles and the arena. Now that would awesome. Gr8 game.
The game itself is good. The problem is, unless you have millions of dollars at your disposal, you won't get far. The game is revolved so much in paying to win, it could be mistaken for a game from EA. Play it for the first few hours, and either spend a hell of grinding and waiting eons, burn your money, or delete it and never remember it.
It is a good game but in arena i skip battle but many times i will get out and i want to reopen the game please fix it otherwise i will give 5 stars
The new update was waste,I am going to game,and I will playing the game it is coming back why.Before version was not coming back but the new version was coming back,then I will giving 2🌟.it is bad,please fix it normally I am playing 60 for this game
good game but in sigma event 2019, everytime I talk to the 2nd npc (for exchange items) it CRASHED and I can't trade my items. I already sent email for that issue and no response. 5 star after you guys fix this.
Not good at all....you get stuck in your own fram and you can't get out....i played this game some years ago...and i wanted to try again nope I made a big mistake of getting this game back...all them bug need to fix
Here is will answer this questions 1st you use the code you get to go back to a pervious game the pvp battle the game time is different it goes back the Internet time so easy the coins yes it is really hard to get coins but do quests and discover monsters to get coins I may other work for the people that made the game but I have played it before
This game is very cool .I like this game very much. I like all bulu monster. This game adventure is very good. I love this game.
Lost my old account which had alot of previous anniversary monsters and full leveled up. Now have to again start without any new monster
Good game only problem is jou can only Feed jour monsters 20 sweets at a time please make so that we can feed more at a time please this is a great and fun game i would regomend it to my freinds thanks and have a good day
I like this game a lot but when I captured firegon it is not showing on the farm and on the monster book it shows that i have captured it please fix this I have spent a lot of balls on this monster
I wish I could give a full 5 out of 5, but I feel the game is currently suffering from what I would call "game neglect". Where the developers fail to keep the game polished, because there are a lot of bugs in the game, such as the farm freezing up, and you guys need to fix it.
umm....what do i do? After choosing my monster, im in a fenced off area with my monster and there is nothing to do. the bird just sits there witha green bar underneath it. i can't do anything else. probably will delete.
This game reminds me of my favorite game MISCRITS... At the start its hard for me to catch strong monster but when the game goes on and with the help of other player advice through the internet I manage how to play the game now. Although this game has many adds but still its ok its better so that the game will not go bankrupt. Thank you for this wonderful game I really LOVE THIS GAME. Keep up the GOOD WORK GUYS. WORTHY OF 5 STAR
This game is sucks yes the game is still updating but nahhhh still crashing and my account wasn't saved.
it's awsome but i play then it reseted then i deleted it because it eseted my impovement then i WAS SO UPSET! then i delete it then i install it again! :D
i truly love this game, i used to play it when i was little, but now that i am playing it again, i rralize how pay to win it is, and how the bugs and crashes are destroying my game. For example, i defeat trainers from special events and dont get nothing where it had promised me a lucky draw ticket. ive tried to talk to certain NPC's but the game just crashes, like the ones at the sigma base from this years event. i finished the story, but with no tickets, no new monsters, please fix this, Thanks
Just after this new update my game stopped running! It isn't even starting. Kindly do something to make it work and run properly like before.
This game is so fun but i cant get mythical type of monster Mythical type of monster is so hard to get whoever made this game would have given me at least one mythical monster😁
It's a good game but it has a a problem if you go draw monster it lagged and you will automatically go to your homescreen I will rate this 5 star when this is fixed
its so stressfull im tired catching rare monsters it always dies and so long to catch it and the potions are so expensive and the rare monsters at the event if i kill it it doesnt come back because i killed it in the pastplz make the price lower at the potions and plz the monsters that i killed in the event come back ill rate this app 5 stars plz
amzing game what I played so far put everytime I want too play this the game closes down can u please sort that issue out please and connect with Facebook the game has frozen won't move around the farm i am using a s10 Samsung this game has been out while now and playing up on a decent device
Great game but please remove the auto battle in arena battles. I request you. Please. Do some other. Thanks
I gave a four stars Cause Uhh Yeah The Bulu Ball Capture Luck Is Very Low But the Monsters Are Cute Its A Very Good Game Just Fix The Capture System
Please 😭😭😭😭 update again and fix it please i cant be without playing the game im a big big fan of pokemon now bulu monster but it is not coming please
I give it three star cause why dragon type monster hard to catch and the regular league is almost imposible to win unless you have dragon type
The recent update doesn't let me in to the game.. it says restart the app with internet.. but I do have internet. A lot of bugs..can't recommend to download anymore. UNINSTALLED!
Cool game man but ey man every time I get far ot says game save corupt now for the [email protected]#$n 4th time must play over no im not gonna please fixit damn
1.Legendary Arena is a trash 2.Events monsters has level 100+ This is not fair! Cheating game πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž 3.The game need pay to win! This game is πŸ—‘ trash! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!! IT'S JUST WASTING UR TIMES πŸ˜’ πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž I'd gave 1 star for this! Stupid game! NOT COOL πŸ’―πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ–•
this game kinda good but its lacking of customer support for example account bug reports and crashesh or error please fix it . and fix my account archermancer%755f update and fix my account its so hard to grind and farm for points and pvp
Let the catch rate go higher please, we want a better catch rate, cuz it sucks when you only have regular balls it will only have 1%-20% catch rate, so fix it.
One of the best monster capture games for mobile devices. Thanks for promplty fixing the gamebreaking bug now I can give it the 5 stars it deserves again.
I love this game so much!!! And I want you guys to make more levels of this game. And if you guys make more levels of this game it would be much better.
I still love this game but now it is just not worth my time anymore. I have been playing this game since (i don't want to lie) i was 15 or 16 years old and now i am almost 24. This game has been updated to be EASIER. It was way more fun when it was challenging to level up. Had to use my brain and think smart with the mosters i use to progress further. And it was well worth my time everytime i played. But now everything is weaker and the updates are like so trash and my account no transferπŸ˜’πŸ˜‘πŸ‘Ž
It's just like PokΓ©mon except there are no centers to heal, no in-game currency or shops to buy items, and potions for small heals will quickly drain your real-life wallet. And that's all if the game even loads. Most of the time it is entirely unresponsive and loads locked out to all touch. The only thing you can click is the ads and that's it. Don't waste your time, this is designed to be a terrible cash sink and nothing more.
The games great.. it would be much better if you could increase the catch remate of certain monsters or increase the number if balls a player can get..
Absolutely phenomenal game. Grindy as hell, but very well made and i have been playing more than any other mobile game.
This is amazing there are many monsters it is the one of the best games but I gave 4stars beacause after fighting with legendary in goldenwave city there is no contnue only when I should battle with yogan please put contnue part in next update this is my request
no rate from me due to, when i press start game. it starts to load then an add pops up of some guy with headphones then it crashes.....and right back to the title screen.
I like this game everything is fine Until this migration code came it happened to me once so i think maybe i can just redownload it and start from the beginning but it happened again and i was far i even got my phoenix more than level 70 and then what all that gone because of some stupid migration code
I am not able to evolve my monster when I try then game will close automatically. Please do some thing in this matter
The game is good but it can freeze and kick you out sometimes like it did to me in the arena. other than that it's a great game
Why is it incomplete? There's no other monster, incomplete map (it changed too), no daily check-in, and not the past game. It became poor. This game is my childhood play but you update like so many missings! Please compensate and fix some bugs!
Ahmm...why am I Facing lvl 40 monsters online witg me having a lvl 32 monster,why am I always Facing strong Opponents...please fix this its unfair
This game is great But one time a thing happened with me in my monster is not my team and not in farm to and I have only one monster I delete and reinstalled it and that not happened again
Literally just used 27 dragon ball to trying to catch a dragon type. I failed!! This is an expression of my frustration. You guys are doing a great job fixing issues that have been brought forth so far, please continue the streak.
Is a nice game , i was playing and i was enjoy it but tbe next day it stop working for me as i log in i cant touch nothing. I cant toch the moster or the option and i cant even move around the farm. Hope u fix this
I like how this game(as least in the beginning)gives you better start-off monsters than pokemon.Also all of them level up a lot easier than pokemon,making it more fun to try them all out.I really commend this team.I hope you guys make it big in the competitive scene
It is so good but i dont know how to evolve monster in its mega form with item i cant get it. It is goodπŸ–’
very very VERY pay to win/catch monester you've got a better chance to catch a shiney lv 100 mew full health in pokemon with a pokeball than a lv 5 dragon moneter thing with 2 TWO hit points was a 1% chance to catch then you have to pay to get 3 balls that WILL miss and you have to buy again (which i didnt thankfully) is a good game just dispointing things make it a meh game
This game is super but I don't get any ultmate monster. Ifi get any other place and ultra evolve this game is more super
I find this game great, not until an error happened after updating my account on Nov. 2020, whenever I try to play a tournament or even duel, the game crashes. I have sent a lot of email to the server for some help since then, but they did not replied even once!
Its a good game . Just one complaint why the opponent monster can attack 3 times at once and our monster's attack are doing so late please make it right
Base from the comments...I think I'm the only one who's experiencing errors when connecting to my fb acct. Anyway, I like the game the only thing I didn't like is the difficulty of having different capture ball (I play offline a lot). If possible to make the capture rate higher.
Extermily good but in this game many hacker are available so many tought to regular player. So bulu monster team you have this type of irregulity should be taken your side to repaire this hacker or block to hacker.
This is a really good take on this genre but there are too many bugs and stuff that makes it not fun. Hopefully you can improve your game coz this bug has been here since this game launch til now it hasn't been fixed. The reward and ticket area of arena. It also crashes.
Graphics and the thought of the game is good. But damn it, some of the rare monsters takes a number of balls WITH A VERY LOW CAPTURE PERCENTAGE. That "Trickshit" monster on the graveyard cost me 30+ balls and still left with nothing. What a pity lol hahaha besides that problem and lack of "fight awards", it could have had an opportunity to be a good game
The game is made so that if you login with Facebook you will at a point share something. The game is one of the best PokΓ©mon rip-offs but the developers seem a bit too greedy and instead of focusing on the game they focus on free marketing
It is a really good game and I've been playing it for a Hella long time but now I'm not so sure because I had beaten the Rock gym leader twice and on both occasions, the app suddenly stops responding and all the potions I've used in that battle is gone but the gym leader is still left for me to battle again and that why I stopped playing πŸ™„πŸ˜’
i love this game.. but its hard to catch a dragon monster even its lvl10 monster.. rate of catching is too weak..
The game keeps crashing, it never use to do this and I just see a lot of neglect coming from the developers, they dont seem to respond to anyone and do many updates. I love this game but it is completely neglected and the bugs keep happening
Everytime i log in the message telling me to log into facebook stops me from playing the game,you can't keep playing until you answer the message but for me it just won't pop up so i can't even play
This game is very good πŸ‘πŸ‘ there is now issues in this game this game is very good Ijust join the the game only 1 day play and like it very much
The only problem is the the monsters don't look 3d don't move and they can get killed easily. Please fix this
The game is amazing.. turn based RPG. Just hangs up at times and with a few glitches. Except for those, the best game ever! Edit-1: (October 2020) It sucks tbh.. The game after update won't open at all.. Keeps crashing. And the developers won't respond to mails in anyway.. A lot of glitches. Sick of them.
Best game. Good graphics. But i have spent nearly 30 monster draw tickets but i do not got any good monster, such looser monsters.Plz solve this.
If i have to be honest, i have to agree with Akeem. The game is not as challenging as it used to be, and it isnt really as strategic as it was, where the areas of each level was bigger, and the levels were higher, but now it feels too easy.
Amazing game but needs a little more movement of monsters.but there is a big problem when i try to log in to facebook
Ive ben having some problem with playing since when ever i use diamond coat my game would restart Dev pls fix this i lost so much legendary ticket 😒 🎟️ while tournament for necro pls i need re fund
I love it I have never been able to. bet a like the graphic bulu monsters and. every thing about I just wish they would make and expansion or spinoff and a show
Theres this event today that when u fight a trainer u will have lucky ticket to draw monsters, after a participate the event and won i was confused becuz i didn't receive any ticket at all so thats why i rate this game 1 star, i almost use all my potions for this and i dont even get at ticket, can u pls fix this but somehow i love this game even if theres ton of bugs.
A very good game, but it crashes alot, and the arena is always stronger unless you pay to evolve your bulus and keep them at low levels
this game is great.. however when i buy from the store and then restart the app, my purchase did not save. I tried it again and its still the same.. pls help ty
I got a wing smash in the volcano in phoenix event but when I go to arena to learn that skill for my phoenix it is now a dragon breath instead of wing smash. what happen to my skill book ??
Apart from the technical glitch. Like the stop from any flowing command and if you check any lish and if you stay Meach long. The game stop responding .and 24 November special Monster event did not show any special zone.
Hi sigma game limited. I want help 😭 4 months ago I downloaded the game and linked it with google play games. It got deleted but now I try to login my previous account but it shows new game and data migration. Now tell how I play the game of previous account which has so many progress. Thank u πŸ™. Must tell.
I just downloaded this app yesterday and I am having alot of problem and today i can't even open the app and even if the app opens without "any problem" after just playing for 5 minutes i get a message that it's time to go back and then go back to the farm and then I have more problemsπŸ˜‘( I just don't like the app because of this many problems) without the problems it's a good game
I played this years ago and I loved the game, very nastolgic. But, it doesn't explain how to obtain items, and healing the pets takes way longer than I wanna wait, it's fun and I like the story. But trying to catch anything with limited balls(?) I have is also weird, if I run out I can't catch anything til I get some, maybe from a quest or if I spend real money, and I only am able to catch 20 ish in my farm? Does it upgrade or am I stuck choosing which bulu is better to keep?
Too many connections issues. Eventually Uninstalled it now because it's basically unplayable unless you restart the game repeatedly. It's a shame. When I did get to play the game I really liked it. Don't download this game if you don't want to be frustrated.
This game is so amazing having a good adventure story. This game had became one of my favourite game. Please install the game and have fun in an amazing monster world.
it is an awesome game i love it but just takes a bit much time to load do something of it but yeah it never buffersπŸ€—πŸ˜
i enjoyed grinding for 3 days now and i find bugs and glitches that i ignored, till now. i open the game, passed the fb log since it wont connect but the news page wont close! i dont usually make bad comments for games bec i know the game is free and the devs worked hard for it, i liked the game thats why i grinded for 3 days to get my peafire to lvl 31 and chickiz lvl 26 and ive catched aquatini so please fix the game and have a look on that fb connect so we can save the game.
what happens sigma game. i enter a valid migration code but it says no record found friend code is:rm forhad ex%a3d4
do not even waste your time with this game!!! the Creators will not respond nor fix ANY issue that arises and I promise you will have many many many issues!!
can you put a store where you can buy bulu balls? and your master ball are so verrrryyy expensive and its to difficult to capture shine bulu monster even when their hp is only 2-5 only it still failed...damn shine type and dragon type monster only have 2% success rate...do something about this damn it 😬😬😬😬😬
I is awesome I like to play it very much we can collect a lot of different monster in this game and have fun it has a lot of special event and we can collect many things in it and battle gym also but in gym we have to take same type of which the gym is. And the most thing I like is pvp arena
why is lot of problems why I cannot spin monster at the arena😭😭😭. please fix this bug. Thank you
Best game but it make player frustrate because whenever pvp is going on opponent always uses potion and shield and their bulu monsters always come of high level.you can't do anything except losing at last
I honestly love the game it's great has a lot of monsters and is fun to play the I only thing I don't like is the auto battle in the normal tournament like I had a kitapi in my team with gale (an attack skill weak against dragon type )and frevor (a skill strong against dragon types) but every time I go against a dragon type it just uses gale and I have lost a lot a battles because of it please do something about the auto battle in the tournament other than that great game I really suggest it
The game was good until i can't enter Regular Tournament anymore. And it seems dev don't care of fixing it. or does Regular Tournament is an event that only happens once a week? I'm new to the game and this what happens oh well.
it is the best game iever found and if you add more monsters and worlds after update it and there should a new bulu monster after all 7 days daily gift and you should also make a program in that we can make a hybrid bulu monster like Ardilord + wind dragon and you should also give Yogan to choose us and thanks for this cool and awesome game 🀩🀩🀩
I am rating 1 star because all of my bulu ball are about to finish still the monsters are not captured it makes me very angry because I store ball from the beginning... Please improve...
A fun game in my book! I love it! Become one of my favorite monster games. I think the monster designs are cool.
It is a good app but it is not taking friend request and their are many bugs please fix it I don't want to delete it please if possible fix it today itself, and it is easy to capture special monsters like dragons and some more only when the white light appears on the capture option when we drain the monster hp and last but not the least please give us some monster balls(in login bonus (ATLEAST TWO) on special events like hyaky hogie village, christmas village and many more special events that last for days and in the christmas event i can not evolve my santeer when I try to it exits itself to the main page please fix it I really want to evolve my santeer to santadeer thats it I hope you fix it soon
Super game.When i start the game in first place it is very easy but in the last it is very difficult but i am trying to complete the last country my starter monster is minitoise i named it rocky because it is rock type.I have many legendary monsters and i have all dragon type monsters please every body play this game it is very jolly,fun,interest and etc......
Where is my legendary cup reward, I got nothing in legendary cup but my rank is 11 and you must given trade option to trade monster's in friends
It's good but u will have to change little bit things when We want to go to farm for sleeping monster and then EXP will fulfill and then we go to that plase so we have to fight again with all monster. So you have to change that only but than also I was giving you 5 star and I love this game.
Please replying to my email and fixing the mismatch issue!!! There is a mismatch issue that does not allow my character to enter into the Regular Tournament and the PvP Lucky Draw.
You need to let the catching dragon types of bait easier because I wasted all of my balls for catching trying to catch a b dragon and it was I had 80 normal balls and I had at least 20 of each other's and I used all them and I could not get it so if you can fix this matter I could possibly change this to a five-star thank you
Please fix game all my monster has disappeared on farm and everything is grayed out why using Facebook account i cant get out of farm. I cant move monsters to lineup because there is none on my farm. This is a bug and needs to be fixed please update the game asap ty and fix this problem ty.
The game is not opening so how we participate in mid autumn Festival plz quickly fix the bug sigma gaming plz plz plz plz. It's a great game, but plz fixed the bug.
this game is dead. seem like the developers don't maintain it anymore. it has too many basic bugs such as hang in the farm location, connect to Facebook error, the link to other source in the internat got error...
I am giveing 2star because of two 1.this game is very fun to play 2. This game have lot of good events And negative things r there r many hackers+ there r many bugs + my players game is getting cruppted without any reason amd i am afraid if my account also gets expired and + this game developer is not active this things force any player to leave this game πŸ˜“plz i request plz fix all the bugs and give events on time and plz remove hackers and plz make this game again alive πŸ˜“plz fix all the bugs,
What happened to this game. I can't open it even I'll try and try. Please fixed that problem. 7.1.1 is also not workingw
Played this game daily for 3 weeks and suddenly got banned for no reason. If you're looking for a game to play for long term I do not recommend this one. The company is dead, no new updates and the game will be dead within months. Also you never know when they'll ban you and lose all your progress.
This game is so fun and amazing 😍😍😍 but this game is a hang game for Android phone if you keep this game for One month your android phone will be Hang your contact will delete etc s please don't install this game if your phone is not android you can install this app
hard to earn bulo point, and the success rate of catching a dragon is very low, how the heck should we catch that, can u pls improve the catching rate so that we will amaze, and add more chapters the story about is rania, add more world and island to travel, and pls allowed the dragon to enter the arena, but only one dragon, means that the dragon is the secret weapon, i will wait to ur next update, by the way, the improvements of ur game is nice, i play this since im around 7-9 and now im 15.
I liked this game untill I found that 12% catch rate on Rocky. I threw over 100 balls on it and noting. Take in consideration the fact that it had 1 hp and the shield was down.
It's a good game overall however the only thing is that you can't get coins easily and you need to spend countless hours on it and the leveling up is not easy as well. Last thing is the bugs that the game has and I think it's the biggest issue here
this is THE best game I have ever played in my whole life.....i always wanted this kind of game however there is a little problem.....its just that no matter how hard i try i can't catch dragon type bulu monsters plz can you make it happen for me and i also have shortage of bulu points so my request is that can u plz give me bulu points through quests??........ waiting for reply:-)
When I start the this game started lagging and sometime its does't open for 5 to 10 mins.Now I don't like the game
so many bug in the game and developer dont reply in email about reports . how could this game improve if they dont solve any issues
If you get annoyed easily this game is not for you. I really liked it .It was a great game to be fair. But then it became more and more glitchy and after the latest update it doesn't even open for some. For others it shows tons of bugs.
can you make an update that we will be able to obtain bulu points much faster or just improve the maximum bulu points we can get from quests, that would be really helpful. How can we enjoy this game if we utilize the features properly. But I would like to give credits for always updating it with new monsters and for the graphics, music and the battling system. that's all, I hope you'll reconsider my request..