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Sniper Game: Bullet Strike - Free Shooting Game

Sniper Game: Bullet Strike - Free Shooting Game for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Top 1 Sniper Game - Fun game for free located at The Light Building - To Huu - Trung Van - Nam Tu Liem - Ha Noi. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i don't mine the bad comment of other's,For me it is Good and i enjoy w/ This Kind of shooting Games,fantastic and terrible,.Hoping for more Updates and also better play with Private Room for additional mode Option, So that we invite our friends to Joine in Private.. Thank you and more Power.. .
There many loading file like scope FP reload FP ...... I don't like the game it is very bad game I hope you will do better next time
fun challenging keep up with the bullet πŸ’ͺ fun don't taste the lead or your dead πŸ˜ˆπŸ’€ fun times keep up the good work
It is the best game I know. It should be 5 star but the reason for giving 4 star is that the images shown are not true specially the first one i.e. is the helicopter game. Overall game is awesome. Also I cannot change my gun although the option comes of switching the gun. Please fix this.
Should only be able to play against players 5-10 levels above you. I'm a level 1 and always in with level 40-47 and they can shoot through walls. So not fun for me and after a full day of playing like this I'm uninstalling it. I really did like the ideal . It takes me 4 shots to kill they one shot through the wall no amount of skill will help. And when you write a review the developer will blame you
Best best game but you can't go out of house so please solve some issue for best gameplay and please add a graned to kill from far and please add refile guns pleaseeeee like ak-47 and ump pleaseeeeeee thank you
Yeah...This was Addictive & Good One , but The problem is with Ad's , Why those ad's πŸ˜•πŸ˜• Can't you stop it ... if so Please Do it πŸ™πŸ™
This is one of my favorite games except you see equipment for sale on the first screen. It has a lot of adds. It is a fun game to play.
Nice sniper games waiting for next update....still playing for my level progress but last i play i gain trillions of cash start from 1 trillion to 2 trillions and higher till it becomes negative -2trillions...what happen? now i lost my cash so my target to buy armor and riffle/weapons and etc to play a nice duel in the battle ground is dismayed. For now 3stars. Still continue to play hoping you fix it. Thank's
There its memory shows only 55 mb but when you download and install this app its memory goes on 155 mb wth and when we started game first time many things on download means scope scene. This is cheating.dont install or download it
I gave 3 stars for the fact of how much and how long it takes to upgrade a weapon and to be able to earn enough money to purchase a new weapon without paying. other than that I love playing this game I have spent a few hours playing it
Please update all weapons, especially weapons required to complete CAMPAIGN LEGEND LEVEL I & II. All top weapons for this level even with full upgrades are the weakest. Player cannot even advance to complete said Levels. Now what happened to the daily quests rewards? Those do not function with this new version Please fix. Thanks.
Really funand I really like the graphics and the way that you can go into the settings and basically critique the way you want your screen it's not like other apps that are like this I really enjoy playing it just controls are smooth the the guns are easy to get it's really good game well put together I appreciate something that's worth playing now and on play store thank you
After last upgrade "again" points system is always an issue not fair feel dismayed....even you are the last man standing after the duel you gain 0 (zero) point and the most dismayed is you get (-) negative points decreasing from your ranking points...can i read a reply from you? your explanation regarding this issue? Please! So that i can give you a nice fair rate and review.
Please update all weapons, especially weapons required to complete CAMPAIGN LEGEND LEVEL I & II. All top weapons for this level even with full upgrades are the weakest. Player cannot even advance to complete said Levels. Thanks.
your game is so good but i have one problem please give option of peak and fire button option :other games like ,pubg
what a bored game after new update.. with less money and downgrade performance of rifle.. no mood to play.. maybe say goodby to this game
After new upgrade version..its worst. Because when go to battle..screen goes pink and unable to see anyone...so i hate it now
New ad directly rips off THE ENTIRE TRAILER of Sniper Ghost Warrior 4, which is a pretty popular game. It was even covered by Russian Badger, so I wouldn't count on there not to be some sort of lawsuit
Rubbish!! Very very disappointed!! This game is getting sucks!!! Waste of time, i tell ya!!(comparing when i play it year ago) The ads is tooo much!! THEY'RE FORCING PLAYER TO WATCH ADS EVEN FOR UPGRADING THE (POSSESSED) WEAPON!!!! I do understand that every game developer need to put the ads in their app to KEEP SURVIVE...but others like PUBG or CODM can do much better without putting any ads in theirs πŸ‘πŸΌ. Try it if y'all don't believe me. Enough is enough!! Will uninstalling after this!!!!
Your game is hacked big time my profile totally erased 1 year of progress all gone I strongly recommend no one to download this game
Graphics are awsome hard but i will get the hang of it pretty quick all in all a great game to play thanks everyone for your hard work
This game is very beautiful the game is very very very nice but the game is nice and beautiful I like to party and free fire and I'm very very very like sniper game Bullet strike I love you I have this game is beautiful game and please download the games beautiful graphics beautiful girls beautiful firing beautiful sound fully new
Hi this game is really awesome. I love the graphics. The one thing where you can improve this game is EVEN IF THERE IS 100% FOR THE UPDATE OF ANY WEAPON OR ARMOUR IT DIDN'T GET UPDATED. The game game will surely become more successful if this can be resolved....
I have just downloaded the game I think it is fantastic fun,the graphics are top of the tree,I would recommend this to everyone.
I was enjoying the game, trying my best to earn cash from the game winnings... Using the hard earn winnings for UPGRADES... Until the update on upgrades that you need to watch tons of video commercials to improve your percentage that your upgrades will push through. The frustrating part is the watching part, the WORST thing is that i lost my hard earn winnings because i dont want to spend more than 20 minutes watching those video-mercials... Xould have scored this 5
Excellent sniper shooting game its graphics are also amazingkeep updating this game i love this game very much keep update
The fact they have nobody wanting to advertise on their game I would think fix the BS upgrade system, it robs U with failure because cant improve success rate. 2* management is terrible,greedy or just retarded 2 leave upgrade set for failure. No point grinding on a boring game for 65% failure rate. GARBAGE
absolutely love this game, so much that I have it on my phone and I have it also on my husbands phone !!!! i can't help myself because I am ADDICTED
will be not very bad, but map very boring, need more and different, can play maybe 2or3 weeks not more
when i try to start this game, the game aske me to write my nick name.I write my nickname but the game is not started.How could i play this game?
It's one of the best in Sniper games category.. they need to add a training mode into it.. because really long shots never hit the target even do you aim it correctly.. also every one looks alike.. that's very bad.. every building looks identical you need to use some graffiti to make each building stand out.. also add night mode fight.. great game keep it up..
I like to give it 5 star but there is a lot of problem. Sometime when u start playing there only 1 guy to shoot at. And 2x reward is a scam. Sometime u got it but many times u dont.
hi. tnx for this great game play. I have encountered a problem after last update. I want to upgrade my weapon to be able to continue the game in the higher levels. unfortunately I can not. It needs golds and does not work with cash. as the option of changeing the cash to gold is not working for me , there is no way to continue the game. please recommend what to do.
The game is good but for some reason now there isn't any videos to watch so it sucks that I can't continue extending the end of the match nor can I open any boxes!!
The concept and gameplay itself is quite entertaining and challenging BUT that is where it stops unfortunately. There are no tutorials,instructions or any help info on how to play the game. You are forced to watch ads if you want to collect any rewards, watch atleast 5 ads per upgrade to be able to upgrade successfully or you literally lose your cash and then still get random ads after each round you play. So for each 5 mins actual playing time, add 5-10 mins of 20-30 sec ads. SO SAD!!!
not a bad game but when you download it and then when you go back to Play It Again it won't come back up again you get off delete it and then reload it again to get the other play
Great game but I,m completely because at the initial beginning of the game you,ve not introduced at least an incarnation of tutorial with the compliance of two enemies at an medium distant version the rest graphicmedia,civizations but this bug exxagerating reckless irritating bug been at the concidence of my experience since I hardly strived at the first site.please fix the counterless issue I am pleased with this game.fix it as soon as possible.thank you.
sniper games bullet strike it's amazing gun shooting game best 3D graphics and sounds quality so amazing I like this game very much recommend to all my friends
game use to be great but now since last update u have taken away the choice of wot level we want to play at and adding stupid helicopters n tanks
I just started, so far it's pretty good. I still have to get to the next level and one after that and one after that and one after that and so on and so on
I can't reset my rank point.my second problem after upgrade game image total red colour can't play games
Great game but sometimes when I upgrade my gun it's says upgrade failed, takes my money and I don't get the upgrade.
The game is amazing overall the graphics are fine the controls are fine as well also i just want something a very long Campaign mode that is playble offline..
Where is my 500,000 money? After the last update ive lost money that i prepared for mdtack gun...I rate 5star before but now i rate this game one star
Tell me a good thing about this game, except the concept. Developers are engaged in ruining this game with full will. Well, let me tell you that at some point(beta) this game used to be very good.
Really nice game no bug nice sniper rifle best modes and maps best armour ,roket louncher ,grenite louncher auto gun i have neen play this game for 1 year i love this gameβ™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️
I think its the best game ,ill give you guys 5 out of 5 ,i wish i would give more but only five star so nice game love it .thanks
you guys create a game based for a player to build a profile with shields weapons with small rewards and touke months and months to create a strong profile..then was the elite of players had reached out that level and was making sence on fighting eachother..so one day you guys downgrade all the weapons based on your idea make it fair to new players and you destroy the concept.. new players should build as we did that was keeping the game interesting all our time gonne waste bye bye game
Why do you thieve weapons upgrade money and total cash? The more higher the weapons upgrade level the more you thieve, why? I think it does not depend on our connection and why I didn't get total cash accurately.
I'm sorry, but it's too early to give you a good decent rating because I just started the game. However,it's still early,and so far so good!
awesome app...for a future update maybe with incoming rounds you could get the mobile to vibrate...just a thought...excellent game
Love the game and the level of difficulty since the day I downloaded this app I can't seem to stop playing it..good job keep it up and thanks for making this game,☺️
Its like a fraud or spam like game always updating even after a single play lot of issue.. lots of ads finally. not recommended
This game is useless right now! more and more cheaters! ugly update, cheaters just enjoy playing! fix that! Weew!...
I like this game, I play several times a day. Your reward system doesn't give everything that it show, if it did, I would have about 500 grenades!! 7/18/19 Shooting the boss and being booted from the game doesn't seem like a "WIN" to me!!! We should still be able to continue playing even if the boss is dead!! Why not have him come back?? I had one game where the first one I went after was the boss, the game ended with a score of 100!!! That's a weak victory that makes you feel like you lost!!!
Really such a best survival and epic snipping game is sniper game bullet strike battleground and very good graphics...
7 player, second place..kill 12 death 5 ..but rank point 00... what the hell is this πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
Most Challenging Sniper 3D multiplayer shooting game. It updates regularly with latest weapons and new maps. It's free of cost for enjoyment.
Game has great graphics and operates smoothly.. so far I have a high opinion of this game so let me play a little longer and I'll update as to my opinion after hours and hours of play.. later y'all
I have no complain about the latest update. Everything is a okey. The price on all weapons, armors & stuff still too high (for me). Wish that the loot drop after battle gets higher.
Good game, I enjoy it, however, why does it take 4-6 headshots to kill an officer? But a good game none the less
I enjoy the game but i give 3* for now because of issues/ bugs... last update the controls are ok but now after i uninstall it 2x and re-install again 2x hoping to fix the issue the forward, backward,left and right step and focusing to the target is not working it freezes me hoping to fix the issues (the controls)...pls look for this issues
I unistalled it, but I really like it so i'm going to give it five stars. To be honest, I really like the maps, and all the gun options that you can choose from, I am expecting more guns soon because I like games where there's alot of guns. Now hear is the reason why I unistalled it, and I hope you guy's fix these following problems. The scope and the moving is super laggy. You should add a sprint button. I hope you guys reach out to me when these thing are fixed. Then I'll download it again:)
This game is good for sniping if you are playing pub g,hopelessland,free fire,call of duty or any shooting game then you have to download this game to increase your sniping and i love this game too much so many players so many weapons and easy use and easy to play
the gyroscope control of the scope can be too sensitive, like the game, gou dont die super fast and the rounds have enough meat and potatoes as not having to respwn often is good.
the new update to add map should have been a completely new mode. i loved the game until last update. now the game is too difficult with world.map until you have the weapon asked for...i think you are turning this into a money minting thing...i really dont want to abandon the game ...#PleaseRevert
Pretty good game to say the least ! Started to play this game about an hour &a half ago & I've came 3rd which was epic for me but I'd have came 1st had the controles had just been abit less sensitive. Keep up the good work & if you fix the game up abit I'd gladly give it 5 stars.? Like the saying goes ? There's always room for improvement ! UPDATE ... GIVEN 4 STARS. WOULD'VE BEEN 4 & A HALF BUT I OBVIOUSLY CAN'T? SO FIX THE GAME PLAY UP & YOU'LL HAVE 5 STARS & MY VOTE! GOOD WORK GUYS !
Nice sniper games waiting for next update....still playing for my level progress but last i play i gain billions of cash start from 1 billion to 2 billions and higher till it becomes negative -2billions...what happen? now i lost my cash so my target to buy armor and riffle/weapons and etc to play a nice duel in the battle ground is dismayed. For now 3stars. Still continue to play hoping you fix it and giving 5* Thank's
The game is nice but they said it is a fraudulent version. Whats wrong and the screen keeps coming blank when playing
this game has potential to be good but it need moderator like me so that I can reach it to the people. I can do it only if you allow me
Ok so I've been playing for a few weeks now invested my time in to playing had reached level57 to day had full level3armour had the beach open just go to play and my account is reset to level1with no way to retrieve my progress now any money spent on upgrades is money wasted.this sucks.if this happens again I'm contacting Google because I like the game I'm still going to play.(ok they fixed the problem thanks developers)
How come this app clears out all your Gold and money and start over i paid for gold and this damn app stole my money
Nice game I am a beginner sniper. I like sniper than battle royal. If u a first time in this game install. Please don't buy any sniper first.. Why control of sniper will be slow if u buy or change. So use the first one. It follows by speed walk and Headshot.. (First gun can kill 8) player.... #2 walk like maze watch out for warning and bright light - is a target . Sometimes( player have hacker when u shot him u get the score he die revive faster and shoot u, u die.. That one is casual