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Bullet Man 3D

Bullet Man 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game was good,despite the fact that it was just a simple 3rd shooter game, it makes you get hooked up in the game. Also theres no lag or bugs whatsoever so its really a good time killer.
Level 50 so easy this game is so fun the game need like new skins for a gun it would be better but i like the game how it is
It's so riddled with adds you can only play it with your phone in airplane mode, and the levels themselves only go up to 160. After that they just begin to Simply repeat themselves from Level 1 all the way back up to level 160 it's absolutely ridiculous. Would not play, one of the worst games or ads or whatever you want to call it I've ever seen
The gameplay seems to be very nice in the ads, but I would like to tell that there is only 1% of what is shown in the advertisement.... They are cheating us in a straight forward way........they must do something about it
I love this shooting game this is a very good game did Barry no ads and Billy if you really want another live you can't have an ad I'm barely not even a picture of a bug never make your iPad bad Pachuca game like I loved it and I'll never delete it in my life most people love it too video of funny but many many many hundred founded luggage scale people or animated hey unloving he told me I'm in love with it the game it's so good like I can't stop downloading it what's the best game I haven't see
Fun for a time, but the ads.... After every single (very short) level. Uninstalled after maybe 30 mins.
It's a really good game! When I was looking through the comments someone said you need to add a scope? But the laser helps you. It's a good game. Someone said to remove blood to.... But its life! So keep up your great work Bullet Man 3D devolepers!
Really fun. Challenging at times. 3 star-ed all 160 levels. But its really weird cause it keeps going after 160. But it does not show it on the levels menu. Also the levels after 160 are just all the levels in the same order just recycled. One more thing the last weapon never got unlocked for me. My guess from the icon is that it is a sniper. But how do I unlock it? Do I just keep playing the levels past 160 or what? Is it not in the game yet? Or is my game broken. Please let me know if possible
Enjoyable experience. No increase in weapon choices and story levels actually stated to repeat. Was noticeable after lvl 160.
It's awesome but I only rated two stars because I KEEP FAILING ON GODDAMN STAGE 226!!!! THIS GAME IS TRASH DOG TRASH
Rapid ads every botton you click will create ads even completing a mission and unplayable because while watching ads 30s (5s skip) the game will soon or later will kick you out sometimes it will just LAG. Prefer Dont download this game it bad and horrible. IF want to experience it yourself then do download it for your own sake.
was enjoying now every time I start it goes bk to level 170. replayed too many times when I click on levels only shows up too level 160??????
Played upto level 600 to then chose an early level by accident then find the game reverts you back to level 150 an all progress lost......dyuhhhh????
It was a pretty fun game. The aiming was signifecent to control and is an amazing idea that you actually get the weapon for free. Johnny trigger would always need to watch an add to get a new weapon! Thank you, for making a really addicting fun and interesting game for us to play!
I think it's the best game in the world I really like it and it's really fun to play it's more I don't have it as long as as long as I'm alive I'm I'm Kayden
It's a very interesting game . We don't know how the time goes. it's very time killing game. very addictive but after the 160 level all its levels are always recycling . It really deserves a five Star but my only problem but the main problem is the levels are repeating no after 160 levels is like seen games so it is quite boring but till 160 is the best game I have played really love this game
There's to much ads i was on level 200 and it restarted me on level 1 and the ads if you does turn off the Internet
Game ia pretty coll you can deflect the bullets but i think? Theres a little lag but its still a good game.
This is the most awsome game ever! If there are ads you can instantly skip them , game is very good and keep up the great work!😎
I love this game but i can't get past a level that's like the rampage but that one level stop me but i still love this game even when it's old
It's a good game but the game isn't giving me the sniper I have almost got it but the bar just stopped going up
It would be an awesome game if it wasn't just like every other game that uses ads like a really annoying weapon to make you want to pay to make them stop. Here's a better idea.... just make a great game and charge for more levels after providing a good amount for free. Then we can have fun, you can make money, and nobody will play for 30 seconds then uninstall after getting bombarded by the same mind numbingly annoying ads after every single damn level.
Multiple adds and forced to go to play store and asked to install games that it just showed, garbage!
This is a great game but level 50 was so hard that the three big men were not stopping and then I finished the level
I only did the very first shoot and there was already an add playing at the end of it. You couldn't skip over it and had to wait to exit out of the ad. Lose the constant ads. Ads every so often is okay but I literally wasn't even playing five seconds before the ad hit. Totally worthless game!
I think this game is amazing and the thing I don't like is that the ads come again and again but I still like it!!!
I'm not sure if it's just me or what but eventually it starts giving me the exact same level over and over
This is, by far, the laggiest Android game I've ever played! Maybe the devs need to take a leaf out of any game that uses ragdolls! Freeze them after an amount of time to free up CPU usage and reduce the lag, because its making it unplayable. I gave the game a chance an pushed on through to level 42, where you get a Katana... The amount of lag after killing the first enemy makes it impossible to get the timing right to kill the second, let alone the third! This game could be great, without lag!
This is the best dress cuz you get to kill people and that they are red and that's because it's color is the best so I'm never going to install this game until I get something I knew I was electronic right now I'm on a tablet.
The game is nice but I have problem at level 29 you can't see any thing we're our player is were is our enemy nothing it could get 5 stars but I want the creator of the game to cut the part and make it visible please please HELP MEE I don't want to delete thise Game soo please creator a little big help please😣😳
Good Idea. But does not work, I have tried the first level 10 times to give it a shot to fix. And it keeps closing the app. And the screen keeps going black.
This game is amazing I love is in one day I'm in level 300 I told my brother about this game and he liked it
I like the game it's pretty good and it's a good game to pass the time but once you reach a high level the levels just start repeating same ones you've played and you can't unlock the next weapon which looks like a sniper so please fix this but overall ok game.
It's a very nice game and all but level 29 I can't see anything cuz there's a purple wall on top covering it all so it's like we are underground
This game is a time killer especiallt when u are stressed from working and stuff. I would totally recommend!!!
It's a fun enough game and the concept is well executed, but there is an ad after almost every single screen! So each level takes many 15 or 20 seconds and then you are forced to watch an ad for another 20 or 30 seconds. Literally half the time you are watching ads and never get any time to just play and enjoy the game for a while. I like the idea of the game but will now be uninstalling it because watching ads EVERY 20 seconds isn't fun.
When you have enemies running at you and the aim for some reson glitches behind where you where aiming even though your finger isnt moving it quickly becomes aggravating..
W ❤️😘😎 it is amazing OMG that you have to do on your own it will be OK don't worry if you don't want to wait until I know have been working on the new contract yet and I've only just got back from work but now I have to wait for the rest to be done 2021 I've just been working with 2 2 2 on the last one I have been to and all 9 and I have been working on the last one I sent had with my new home black bag with a couple of pictures of my life and the other one is a bit of the indus and 2 on the b
I really really loved this game because I love war things so I installed it... And it's AMAZING! Kepp on updates crazy lab;)
It was great until I hit level 44 and the game lagged to the point to where no matter when I swung the sword, it either went through the people or it just didn't swing at all.
It is a easy game but it can be finished within minutes, so it can be pay some time for to time pass.
Today 3/21/2021 I found that BM 3D is not working any more, so I changed my opinion. ¿What's happening with this game? Before the last update was working well. ¿Anybody there to answer?
12th Dec STILL ALWAYS STARTING ON LEVEL 198 for months now. was enjoying now every time I start it goes bk to level 170. replayed too many times when I click on levels only shows up too level 160??????
This game pretty much SUCKS....There's SOOOO many ADS, it actually causes the game to stop. Also almost half of the ads you cannot shut off sound or advance it. Some of the levels are practically impossible to complete. It's EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to control the aim of the gun........UNINSTALL!!!!!!"
Levels start repeating after sometime also the advertisement are bad most are promos for horror shows
This game is so good on un level 4 wait no but first on level 3 there's a bomb you get to kill all of those foryeah so there's a bomb that you get to kill all of those four people at level 3 but I level four there's a giant it takes four hits to kill him.