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bullet hell 100

bullet hell 100 for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Makoto Yanagisawa. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Filled to brim with ads! I would've recommended this game in the past but it's now filled with ads, after every single level, which is usually like 20 seconds long, you get an ad and I don't wanna have to turn my phone off just to play this without getting flooded with ads. Can't recommend this game anymore like I would've in the past.
This game super fun no joke, But can you tell me the music in level 2 that got me in the mood to play more
It's great but on level 4 carrier 5 there's so many particles that the game lags horribly and crashes..
The graphics are good but. the controls are far from the existing hell bullet I'm use to play, missing boss. the gameplay is kind of boring.
It is an amazing game and I love it. The only problem is on the easy carrier levels, there will sometimes be too much going on and the game will shut down. Itherwise, awesome
figuring out how levels work is a lil funky but besides that it's a great and challenging bullet hell!
I always love playing bullet hell games and this one is the best android bullet hell game for me :) Keep it up!
Surprised how much I enjoyed this. Other than the ads, this game is great for short or long periods of play.
I finished the whole thing on hard. It is not a danmaku game, but a new genre. Tactical/strategy shoot em up. It is all about destroying the boss in a certain order. Because of this it does not reward dodging. A game where the boss is more solid and bullets can be dodged is more rewarding. This makes for a lazy shmup player. Please make it harder.
The controls are a tad unclear, and there is no apparent reward system for completing a mission. It is an over all good game, just lacks purpose
I loved this game. It's a great challenge. The beginning starts off easy and gradually gets harder. The latest levels are a challenge for sure and I haven't even beaten them myself. For a good simple bullet hell I really recommend this one. As a casual game only try easy mode, for your own sanitise sake.
I love this game and the retro style! The classical music playing is an amazing and unique touch. It is obviously translated from another language, but it is easy to decipher.
Thank you for this great game! I love playing bullet hell shmups but I suck at them. This starts out easy and trains you up. Each level is like a puzzle you need to figure out the best way to solve. Brilliant.
There's this one Carrier level that keeps crashing, but other than that this is probably my favorite app. I'd love another in this style with even more levels (or even just an update). More levels please!
Great game. Not overly difficult but a decent challenge. Not sure why others had lag problems....I had none of those issues. The game never slowed or crashed for me.
Hard mode is actually hard (besides Level 3 Destroyer 2 since it has a very easy safe spot), and so far, only one glitch I found that rarely happens which is when the lasers are about to go out, if you stand still, they will pass straight through you, which kind of reminds me of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Touhou's 6th game's lasers, except not at the beginning, really enjoy this game! :>
Really fun, plenty of levels to choose from. The different types of enemies and all the arrangements they come in really add to the experience!
Best, most unique bullet hell game ever. The music and gameplay is on point and the graphics are amazing.
A fun and satsfying game. The levels are difficult, and you have to memorise what happens when in the level and excersize your problem-solving to beat this, and it's extremely gratifying when you finally beat a tough level. Kinda like Super Meat Boy or Dark Souls? And to top it off, the visuals and music are quite beautiful.
Finished hard mode in around a week of occasional play, won't prove to be too difficult if you ever experience with bullet hell games, and a few of the levels are frustratingly designed but I wouldn't say I regret playing through most of the stages in level 5. The music gets old quite fast, I recommend turning it off and playing your own stuff if you choose to get the game.
Overall a good game, but if you don't kill some of the enemy's fast enough it lags so much that your game crashes. Later stages crash a lot
Just finished the game (only on easy difficulty lol) and so far, I only found one glitch. It's that, whenever you move too quickly, the bullets (and even the lasers) will only pass through you, safely. This glitch actually helped me though the levels haha. Overall, very challenging experience.
The controls make this unplayable. Cant play a single game without getting screwed over by the lag, moving your finger off the screen, the ship being unresponsive or haing your finger cover your ship
Honestly just amazing. Ive had this game forever and the feeling of finally clearing a tough level is wonderful
Amazing! I thought explosions and chaos would happen from the start which would instantly kill me, but when I started playingit was normal then got harder the music is nice too!
On easy mode, level 4, carrier 5 keeps crashing. On hard mode, level 5, destroyer 2 is so absurd it is an insult to the player. Please fix it.
Absolutely awesome I loved the game would have rated 5 stars but the music is just wierd for a game like this and also on easy level 4 or 3, 5th of cruiser I can't beat its not because Im not good at the game it lags out every time but it's just my tablet so can't really blame you
It would be a great game if the sound track was a 15 second nice song then loops make a better soundtrack and songs and I'll give it 5 stars
It was very addictive and fun! I loved the colorful bullets. The only downside is that an ad always pops up after I beat a level, but I don't mind them that much.
I have finished the game on hard mode, and I absolutely loved it! The game is very challenging at points but it feels so rewarding after completing a level. This is one of my favourite mobile games and I can't wait to start playing bullet hell 300 now. Ads are very fairly placed and aren't an annoyance. Music sounds really nice but can get a little repetitive. Otherwise great game 10/10
Lovely gameplay me and my lady enjoyed playing this game we went straight for hard mode. Just wish there were more levels but I cant complain to much. No pay to play which is great
Really good controls, satisfying to play. The only thing I can think of wrong really is it seems kinda... bland. No effect on anything when you hit an enemy (There might be sound though, I play without sound so I don't know). Not really any variation in the visuals of enemies. Apart from that though, it's really fun to play!
Me and my friend love this but the only problem is that this game drains all the battery from your phone I wish there was a battery saver option in the settings
Not for everyone, but very artistic. People complain about the simplicity, yet the simple environment makes every frustrating death (Expecially in hard mode) seem more like a clear practice. Fun. Play. Now.
This game is completely flat. There's no sound effect when you fire or hit anything, there's no visual effects when you daago enemies, enemies themselves are not animated, the music is repetitive violin music that makes no sense with this game, there's no plot, no upgrades, no interestind enemie patterns. The original Space Invaders had more gamefeel and more complexity than this. It's not worth your time.
Could be better. I have played a lot harder games then this, and I was bored by it. Not a bad game, just not my style. Try a game called "Danmaku Death" for a MUCH greater challenge!
I enjoy this game because of the beautiful color, but one issue is the fact that every time I complete a level it comes up with an ad,•~•