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Bullet Bender

Bullet Bender for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Lion Studios located at 849 High St Palo Alto, CA 94301. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Disgusting game. Its unresponsive so you cant even play and lags like hell. It froze my phone and i couldnt even turn it off or close it. Its not even a fun game and from what i've heard it has way too many ads. Dont get it. Absolute trash.
Seems a fairly fun and silly little game. However, being forced to watch ads after missions is a HUGE nah from me. Any developed that forces you to watch ads simply for the privilege of playing their game is a surefire way to turn me away. Offering ads for benefits at least gives the player the choice.
Basically the game concept is good, but after several levels I got bored because I have to perform the repetitive actions inorder to clear the level which is not much challenging. I suggest to add challenging levels not just bending the bullet and doing the same over and over inorder to kill the red freaky dudes.
Utter junk. Searched for game with no ads and this piece of rubbish showed up. Installed and it's FULL OF ADS!!!!! Sham!
Liked the game but, too much ad made me spend more time on ads then game. Developers have to understand that they will have to allow user to play game so that they get addicted enough to make in app purchase. Someone like me don't spend even few minutes with such game bcoz frequent ad solid the experience. At the same time I have also paid to unlock full version of games and also did in app purchases. Uninstalled!!!!
The graphics are horrible, and when you win the shooter does this motion like hes blowing on the gun, but he doesn't even open his mouth. In my opinion the game concept is good it's just the graphics, so if they make the graphics look better I might look forward to playing it again.
It is okay. Ads, obviously. The gameplay isn't too bad, but it isn't amazing. I'd say the best part is the replay you get when you finish a level. One problem I have that makes this two stars instead of three is the fact that the whole "watch an ad for this thing" didn't work. I watched an ad, and never got the thing.
How does me stopping you from collecting advertising data stop you maintaining your game. And then you plaster your moans across the top of a boring and dull game. If your going to download, make sure you got a decent ad stopper, cos this is loaded so you will need for the 5 mins before you get bored and uninstall
This is a great game! A few things I'd like to see changed/added; a shadow! (Even if it's just cast on the enemy and not the world) So it's easier to see where the point of contact will occur. An on-screen analogue stick for a smoother bullet path(as apposed to the jerky path when you run out of screen. Also, as a secondary option for bullet control). It's not a game breaker, but having arms when I'm wearing a t-shirt would be nice, aha! "Headshot" sometimes gets in the way of the next shot.
Unbelievably bad, the amount of ads is unbelievable, and the quality of the game doesn't even make up for the ads, unistalled. Not only that I watched an ad to get a skin, and it still didn't give it to me, when I pressed on watch ad, again I had to watch another ad and it still didn't give me the skin, VERY BAD GAME.
The experience is terrible. After a ad or more the bullet started to go wacky. It was out of time when I was swiping eith my fingers. This is very poorly made I have to say. I don't recommend you install this app. If it gets better I might consider to install it again.
The game is EXTREMELY scuffed, and the graphics are as good as a dead animal. Improve your clickbait game. And, in total offense, it won't even let me see some of the stuff in game, such as the button to watch an advertisement. So, as I said earlier, you should either make a better game and delete this one, or improve something for once.
This is LITTERALY the worst most basic and boring game ever if I could rate lower than 1 star I would
In a span of 30 mins of playing the screen glitches so much that it's entirely black and when I go back to the game it happens again. I hate this game with a passion the concepts ok but the game is horrible. I regret even laying my on this game.
Great game to goof off with. If you're just looking to laugh at how horribly made a game is or be able to literally go under the map and turn it upside down then yeah this would be a game for you. Bullet controls well so it's got that going for it. But that's about it.
I chose to refuse data collection and so the app constantly has a banner across the top third pushing to change them. This banner also stops me from accessing anything across the top third of the screen. Can't even press 'back' and instead have to exit the app and relaunch. Terrible decision.
Literally all the "unique games" combined, you claim a new bullet by watching ads, you get a special target by watching ads, popup ads, LITERALLY ANY form of offer ads they can make. And the game is repetitive and it's confusing to know where the bullet is headed for. They might not even read this, or other reviews! They just wanna make more money. Definitely would not recommend to everyone. 2.2/10.
After a few levels it taught me to buy a gun upgrade. I had 53 dollars, but it costed 70. It didn't let me exit it. I tried uninstalling and it saved my place from when I uninstalled.
There was an ad after every level, the levels are to easy and the game is just super slow pass. The only reason it gets 2 stars is because it has a good premise.
It feels evident that almost no effeort was put into the creation of the game. The gameplay became boring very fast, the animations were poorly done, and the texturing felt like that of a child being taught by a novice 'desighner'. This game is comparable to those low quality ad filled 'games' that offer more advertisements to their other games than gameplay itself. I would recommend this game to only be played without an internet connection and if there is literally nothing else to do.
In my experience, the game itself is great but i experienced bugs too. Like when i watch the replay, the last kill doesnt fall. And i hate the thing that you buy stuff using ads! Please update the game more so ill rate it 4-5 stars.
It's a decent time killing game but there's nothing else beyond that. You get money but there is nothing to spend it on. And I would like to see the death animation make sense. Getting shot in the head shouldn't have blood coming out the torso. And the physics needs to be tweaked.
I thought this game would be interesting to try but it turned out to be nothing but a giant advertisement garbage Fest by which I'm saying every level did you complete there's an advertisement to do boss levels do you have to watch advertisements this game is not worth playing because you can't truly enjoy it throughout all the ads you have to get through you can't get invested into it it's better to just download something else
There is a wierd glitch where if you headshot someone, they don't fall over, which make it less fun. Also, I had the gmae for a while and was watch all the ads and that stuff in the hope that the game graphics or something would improve, however I am disappointed that the game does not seem to be being improved at all.
I will normally buy the ad free version of game based on how many ads I encounter in the free mode. Ads after every level are a reason to just uninstall and that's what you'll find here. I refuse to be bullied by ads into buying ad free.
Game is actually pretty good. WAY too many ads. You get hit with an ad after each level. If you want one of the items you've unlocked, watch an ad. The amount of ads make the game unplayable. Uninstalled.
In most games there are additional rewards given when a video is watched. Also, most games will actually give you the rewards offered/promised if the video is watched. This game has you watching video after video to get a reward that you NEVER get. Trying to unlock other Weapons or Bullets by watching videos, FORGET IT. You can watch video after video, my record so far is 5 before giving up, and you STILL WILL NOT GET WHATEVER YOU ARE WATCHING THE VIDEO TO GET.
The game is very buggy, it lags a lot so you can't really see what's actually happening, you get kick off the game very often and there is an advert after every game so around every 15 seconds, you have to watch half of the advert to actually be able to click of of it, don't get the game it's a big waste of time, trust me
Not really a good game it's kinda boring and it has no music and a lot of ads I don't recommend you playing this
The game is fun but ads for bullets and boss fights dont give the rewards. It's a real shame that your game doesnt work as it's actually fun. Would rate higher if I was able to get the full benefits of watching ads.
I LOVE THIS GAME. Firt 2 secs im lovin it. I like how thers barly ads 5 star rate more games like this.GIT THIS GAME
0/10 don't play 1. This game has no actual gun realism in it, cause you literally shoot out an entire cartridge instead of the lead round 2. This game has frozen more times then I can remember 3. Almost everything requires an ad and everytime you finish a game or at the start of one there is always gonna be an ad So to sum it up this is a failed cash grab that was either rushed or make with low education about guns. Not to mention this game looks like a trash fire.............
This game is so cool and awesome cuz I can't shoot guns in real life I am a kid but this game now I can shoot guns in the game in the first reason that I put five stars it because it's just awesome awesome super super awesome!
This game is absolute garbage. I went to install it thinking it would help me to bend bullets in real life. Let me tell you, it definitely does not help with that, I would know since I'm writing this review from Hades' realm in the underworld. I tried to bend the bullet 7 times when my brother shot at me. Regardless of this app, it didn't work. I wouldn't recommend getting this app or having a sibling shoot at you
Basically just a platform to put advertisements on. A very basic idea that doesn't seem ready for the Play Store, useless coins, and bad graphics all combined make this game unbearable.
I enjoyed the game, but there are WAY too many ads. Starting out a level takes less then 10 seconds the complete and it was making me watch a 10 to 15 second ad after every level. I spent more time watching ads on the game than actually getting to play the game.
I like it quite a lot. I mean, when you get a headshot, it is a bit silly that blood spews out of their stomach, but no matter. I know loads of people say that here is nothing to spend coins on, but I have managed to spend mine as there is a little pop-up shop after rounds sometimes. That's all I can say really, as long story short, it's a GREAT game! For that, I have given 5 stars.