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Build N Chill: Pocket Building Puzzle

Build N Chill: Pocket Building Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by VigaFun Co., Ltd located at 52 Chua Ha Street, Ha Noi. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love these kind of games! It's relaxing and refreshing! The buildings look so cool after you light them up!
This game doesn't work most of the time. Tells you to check your connection or unable to show ad. Not worth the effort to install. Waited 5 days for this to be fixed still locked up and won't work. Uninstall soon as I'm done here. Don't waste your time.
Good game, but it has been saying another world for over 2 months and nothing. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for that.
Want to start off with great game like all the puzzles just already out of puzzles. That's the only reason that I put four instead of five
I would have given 4 stars but its just not enough new puzzle updates. I've not used the app in almost a month because I've been waiting on new puzzles.
Constantly get add not ready message but if i spend tokens i get an add its realy anoying, its obvious the developers dont read the comments.
Seems ok, I wish it was less coin active since it has ads, and most levels don't have enough pieces so it makes it to easy, and then it takes to little time. Then you run out and need coin levels. Which again it has ads so there should be significantly less coin levels. But still that aside it's good and fun
An insane amount of ads before, after and during the puzzles! I don't mind paying for removing ads in apps I like, but I honestly didn't even have the patience to play it enough (aka watch enough ads) to decide if I like it or not
The game is good great time killer good graphics I just wish stuff would cost less you would get more money and more diamonds were completing stuff but over all the game is great
The ads that pop up, sometimes multiple times, while building the scene is SERIOUSLY annoying. I will probably uninstall the app due to this.
Love playing this game but wish there would finally be some new worlds added. Not sure to if I'm going to keep this game anymore if there isn't an update soon.
Cute game. I would have given 5 stars but every ad freezes. Frustrating, I can't get extra coins, I can't play the puzzle that require the ads to play unless I try several times. Every once in a while the ad won't freeze and I can work the puzzle. Not interested in doing that when I can spend that time playing a different game.
Has great potential but the developers are missing the mark. The timer to get more $ and diamonds stops when the app closes so it literally can take DAYS to go 30 min and it takes weeks just to get enough diamonds to use for one puzzle. It stopped being fun when all you do is go in, spin the wheel and watch adds. Waste of time. I'd only give it 1 star but the graphics are nice.
New updates available on 10 th September 2020. Another update on 16th September 2020. Updated an app but no new model available to play.
I like this one best so far out of the 3D puzzle games. Others don't give you enough gems or points to play all boards or they want to much money for some boards.
It was good when I started playing, but now its a long wait between new builds and sometimes I can't even get daily rewards because its always saying ad not available. I love the game its just the waiting for something new. Its frustrating.
Not playable coz all the ads cannot load and you need to watch ad in order to play ---- Original review: Nice game... Generally easier than Pocket World 3D...
Good game to burn time. Doesn't take long to build stuff. If you have some time to burn or are on break, this would be a good game to play
Well It's been several weeks and I've completed every puzzle. It's apparent that there will be no updates after Rome. I will rid my device of this app.
The 3d puzzles are changeling but it's great when you get it right to bad you can't share them when done
Just started playing this game and I am disappointed to say the least. Completed the Statue of liberty puzzle only it was holding the torch and book in the wrong arms. Also, every time I go to "light it up" the screen blanks out ( I'm assuming to screen an ad , but I have no problem with this), and I have to close the app and restart. Altogether a not pleasing experience.
Haven't been able to play for weeks, keep being told new building are coming but nothing is being added. It's a shame as I love the game but no point keeping it if there's nothing new to play ?
I love the game but the only thing I hate about this game is you can be playing for a while and after an ad plays, the game freezes and the screen turns black.
Started getting weird things popping up after I installed this app. Don't know if it was from this, but it was the only new app I have installed in over a month and a half... then these strange text messages and ads just started appearing that same day! Just in case it IS from this, I'm UNINSTALLING ASAP and then checking my tablet for bots, malware, etc...anything that shouldn't be there!!!!
Your game is a joke for 2 weeks it keeps messing up on the daily activities and then i have to reopen the game and it uses one of my tickets. Scandalous
The screen is Black what is up with this help please. 10/12/20 screen is black again. What is wrong. Please fix it thank you. STILL NOT WORKING
Good game, but it has been saying another world for over 2 months and nothing. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for that. Still waiting for an answer
This kind of game doesn't need to be online. After the introduction level, you ask me to connect to internet. NOPE! Not gonna happen. I know this kind of game immediately shows you unskippable ad once connected to the internet. Horseshit move there developers, making this game an online kind of game. Uninstalling immediately.
In the pictures, it looked like this game just copied Pocket World 3D, but when I played the game, when lighting the finished structure up it does have good visuals after. Though, everything else is seemingly very similar to Pocket World 3D, I'm not sure if this game is but, I don't like copycats who don't give credit sooooo, eh. Until I have found that this game gave some credit, this will be my rating. I guess.
I like the game but it gets hard to see, the pieces keep getting smaller, making it hard to play, it would be nice to see them more clearly so I don't have to use the help indicator so much and the colors white and yellow blend in can't see where it is,
Was fine when ads were before/after each level, but now I can't even place 5 pieces without getting an ad. It's also near impossible to earn enough coins to unlock everything, unless you log in every day just to collect the daily until you have enough, which is ridiculous.
Not bad but could be very much better. 3D aspect needs to be vastly improved with more detailed builds. Tower Bridge for example on another 3D game is vastly more detailed, graphical 3D representation better than the ones in this app. The amount of diamonds to build others are grossly way too much. There also needs to be more models per Country. If improvements are made then I will not uninstall and will give a higher rating.
A+ game. I used to play on my phone and it was a little hard to affix the tiny ones. But with my tablet, it is a lot easier. ❤️
Keeps saying "ads not ready yet" or "check your network" when trying to get the daily bonuses. My coverage is fine and my WiFi is great. Need to reduce the number of gems to purchase buildings. If you are lucky to get 2 or 3 through the daily bonus it will take months to save enough!
A few problems with updating of levels (way too long) . Also not too sure what we can spend accumulated coins on . Also how do we get the coupon code . Also contact from the designer takes forever. and I'm seriously considering uninstalling the game which is a pity because it's a relaxing game. I would have given 5 stars if was not for these issues
Love this game, but you don't have enough stuff to build. And it cost to much to buy jems ,there's not enough jerseys for the money. This app seriously needs to be more like coloring apps. 4 or 5 new things to build daily and a little less to build them
Good game, but it has been saying another world for over 2 months and nothing. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for that. Still waiting for an answer. It has been over 2 months now. Once you finish Rome no more puzzles. Keep saying another world coming. 4 months now. I have emailed and looked at all of the reviews and I can honestly say no one has gotten back to me or anyone else. I am changing my rating and taking the game out of my phone. I guess the developer of this game doesn't care.
It is a fun game if you like these build type of puzzle games but since no updates happen you complete everything overall pretty fast especially if you buy gems. Also you get stuck with thousands of worthless coins and the daily gift only gives you more. I would give a better review but no updates just kills the game.
Horrible app hasn't released any new content in months. Now just taking up valuable space on my phone
It's fun untill you need currency. Can't play at all now until I'm allowed to watch enough ads to collect enough currency to unlock another one. I'm not willing to drop money on this, because the controls kind of suck and it's really just not worth more dropping money on.
Honestly not a great pocket world. It claims to be offline. It is not. The builds are subpar at best, and objects don't line up well. It was alright, but I don't recommend it.
Its an ok game but way to many ads. Ill stick with pocket world 3d. Ive been playing that for several months.
Saved up gems and when i went to use them it all of a sudden says almost negatove 7k??? How in the world is that possible???
I've uninstalled the game. I'm tired of money and gems disappearing. If you can't fix the issues you can't play the game. I can't enjoy something that is broken!!!
Loved this game. Very soothing music and even the gameplay too. But the drawback that i felt is to unlock new stages needed more diamond than anticipated. Overall its good and interesting game.
Okay, I came here to give this 5 stars because the first puzzle you do plays "Careless Whisper" when you finish it and I absolutely love that 😄 Plus it looks heavily based off of the new Animal Crossing for the Switch with the cat looking a lot like KK Slider, and he's sitting on a stump on a Switch-esque platform with grass and a fence and stuff. Very cute!! Also this game is fully playable with the S-pen, which is a major plus!~ ❤
Found the statue of liberty to be backwards. She is supposed to be holding the book in her left hand with her right arm holding the torch high in the air.
I found placing the pieces very frustrating. You have to be 100% or it just puts the piece back. Seems ok, but lost interest way too fast.
I love this game but the adverts dont work to get my rewards so cant do all the puzzels. Its saying error on network but there is nothing wrong with my network be great if you can get this sorted
This game is a copycat of pocket world 3D, both games have crazy amount of advertising but this game quality is so appalling that makes me would only wants to play the pocket 3D world. Also is way too easy, the only great thing about this game is when you finished the puzzle that end of little movie is good
No updates. No new cities to build. Been waiting almost 2 months for new puzzles. Uninstalled. No new puzzles for months. Don't waste your time.
I'd say its a good game but there's mistakes that's laughable. Example: You were describing about TAJ MAHAL but obviously the object is AL-BURJ. 😂😂😂
Has potential but needs more levels. I don't like that many objects can be placed without rotating at all.
Epic puzzle game. It's like a 3-D puzzle but more fun. Love how there's lots of puzzles one can do. Which is nice because I'm addicted to this game. LoL Yea there's a decent amount of Ads, but its worth it! And it's only $2.50 to get rid of most of the ads. It could use some fine tuning, like if the puzzles had more peices and more randomness to the pieces. But it's still alot of fun. It's so relaxing with the nice music as well.
Would like to be able to redeem my points, ( I have alot) for gems. It takes a long time to get enough gems to build something which i dont like. Thank you. I am still having the same issue. When I spin the wheel, it only gives me points, rarely gems. A little frustrating. Would like to be able to redeem some of my points for gems. Please make this possible.
Loved the game BUT..! I completed all puzzles but accidently deleted game when i reinstalled i realised id have to do all puzzles again (fair enough) but keeps saying check internet connection when i try and spin wheel and daily rewards so now i cant earn diamonds or money to unlock puzzles! but works for the support pack
More ads than playing. The ad buttons are also placed in the most annoying of places: want to 'light the result up'? To even see what it means you have to pick up the ad. The "game" is quite plainly an ad-farm.
A very poor design of the Statue of Liberty. It's like it's a joke to the designers. It's better than "my pocket world" to me because it doesn't lock up puzzles and expect you to build shrines just to progress. And not "pay this, pay that", everywhere.
Always freezes up and never lets you play the videos for the ads to get your daily diamonds or whatever it is don't mind spending money on the game but not going to do it if the game isn't working properly wish it was more like Pocket world 3D that is consistently updating every week and don't have any problems
Why an advert after every puzzle? Just charge us 12 p to buy the game instead! Even had 2 adverts after one level! And an advert that froze my phone.Do not install!
Enjoy the game but getting really fed up with no add ready or check your net work please fix then this would be a great little game
I paid 2.49 +tax for your no ads, well you took my money but I still get ads shoved in my face.please fix or return my money.Dont buy nothing.😡😡