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Build Battle

Build Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Blockman GO Studio located at 中国广东省珠海市高新区港湾1号 港10栋 3楼. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really good game like it AT THE START then it tells me to update it but I can't i tried to uninstall it and then installing it did not work
I have played this game on my tablet a long time ago and now I can't get blocks. It worked find the last time but now it won't give me blocks and I tried to ask people but they would not say any thing. So can you make it to wear there is a button in the corner.
I gave this 1 star because whenever I play,it disconnects even if my wifi network is good and when I reconnect,there's no one playing the game
The game is awsome i dont have any troubles but i have to complain about the clothes....THEY ARE BAD i mean like if i wear something in the game its not even what the icon shows
I gave it a 4 star because I like the game but when I load in the game it takes like 3 hours can you fix it please
Uhm I rated 3 stars because of when I press the block button it doesn't show up.. Would u mine fixing up the problem the game looks very fun and I want to play it so bad😅☺️
The reason why I gave this 4 star is I am kinda laggy but it's fun and I enjoyed it 'cause I acnnot afford the real Minecraft.
Good game but you have to add new and hard themes I want the challenge, And I wish there was 2 player build battles
Oh my God this game is so good install this right now like the graphics perfect like the building tool perfect everything about this perfect give this 5 Stars right now it's so cool and you can even build anything you want that's the best thing in this game if you're not playing this game what are you doing with your life this game is epic and cool I enjoy this a lot
It is a really fun game but the only little problem is some people dont even try to win they just goof around and dont build tbe thing to try and win
I looked at the pictures they were good at looks like Minecraft so I installed it but then when I tried playing I won and then i went to fly and it was way to slow and I wanted to build how I build on Minecraft it didn't work I had to go closer So I rate it a 3 out of 5
I mean it's great but can I join with out logging in and when i even try to get the game it stays on 87 and I had in stall 5 games to at least to get to 88
This game is very bad cuz if the game says to build a snowman everybody builds houses , towers, or nothing. And if I build what the game says I get failed and the people who don't build what the game says gets to 1st position
it takes to lone to load so I deilitid it so I didn't get to play and I placed it a long time ago and it worked
There was a round where a played computer something that wasnt a computer won that really pi##ed me off straight away otherwise the game is fine
i like it its a fun thing to do and also distracts you from boredness but somtimes you get out of the game randomlly.
Hi guys this is fun game but I want to tell something. That is not like minecraft who gave 5 stars, 4 and 3 I want to tell you something. If you love this game install block man go there is all games this one and others block man go make this game and other like bed wars and more.And who gave one star these words are so hurtful never say like these word that it is trash game. Thanck you
minecaft boring but so cool fix theme watermelon 2 time WHY THE GAME EXSIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? so cool but boring it look like minecraft hope all guys like this game all games are in blockman go pls downlote that name: build battle rate this in 5 stars structure blocks metal and other blocks in bliud battle the more win the more coins spiecaly vips it exists do yoiu know its ok to lose yall guys bye bye (spiecaly from more coins buy skins) know what im good at making things at biuld battle goods
This game is amazing!! It's so fun and no ads at all.. i love it. But one thing it has very little blocks to choose from but it's amazing. It's not like minecraft but it's amazing. I'm saying amazing to meny times sorry.
I can play this game first and there not give block I can check on ypu tube and thene I know where is block
Its fun and i really recommend it but you have not like stuff only wool and the you make something better than somebody else but they win but great game like i said really fun downloaded its amazing except that lol
Tou give the same amount of time every round bu whenever we have to do huge billds you still give us the same amount of time and I never am able to finish my build so the person reading this do NOT get this game
I couldn't even get pass the nickname thing, it always tells "oh already exists" or "unavailable password" and it feels like that's all it tells you, DO NOT INSTALL THIS FREAKIN GAME
two stars because Everytime I try my best I fail and my internet is fine and still loading very very very very slow. this is why I don't like building...........😠😠👍👍😾
i really like the game but it keeps kicking me out for no reason and i literally just raged quit bc it was so hard to do and then i got kicked out you should maybe fix it
I rate dis game 5 stars. Dis game is so so fun to Play it i can build and im all ways the winer😀 Dis game is so fun😄. I play dis every day is so fun I like dis game i rate dis 5 stars but i can only Rate dis game 4 stars . Is logging every day for 2 minute but. I will like dis game. Cause Who build dis dey fo alot off work. On dis. 🙇🙏
Its just like minecraft because if you dont have a xbox you can play and it feels like your on a xbox
I love this game. There is just a few problems. The game tells you what you have to build and you don't start off with enough building tools to decorate your build.
This game is like heaven and the creator is an angel this game is the best download it now if you don't the angel will haunt you also it is. Not easy to win it's realy hard. Thank you creator who made this game I would love to play more🙌🙌I have to say why do poeple vote for the poeple that builds make no sense
It is so fabulous and I loved playing this game please who ever made this game is an absolute beast.thank you for sponsoring this game.
I'm bad at building but still I really like this game block iron you can you so many things and I love it so much and again Llllllllloooooovvvvvvvvveee this game So much
Build Battle is a very creative building game, it has the classic gameplay in Blockman GO. With imagination, players turn required theme into a construction work within a prescribed time. And then competes with the works of other players to determine the winner. Here are the rules for this game: - There will be 8 players. After the game starts, they will be transferred to their respective rooms. - A tBuild Battle is a very creative building game, it has the classic gameplay in Blockman GO. With
When i start the game it shows doctor again and again thats not it their is bots you will always win im so sick of this game.when i got the game i think it was hypixle but no never get this app 1/10000
I can't figure out how to make an account. I have never played any blockman go studio games so I don't have an account. The game only has a login screen and no option to make a new account pls tell me how to get in.
I love this game. I'm so bad at building but I try my best.i rate 5 stars because I like building.2.you can use soo many blocks which I'm happy about.3.you can look at other players creations. 4.you can like peoples creations. 5.you have a super big place to build. 6. It tells you what to build. I'm HOT.
I really like the game but the themes are so easy and there are not many themes. Another problem is that I wish you could play as a duo
I love it! but i wish it was easier to turn with laptops! and how to move would be (maybe) up arrow right arrrow left arrow down arrow and yea please make it like that it would really help alot
So why i rated this 3 stars is because, Whenever you play and its voting time THE WORST BUILD wins. i don't know why but please fix this.
I love this game its awsome! i love playing it and everything! totallyy recommend :D! the only thing is the ads, i have to stay a WHOLE minute just to watch a stinking ad and there is NO 'x' to click >:(
You have to make graphicslike minecraft I play crafting and building it have the graphics like Minecraft but it's better pls change graphics👍👍👍👍
This is is a really amazing game. But if there was an 4 and a half star option then I would do that as there should be more topics. Other than that this game is really nice. :)
Build battle is a good game but I keep disconecting It might happen to some people or it might only happen to me but can you fix that problem for me but it is a good game so I give this game a 4 star as you can see
This is a very bad game! When I wanted to play it said the app has stopped working. I kept on trying to play it.But it keeps on saying the app has stopped working.Dont get this game!Its wasting your time and my time.
Love the game im on my moms phone but i used to play on my old tablet i got a new phone for the first time I used to play with my sister in this game ALOT but i has to delete it for a reason so i saw this and im gonna play again.2 years later im now 10!my sisters 5:)
If you wanna have a build battle but it's not on Minecraft. And is almost like Minecraft come to here. It's great to play this game... The Game is simple and fun. Who wouldn't wanna download it. For real tho. It's a good app. The only problem is I can't add ppl as friends on this app.
Nice game i play with my sister and my building now nice i make world and built modern house in Minecraft and that looks amazing.
I like the game but I'm giving it 3 stars because there's not a lot of blocks to choose from and one time when I was trying to play it I couldn't I was stuck on part where u can costimize ur person but good game tho.
I hate this game because I'm just log in game 😡😡😡😡ant this build battle I see the merchant so hateee don't rate this appp your phone we will log. Stupid game
Block man go pls fix my game i have downloaded all games of you but they worked nice but when i downloaded egg wars it was nice to but this build battle tuned into survial but i can just fly and see the all world ok so pls fix my game and i will give this game 5 or 4 stars so pls and pls and this was my mama's brother aount but this but this not my name ok and thanks and thanks ok ok
I am rating this only one star because it's preety useless my building skills didn't improve at all and when I was playing this my mom said that she also played this game and it was boring I did not believe her but then I saw that it's really very very boring and useless
This game is really bad 👎 😕 the most annoying part when I press download it never then when it downloads, its lagging and kicking me out of the game and never make me enter so plz anyone who is reading this do not free space for a pathetic game like this just trust me even if you have the best internet connection it will never do anything for and my brother started hitting his phone until it broked so that's a heads up FYI don't download this app ever
I luv this game... Only downside I wish we could get the gold cubes easier like instead of buying it, if you win you get 5 cubes. Overall it is a good Game
I liked this game a lot . It is like the Minecraft one , but it's graphics are more updated.😁😀😄
This game is good but I think it would be better if you could effects but it's a SUPER app keep up with good work
Its lot of fun but the choosing blocks are hard to get pls make it do better and i playd this its alot of fun and pls make another but make it a build battl 2 and 3pls its so fun
I hate it it makes then have access see your camel or else you don't be able to play and I don't like deleting everything off the camel because it's so annoying
I like it very much but we should put decoration in some things like car and boat much of them and it should be we can go inside any think and two minutes time see others think carefully thanks to see my review. Can we put more think some I need is I have question why parts need money some part need money thats not write yes or no?
Bad app. Always disconnects me when i make a good build when it's bad it NEVER disconnects me. I only like the app for build challenges
This . Game is nice because we can make the toppic that's are creative mind I love this game. @zuhair Ali T
Good game but for some reason when I try to join with a name it says user does not exist and user exists. Like....
I do like this game because it's like minecraft. I can join multiplayers without loging in on my accounts. The only thing i don't want here is the building themes, why is the theme watermelon FOR THREE TIMES??? AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Another thing, can you please fix the controls? I feel uncomfortable when i'm flying up, SOO SLOW. Thanks
I give it a 3 start bc whenever I try playing it won't let me play and if I restart it, it still won't play. Plz fix it and whenever there is an inopprpriet build it still wins. Also why did they make the blocks costs coin money
This is sooooooo good but I give this a 4 because you have to buy some blocks but this game is good .
Beautyful game but.. My problem build hard or i don.t know what my build in what is that thingk me don.t know im build tower of hell lr bed wars
I love the game but it is to laggy I think you should fix it plz. And it kicks me every time I join you should fix that plz and thank you. But sometimes it let's me in ok.
This game is fun but some blocks you need money to get it's annoying and I want new theme and new blocks.
I really like it, because the game can improve my building skills.Thank you so much for creating this wonderful game 😊👍
This game is the best game ever we build the thing they tell us but I have a problem sometimes I am bored so I want to play this game but sometimes I am lazy but I still love this game
I think this is really good cause it's the type of Minecraft and I love Minecraft It's the best I love it i Think It's very nice too You know build It's good Like to build a normal Minecraft.
Build Battle is a good game but the reason why is because the game i go download blockman go for a minute and i go to Build Battle back and i see my account is not mine and its says choose a boy or a girl
It fun but i even won one round of the game and all of those poeple didn't even build! and the unlock thing is kinda annoyed and plz make the unlock thing to free plz omg plz poeple I had planned to won all week and month but I still didn't won one bit of time with thought I thing you can put frowers in the game to make it better than be for and some grass and beautiful frowers and don't forget the time and plz put the time 5:67 to build ok🤗🌈 and thank for the game and it probably would new!