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Buggle 2: Color Bubble Shooter

Buggle 2: Color Bubble Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love it 😍 this huge update released a few days ago and you can get currency, boosters and 2 extra bubbles just by watching 30 second videos. This update changed the whole game
I have been playing this game for a few years without a problem. Now, the game has me stuck at the gate unable to pass to the next level no matter how many times I win. I'm disgusted!
I just paid twice for the Gold tear drop thingy, and yet wasn't credited the 20 tear-drop things!!! Either refund my $3.68 or credit me my tokens!!!
Not impressed I bought the 1 hour unlimited & 2 fireballs it literally gave me half hours worth of unlimited play it cost me 16000 tokens which took me ages to collect & also inbetween games sometimes it states congratulations you've won 1 hr unlimited play I click on it & it just carries on as normal, not once have I benefited from the 1 hr free play, I've spent loads of money on this game & collected lots of tokens just to lose them as the games not set up properly & doesn't give you the proper amount of time 1 hour unlimited should mean 1 hour not 30 minutes rip off if you ask me.
Reinstalled the game was on level 200, it started me over at 164. Now it's not reloading again . Will give it 2 days if not fixed will delete for good. Unnstalling HORRIBLE game. Start over at the wrong level wouldn't let me go pass 200. I QUIT.
This used to be one of my very favorite games even though it had issues w freezing, etc.. Now, after yrs of playing, I updated & it is trying to start me over at level 1... Not happy...Would give a 5 if worked..I spent money and many hrs to get over 1000 levels.. Not starting over... 12/15/19 I could finally play again starting back at my higher level..Thanks, However. I am on level 1343 & after paying for extras and finally winning this level, it told me I lost as the last bubble was hitting!😡
app is not allowing me to log onto facebook. this needs to be fixed. otherwise i love the game. more than my other games i preferr this game
First i login Facebook then i play online buggle2 i passed level 50 after that i played offline and i passed 210 level after i connected with internet then i opened the buggle2 so level 50 why..??😡 So i Decided to Uninstall the game..😡😠
I'm in beta. V.1.4.7. above level 120 some of the points do not add. Especially the dropping balls ones. Even if there are no blockers some drops do not count. On level 154 now and just dropped twenty and only three actually counted. Also... What's the point of the Next Level gates if you can just click on the next level and bypass? (Gate between 150 and 151 for instance)
I love this game. It will be replacing alot other 3row games for me. I is all wrap in obedience on game. Enjoyment, Relaxing, mind relieving.
I am not getting rewards Like the fire balls you get for rewards I have played a number of games and still haven't received any rewards from the bottom of the page I know of 15 games I have played and never received not one reward that is booster Why is it that when you don't master a game they let you watch an ad and you would receive an award. I have at least played 15 games and no extra rewards Still no rewards This is not right after playing this game and getting to 433 and then nothing. I
Would be 5* but since last update been very glitchy freezing balls hanging in mid air not being able to drop em please sort out and I'll change my rating thank you balls now disappear finish a level & game freezes have to do level again this needs sorting or game will be deleted
I find that the short line pointer is a little too short.It would greatly enhance play if it was just a little longer...The longline however , make the game more enjoyable and less frustrating.Downloaded it today and realised why i deleted the game previously..it was the short line being TOO short that completely put me off the game.
Having to keep uninstalling it because it keeps going back to home screen. Tells you buggle 2 has stopped working.
When I first started playing this game the swatter, rainbow ball,fire ball ect would replenish when I quit playing and star playing a few hours later or the next day. Now I'm on level 589 its not true anymore. Please fix this. Don't get any chance to earn them.
the game is challenging and fun but it freezes up in the middle of a game or uou lose your place when the game stop
i love that game, but it's make me mad at times, but i guit for a while then I go right back at it,i am notgoing to le t it beat me, lol 😅, add a third buggle ( 3) Rose Williams
Game will not load . I you are going to leave this up you need to fix it .It has been months and can't play . 😡😡😡
I love this game so much, every week I always wait new level. Unfortunatelly after install new update the level back to beginning (back to level 1), even though before update I was at the 2800 level. I am really disappointed.
It's not all that good you shoot the colour balls were you want them to go and it's gose in another place
for the last 2 months the game has become boring loved playing the game but its starting to be boring and im not getting any of my boostets or coins havent gotten any coins in 2 months please fix
Like game but keep Having trouble with game .cant relaod if i dont win level .i have to restart phone or uninstall and install again
good game with no adverts. very addictive. but the line is a bit off so cant always hit balls. plus the swap button doesnt swap most times and fires ball. if that was fixed it woukd be 5 🌟
I have playing this game for quite sometime and got to level 400 when my level was reset starting at #1. I reinstalled 3 times and it consistently froze at level 8. I removed many photos on my device thinking space was an issue, so was not the case. I am so disappointed because I loved the game and it was the only one that I played all the time. There is no other game that I'm even interested in playing. A real solution needs to be found, so that all persons wanting to continue to play can
I love this game. Ive been playing it for 3 tears now. I only wish they would put more than one level at a time once you get all caught up. Waiting all week for a new level gets very boring
I was on level 1030 and it reset itself, ive tried to uninstall it and re install it and it wont let me go back to my origonal level, it keeps resetting itself. I worked so hard on this to get as far as i did and now im back to the begining, it was connected to facebook as well but all my progress is gone!!!! 100 % not happy 😣😣😣
I love this game, however since the last update, I've experienced issues. I'm up to level 790 I no longer get daily items, when I spend coins for extras, the coins disappear, but I don't get anything I selected. I've also had more issues with the balls staying on the screen, like it freezes up and you can't reset. Please fix...
It's a great game but now there is a invisible block on one of the stages over 230 n doesn't let me beat the lvl
It's a nice game, but it's annoying when the bubbles sometimes randomly change colour after they have been fired.
Buggle 2 level 282 is extremely hard. About time to uninstall this game from my phone. I played Farm Bubbles by Narcade and have reached level 2,250.
Nice game but only deserves one star. It doesn't let you play. Constantly shutting down. Just not worth the time.
Love the game. Takes a long time to load and usually have to close it out completely in between levels. That's frustrating. Hasn't gotten any better. Was once a treat and great stress relief. Now causes more stress. Game still freezes in mid play. I have finished several levels but the app won't let me move on, I'm stuck playing the same level over and over.
Just like every other bubble shooting game. Starts fine, gets you invested in the game, then suddenly the bubble spawner starts messing you up so you start wanting to waste money to offset it. Don't waste your time or money.
I Love this game! And it helps me to tune out negativity!Love it especially while my boyfriend has his nose in his game and ignores everything else! THANK YOU!
Love it but game is freezing up and won't load the balls into the shooter everytime. I have to close game, reopen and start over, it's annoying and it cost a life
Cannot rate game as it blackened out as the game was launched.. each time the screen goes black and the game does not load at all.. it is a brand new phone.. poor performance..
it plays very well and the graphics are top notch, no forced videos or advertising yet which is a rally good thing so far. well done development team :)
No matter what I do game won't load. Lose my game in middle of playing when I do get to play. So frustrating
I love the Buggle2 game. I played it every day on my computer. Now this evening I went to play it on Facebook and it is gone. What happened?
Keeps crashing, and some balls get stuck when you hit the matching ones which prevents the screen moving down.
You need to fix this game. I have played off and on for several years now and nothing has changed..takes forever to load, sometimes doesn't; in the middle of a game it begins to reload stopping all play; other times it ends the game prematurely and asks retry?; and finally, msgs shows a 1, nothing there. I could push that send button all day and nothing would change..on tbe upside, I love this game ..
The reason why i only gave 2 stars for this game is cause i am on level 284 and as soon as i get past the score or points the game freezes up on me and i am not done playing level 284 .
Like the game but way too many bugs, it freezes up and have to go out of the game then reopen in order to play.
Ok I really liked playing this game up until I noticed that some levels the yellow star bar goes kinda fast to the end & other ones barely move. Why is it I can get 3stars on most levels but when it comes to the levels with honeycombs I barely get one or 2. And I've done these levels over & over with same result it barely moves. Game seems rigged. Sorry uninstalling.
Not even worth 1 star. Do not install this app. This app sucks. Update made issues worse. Game has to many flaws. Game also uses to much of your data.
Buggle 2: Bubble games are my fave genre. I've been playing a variety of them for almost 5 years. Buggle 2 is a Very Good Bubble game. I've just downloaded the game today, 10-2-19. I've played 30 levels so far, and the game is fun and engaging. On this game it's particularily important to "drop" as many bubbles as possible because a sizable bonus involved. One can play free, but boosters are available for those so inclined. I suggest bubble fans give Buggle 2 a try. You'll love 😍 this game! 👍
I love Buggle 2 but 3x now over the last 6 months I have been above level 1200 and I open the app and it has a solid green screen with just the 3 icons that are in the top left corner. I can't open anything. I've tried to fix it by clearing cache, force stop, etc. The only way to fix it is uninstall and reinstall. 😣 It puts me back to the beginning of the 800's. Is there a way to fix this if it happens again? I am addicted to this game but i am truly over it.
It would be great to get honey drops when you beat the queen bee that way you could have them when you need them to save lives.
As you can see below, I posted a review quite a while ago complaining about the glitches in this game, NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO FIX Awesome thanks but I have discovered that there is a glitch in level 118, instead of the bubbles of the same colour colliding, they stop in mid air with no bubbles around them, it happens on the 3rd last chance of that level, I am unable to finish that level, please fix, I don't want to have to delete the game but if I can't finish level 118 then wants the point?
Love the game. Takes a long time to load and usually have to close it out completely in between levels. That's frustrating.
Game wont connect to facebook now it says this app in development an dont have app permission grrr so annoyed as i loved this game.....uninstalled game reinstalled now no option to connect to face book an took me back to beginning when i was on 864 or above so not happy plesse please fix this issue or it deleted for good....game back on 21st sept but still cannot send or recieve lives grrrr
Great game. A bit addicting :-) My only complaint would be with the lead line or extended view for shooting. It never puts the bubble where the line is. Frustrating! Fun game otherwise
Fun!!! Higher levels are challenging...but NOT impossible like many other bubble games. I really enjoy playing this game!
Awesome thanks for the new levels 😊😀😀. I can play my favorite game strategy is awesome thanku
No errors have NOT been fixed. The game fails to load at all now. I click to open the app and it goes to a black screen and that's all it does no matter how long I waited it out. Grrrrrrrrr!
This at one time was my favorite stress relief. You have several glitches in the updated version.unconnected balls that are in the way cant be removed, even if u win the game. Im disapointed and i dont play this game as much.
This is a fun game I am at level 43 7, but unfortunately I will be uninstalling it from my phone as I am very frustrated with the app constantly freezing and having to restart my phone then going back in to play just to find not only did I loose hearts but also lost items I purchased. I would give zero stars if I could.
If I update this game it's again going back to 1st level which I was from 550th level.. it's waste to play again and waste of time
I absolutely love this game and all the characters BUT I've got to level 750 and theres a glitch, the balls in the middle at times stay on screen and you cant break them to move to the top ..I've lost lives due to this which is no fun when you look forward to playing and those 5 lives are lost because of the glitches .. frustrating
It's a great game but wen U download it n get heaps of lives the stages have invisible bees that can't see n stuffs up
I'd give more stars for the fact your aim ability isn't great. You need a lot of coins to buy them. Not a great feature.
its a fun game, but it makes my phone get hot and it shuts off. makes other apps slow and sluggish. No other app does that to my phone..
I play this 6 out of 7 days a week. It is challenging and it helps me with my brain. Not sure why it disappeared off of my facebook today. 9/17/2018, I am really sad. Please put it back on. It says it is installed, but it is no where to be found.
Please help me understand why is it that I just installed the game again and hit play and srceen turns dark game wont even pop on so many gliches. Not happy anymore!!!
This game is awesome just love it have been playing it for a long time It is very addictive but I just love the game can't stop plan
loved the game got up to 400+ levels then now I can't play it not getting my lives always at 0 when I go to play tried about 6 times to reload the game didn't help was a great game