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Buffalo 5-Reel Deluxe Classic

Buffalo 5-Reel Deluxe Classic for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Fox Cub located at 340 S LEMON AVE #3530 WALNUT, CA 91789. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great games!!! At first I seemed to be having a bit of trouble loading the app but once I double checked my Internet access all seems to be working wonderful... thanks to you all ๐Ÿ˜š
Frustrating. Never received the coins I purchased. Went from 53B to 325,000 in no time. I only went that low because I am so frustrated I'm about to uninstall it. I just gave up. Bet 125M and get a win 833,000. Ridiculous. I took advice from a rating when I first started playing this slot. Was good advice but would be better if the wins were what they should be. 5 red 7's = 1,600,000? Really? It's a shame because I really like playing this slot..
Games all right it's just one of those that it allows you to uninstall and reinstall it and get the starting bonus every time you do it but half the time you end up uninstalling it and reinstalling it almost 30 40 times before you get a good hit and then when you do you end up just losing it all because it likes to F you over that's why two stars I might just put it to one
Entertaining. Why even bother giving a million free credits when it's 650,000 a spin. Your not gonna hold players that can spin once and be done.
great game but the amount set for minimum amount sucks especially some of the bonuses you can only spend twice after getting ur bonus sucks but it is what it is just like your mother
Could be the best slot app but for more than a month I have continued to download then Uninstall just to have money again. You win a ton right off the bat and then you can't buy a win. This obviously is to get you hooked to fork over cash for fake winnings.
Really content the music goes over keep positive Mode when reels u in just the cyclic tempting more Coins r mkt at the expense the material mercs u buy It's fon when u chng. Cash Is it play or funky music old R&B pop salsa redundant or monotonic tu eagle pay pal Or reward satisfied bid low to u learn ques the prize? Flashes u can't tell millisecond or sticks rest and test๐Ÿ˜ƒjose
Hello there ๐Ÿฅฐ who has played it, why so that I always get headache with the regular hangup? ๐Ÿ˜ฉ The application is good enough, as I got, this is an incomplete copy of the popular website winrespin ๐Ÿ”˜ com, only this site has a huge winning percentage, offers generous bonuses and also plenty of rewards ๐ŸŽฐ๐Ÿ”. Just for kicks give it a try, relax, amuse yourself ๐Ÿ’‹๐ŸŽฎ! If you checked it out, then thumbs up! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
This is a great game. But the bugs in there system tonight. My points did not register so the lost of money all night. Games crashes and no help
Well I've only been playing this game for about two and a half hours now starter with 328 million 9 trillion thank you this is a great game all your games are good
Fun to play but i have been waiting for the new games for a while. Just wanted to know when they are coming. All it says is coming soon want to try the new ones
I really love playing this game, the Buffalo, wolf, & panda are my favs. However they have the spin button RIGHT NEXT TO the maximum bet button. 3x I have been up over 25 billion chips, and have hit the max bet instead of spin cuz my fingers are too fat or my phone is too small. It just happened again and because of that I will not spend another penny on this game again as I'm sure there are other games just as entertaining. -very disappointed player
I just want to know when the 3 new slot's are coming, you have been saying they will be coming soon for at least a month now and we are all still waiting. Come on guy's we want to. I am a real fan, I just love Buffalo 5 slots. Thanks guy's
Lets you win at first then you lose everything. They want you to buy thats why. I had over 200 billion and it just stop letting me win
This company has another game called deluxe win 5 reel and the minimum bet is 1,200 so if i get to collect 10,000 on that game for my bonus i would be able to spin around 5 times if i didnt win anything, So my question is why does the bonus collection on this game only give me enough to bet once(1,000,000 credits), the collection for bonuses should be closer to 5 million seeing as the bet minimum for this game is 650,000
Really upset with thinking and seeing I'm in 1st place numerous times only to be rewarded with a placing of 11th or 33rd or whatever you choose. Not worthy of inviting any friend to play.
Game is giving when you start playing then you win minimal until your coins are gone. I have played on multiple games and lost 100's of millions and didn't once get the bonus. Loosen up!
5 stars if the new games are ever available. It's been saying coming soon for years. Why can't I access them?
Changed my opinion/rating. Built up to over 220 billion, but because the 'max bet' button is almost kissing the 'spin' button, I lost it all in 1 spin. 3rd or 4th time that has happened. If you have been making large bets, forget about going back to a lower bet, you'll lose all of the necessary minimum bet of 650k before winning enough to play again. 'coming soon' games must be walking cuz they have been 'coming' for at least the 3 months I have been signed up.
Buffalo's are great but all the machines have the same sound. It gets old quick! But fun to play for a bit.
For crying out loud, this game is simply boring to me. I guess you have to love the 5 reels types of slots to enjoy this one. Just not for me
looks like a nice casino, but, takes ages to download one game and I press on the others, but they wont open. If it carries on Ill have to delete it.
I'd read some comments of similar things happening to others, but I was ill prepared when the whole program crashed during an epic bonus round in the Diamonds game where I had almost 15 (retriggered) free spins remaining, around +2.6 trillion in waiting, and a per spin value of 25 billion. When I relogged everything was gone so I simply burned out my remaining balance and will never waste my hours with this game ever again.
the graphics are childlike & i don't like that type of machine. I like the normal slots. very boring. sorry.
Used to love this app, then the boost that pops down for 19.99 never leaves no matter how many times you exit out of it. Its annoying, to the point of uninstall. The bonus never comes and when it does, expect the lowest possible payout
if there was ever game that I said just take my money this is it it's a rip-off I bought coins twice I did better when I didn't buy coins once you spend real money it's a guarantee you will lose all the games are more or less like that but at least give a guy a chance I'm deleting this game
It's a rip off.. I'm on SSD and I have limited funds to spend. So I I don't spend money there is no way for me to win. Slots are dragging and slow to award any big wins.. No way to get into tournament winnings. Please follow up on this matter and offer a respob.Appritiate any help I can get...
17 spins without a win... 3 wins in 30... all minimal 3 spool wins... tournaments constantly failing to pay out wins. This is easily one of the worst slot games I've played! Do not... I repeat... do not spend any real $$$ on this game!
Spent over 2000000 got no bonus or free spin this game sucks I'm done the reals I tried you again the reals spin super freaking slow I've done everything you tell me to do I like this game but this problem keeps me from playing it fix the problem
Not happy with the way it doesn't reward paying players the bonus spins are always the lowest never the high ones pay. Not worth paying for the 10 minute play.
Oh good lord ... I usually don't let the music or sounds on my games. Today I left the sound on... get rid of the american music - you have players from all around the world. Play their music - your app would recognize other races and would show them respect. Plus get rid of Buffalo game as the Buffalo is a sacred animal to some. Appropriation is the problem. Fire your staff as they did not see this.
this game was exciting and fast. So fast that it automatically bounce you up to betting all the money at once. I believe this how the game works to get you invested and it's so that you will buy more coins to play with. it's a sad thing when you try to manipulate people in this way. who in their right mind would bet a billion five hundred million dollars at one time. I don't believe it's a flaw in the game, it automatically bounces you up to spend all the money at one time.
This game is a lot of fun....reminds me of the real game in Vegas that I played for the first time when I went to the casino and won. Too bad it wasn't millions. Great job dev!!!!
This game is one of best games I've found. I love it one min I'm down to last spin, boom hitting bonus for 100's of millions. To keep u playing it awesome game.
Shows tournament winnings at top, but when you x out, the box keeps poping up! Aggravating while you're playing. Since you almost have to buy coins for this game. Hopefully they can fix this.
I love the graphics in this app. I made it to level 47. And had a top coin balance of 5billion. Not too Shabby. I would really like to see the two new games that. have been "coming soon". For quite some time now! Up and running, it seems to be taking a little too long. Playing the same few games over and over again. Gets boring.
Spent bent over four billion dollars this time hoping your game would improve it has not I come back hoping and hoping to no avail this game sucks again o er 1 billion 5 different games and not even one bonus round on any game you suck !!!!!!
I have just started playing. So far I am enjoying this slot, seems to be good graphics and speed of the spins are very good.
I had screenshots of purchase.. They took my money but didnt give me the credits! Ive blacklisted this app on google.. DO NOT INSTALL & BUY ANY CREDITS.. Already reported to google.. Big scam!
Love the games and would give a higher rating if the games that say coming soon would actually open up to play, it's been saying this for over a year and a half.
Started out great, now no bonuses, very few wins and when I do get a bonus not very profitable. Also noticed that I rank over 50 most of the time which means less payout if any.
I been playing Cleopatra games for hours and no BONUS, why are there no BONUS in this game. no FUN without any BONUSES
Bonus coins are horrible.. if you don't buy regularly you won get many on your daily spin. No point complaining. Seems this game doesn't care.
I think it's pretty good to say no thank taking a lot of money to play like all the rest of them do one of the better ones I found so far
the payouts are way too tight, not fun at all. first 2 weeks was ok, then it went south when i complained the first time, hasnt been the same since.
Very interested in knowing how this game got 4.6 Stars. Install, spin twice, now you're broke, uninstall and repeat over and over again. Lame-ass game, why don't you people loosen it up where people can actually have some fun with it. I would give you negative 5 Stars if I could. Gave it a fair chance now I'm done with it.
Not a good game at all I didn't want to give it a star at all I wouldn't recommend this for no one in a middle of a game it just goes to your home screen on your so not a good he
Great when you first start ro play then the payouts are less and less no real incentives geared mord towards paying to play not wasting my money
buggy, when you win tournament it locks up saying results are taking longer to calculate, and denies you your reward. support is non-existent, and trying to send a screenshot crashes the app. fix this thing, and it might be ok. until you fix it, it is worse than murka. **** update: tried it again, have decided it is too stupid to ever try again. Same old scam as the rest.
I have found seven different slot casino games by Fox Cub that I play almost daily because I can stop the individual columns by touching them just like in a real casino. Zeus Casino is one of seven of my favorites by Fox Cub. It's these games or the real ones for me. I would recommend Fox Cub to anyone who enjoys playing slot machines. Thank you. ( Try Wolf Bonus Casino, Princess Casino, Double Diamond Casino, Cleopatra Casino, Oz Casino, and Dragon Casino out each by Fox Cub if you enjoyed Zeus Casino.)