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Bubble Shooter: Panda Pop!

Bubble Shooter: Panda Pop! for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Jam City, Inc. located at 3562 Eastham Drive Culver City, CA 90232 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very frustrating sometimes still enjoying the game but sometimes nearly their one panda to get I get three extra bull's then comes up internex connection failed ugh and it happens a lot but will carry on
It is relaxing for me. But when I reached very close to level 1800, Pamda Pop froze. Certain objects would move but no game to play. I looked for trouble shooting n found out many others were having same problem. Technical Support SHOULD correct the problems! I followed what was given to correct but it took me back to game 1. This is VERY FRUSTRATING!!! But here I go again...
Very fun game. Very happy I added this game. I have played with out buying anything, so far. I am a person who has limited funds. Very difficult to buy anything for any game. Thank You, BUBBLE SHOOTER STAFF!!!! I love playing this game!!! Gave 5 Stars this time!!
I just love the sound effects, and the colors are vivid and not sharp, the pandas are adorable and the controls are iffy. Love the power-ups.
I love it , i had to stop playing cause to me, it wasn't fun anymore., when I reach the levels with the clouds, didn't like it anymore. Now in 2020, I have to stop cause I can't move on , level 182 is not fun anymore. No answer from whoever is in charge, what is wrong in December 2020, it keeps turning off.
I had this game on my previous phone, loved it, and had no problems whatsoever. However, since installing it on this phone, Samsung 21 ultra it keeps slowing down, having the balls disappearing, and generally freezing completely. I am not happy as it is the game on my phone that I actually play!
Since the new format of aiming and then tapping where the ball is to shoot, it is very slow and doesn't ever work on the first tap. Frustrating! I'm not going to continue playing because this. I downloaded another game instead. 12.24.20
The game is good but I can't see the whole gameplay because of that screen size. I can only see the middle but not the left and right part side of the gameplay. You should adjust the screen size of the gameplay according to the size of the screen of the phone. The gameplay process so slowly. There is one time that when I shoot the bubble too high, the controls suddenly disappeared. Unacceptable!!!?!!!
Had fun with the game. Til i got up to lv 57-59. No coins to buy any more power ups. Watched an ad to get bonus bubbles and still ran out of them. I spent more bubbles trying to pop ice balls and work around all those spikes. Then once i fet to rescuing the babies, i have no moves left. It seems like you have to spend mad money to progress.
I use to love playing Panda Pop & would still if it didn't freeze & not load. This happened early last week & I reported it. It was fixed & enjoyed playing until it froze again this week. Reported it but still not fixed. I power my phone off/on but still no luck. Frustrating enough to remove all Jam City games from my phone. It's a shame as I've been playing these games since I got this phone 5 years ago.
UPDATE the game is now sooooo frustrating I'm thinking about uninstalling it. It has very slow reacting times and keeps freezing after you win, I don't know how many times I have played the current level and everytime I win it freezes and I have to close the app and then start again, losing any power ups, coins and stars used. Truly disappointing, as I loved this game but cannot stand how it now plays.
The game has gone down in my estimation. You get to a certain level and it just crashes. Have to uninstall and start again!! Not good.
The game is ok to play, but DON'T buy any coin from them,it will magicly get reduced to almost nothing, happened to me twice already, dev asked me to send a screen shot and to answer a couple of Q and then never heard back from them.
I really enjoy this game been playing for over a year. Have had slight issues with some levels freezing but was more than happy with the help I received. I was also given some coins back to repay what I had lost.
It used to be better. Lot of ads now and too click before you start the game. However I'm still playing it.
It's good but somewhat hanging .one idea is if the lanterns are not used in previous level then next level the lanterns should be added...it's useful to players to play a game as much interesting.thank you...and most of them don't know about Zen garden and how to use can I give some instructions...it's very useful
Love the game but the latest updates are very bad . Game freeze after winning so it means I have to play it again ( more irritating when I use money to buy busters 😑). Can't tell when my lanterns are full . Please sort this things out because I wouldn't like to stop playing after loving it for so many years.
I like a challenge and it makes me think about how to get to the next level and stop giving red and blue balls when I need other colors 2 complete the game. It's not fair to take away streaks when you lose a game!! Very fustrating and annoying.
An absolutely wonderful game ! I love how they have added an extra bit to the game by the panda room! Really amazing 😁
Really enjoy this game except for the crown competion. That should be optional to the player. Do away with crowns and we' re good. Still hoping you'll get rid of crown crush. Seems like you added more of them. Please at least make it optional where you delete it if you don't wish to play it. Other than that it's good.
Was a great game but updates seem to have trashed it. Play 1 level and then stops. Got to level 2300 and it's got really frustrating. Have tried closing all other apps, turning tablet off and clearing cache but after one game back to square one.
Fun game to play. Challenging but not so Challenging that the gbabies get bored. Bright colors and cute pandas catch their interests now and the many levels keep them playing as well as problem solve for those 3 stars
Can be played off-line. But as the adverts aren't that often, for once I don't mind playing online. Like so many bubble games the GAME itself decides if you can progress by giving you the correct coloured balls... I have just played Level 250 and had to waste 10 balls because of no matches. I REFUSE TO PAY FOR EXTRAS for any game. The graphics are cute and friendly. The balls are a sensible size. Final grump... although there are several extra levels, I HATE TIME CONSTRAINTS. Excellent fun
This game is so much fun that it becomes more addictive as you play it. I like that each level that I concur is a challenge and I have to figure ways to win each level. If there is a level that I'm having a difficult time passing through, I would try different ways to win the challenge which gets easier as I understand more of how the game works and how & when to use my powers that I gained. Just give it a try & you'll see what I mean!
Very addictive...πŸ’•ditto. However, there are times when you know you've rotated the colors and it does not change. UGH😑 Now I'm at level 463 and have been at the top level of the streak since level 461,462. Didn't receive my gifts. And when i lost at level 463 it cleared eveything.😳😒 And it freeze's up a lot. Help please I've decided to not take your advice because i dont want to loose everything in the level im at thank you.
With these new updates there isn't a Zen Garden anymore so I can't boost up my Lanterns before the play. How do i boost the lanterns now? Also Panda Pop is very unfair sometimes in regards to the balls they supply, its like the want you stuck on a level sometimes lol And why can't we collect stars and use them for lives?
Getting to hard levels to me anyway! Dont know how to get coins! Guess I'll learn!πŸ˜€πŸŒΈπŸ¦The higher I go the harder it gets but cant stop playing this! Lol! Help!😊🌸🐦I am so addicted to this! Lol! Cant stop!πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΈπŸ¦πŸ’œYes it gets harder as I go!πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΈπŸ¦πŸ’œ But love it! Great game! Im hooked!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Love this game!😊🌸🐦Moving on up now! Really addictive!
Love the game its great for the brain after having a stroke. I haven't been able to play for days. I have no interest in the stupid game that has popped up finding letters, scavenger hunt I'm not interested. If I can't play the normal game then I'll delete
I love it. I'm on level 3,044. There have been a few glitches over the years/updates. But overall it's my favorite game.. I do wish there were more ways to win stars. I couldn't care less about the belts and costumes. Give me stars to buy lanterns with!
It's a great game but I have noticed that they'll cheat you a little quickly if you aren't spending any actual money on the game or if you're not using your rewards quickly enough. Then they make it all even with the next few rounds being almost ridiculously easy. Otherwise it would get 5 stars from me.
Cannot see the sides of the level on every level! Had a glitch and couldn't rotate or even see next ball. Sometimes game will freeze. I'll force close app several times in order to make it work.
It was fun, but then it made it impossible to play without buying things to buy boosters to help you win, and I will not ever give real money to any of these greedy apps like this! All they had to do to get money fairly was by at least giving you the option to get those red rings by watching ads like other games do! I was wondering why there were no ads, it was because they want money directly from the player, but one would have to be pretty stupid to do that! So I am uninstalling it now!
Was my favorite game. Got the Samsung S20 and could not see the outer rows. Can't pop what you can't see. Was hoping recent update fixed that. Now it freezes on an opening screen. Will not even get to point of being able to play to check if the screen sizing issue was fixed.
I'm very disappointed in the game makers, I have no problem with the game myself but my partner who suffers from mental health uses this game as an outlet to help her through her day. However she cannot currently play her game as her new phone screen is too narrow, she submitted a review here ages ago but as yet the makers seem more bothered about Halloween themes.. I can see that many other players across the globe are having the same issue.. btw your link is not copyable
Before update, game kept on freezing costing me coins and credits. Since the most update, (St. Patrick's day) game will not open.
It's a fun game except for the ads an it takes to long to load after u watched an ad for a booster it should onl take like a second to load after ad not 10 to 20 seconds by the time it reloads my boosters i get at the bottom wit the stars done ran out an that stinks an i think we should be able to use are stars to buy some coins or extra bubbes that we need i still spend my money but it wont hurt to let us use stars sometimes an not an outrageous amount of stars to use for some coins an boosters
good game not the first time to download it has changed and pushes you to spend money even so if you do not want to spend money it's still an enjoyable gam I love this game loads of freebies very addictive
I totally love the game. when you get up into the levels you get hardly any coins or extra lifes or anything climbing into the higher levels. one other thing is when your trying to win the and there only one color left and they give you a different color don't understand that one. I do love this game but I'm constantly having to play the same game over like 20 -30 times in the higher levels to win but if course as I explained before you don't get any extra coins no extra lifes no extra nothing.
Used to be a great game but now whenever I open it there's like 20 popups for new events, costumes, levels, deals, etc before I can even open the level, more of them between levels, and sometimes it will just crash out in the middle of playing and will count that as me losing my streak or whatever even though I was in the middle of my first go and didn't finish it because the app crashed!
The game keeps freezing. Ive completed a real hard level. But it froze .. did same level again after restarting my fone froze again after completing.. now for the 3rd time ive restarted my fone completed again and froze again
I was enjoyin this game but I'm going to take some stars away from this game because of the pointer you can't control where you won't to point to it slows the game down and make it boring!
It used to be a fantastic game. Could win things to keep playing. Seems to have changed with an update.
Have enjoyed this game, however level 2173 seems to have a glitch of some sort. I have actually cleared this level however it freezes and I can't do anything until I actually shut it down. Now it freezes when I'm about to clear the level. It seems they don't want you to move on.
This a fun, relaxing game with cute bears. You don't have to think much but you have to have good aim to shoot all the bubbles (saving the babies) before you run out of turns.
Game used to be good. Whatever updates they made are terrible. There are bubbles off screen half the time and you don't even realize it until the end of the level. Such a shame.
I am not able to play the game as it is not loading up from last more than a month.l am at a level more than 900. Message comes as the marketing agent is not responding. Please look into the matter and resolve the issue. Since I am not able to play the game I don't enjoy the game. It looks like that you don't attend the problem of not responding the game.
addictive. Not so much now. The update has ruined it. It's sluggish, the aim jerks about, the lanterns take forever to fill, and if you use the stars to boost the speed of your refills, we'll, they never do. Why oh why have you done this update 😑😑 why fix something that wasn't broken. I'll uninstall if they don't get their arses into gear
Love this game it gets better the more you play .the more you play the better it gets love the new levels
New effects on this game look good. But the game keep freezing when you complete a level. Now completed the same level 3 times and I have the same issue. 5 star game now a 1 star very poor.
still loving this game, great stuff!and getting better.no more to say,except thanks! Getting a little more challenging,but still immensely still going strong and really enjoying.play first thing every morning, good way to start the day. Thanks!No more to say, just thanks! Thank you for your response to my comments about 🐼 pop. My thanks go to you for providing many hours of of pleasure!πŸ€—πŸ’žstill enjoying!still going strong and enjoying. Thanks!still enjoying, start the day with a game or two!
Love this game but it'll freeze on u, when ur doing great....it's fun love this game.. can't let it go...just love this game.... if u want me to comment the game...(fix the freezing part)... Other than that, it's a fantastic game....just love it above others...
The new update has completely messed up the game you cannot tell when the lanterns are full and once you have completed the level the game freezes so you have to redo the level again the level I am currently on I've had to redo several times now and it still won't progress to the next level.
Great game. Very addicting. Then eventually it gets significantly harder to the point that it takes all the fun out of it. Edit..after the latest update the game isn't playable anymore. As it was you almost always needed the 3 swap & faster lantern fills to win. They were timed so you used them then it was a few hours before you could use them again. Now you have to "pay" for them with stars that you can only attempt to win 3 at a time like 2X a day. Now it's completely unplayable. Uninstalling
My biggest (& a VERY substantial one) bug bear with this app is that you need a RIDICULOUSLY high score to get 3 stars. Even when only using 2 it of 37 moves you STILL only (& barely) get 2 stars
I'm ticked that installing this upgrade sent me back to square one with the easiest levels!! WHY!! How do I get back to the level I was on?! So, suddenly it took me back to the level I had achieved bf the update! Happy now!
Following the latest update I can no longer access results or win prizes as it keep telling me to connect to WiFi. I am connected! Really frustrating
Play the game on and off for a few years. Come back to it when I'm bored. But...1)why are the graphics so slow between each level? 2)What is the point of the zen garden? I have NO idea what it's purpose is. Why wait hours to see an upgrade? What are the notifications, when there's not enough coins or stars to do anything? 3) game still cheats. It's still annoying...but Covid brought me back here.
Still no coins offered. One cannot buy bubbles or anything else to complete a game. It would be great to get a few more coins or gifts on occasion. It's difficult when you don't offer any.
Started out fun but I've been stuck on the same level for 2 weeks. It looks like the only way past this level is to pay and there are enough free games that are more doable without having to spend money.
Addictive, frustrating but enjoyable. New features in the games are good. Just started the balloon race which is good. Can't think of anything to suggest new games at the moment. Still enjoying playing Panda Pop, although a little frustrating when in free moves the bubbles don't always match the colours needed. But still a good game. Still enjoying the games. Some levels are very hard to do, but it can't be easy all the time! A lantern or something revealed and no moves left. Frustrating.
Still a great game! Just don't like waiting on new levels to come through I can play...this game helps me pass alot of time. I also don't like having to pass so many levels to earn coins a and powerups
I still love this game very much! I play this several hours a day, I find it very relaxing. Now my sister's play it also. It makes it even more enjoying if you actually know others who are playing it too! I'm still loving this game after all this time. Right now I'm on level 530.
I love this game and have been playing for 3yrs now unfortunately I'm going to uninstall it because after the treehouse update I haven't been able to play I've uninstalled and reinstalled 3x so I'll give it a break and install later hopefully that works
I love playing this game it's fun the first time I played it a player it on my mum's phone πŸ“± the game is fantastic it is very cute because of the baby pandas when I first time played it on my tablet it was a bit laggy but I kept playing it and it was fine all i got to say is install the app right now and keep looving panda pop!!!!!!!!!!!
Fun game but need to make it so you can earn coins. Not everyone can buy them that's the reason only 4 stars.still no change I the ability to earn coins it would make the game more fun and entertaining.Maybe instead of special tools how about coins!!!Not just 1 to 3 at least 10.
I have recently bought a new Samsung Galaxy A51 phone. & my panda pop screen is too big & I cannot see the entire layout of bubbles. I do have the app set for auto screen so it should fit the phone but that doesn't seem to be making any difference. So I can't play this game until I can figure out how to resolve this issue. Can someone help me out here? Please and thank you.
The game is enjoyable but could be so much better. It can be obvious early on when a game will be lost, the remaining balloons will all be one colour or in every colour not available. The super hard levels can take days then suddenly its obvious the small number of remaining balloons will be more than enough. Its so annoying I often think of just deleting the game altogether. Nobody plays these games to be stuck on these levels for days.
Great game! I've been playing a long time. It's good to see you have made improvements. The game is easy to play with challenging levels. I do get rather aggravated when I play a game, and I'm almost ready to win, I just need one more bubble of the right color. But you won't give it up. I played my last level several times, got to 13/14, and lost. I was disappointed that it took 4 weeks to repair this game, it wouldn't load. Now I've downloaded your update. We will see if it's any better.
I love this game! However when I did the update, for the holiday scenes, I lost all my progress to date and had to start at the beginning. I was at level 530 and had over 500 coins. Not Happy at all!
Love the game. Just hate how I finally get to a new colored belt and it makes me start all over as a white belt again. I also don't like that I have to purchase the red coin things as you don't win them anymore the further you get in the game. Another suggestion is to switch up the prizes for beating a level. Overall, I really enjoy the game and am addicted to it!
Very playable and fun... Update... grrr about to uninstall, all the extra 'rooms' and promotions that pop up before I can start a level... time for a new game :(
This was a really enjoyable game but around level 190 it started becoming harder and harder to complete a level without special items. There were even a few levels were there wasn't even enough bubbles to complete them, replayed a few time and had to resort to using special item to pass them. Only played to get gems in another game, I was planning on keeping the game but now I'm uninstalling.
Was a great game but updates seem to have trashed it. Play 1 level and then stops. Got to level 2300 and it's got really frustrating. Have tried closing all other apps, turning tablet off and clearing cache but after one game back to square one. Even worse now. Did me out of 2.5 hours of play and several boosters.
Panda pop is a great game to play . Yes its frustrating at times ( which many games of this type are) but its a great way to pass the time. some of the newer hazards take some practice but if you look and plan ahead - you can do it ! It may take many tries sometimes but what a good feeling to clear a stubborn level. Love this game
Update froze my game. I'm around level 660, loved the game. You "made improvements " and now I can't even play at all. Opens and then freezes. Uninstall didn't help, guess I'll Uninstall permanently now... thanks for the "improvements " not!
Alot if times I'm on a level for weeks. It's due to the game itself not giving me the colors I need. I could have 7 balls left and only need one color to win, and it never gives it to me, only weeks later. That's my only problem with the game. Other wise I spend alot of free time playing. Love this game!!!!
One of my favorite games. Increasing difficulty as you progress. Getting harder. Although each game is getting harder, it does not diminish my enjoyment. It does require greater perserverance.
I would like to gain points by repeated playing. Some levels take repeated playing to win. It would be nice to be able to earn points to purchase boosters.
A good game when it works. Constantly freezes and mostly cannot even get access have reported hundreds of time but not once got a reply.enjoyable when it works
I am totally addicted to this game - I only gave it 4 stars because it does glitch sometimes... one of those times being recently, right when the screen showed that I was to collect 40 coins, and I ended up getting none. And if you don't pay for the coins once the coin tree runs out, they're hard to come by. Otherwise, I really enjoy it.
Used to love this game, but now the app doesn't even open anymore. It only gets to the "intro" image and then it freezes. I waited for the st Patrick's update, and it still doesn't work.
Enjoying the game and the new upgrades are, awesome, love the baby pandas, totally enjoying I like the badbaboon better than this new version don't know what those creepy blitz guys are, but I still like the challenges and saving babies it's the only game I play
Great and fun game with beautiful artwork. Jam City team was amazing dealing with any concerns I had. Easy to talk to and friendly. Past level 3, 100 and I still enjoy playing, which says a lot. Great competitions and suitable for all ages. This is actually my first game review which, again, says a lot. Just love it! Thank you!
Its ok game you will have to spend money to progress. And its too many side options in this game. Too many special quest.
I still have some difficulty with some of the levels due to the colors being so close to each other, especially the blue colors. The target options helps. I have issues with the app " Not Responding" for days on end. Still have the problem of the app freezing up. I tried the solutions suggested by you and it worked except it erased all of my bonus balls. Game still loads slow. Don't really care for the Care Bears addition.
They try to make it a game a strategy but it's not because they give you the balls they want you to play which is never the ones you actually need to make a move. Also they send the balls to the wrong area even though you aim them correctly. They make it where you will eventually have to pay real money to move forward in the game, plus it's very boring, tedious and not fun at all. I will be uninstalling.
i enjoy this game very much. It is my favorite. I've been playing for six years.still plsying...still enjoying. Just passed a level i was stuck on for ages. Woo hoo. I just got a new tablet and went from level 800 plus back to level 1. It's kind of fun.....so easy!!!!still playing , still enjoying, still my favorite game.
I love Panda Pop, but long ago my computer messed up and I had to start over. I had reached a high in PP, but I had to start over at Level 1. There was no way to communicate with PP or go back to my previous level. This was very disappointing, so I stayed away from PP for a long time. I am finally willing to pay the price of starting back at Level 1, just to play again.
Against my better judgment I updated the app this weekend...I was at level 1067, after the update I was at 0. Did the log in to Facebook thing and it got me back to 1067. But now the game doesn't work. Only thing I can do is the mini game trying to get 3stars(added).few days later.. I decided to try and play on facebook to see if it would jumpstart the game on my phone and it worked.
Totally ruined by latest update. Have contacted them twice but they don't bother to answer. Definitely DON'T install this game!
I have started this game on two different phones. I get really far and the the game sticks and I have uninstalled and reinstalled, losing my progress. The game is now stuck for the third time.
Love this game. Been a long time player. I just got a new phone and it seems that the game does not fit properly on the screen. I have looked and there is no setting that I see that will fix it. The edge with an entire ball is missing on both sides.
Enjoy the game but easy to lose once you buy coins. Once you buy coins its harder to win to keep you buying. I am done with buying.
I haven't been able to play for a couple of weeks all I get is a pattern. Thank you for your help with the game it is all fixed and I hope to have lots of great game play in the future
Love this game. But since upgrading my phone to S20 FE I no longer enjoy playing. Everything is fine until I start to play. It's like the game has zoomed in & you can't see the full screen to play. I have tried adjusting, but nothing works Please fix this problem so I can start to play again Don't have any problems with other games
Frustrating that I get video errors when I get a chance to get 3 extra balls. Half the time it takes points away from my Zen stars when trying to get the error to work. Still getting errors when 3 extra balls are available. I usually have to start the game over. 12/17: I updated my Panda Pop to get the Christmas theme and it wiped out my Zen Garden which I had 904 stars! Now I have nothing and gave to start over building up Bo's playground! Not happy!!
This game is supposed to be light and fun, not frustrating! The developers are THE WORST as you'll have 10 or so bubbles left and yet none of the colors that you need show up in the queue. How can you possibly succeed under those circumstances? I doubt that the developers are analyzing the metrics to see how many times it's taking to make it past their "hard" and "super hard" levels even with all of your zen garden items equipped. Ridiculous.
Thankyou for your response this time however i have tried to contact you on a number of occasions when i have had problems with them game but you have never gotten back to me, problems included not being awarded stars losing credits after game frezzing and i have tried all the usual fixes such as deleting cookie history reinstalling the game again nothing worked.in the past
I normally love this game but recently am experiencing a glitch in level 2936, the gifts are not reacting properly so cannot go any further....?
Sometimes, no matter how many ways I play a level I get to the last panda & I lose. I literally takes me days to clear a level. It is so frustrating & some times feels like it is set up to fail. The points to earn 3 stars seems very inconsistent. That being said, this is the longest I have stayed with a game.
I am very tired of this game! You try to win the panda pal characters and with 4 days left to win them...they disappear from the game. That is the only reason I play this to win the characters. Spending ti.e and money just to be disappointed isn't worth it. Don't waste your time and money. This isn't a fair game!
In my opinion I think it is one of the best games I have ever played and I like that the game gives you a challange here and there it always can't be easy I see the one star reviews and people are mad because thet can get past level that gives the bubble sure we use Zen Garden but that means nothing when I have 500 stars and I'm on level 588 this game is great love it :) .
After the last update the game stalls in the loading and won't open. Before that it was great! I am a power player. Once they correct the issue, I will write a proper review.
Fun. Probs with screen freeze. Techies helpful & generous offering free boosters as compensation but would welcome an update that would allow you back into the game at the point of freeze rather than having to start over. Still playing.
I am absolutely hooked on this game but just recently am experiencing some problems, it freezes up just as I am getting towards the end of the game and I have to totally delete it and start again, which means I can't carry on to the next stage. I seem to have lost my previous format, I can't access the zen garden, any tips please.
Quite challenging at times but thoroughly entertaining. I don't know why this happens but sometimes the game starts going in slow motion and the ball that I'm supposed to shoot goes invisible.
It's got a delayed response. It makes for some pretty damn frustrating play. WTD(what's the deal). Why do I have this delay after my opponent has made a move? Can you fix this issue because I really like the game. I play games to entertain myself and relax. It's kinda having the opposite affect.
The game is better the higher the levels, excellent game I love it. The only thing that I don't like is that when you lose a level in super streak, you lose all your rewards and that really sucks, other than that, the game is excellent
1. My money tree would not come in for almost 2 months so pls fix the bug 2. I gave it 5 star because it's a challenging game. Pls fix the bug and thank you
Had the game for a few years and close to level 2000. It's about to be removed from my tablet as the latest update is proper shite and has made the game unplayable. Very glitchy and slow with too many add on items you have to step through.
I enjoy playing and it is challenging. Some of the adds are entirely too long. And sometimes another countdown displays after the long ad which means it takes even longer to get back to the game.
Not liking the update! Why can't I find where to add super aim etc from my reward stars, I have 80 stars from the Zen garden but unable to find how I can use them
love playing panda pop, it is so much fun!!! enjoy playing,very relaxing! Hate having to wait on new levels. Thanks for the panda portal. Now I don't have to wait for another level.
I can't even access the Zen garden just constantly says loading and some of the levels are next to impossible, it's a shame because I was enjoying playing at first
Brill game, been playing since its conception, I had to wait for more levels to be added! Still love it now. Unfortunately it has become very sluggish since last update, it takes a while before you can launch the ball and you have to keep trying, as nothing happens, then suddenly it fires, usually hitting what you dont want!
I love panda pop, it got you hooked so much that when you want to keave you have to say one more try and thats it.. dwl sometimes some stages are very difficult and its hard to passed it, but I will survive.
usually WHEN this game works, it is very fun. when you spend profits on getting infinate lives and spend stars to get TIMED power up, the game decides not to let you play. It is a game for phones with wide screens. I cant see half of the screen. I save all the babies i can see, but it still says there are 2 more 😭 it is a waste of resources. other than that, it is really fun and relaxing.
I enjoy playing some levels are really hard, but manageable. It's very hard to win when not enough balls, and the wrong colors keep popping up.
Great game to play...after 7 months still love it.More months have flown by..still loving Panda Pop. Now 10 months and still loving it. Level 858 took a few weeks but finally did it today. Do not buy any extras. Great game.Panda Pop is so much fun. Still loving it but where do my rewards disappear to?STILL LOVING PANDA POP. OK. Big complaint..When 3 free will help me win hardly ever offered 3 free balls. However, very often offered 3 free when there is zero chance. Why? Except it ticks me off.
I have played several bubble shooting games and this is one of the most frustrating. In general, there are not enough bubbles in each level. The boosts on the sides are nice, except for their location. I have counted up to ten bubbles of the same color in a row at least 75% of the time. Coupled with limited amount of bubbles, creates an unenjoyable experience. Also, the amount of pop ups to start playing are absurd. Other boosts cost too much game and real money. I want to like this game...
As of last week after an update on my Minnie ipad, I can't get game to upload. Please fix. I'm at level 1766 in the game I connected to Facebook and now I can't get game to load, on my ipad Minnie 2. Looks like the game disappeared from my facebook account too, since I reported it to Jam City. Wow
Unable to get started app throws me out and shuts down up to level 2019 on old phone, disappointed. Finally sorted installed and removed several times very frustrating but worth it as I enjoy playing.
For the most part its a great game but there have been quite a few times where its glitched out and I couldn't use any of my boosters or lanterns or switch the ball. When that happens I have to completely close out the game and sometimes that doesn't even work and I cant' play the game for hours.
I recently resumed playing after taking a hiatus for a few years. There are some cool features such as being able to unlock different panda babies and care bears. I do have an issue with all of the in game pop ups after nearly every level. It's distracting and annoying. Events I've completed still pop up weeks later. This happens even more when I have 10 minutes for unlimited boosters. X'ing out popups after each level. Please fix this. The game is mostly fun otherwise.
I just completed level 1270 Panda Pop would not open the next level. The game just kept spinning. I tried rebooting but still wouldn't work. I had to Uninstaller and am starting over. Not happy.
I'm happy because I've truly enjoyed this game, very little advertising, in fact it gives you a choice if you want to watch them or not, love that! And the game plays great too it's easy to aim and shoot the bubbles and everything, and it's also challenging as well. Just everything about it I like all lot, I recommend this to anybody that was to have a good time on a game for the other garbage other games give you, thanks
I got to level 2640 and been there for over a week and can't get past it so I went on line looking for cheets and what I found was that my level was different than everyone else. Don't understand why.
One of the best apps I have on my Samsung S20. Works great, no glitches, plenty of levels and always plenty of chances without having to constantly be at that dreadful "buy now special bundles" in order to reach as far as you want! Definitely a keeper after cleaning out other apps! Thanks for the fun game guys! THE CHALLENGES KEEP ME GOING!😁
It was fun until I got to level 52. I almost freed all the babies and could have made it with my last bubble except that it was the wrong color. That happens a lot. They give you the wrong color of bubbles and make you waste your time trying to win these games.
Very addictive...πŸ’•ditto. However, there are times when you know you've rotated the colors and it does not change. UGH😑 Now I'm at level 463 and have been at the top level of the streak since level 461,462. Didn't receive my gifts. And when i lost at level 463 it cleared eveything.😳😒 And it freeze's up a lot. Help please
Not sure what's going on but the edges of the game are cut off when playing a level. I'm not able to see all of the bubbles, and it makes some levels near impossible to beat. Other than that, the game is awesome!
absolutely addictive!! Strategy essential. Takes alot of strategy planning how to win and luck getting the right colors when you need them. Keep "cheats" to a minimum so you don't run out so fast. I only use as a last resort when on the last panda and game does not give me the color i need, and then only when i have been working that level for a few days without success
I thought that was really good was really good until I got a level 1500 and then oh what a change it won't let you on it won't let me access your credit it's got your money you cannot play so do not download this app I did tell them on the problem reporting page that I would do this would you believe they didn't even bother to reply why why because they are getting revenue from adverts so as I said do not and I repeat do not download this app as they will take you for a ride
Regularly end up needing 1 bubble to complete a level and even with 16 bubbles left the colour I need never comes up.
Sometimes l feel like the game is too hard and rigged against the player. I don't mind hard, l just don't enjoy impossible. I don't understand the value or purpose of all of the icons, likebear heads, belts, etc. Can they be used for extra turns? I don't what the points are used for in the game. I need more information.
It's a fun game. A little glitchy at times but the difficulty levels are nicely complicated. But I would like more variety in music. Just downloaded the new update; now the game is too slow to play.
Fun to play but not getting my rewards when i complete a mission and the time on purchasing boosters needs to be 30 mins instead of 9 mins when getting ready to play game 9 mins and 45 sec is left but i just started playing . This needs improvment
Liked it at first but now I've uninstalled it. Your new event Baboon blitz pissed me off. You had me stuck on level 2 of it. Played the level at least 25 times & you still wouldn't let me pass it. Also took all of my Super aims trying to beat it. Doing things like this does not make people want to keep playing your game. I would have given you 0 stars if I could. Super disappointed.
I enjoy the game but get discouraged when trying to line up a shot and the lantern gets in the way. It should be a little lower on the screen.
This game has made leaps and bounds from where it was but I find it is ALWAYS and I mean always taken something away from you when you win you won't get everything promise ,maybe 2 boosters not all 3 and if it a raspberry forget about you'll never get it after you reach 2000 , it's been 4 times that I didn't get it !!!!! Sooo many ways to win boosters and daily challenges but takes them . Didn't play for a week an a half and 100 of my stars where gone. This is what happens after level 2000.
When I load it's fine until the toy blitz window pops up and then it freezes. I found out about the latest panda pals event when there was only 15.5 hours left and finished the last level I needed after the event so it didn't give me the panda pal. I even bought coins to make sure I would pass so I guess that was for nothing.
Good but keeps glitches alot :( I loved it for years but now ... been having to take it off and re install wont connect to fb ect .. when it works it is a 10 rating but now not so x
I can't see the whole screen 😫 so its a little difficult to play. My phone screen is too narrow. Takes a little longer to play each level. Otherwise I still enjoy playing 😌
It's a great game ( AND ) when the is released there's like a second delay 😀😀😀 But other than that I love the game !!!
It is difficult but if you discover the correct strategy after several tries, you'll find it is cleverly staged! Great games although I lost some of the gambits.
One of my favorite games. Increasing difficulty as you progress. Getting harder. Although each game is getting harder, it does not diminish my enjoyment. It does require greater perserverance. I love the challenge! And during such times of Covid, this game has helped maintain my sanity!
It's fun to play and time consuming. I love playing it,but sometimes it freezes up while im playing and I lose my power-ups. There's only a short time to have them, the other thing that bothers me is you go threw alot of levels and don't receive any coins please fix and then maybe we could enjoy the game even more. Thank you I hope this helps to fix the problem. It still doing the freezing up and losing power-ups. Thank you for working on the problem
I enjoy this fun game very much. Issues, sure at times, just let them know. So far only issue is everytime the theme changes, It won't let me in. Crashes everytime . I still have fun, and it's free!!
Love the game but I can't play due to the Toy Blitz popup being untouchable. I can't touch the okay button nor the X to close the popup. Will rate higher when fixed!
Lots of relaxing and sometimes challenging fun. I truly enjoy all of the different events, allowing the player to earn boosters, coins, and stars without needing to spend money.
I love it! At first I downloaded it to get gems on a game but really, it's entertaining and it has so much stuff to do, you get to decoration with the rainbow things, you can even unlock profile pictures and the levels are not straight away difficult, a little glitch with the sun Ray, but that was fine. So many activities and you can get infinity lives. Great game!! I am excited for future updates, you also get different outfits! Not to mention when you unlock something new, you get a free turn.
I play a great variety of games this is one my favorites. My only complaint is that you cannot collect more stars on most replays no matter how many times you try and there is too much time wasted between screens.