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Bubble Shooter Legend

Bubble Shooter Legend for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Bubble Joy located at Room 517, No.2 Tower, Xixi Century Center, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a graphically well designed game, however winning the stars on the game is more about luck than skill. I am way too competitive to leave my chanced to luck over skill. When I have played through all the levels on multiple devices and I can't get more than one star on certain levels, (after well over a thousand times) I am uninstalling.
Just what I was looking for! Fun, not too hard, short ads, relaxing and cute graphics! I've been only playing for several days and I am on level 63 with no complaints! Great game! โค Update: ***some levels levels between 103 and 250 are way too hard, took me more than ten tries and I kept running out of lives. I like a challenge but some are way too hard for the number of balls given 2/16/21 UPDATE: levels 250-525 are good challenges but level 526 is nearly impossible. It is still a fun ๐Ÿ˜
I got addicted to the game and got through it somewhat quickly. I've been waiting for an update, finally got one today to learn I'm still waiting on new levels after 356; it's been months.
I can do Ads...but not Banners on the playing screen....don't you people get it...I guess not, because a lot of people UNINSTALL because if them.
So nice game but levels is hard but I try that's why I am completed bubble shooter legend game all levels ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜so hard but I that game in 50 days I completed that game all levels๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€ I am so surprised I am only complete that levels I am sowkd ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ณnow I am so happy please download this app and try to complete the game all the best ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Šโ˜บ๏ธ
Love playing this game and keep going back to it again and again, the updated have made it better and better, love the new check in rewards and also the power up videos are great ๐Ÿ˜ keep up the good work guys!
No more than 350 levels. Passed them all in less than a year without buying any in-app purchases. Been waiting 3 months and no new levels have been released.
I enjoy this game a lot just that it has no ends. You will keep moving from one stage to the other even at 300. Lol
It's a fun game. I use this game to occupy my idle time. I had gotten up to level 264 before switching phones, now I'm starting over at level 1. I kinda wish my progress would have transferred to the new phone, but I guess this time I get to see how far I can go without spending any coins. ๐Ÿ˜
I'll give it four stars because it's very very very good and real...it's real they all are fooling ppl but when I play this game this...this...this...this was very good you all can try! Omg but one thing I hate the most is...they do easy and easy for kids! I mean- I mean- i mean do it medium why always easy?? That's why I give it four star โญ so,now bye, that s all.โค๏ธ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฆ Sunday, November 29...2020!
Bubble Shooter Legend is very execllent and fantastic application. Great graphics and different controls. Good features. I really love this application. I like it
I had this in my old phone... I was up to the 400 levels or so... Activated my new phone, installed this game again today and I lost my progress. Kinda miffed. Is there a way to take my scores from the old phone to the new? Not too sad about starting over again but if i could go back to my original position in the game, it would be fantastic.
Best free game ever super fun and its actually free I have been playing it for years and I still love it
Fun never ends! Oh wait, after a few levels yuo can't get past without buying something....I play for fun, when not fun (like not able to advance after playing the same level for a week,) i'll find something else...
I got a new phone and I'm unable to bring my previous game to my new phone as I could with my other games. I am unable to contact support regarding this too so I'm going to have uninstall it. :(
very very bad game I suggest to all of you don't download and play this game every day there is mentioned comming soon
i use to love this game,it has been stuck on leavel 356 game has stated more levels comming soon. I have sent email to customer support and haveent heard anything back.I have tried everything if I dont hear something within the next week I will be deleting this game!
When will you update the game. It's been over a month "coming soon".Kindly update as early as possible.
Spin wheel don't rotate properly. Piggy bank don't give coins. Chest does not give coins. Actually, all the above three shows loading always. You don't get lives. How to play?
Enjoyable and relaxing but challenging enough to keep you playing. Great game. Not too many ads either:)
When you select to watch a video to get 3 extra balls, you watch the video but it never gives the extra balls, plus when you spend your points for an extra 5 shots, half the time you don't get those, either.
Nice Game...Lovely Stages...But the only problem is Syncronisation....When you uninstall this app and install it again you want to play it from Level 1 which is very irritating....
Very fun and addicting game. Levels range from easy to hard which makes it fun. The huge downfall is I have been waiting for months to see new levels and all it shows is coming soon. People have stated that they have contacted customer support and no response. That is horrible customer service. We just want an answer as to how long or if there is ever going to be new levels. Time to make room for a new game.
Very addictive game, but as you get above level 80 it gets really hard. More than once I've been 5-10 balls short of even completing the level. Used up all my lives and boosters and basically if that happens you can't progress unless you love watching stupid 30 second adds to get bonuses every 10 minutes.
I enjoy playing, however it won't let me save many "coins", Every time they seem to disappear. Had almost 200 and when I looked, they were gone
Downloaded this a week ago. So far I've enjoyed playing this game. The graphics are excellent and advancing to the next level isn't too difficult. Also like that you aren't bombarded with lots of ads.
I've downloaded the game an I'm stuck on 356 an there is no more levels that i can play its telling me coming soon. I've been waiting for 3 months an still no new levels..I've emailed them 2 times an no damn respond so I guess i will uninstall the game ..
No movies to gain points, hearts run out too fast. Surprise box has no surprise help. This game only wants u to buy help!
I loved this game but I'm super disappointed that I'm STILL waiting for the new levels. Labeled as " coming soon."
I love this game and got to a high level, got a new phone and when I reinstalled the game on my new device it started me back to level 1. Not happy. I put a lot of time I to this game and do not want to start over.
whenever I purchased more bubbles so that I could continue playing they never automatically came up. I never received them and I tried several different times.
Love it for the most part, the suggestions I would make is say very 50 or 100 levels to get to choose a bonus like an extra one or so lifelines, extra of those things at bottom of screen where u have an option to clear everything on that line, shoot the color u want, also u should be able to skip a level if after say 20 tries and u can't get it. Another thing J would suggest is lifeline should reload after each level, so if I have 2 lifelines after I am done my level they should carry over again
I play quite a bit and was enjoying it until I finally got 2 hours of unlimited play however it ended after only about an hour. I am annoyed!
Hi. Thanks for the game it's awesome and too challenge.. but what's coming soon?. I'm at level 356 and I'm still waiting for more levels as it showing that will be more as coming soon. hope more levels show soon. thanks.. (5 stars)
This game cheets but only enough to keep it interesting lol. Good challenging fun. But, not too challenging.โ˜บ๏ธ
When you get to the end of the game they offer three more shots if you watch a video. After you watch the video they give you the wrong colors.
The games is good. But ones you loose your lives, you need to watch a 30 second ad or pay $1.99 for 2 lives.
Love the game, hate that I can't save my progress. This is twice I've had to start over because I've upgraded my phone. This problem really needs to get fixed. Every other game I play I can login through Facebook and never lose my progress.
I have young kids who enjoy playing this game. I wish there was a quicker method of getting down to the lower levels for them to play. Scrolling down each time I start the game for them to play the intro levels it's time consuming. Can you help?
Great game, great graphic, great sound, it's good to keep your mind off things if your stress out. it also keep you relax doesn't cut out in the middle of the game. I'm less on the internet by playing this game because it's keeps my mind occupied. I reckon this is one of the second bubble games one play store app. That I would recommend to anyone that enjoy colours. some of the levels gets hard but part of the game I guess it's most enjoyable game.
I did love this but completed it months ago and it's still saying more levels coming soon, clearly they aren't so will uninstall unfortunately
Thank you for the new levels however, level 359 has a bug. Each time I get down to 3 bubbles the game stops working. I had to refresh 3x and it still will not work. Please advise. I like this game however, I have never come across a game that has not finished developing its levels. I finished level 356 which is the last level for some weeks now and it still says coming soon.
This game interests me. but I am unable to move forward after level 356. I want you to update the game with the new levels. Otherwise this app will be uninstalled from my phone.
Love it EXCEPT...got a new phone, transferred my game over to new one and LOST my progress. I could have cried!
Dowloaded it to play on flights or between classes when I'm bored but got hooked and now I've finished the last level. Best offline game I've had! Doesn't bombard you with ads like every other game, never crashes in the middle of play; just a really well-designed game. Please update with some new levels!
Great in the beginning but later on if gives you NO chance to earn extra boosters which makes it almost impossible to complete. Further there all the levels looks and feels the same. One of the worst bubble games. I have deleted the app.
Love this game but when you go to next level you only get half of advertizment and can't get out of game or finish the game. please fix.The game still has the same problem where i have to shut down my computer to get out of game. It is getting very frustrating. If not fixed soon i will play elsewhere.There is no back button or close button. only forsed to install a new game or shut down computer.
Getting fed up of its cheating and near impossible levels. And no, I'm not paying money to get past a level.
Just what I was looking for! Fun, not too hard, short ads, relaxing and cute graphics! I've been only playing for several days and I am on level 63 with no complaints! Great game! โค ***some levels levels between 103 and 250 are way too hard, took me more than ten tries and I kept running out of lives. I like a challenge but some are way too hard for the number of balls making it not too fun. โ˜น
I HATED THAT GAME! !!! I hate that game because it was because when I was on level 125 it was still an ill still on 35 the bubbles I mean 45 not 35 oh by the way I mean 35 bubbles 45 bubbles
This game starts off very fun and relaxing. I really liked it at first. But in a couple of days of playing it, it became impossible to pass a level. They make sure they don't give you anywhere near enough bubbles to shoot. And it isn't a matter of skill. They want you to have to spend money to obtain enough bubbles to shoot. I uninstalled it.
I think this app is aimed more for younger kids. Certainly with the flashiness and mind numbing music. It feels like a "no lose" game. You can hit a red with a green ball and they'll still pop because of some magic combo thing. Perfect for kids in long car journeys. Not so much for people who enjoyed classic Bubble Shooter
I luv play the free game, but I can go no further as I've run out of everything, and I would of luv to had more videos to watch so I could carry on playing.
Bubble Shooter Legend it's very so much fun and addictive for all that my wish to download this game so now I'm giving it a 5 star rating
I like this game because it is so easy and in level of 40 my mind was very sharp by playing this ge each level I maybe save all the dragons that thing I don't like
Would be more but music keeps playing by itself. Have cleared data twice resulting in loss of progress which i had spend money to stop ads. Now those are back. Really enjoy game but loss of purchase and progress is very frustrating
Moved to this game after the developers of Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend messed it up big style. Wish I had started on this game ages ago. Fantastic, well done
First few levels were great. Once you get to the higher levels, not so great. Colors you don't need, more blocks then you have bubbles, shooter not going where you direct it, and so on.
I love this game . When is the update . I'm waiting over 680th level . All cleared 3star . Please update soon โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ™
Got to level 356 where it says coming soon, well after months still no new levels. Ended up uninstalling and reinstalling to see if that made a difference, no change but obviously starting from beginning again. Shame no new levels as was an enjoyable game but only so many times you can replay the same old levels before it becomes boring. Question for developers; Will there be new levels or shall I just uninstall permanently and find a new game?
I would give it 5 stars except that every once in a while it upgrades the shooter to perfect aiming guidance and three balls to choose from. This makes it far too easy to beat any level. Then I need to wait a few days for it to revert back to normal. If I wanted a bubble shooter that was really easy to win at, there are plenty of choices. I like this one because its possible to beat every level without using any special balls, but never easy to do so.
this game is so good please make more in the future and please make more levels when i finished all the levels i stoped playing it.
You earn stars through the game that go into your piggy bank when your piggy bank is full you have to pay pay ยฃ2 odd to get what is yours. I dont think so it seems a bit of a rip off
I hate to say it but this is my favorite game I absolutely love it I have also uninstalled and reinstalled it several times. all of their extras are way too expensive! I hate to say that I hate loving it! it's by far the best oh, so yes I will continue to play it and I will continue to spend too much money on it but I'm not going to be quiet about it LOL. take that!
Would rate it higher cuz it is fun but... lately when watch the videos to get perks...it locks up and it's all for not. Hoping the next update fixes the freezes
It's been four months since I've installed this app. I'm on level 400 and I love the game! It's fun and smart and it gives you chances to win. It's getting harder and harder with every level, you have to THINK if you wanna win. Thanks a lot for the game! :)
So far so good, but I've only had about a week or so. Let you know more as I know more. So don't use my example as a reason to download this game.
the most enjoyable bubble game so far. is my first time having bubble game on my phone and this particular game ( bubble shooter legend ) is wooooow
Fun game. Not so ridiculously hard that you feel as though you can't win without boosters, but also still challenging. Not a fan of the music, like, at all. It sounds like elevator music or the kind that you would hear while on hold on the telephone. Though, it doesn't take away from how fun this game is. The colours are awesome and the backgrounds are lovely. I also appreciate all the opportunities to earn boosters.
asking me to rate before I start the first level? and goofy stuff flying all over the screen? maybe for children. deleted after 1st level
Get up to level 40, watch a video for 3 free balls and never get thr freebies. Fell for it twice. Cleared cache, data and uninstalled.
I wish that these ads would stop...they're killing me.. Also, I shouldn't have to pay for coins collected. Its not only this games, but all games I've played in the past, you have to PAY for coins I've won.. #Ridiculous
Played this game thru many updates. The further u go the worse it gets. Fewer and fewer "shooters", less coins, no coins on the free spins. Gets to the point where its impossible to get to the next level without buying something. Typical "free" game.
Please upload more levels.. I have completed level 370 and waiting for more.. the game is awesome!!!! a very good one.. please upload it soon.. can't wait to play and face the challenges.. mind blowing!!!!
This is the best game of bubble shooter you can get and l have one question how do you open the piggy bank
complete rubbish. After level 60 you dont gaim any coins. i played until level 62 anf still had the same amomt of coins from level 60. oh and no more poee ups either. DONT DOWNLOAD. the aim is off. doesnt land were you point even though you see the dotted line pointed in that direction.
im at level 231 and no matter wgat im not getting thru level bcuz it throws 8 to 10 balls of colors that cant be used. ive tried hundreds of times n my sons too. n nothing beating this level. why is it wasting balls on colors that i cant use to have me not even able to pass level. plz fix or tell me how b4 i break my phone lol well not my phone but prob uninstall the app. plz tia
Way to many glitches and freezing besides the cheating. Not enjoyable or relaxing. Hated the game. Never got my rewards. Force stop and uninstall this waste of space app.
this game would be better if it had more levels as i finished this in 2018 and the new levels still havent been added
But please 195 levels please add for us buble shooter because those are present are not enough please make some reparation there.
it's a fun game but I've been waiting for 3 months for them to add more levels that they keep saying "coming soon".
Love it very addictive and as you go up in levels it does get more challenging but that's why I really love this game
I love it a lot and I love how you can free the little creatures and I love the different spells that you can use to win the game.
Love that the ads are short & don't make me have to restart any music or audiobooks I had playing at the time! Also it's not constantly bugging me to buy coins or more lives, etc. I can even replay a particular game as many times as I want/need without having to wait for "lives" to regenerate. Perfect!
Fun, have spent too many hours playing. I would have given it 5 stars but I have the music and sound turned off but it still has extremely annoying music playing. When I turn the volume off I don't hear when I get texts. That is a big deal for me, may look for another game similar to this one because of it.
Love this app., very addicting but wish it would increase with difficulty a little bit every once in awhile. Definentaly reccommend that all who like this type of game to give it a try. It's really, really hard to put down once you get started.
I only started playing since the 1st Feb 2019 and im hooked!! Great challenges and perfect way to pass time.
does what I wants, colours change mid flight, bubbles bounce off other bubbles causing you to miss fire... absolute shite.
I love this game and recommend it. It's a great stress reliever and the kids enjoy it as well. We'll done on keeping the ads to the minimum. First game I have come across were you actually play the game, instead of watching ads and hardly get a chance to play the game. Keep up the good work.
this game should be in your phone of ya looking for the best bubble shooter game. my experience is going really good, the controls and graphics are awesome. it do notlag in your phone ๐Ÿ˜… install it, don't over think!
I really like it, I just wish we got more then 34. That we could at least get 43. But other then that I love playing it.
The game is engaging without overwhelming. Additional powers are introduced as you advance then when you have used the sample, you can buy additions. Points accumulated can apply to purchase.
I absolutely love this game. It's challenging but beatable. Not too frustrating. The only thing I would add would be a few more balls at each level.
Great game overall , but not really enjoying the new Square popping up trying to force me to agree to terms and agreements. I'm not going to agree to anything your game either needs to be readily available or start charging to play it, but I don't need to be scammed into anything just to play a mobile app and if it keeps popping up I will be uninstalling. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ Just Sayin...
I love this game but locking me out for a time is what I don't understand. Is it a must you should download all the games. I can't review more than this bc after watching video you still don't allow me to play. Maybe I should delete the game.
level 231 is pure luck! it does not give you the colour you need. it's one giant block of bubbles (1colour) after another. rigged
It seems to be a strategy game and has multiple ways of playing depending on the level! I have found the game really satisfing to play when I have ten or fifteen minutes to spare! good job!
Used to be addicted to this game but the further I go the harder the level. I just spent all of my coins, watched videos for THREE extra moves, And spent 3 dollars on ONE cloud level just for it all to go to waste. When I finished the levels around 250, the game paused because there wasnt any new levels and I waited and kept this app, using unneeded space and now Im going to uninstall unless they make their levels a bit easier....
your game never gives your daily pick except day 1and 2 so no bigger money or other things to play with and only ever 1 heart for watching video pretty rubbish .
Pretty cash grabby but that's most simple games these days. I do wish that the rocks were a different color, it blends in with the background too much for me and it often ruins my gameplay. Outside of that, I enjoy to game.
I just want to say that it's a nice game .And whenever I am free ,I use to play this game.It's a lot of fun .I will suggest to download and play this game online or offline both way it's good and perfect game for kids and adults for both.And the new update is really very nice.Thanks to the developer...................
A relaxing game and balls big enough to find the color of balls needed. A favorite game of mine to play!
Great game, keeps you interested, but when it updated the extra gift part won't come up now, ( the one that you have to watch a video for).
Awesome and enjoying! Brain, Eyes and Hands combination of all needs synchronization. Good feeling excited.
its good but I have been waiting too long to pass level 356. About to uninstall soon. I'm tired of coming soon and it's not happening. Add more level. waiting
Have been playing this game for a long time + really enjoyed it. However I am stuck on 365. Is this the last game?
I play until level 33+, suddently the game reset, all my lives & coins gone.... I dont know whats happen, anyway to recall?
Thoroughly enjoyable bubble pop game. played Bubble Witch to level 387, and was unplayable after that without buying "upgrades". This game givrs rewards for just playing, no need to buy anything unless you want to buy.
loved game but now have been waiting almost 2 months for the coming soon levels. Really hope this happens soon or will be deleting game.
perfect balance of level challenge, some easy and some are head scratchers. Keeps game play moving and the mind engaged. This is the rare game (these days) that the developers are restrained and respectful with the ad frequency- well done team....add a donate button and I, for one, will reward you for not making us suffer through constant commercials. Thank you!
It's a kid's game. I kept expecting it to get harder but after about 15 levels it was still crazy easy.
Great Game..theres no lag in the game & the further you go up the levels the more challenging it gets .Once I start I cant put my phone down!!!! awesome game to pass time..A MUST DOWNLOAD
fun game but have been stuck at level 356 for 2 months bc there are no more, just says more coming soon soon was a long time ago. very disappointed
game was really good.. but after certain level they don't hv levels to play... since 4 days it is showing only coming soon..
great game but been at level 365 for about 6 months and still waiting for more levels. please define "soon" in "coming soon". then maybe my rating will go up to 5 stars
when will bubble shooter legend resume? its been on "coming soon" for weeks. Ive made it to level 356 and am stuck there cant go any further. whats up with that??
Just what I was looking for! Fun, not too hard, short ads, relaxing and cute graphics! I've been only playing for several days and I am on level 63 with no complaints! Great game! โค
this is a wonderfully designed and very colorful and active app! it's one of the best apps I've seen for 5 year olds! thank you
you watch a commercial for 30 seconds and it doesn't give you your power up! stupid app keeps doing that adios amigos!
Used to be addicted to this game but the further I go the harder the levels got. I just spent all of my coins, watched videos for THREE extra moves, And spent 3 dollars on ONE cloud level just for it all to go to waste. When I finished the levels around 250, then waited Months for the update and new levels just for the app to take up room and the levels to be harder. Ive been stuck on the same level now for 2 months. Getting really tired of it.
LEVEL 356 is as high as this game goes. I was really excited about this game because it's fun and easy. I was caught off guard when I reached level 356 and couldn't go any further. I wish the developers would put out more levels. Good for those times your waiting with nothing else much to do. The ONLY reason I gave it 3 starts was because of the level cap.
Fun enough game to play but the video you can watch for free coins & life never seems to work...loading forever!!! I guess they're simply after my wallet!!!!
The game is great but it keeps freezing up regularly ๐Ÿ˜’ once this gets fixed I'll update the ratings
Seriously going to uninstall. I can put up with and ignore the adverts but not the unfairness. Been on level 245 for so long now it's boring and when the game gives you one colour ball consecutively to get through a wall of another colour then what's the point!!!! Used to enjoy passing some time playing but this is beyond a joke...and no, I won't pay money to do it. So...goodbye. Still Not fixed despite what you say. Had enough now.
you cheat the player. on purpose throwing colors that are NOT available. as many as 6 unusable colors in a row at the beginning & end of the set!
Amazing and considerate. Not many apps are like this one. it does show adds, but it doesnt bombard you with them. it also mutes them for you too, so if youre playing music in the background or just in general you dont have to worry about muting your phone entirely. Amazing! also it doesnt bug you about rating it, all there is a small thumbs up button at the bottom of the menu screen allowing you to enjoy the game and then decide if you want to rate it. game play is nice too. :-)
New device. I'm super frustrated. I am at like level 478 and got a new devices. Downloaded the game and lost all of my progress. I have tried to reach out to puzzle joy and I'm getting zero response. There is no way to connect or transfer and no identifying of my game play in the app. All that effort lost completely....very frustrating. I never had that issue with candy crush or other games I enjoy.
It sucks...you get to the last bubble to move to the next level and the bubbles don't ho where you are aiming... frustrating
Every time I use the pointer, it never puts it into that spot. Also, it gives me colors that I cannot use, so then I have to throw it somewhere just to get to a color I need.
Ive enjoyed playing this game, its such a stress reliever. But im at a standstill, its been a few days ago, i reached level 356 & it stopped there ๐Ÿ˜ž
Really enjoy this game, fun and entertaining. Waiting for more levels, have finished all of them. Going back and trying to get 3 stars, although with the last update where they got rid of the 2 bonus items making it impossible to finish. Update: After 3 months it's impossible to finish without paying lots of money. After finishing all levels, if you go back to do a previous level you didn't 3 stars, and fail the level it sends you back to the top. Very annoying, you should fix that, -2 stars.
While it isn't chess, it is relaxing enjoyment of some spare time as well as distracting while working out issues more serious.
This is a good time killer...BUT when you get to the locked chains and u hit it WITH THE CORRECT COLOR... it doesn't always break the lock... VERY ANNOYING... other than that it's a great game...