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Bubble Shooter Genies

Bubble Shooter Genies for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by PUZZLEJOY located at 1-1-1201 HuiYuan, Xiangfu Street, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game keep freezing all you get is a black screen got to quit out and leave it till eventully it reboots
quite enjoy the game but twice I have come ro the end of the levels, if you make in game purchases and can't use them as the levels end without warning then isn't that fraudulent?
After the update the game got very annoying. Suddenly there are very childish animations. The character clasps like she is mentally challenged, I cringe after every level when I need to see it. Moreover it seems that the game is designed to fail (not achieve 3 stars). It has happened a lot lately that I've had bubbles that I couldn't use because that certain color was not reachable. This erheblich happened when I spent coins for more bubbles and then I could not use them. Please fix this!
Stuck on level 126 for 3 days used my 3 day rule binned the game on longer fun be for that vary good game
Changes introduced in the latest update to Lucky Spin wheel is useless. We have to use it within 5 minutes or otherwise they are gone. Also options are limited. I really liked the "jackpot" option which is no more. Thanks
whatever you do don't click on any of the ads they're go straight to SPAM calls right away. This company should be ashamed of themselves for allowing that to happen they should take some type of responsibility. I had let my child play this game and he clicked on one of the ads and now I am getting Bomb with calls. I'm going to record every call and phone number and I'm going to report to the FCC about this stupid practice.
your star rating is based on random chance. you get 45 shots and finish with 40 left and still only get one star. its garbage
great bubble shooting game, easy but challenging great for all ages, not to many ads, easy to exit out of that's a big plus for me!!!! would recommend this game to anyone. thanks 😊
That is one great game. Very challenging. Had days where i cold not get past a level, but there is always a way out. I managed to save most off the coins as well. I got to level 340. Unfortunately there are no more levels for the past 2 months.. Either more levels come by soon, or i will have to free up more space on my phone.. :/ Please add more levels. /50 levels would doo...
The last 2 updates by developer were the same old version till level 665 and nothing beyond. Why released those useless updates then ?
I like the game but I don't have any friends playing the game so therefore it's so hard to get lives to continue to play. I'm alone and health not really good so I play a lot of games but hard to play cause can't get more lives; not made for an individual to make any headway; wish I could get more lives...it is a fun game but isn't made for one person. Rating would be 4 or 5 if could get lives.
I love this app !! Sometimes this app turns into a really hard game but it gives me great joy... and also be challenging, and I love to take challenge. that's why I love it!! ❀❀❀
Like ALL "Free" Games. This is just a Way to get Money off People. I have PTSD and this game was going to be My Relaxation. Instead I've OVERSPENT on Add ons and Buying Boosters. RIP OFF and SCAMMING. If you could Win MORE Coins it would be worth it. Now I just Occasionally go and Pick up Daily Free Coins then Leave WITHOUT Playing. Think I might Uninstall if Nothing Changes. And NO I don't want More Advertising for Coins. Don't get Sucked into Spending ANYTHING on here.
Enjoy this game but having problems with the game being slow with shooting the bubbles and downloading is not as great either Waiting on next levels to appear already finished the other levels How much longer to wait They say coming soon but when ????
Heeeelp, just changed my phone, how do i trensfer my levels ...is not asking for an account or something to keep and transfer my records...i dont want to start again this game!!😀
It's is a fantastic app .i installed this game in my first mobile and this is my another mobile i saw many buuble shooter games but i didn't get it .at last i got this i like this so much . Thank you makers for this app.
Great basic bubble game. But it does get hard but not impossible. Good game, you wont be disappointed if its the game your looking for. It'll be the last bubble game app you download. Cheers
Just came back to game. It's fun, relaxing and great way to have some me time. The levels do seem to get harder. But that is what's fun.
Love it but in switching phones it didn't save what level I was on and wants me to start all over! Any way around that?
I wish there were instructions as when you get further into the game you don't know how get around to the colors to remove them.
Updated: the latest update says new levels. I updated and there are no new ones. Description says more than 745 levels. I'm sitting now at 745. There are not more than that despite being current.
this is the best game I have ever played. the only improvement I want is that it needs loads more levels. I have completed all 295 and can't wait until more levels better added. please add 1000 more levels. nothing beats this games so addictive!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the graphics and it is very challenging, but unless you buy any lives or "special " bubbles, you can't get past Level 109. The bubbles change color in route. Extremely frustrating to say the least.
3 stars is a bit generous. With out the enhanced aim option it is very difficult to aim at the colored balls you want to take out. Also the opportunity to earn free tokens to purchase enhancements is very limited.
Love the game but why do we have to wait to get more lives or coins? Ridiculous to have to wait 20 minutes for a game. I payed $1.50 to get one set of coins because it promised to get rid of all ads. But I'm still stuck waiting? Any way around this?
Nothing like being limited to only a few minutes of playing. Five chances, then you have to wait for 20 minutes or more to play again, unless you buy more stars. The game obviously wants you to make in-game purchases. Uninstalling. Too many other games to choose from.
We should not support games that requires money in order to play...other wise, you need to wait forver to "gain" "lives". Time to stop.
I'm about to a win a level and it's decided to stop shooting, it will let me get into settings but won't let switch the balls around or shoot. full of glitches
Get your credit cards ready and get ready to have your phone invaded. This game cheats the user. I tried to be kind on first review but it just gets worse. You can clearly see the ball go where it is not directed. The fire or acid ball does not go through ALL the formations. The balls change color without the super color power. To much cheating. UNINSTALLED.
I really enjoy playing this game. You know when you download it it's going to have ads since it's free so stop complaining
Great game! Perfect time waster. Very challenging at times. I wish their wasnt so many ads but that's everything these days. Over all I think it's a great game.
we were scheduled for a blackout, 9pm- 5am, I needed something that didn't require wifi, & this app is lots of fun. I'm keeping it & deleting another app I've had for years, I just hadn't enjoyed the old one, like I do this one... thanks for a great app, I can't put it down!
Your latest update sucks. You hid the "X" so you gotta hunt it down just to close the screen to move on to the next part of the game... shame on you... terrible!!!
the rules change each game -- the balls change color mid shot sometimes, the ricochet directional dots show one thing the bubble does another, 4 red bubbles in a row makes it difficult to win when you only have 24 bubbles to begin with, the chains don't always break when you match the color bubble to the lock, I can go on but I'll stop. change your code to stick to the rules you created EVERY game then I'll return... until then I'm deleting this app.
Fun and thought provoking. Great for fans of geomentry, physics and calculating positions, while being speedy.
The pointer does not always shooot where you aim, which is annoying because every ball counts. That said, each board is the same, as is the number and order or balls supplied so it's a matter of strategy and being able to point the shooter.
at level 107...really suck! burst all bubbles still lose n to burst the cloud damn hard worst still at least 5 bubbles color not to relevent..uninstall b4 too late
This game is amazing there's not to many adds and there are lots of fun levels this game is amazing!!!
Impossible to play after basic levels unless you watch boring advertising videos or pay (and it's not cheap!)
I love this game it is fun and easy to play and it makes your brain work . The game is also a good time killer . πŸ‘Œ
I LOVE IT!! Why am I saying that like it's some sort of revelation??? Because I'm sooo NOT a gamer. Find it annoying for the most part. But I love this game. I can't explain it but there's something satisfying about busting those balloons lol. Great to use during carline, too!
it is an exceptional game, it offers great entertainment. will recommend to anyone that likes ro have fun
would be better if it worked 100% of the time and didn't have ads after EVERY LEVEL COMPLETED thanks for the reply i guess i was to vague so here I dont get the option to watch a video for free spin or video for an extra 3 balls anymore plus if there is an ad banner at the buttom why do i have to also watch 5 sec ad between levels
Very colorful. It would be great if you could a simpler version for senior citizens. Do let me know. Thanks.
game is well made and fun. just a shame it's just like most other games now. lives take half an hour to gain one and the wheel has a limit it can be turned each day. I don't mind the ads, I'd mind them less if it meant I got more lives though.
pretty fun! It gets kind of annoying when you run out of lives, but at least they give you the option to spin a wheel to win a life or some coins every five minutes, added to giving you more lives each day rather than making you buy them or wait 12 hours when you run out. super fun!
game sucks. im on 80th level. need to destroy the top all green red and blue balls. have 18 shots of balls. but i keep getting the purple or yellow ball until ny 18 shots just remaining 2 shots with red and green ball. how should i complete the stage if im always given the wrong ball? i think developer is forcing u to spend some money on thos game. cant win only relying on your skill but need to buy stuffs to win it. UNINSTALL THIS GARBAGE
You can't spin the wheel in the game and might something with daily reward. I don't think the developers care at all. You can't go far without spending money. Also you can't a free ad video to get free coins. Don't waste your money.
when you view those videos that take almost an entire minut to get 3 misely balls and they dont match any of the colors you have; then its not worth playing your game this happens all the time! so you have it set to do that!
when you go to shoot the bubble all of a sudden he goes from the red that you were shooting to green or gold or blue so you end up wasting a shot this is happened numerous numerous times then when you want to change colors if you do not tap that ball 2 3 4 times it won't change color for you glitch glitch glitch
This game is very, very, addicting! I used to play it to make time go fast during my commute to & from work. Now, I play it every evening instead of watching TV etc!
Fun & entertaining but gets harder & stressful at the higher levels. Some levels are almost impossible to pass without spending a few bucks to get through it. I have tried on some levels like 20 times & can't pass it until I buy power ups to help me pass, that is frustrating, almost makes me not want to play. The prize wheel is cool but you never gives you a good jackpot. The shooter bubbles sometimes change colors after being shot or you get unless colors that waste your shots.
I love it that it has a bit of challenge for me. At first it was easy but I was caught up because I was a bit challenged & I was liking it. 5 stars.
love this game but now I'm waiting for the game to up load new level for me to play. It takes forever to upload new level all it's saying is coming soon.
Level 346 then game changes direction of your aim on purpose to get you to watch more ads. BS game, rigged, DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
Right in the middle of the game, the screen freezes and goes black. You lose the turn because it will not come back up unless you go out of the app and come back into it. The screen also freezes up and exits out the game. This has been happening for over a month. I am above level 735 now. I like the game, but it has glitches that still need to be worked out.
Was looking for a different bubble game I had seen and tried this on a whim and haven't stopped playing it... like I can't stop! lol
Loving the game, but I have run out of levels to play. It says coming soon, but nothing after 585. Got the update to 645, that's all. My wife is playing the same game yet has levels beyond that!!
this app is very good i m addict of this game. moreover after completing 310 levels each level have facing one problem the problem is that i can change bubble when i have take a shot can you please help me regarding this issue other wise the game is superb
Bubble Shooter Genies is a great game! It does not a lot of ads. You can spin the wheel to get free bonuses that keeps you playing the game. This colorful game has different levels and you are rated with 1, 2, or 3 stars. Give it a try it is fun!
I just tried the Bubble Shooter Genies because I got so frustrated with the constant ads on Bubble Shooter. The game was great but not worth waiting through all those ads. they wouldn't let you buy out of the ads and say that's how they all make their money. Not all!
Fun game with great daily awards! Several times I have beaten the game with the last bubble and it made me repeat the level. That wouldn't be so bad, except I had purchased extra bubbles so I wouldn't have to repeat the level. Very annoying!! Fix this and it's 5 stars.
Fun little game when it works. Freezes up, rewards won't load. If you send email to support they just tell you to "try to be patient " we are working on the issue. I love the game if and when it works.
would love this game if it played fair. sucks how you can only win when the computer wants you to. It purposely give you colors you don't need. You literally have to wait and play like 10-15 times to win. so annoying. I'm deleting the app.
Good game play and I enjoy the challenges, but I would like to see a more "win" based algorthim for bubble colors. Nothing is more frustrating than needing a green ball and only getting red or blue
Good game actully i like this game because there is no ads and it is so interesting there are so many new levels in game we can play it single but we cannot play online with friends but no doubt this game is brilliant
Great game... it keeps you busy and thinking ...on your toes. PG rating so the kids can play it without you worrying about vulgarity being thrown at them from every angle. That's always a plus to me. Lots of ads but that's too be expected. I mean it is a free game but, they aren't too long... unlike YouTube.
Frustrated here. For months this game clearly cheats. I can clearly see the ball color which is next or if I choose one....changes it on it's own. I save all my earned coin until I can get a bundle,and no matter which special ball I use...especially the lightning one....either does nothing or the game freezez with minimal balls to clear...and no way to get back in to where you were...only option is to completely exit the game,shut it down,start over. Close to uninstalling this game. Please fix.
cone on ..you kbow my experience.. !! why is it when this app offers us three more balls if we watch a video... basically forcing us to watch your stupid videos advertisements and such.. get the three balls we get don't match the three balls that we need in the end almost every time. this is supposed to be fun.. a game that pisses people off isn't a game people want to play
great game but as you progress it gets more and more difficult to clear the level, so constantly being directed to the 'shop' to purchase extra bubbles. It seems to me impossible to get to the higher levels without coughing up for extras. Personally I would much rather pay up front for a game rather than being drawn in, then have to pay to complete. Uninstalling the game.
When watching the video to win prizes, jackpot never was chosen. I finished the game and watched at least 10 videos a day. Rigged.
Same version as before. Advertises 605+ levels but there are only 605 levels, no more. Over 100 levels added since. The game now has 785 levels, to date!
I hate that so many bubbles come up when there is no color available. Especially when you have 3 bubbles left and the color never comes up to clear the remaining bubbles. Very frustrating and feels rigged. I get it through out the game but when you make it that far and can't use any of the last bubbles makes the game pointless. It is on multiple levels. Twice today I watched a stupid 30 second ad for more bubbles and on both occasions I did not get the one color I needed to win. Not enjoyable!
I really enjoy this game. I think everything so far had been excelant. not to many adds like most games. I would give five stars but I've only been playing for a week now so it may change later on as long as I don't run into any issues.
This game is awesome but becomes ridiculous trying to pass a level. My husband and i both do pretty well with these types of games but this one is beyond. Deleting for the sake of our sanity.lol
at first didnt like this but greatly enjoyed it after the first couple boards. it makes you think ahead of just busting the bubbles go for the higher up level bubbles. plenty of screnes to go through. the ads are there but what do you want its free to play. so thank you developers.
Very refreshing interface. Love the colours and the SFX. Definitely has a strong visual appeal. And it's delightfully easy to use.
I am just looking for something to do when I'm bored, I am not looking for something that stresses me out because the levels are just impossible for me. Thank you for taking your time to make this for all that enjoy it.
my wife downloaded it and wouldn't stop talking about it. i was like yay right it can't be that much fun. i was wrong. i now have it on my phone and im addicted
Fun & entertaining but gets harder & stressful at the higher levels. Some levels are almost impossible to pass without spending a few bucks to get through it. I have tried on some levels like 20 times & can't pass it until I buy power ups to help me pass, that is frustrating, almost makes me not want to play. The prize wheel is cool but you never gives you a good jackpot. The shooter bubbles sometimes change colors after being shot or you get unless colors that waste your shots. Still love it.
The most beautiful bubble shooting game ever. I love the game play. It's not childish. Actually I uninstalled it by mistake and I had a hard time to find it here again! Thanks a lot!
The game is great, and I love being able to repeat old levels. However, it would be great to see what my old high scores are while playing a level or upon completing it. Update at deb's request: The high score function described above would be nice, and I've noticed that regardless of where the final bubble falls, it always registers as the farthest left tube. I've watched it fall into the 1000 tube twice now, but the score increase pops up over the very first tube instead.
I like the game but the childish animations are horrible. Very cheesy. Please get rid of the creepy fairy
I'm really enjoying this bubble shooter game - I find it more challenging than so many others I've played in the past! It makes me work harder - that's more fun than getting thru them quickly. The graphics are great, too! There's plenty of variety and there aren't too many ads. Try it!!
Good game to pass time. But uninstalling because I saved up coins for a while to buy abilities, however I ran out of lives, when I come back to play a game later, my coins and purchased abilities were gone. Got to level 200, that's good enough for me to move on.
THE best "bubble pop" I've played so far (about 10 which have been uninstalled). It's actually challenging at the higher levels and it took me 5 tries to get 5 stars just on level 20! Not only that but the number of ads you have to endure seem to be related to how well you do for completing each level. I went through a dozen or so levels without watching a single ad. But then it became clear that 3 stars for 100,000 pts and 3 stars for 300,000 pts is very significant . Not for the braindead!
I love popping the bubbles, but I have never seen such a stingy game before! The points literally give you nothing, and they hardly give any free coins. I've played way more generous games before, and they should really fix this.
Too much time in between games and too many advertisements. I understand why they have to have them. But overall a fun and engaging game pretty colors, nice graphics.
Pretty good, standard bubble shooter, until around the mid 60 range when it starts to generate the same color ball 3-4 times in a row (or 3 of the same, one different, 2 of the first color, etc) to artificially increase difficulty to incentivise players to watch ads or pay
I really love the game...it's very challenging and u must be smart to recognized the puzzle how to solve them...and I reached level 250 and I updated it now January 30,2019 and I can play for 15 more levels....yaaaay!...I just hope there's a reward everytime u passed the hard level coz it's really whew!😱
Nice game to pass the time with. Appreciate the optional ads. Watch an ad to get a free spin for coins or extra life. Although, wish you could get special balls or extra lives when you get 2 or more stars in each game; only got these in first few initial games. Appreciate that it can be played offline too. This game is keeper so far.
Love the game just wish I could land on the jackpot. Also I'm at level 525 and waiting for an update. Wow since I wrote this review I lost 550 coins and haven't even played since I'm waiting on the new update. I'm at level 645 and waiting for a new update to the app.
this is an AWESOME game to play when you cant sleep at 3:30 in the morning.It diffently challanges you,which is good when its 3:30 in the a.m. Keep these awesomebgames coming. Thanks☺
Your idiotic ads stole all my boosters so I basically gave you money by watching your ads and in return you stole the boosters I've been collecting for months by replaying all the levels to get 3 stars. FU
star system is based on random luck and the amount of groups you pop, not that you could beat a level in as few shots as possible
The game is great, and I love being able to repeat old levels. However, it would be great to see what my old high scores are while playing a level or upon completing it.
I play this game to escape the constant politics. 3 days ago, I got one ad continually with no others and it was political. I pointed this out to them. They are no longer giving me political ads of any kind. Thank you, PuzzleJoy.
it's easy at the beginning and trust me it's gonna get way harder sometimes I get so stressed out anyway it's a good game
Very challenging and lots of fun! Very different than other bubble shooter game. Definitely would recommend
Annoyed and frustrated with the last update. Reached level 745 with alot of paid purchases, updated the app for it to take me back to level 725 losing out on a minimum of Β£25. Not happy at all.
Nice game. Sure, it my not be a perfect and it has a room for improvement, but for free? Really? Many many thanks and than some more and yes, with cherry on the top. 5 stars!
Great game but gets hard to continue without spending lots of money. And it is not cheap especially as the money gets used up very quickly! gets frustrating in the end. would otherwise have given a better rating
A lot of fun! Not too many ads. Gameplay is challenging enough to be fun, but still beatable. I played a game similar to this with my mom 15 years ago and this one brings back a lot of great memories with a few added twists that are rather interesting. I love it!
The levels are just frustrating and if you restart, quit, or lose a level too many times you either have to wait 30 minutes to play again or buy another set of lives. Very stressful and not worth the time. However graphics were beautiful but I hate waiting 30 mins to play for every level that I loss a certain amount of times.
I love the fact that it gets harder the further you go, not so much the fact that you need to watch ads to get bonuses or the fact that there are so many ads between levels. Awesome game, way too many ads.
Rare game that (1) loads super fast so you can hop in quickly to play, and (2) has some ads but they are not disruptive. Thank you, Devs, for a truly FUN experience!
Problem is, more level you cross, the games becomes more slow, everytime I aim and shoot, the game gets either slow or stuck for few seconds and then hits the wrong target..
Frustrating game. Could be much better if there was some built-in help to remind players what the different types of ball do and how e.g. the pearl or snowball behave when hit. The interface is fiddly and easily sends unintentional shots on my Samsung Galaxy A5. It is an engaging game and addictive, but could be so much better.
It's interesting game super game we r getting enjoyment to play that is making the people to play more it is amazing game I love this game
Enjoy the game, don't like Matchington ad. WILL NOT recommend this game because of Matchington Match ad. Uninstalling this game NOW. It's the ad. Not recommended for children to see. Husband having an affair in his with wife and child at home to see? Thst's what I am referring to.
This is a copy of Bubble Witch, but it isn't a very good game. The stars needed on each level are too far apart and the bees at the bottom are also too far apart; thus the balls don't hit any of them and just fall into the tubes below. Which means you might get 1 star, but that's all. I see this as a money making game for the developer; however it's not challenging at all. I will be deleting this as soon as I check out the update. Thus far I haven't paid to play this!
Great game. Play it everyday. Few small issues but works 100x better then it used too. Every once in a while, the screen just goes black. Then I have to restart the game again, then it is fine for a day or two. This never happens to an6 other app or at any other time. Only when playing game. Not sure as to why this happens though. Can't really screen record it. Never know when it is going to happen. When it does happen, can't see the screen at all. It appears to happen on any level.
With this new update, it does not matter if you have the sound, and music set to silence, there is now non stop annoying music playing.
This is the best bubble shoot game but I hate that you have to wait up to 30 min to play at times! I am on level 86 n it's hard so it's frustrating getting in the groove of playing then having to wait, loses my interest n I start playing another game while waiting, not smart! Fix that n you get my 5 stars!!
as u play and advance it is impossib e to advance with out buying boosters from them. the daily wheel spin is a joke. never coin. and i would guess no one has ever won the jackpot. fun but could be better
Love this game but says over 355 levels to enjoy and I am on level 355 and says coming soon? Also annoyed with the fact that most of these games your last ball will change to the color needed if only one left. (for example I have one ball left to shoot and one color left to hit. The color I need to hit is blue but the 1 ball I have left to shoot is yellow. Will not change to blue)
The game would be fun if the shooter were reliable. As I advanced through the game, the shooter began to misfire more frequently. The bubble color changes and the shooter goes off prematurely. This usually happens right as you're about to win and need every shot to be correct. I've become very frustrated as I've tried to be very careful with my aiming and shooting, but it's not working. I'm going to have to stop playing.
I would have to question the ethics and morals of the developer of this game. The game is clearly aimed for young children but the advertising is to gambling slot games. Those type of games I find abhorrent.
This spp is realy very good but i rate it 5 stars because there is also a. Spin wheel and i love spiling the wheel
pretty fun, as long as you don't mind it closing on its own, having to replay levels because it won't save, and you lose multiple levels after you are done for the day. balls fire while aiming, don't go where aimed. fix the game and it might be worth it.
It's a fun game not too easy or too hard. But it is just SO ANNOYING that you'll have maybe one ball left and only one ball left to hit and they're all green but the color they give you is blue. so boom you just lost a life and have to replay. I wouldn't consider it eaiser if they give you the last color of the ball, it would honestly be more fun.
There's not much skill involved in this one. The devs decide how many times you must repeat a level. Very often, bubbles will change color when they leave the cannon, to obstruct play instead of furthering it. And at times, the bubble you just shot flies off in a wrong direction-- and it's insultingly obvious.
Up over 150 very challenging which we like, we get to strategize. The game doesn't give out the stars or gifts like it should, land on extra 5 it gives out 3 up. At this level that's the only way to survive. Play, earn, continue 🀨. What's the problem? Because we can beat the level you cheat us? We want to play the game and not buy things!!! IS THAT NOT ACCEPTABLE?????? A person gets 2 stars as it is slamming down game over and it won't give out the stars to move. CHECK YOUR GAME
The game that is simple but fun. I could personally spend countless hours playing this game. It has everything I want in a game; each level progressively becomes more challenging, there is barely pressure if you mess up because you are not handed only 3 lives but 7 and you can restart the level before you lose your lives. I appreciate the lack of aggressive sales that I obviously don't want. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
awesome game. am truly enjoying this time around. i had installed the app before but the calendar and the spins were stuck. this time i am not having any issues. thanks fornanfun relaxing game.
Was 5 stars but since last update. Instead of getting new levels as stated it just seems to of installed gremlins. Eg Boosters do not work etc etc
We have fun playing this game. My kids like the easy levels and they enjoy watching me play the harder levels.
Public version of the application has 685 levels but beta version has 665 levels. The application has serious issues. How will you fix this?
Enjoyable game but updates take too long (your initial response said updates were every 3 weeks yet I waited 5) and now it sometimes does not give me the option of watching a video for a free spin. Still, this game is fun and entertaining.
Its so goodest game and wonderful the musics like πŸ€”relaxing music if you tired working you can pay bubble shooting genies then your mind are resting and then mean while you really sleeping goodπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄
The last updates 700+ levels are aggravating. The game freezes constantly. Takes your points and coins but doesn't allow you to use them. Up to this point I found this game challenging but doable. I played it to refocus from life's stress. Not any more. It now has childish graphics and not as much fun. Updates take too long to arrive and have lost their appeal.
I really love the game...it's very challenging and u must be smart to recognized the puzzle how to solve them...and I reached level 250 and I updated it now January 30,2019 and I can play for 15 more levels....yaaaay!...I just hope there's a reward everytime u passed the hard level coz it's really whew!😱 always waiting for the updates...😒
Why was my comment about charging sneakily deleted? Dodgy app. Check your phone bills users of this app, if you are on a contract. I never have cards associated with this things so I don't get charged accidentally. But they still managed to steal from me. Be honest! Stop charging me for this bloody thing that I want uninstall. I will keep posting till you respond.
Like the game but graphics were changed recently. There is now a fairy girl that throws a wooden spoon into the air when you win and then claps her hands with freakishly long fingers. Do not like these new graphics.
Some levels are intentional sabotaged to generate money to the programmer by trying to force players to buy "special" bubbles to advance. This takes the fun and any skill out of the game, because it's being controlled/manipulated to make the player loss, purposefully. Too many times it's given the wrong "bubbles" that cannot be used during the launch, that cannot be swapped out. Player needs blue/red and it continues to give green/yellow, so you lose the extra bees below. Thank you for respondin
I enjoy the challenges. Some times it gives me colors to shoot with that can't possibly hit the same color. Super annoying when it happens while I have a three ball super shooter.
Bubble pop games are all different , but this game is special. Well though out colorful , much action , the baby dragon's and the game host are adorable . Many hours of points and enjoyment for all who participated in this game .