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Bubble Shooter Balls: Popping

Bubble Shooter Balls: Popping for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by mobistar located at 80 WATERLOO ROAD, KOWLOON, HONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Bubble Shooter Balls is an enjoyable game. I love it! And it directs you how to play the game. Also it is simple.
I am so tired if spending more time on ads than i do playing that i swear to you, you could not pay me enough to download ANY of your ads. Thank you for the info regarding the afs. Guess i was having a moment there! I enjoyed the game so in all fairness i feel i should revisit rhe game and edit accordingly. So, im going to start with a 3 plus stars and i will check back in with you in a couple of days. Cj .
This is the worst Bubble shooter game I've ever played..The balls won't go as far as in other games of this nature when you bank them off the side! And almost every board the balls are usually not usable, wrong colours, at least 40% of the time..
This is a very enjoyable game to play & the adorable furbaby (dog) is definitely an added plus! Kudos to the Developer for a job well done! 👍👍👍👍👍
U have much more critical reviews than ur showing, u dont want new players to read then. All ur games sucks, u cant beat them so u cheat them, oh what a laugh. U people are so dumb and stupid ur going about it the wrong way. We all wish the government would investigate these games, they are soooo crock, get them off the phone. And the gov. Should read all the reviews as well, and it will happen.
The game is great but you need different adds. Y'all do the same over and over. Sorry probably not your problem. 😊
This is a exciting game to play. Easy and I can't put it down. You've got to play this game. I love it!!
I love this game, it is a very fun game to play. However, yesterday it stopped allowing me to make in app purchases. It says "Error Transaction is declined" and doesn't give any other reason. I can make in app purchases in other games that I have, using the same payment method, so it has to be something with this game. AND THEY WON'T RESPOND TO ANY EMAILS ASKING FOR HELP.
4 stars cause I just started playing, only on level 10. I enjoy the bubble shooter games, some I maxed out playing all the available levels. I just hope this doesn't have the water bubbles later in the game. I hate those & will uninstall any game I'm playing that has it
Ads are Tooo long. Should be 7-10 sec max. Otherwise its a challenging game with options for improved chances.
This game is fun and entertainment me that's pretty cool 🆒😎 I like this game and I have completed all level
The only reason I'm giving this three stars is because of the fact that you have to watch so many ads at the beginning of each game to get your props for free. I've had to watch as many as twelve to get them. They should let watch one ad for each prop and be done with it. The other bubble pop game I have, if you reach somewhere around the 10th level without loosing, they give you the props for free, period. This game also doesn't have enough rewards. Thinking I might just uninstall it 🤔
I am 12 and think that this is one of the finest games I have played that could be for all different ages
This game is not fun or easy. U cant get thru a level without props or boosters. They r stingy with coinage. So u cant buy the ones u need. So Im done with this. Im uninstalling now.
It has been lots of fun. I just started this game this morning and I am addicted. Thank you for the game!
You can't switch the Bubble colored balls to the color you need. 99% of bubble games have this feature. Makes it difficult when you need to switch them to win the game. Uninstalling.
I have only had this game for a short time but I love it! It's hard but not out of reach, like some games! You know how some games go on and on not letting you win. Well not this one! They want you to keep playing! I can't get anyone to get back to me! I've changed my mind....this game has a few issues!
So relaxing, Ienjoy it. Not full of adds, only watch them to collect, coins stars,jewels. Keep up the good work.
Game is great, but WHEN YOU NEED A BOOSTER you click s don't get ANYTHING.. Gave you time to fix the problem.. no choice but delete 😞😞😥😥
I enjoy this game, but since the update the video options don't work, neither before nor after the levels. They also don't work for the video gift or the wheel. For the "video gift" it just says "video is loading, please wait" and an hour later, still nothing. This update has ruined the game. I gave it 3 stars instead of 1 because I did enjoy the game before. Update (June 2021): I am still not getting as many video opportunities as before, but the developer is clearly trying to make improvements. So for the sheer fact that so many reviews go ignored and this developer seems to care -and is trying - I am adding a star.
Everything in game constantly and continually freezes up... Like this game but can't play it or Enjoy it because of all the problems. You can't watch videos for rewards, can't claim daily rewards. Can't play game at all cause it's always jammed up, frozen or something. PLEASE FIX IT CORRECTLY, SO FRUSTRATING!.... Now you want me to change my rating to 5 stars! Dosen't make any sense when the play is broken, not working properly... If & when you really fix it I'll think about changing my rating
Good morning good afternoon or good evening whatever the case may be I enjoy playing videos it helps me to relax take my mind off of bad things and clean my head up for a new day I've been playing videos ever since I got my phone I got rid of my television and I got rid of my radio all that is on my phone now so with all that being said I like Google I like you too and I sit down and enjoy everything on my phone Google you're doing a very good job you keep it up and you have a problem with me te
Enjoy the game. On level 950 and have a notice on the screen "coming soon". This has been for 4 days now. Is level 950 as high as it goes?
The aimer on this app literaly sucks, no rickochets off the side, the programmers should have realized this when they bought it out. Not going to get in touch with another explanation that is already posted here, uninstalling.
Fun game. Fast, accurate pointer, rapid points accumulation, good graphics. Glad I downloaded it to try out.
I specifically downloaded to do this review. I don't care if you like Trump or not. Extremely inappropriate. Would this be acceptable if it was Biden, Obama, or Clinton? Political preferences should be kept out of a mass public game. Beyond immature by the developers. That is to Trump and I'm not the only one who thinks that. I'm calling BS on your denial.
Tired of trying to get video gifts by watching videos. I've tried all day and night, it's only stating, "Please wait, the video is loading", but it does NOT ever load!! I refuse to play if this continues. I'll just delete and get a different bubble shooter game.
Deleting this game because a new bubble shooting game has been added that in every round features a mallet beating President Trump on the head. Evidently the thought police stealing control of the country will not even leave games free of their stench. Too bad. But I will not miss the multiple, overlong ads.
Good morning. Hi, it's me Honey. Just want to let you know that I haven't play (bubble shooter) for a while. So, I decided to start playing it. So far, this bubble shooter is very interesting. I haven't play bubble shooter with levels before. If you know what I mean. Find some more bubble shooter with levels for me. Ok, thanks for your help, support, and understanding. Take care of yourselves. Love You All.
Uninstalled. Another game where you win coins that end up in a piggy bank that you have to buy. Another con win coins but you have to pay before you can have what was already yours.
Candy Crush Jelly Saga ad causes game to freeze!!!! Everytime this ad appears I can't close it down so have to shut the game down completely and go in again. This ad seems to be appearing every time I complete a level so I have to keep shutting down the game which is now getting very annoying. If it wasn't for this problem I would rate it 5 stars.
Nice bubble shooter game, almost similar to other bubble shooter games but more interesting & thrilling because if the bomb blasts. it's fun
This game is ok. The thing that bugs me the most is the ad used to get me to download the ad is nothing like the game. Its not just this game its all the games out there. The ad are false as to what the game is really like. Oh well.
I used to like this game but ever since the update, I CANT watch videos for boosters, and I'm not spending money. So I guess I will be un-installing. 😑
Run out of levels to do so now it's either get rid or wait for the levels but how long will that take
Nice steady game.passes the time..my only gripe is the rewards are very small...other than that all is ok
I'm gonna uninstall now and the 1 star is because the actual game doesn't look like the preview given, not good!
So far so good to me I don't mind the ads that's how we get it free and the ads are not that bad thank you much
Very interesting game passes time away when your on your own I will definitely be telling my friends about it
Very interesting game I'm Stanley I've never played a game like this before so he's very interested in a very good game to play I'm just wondering is there a part 2 to this game if there is how can I get it and is it free cuz if it isn't I'm good with the one I'm playing and I can go back and play the game I was playing it first so keep up the good work thank you very much and enjoy ourselves alright
Like to play this game after I lay down for a few minutes . But I get carried away and it ends up being hours.
Been stuck on the same level for 3 days I will bin the game now as I always do. No longer fun to play
This is a good game, every thing works great. A small learning curv. Not bad developers, not bad at all.
Great game helps with my concerntraion as a I suffer from borderline dementure great graphics n story line a Credit to all who made this game ....Bear happy
I enjoy this game, but since the update the video options don't work, neither before nor after the levels. They also don't work for the video gift or the wheel. For the "video gift" it just says "video is loading, please wait" and an hour later, still nothing. This update has ruined the game. I gave it 3 stars instead of 1 because I did enjoy the game before.
Fun, colorful, challenging without being impossibly frustrating. Ads not too intrusive in the early levels.
Update "2"..finished all 750 levels and the rewards are still the same as levels 1 to 10...but Nice steady game.passes the time..my only gripe is the rewards are very small...other than that all is ok..now on level 539 and the rewards are still the same..would be better if we could work our way to greater rewards......
For me easy game can manage very well hope I will enjoy this bubble apps and continue to play with friends on the way
A very nice pop bubbles quite easy but it's early, it may get harder so you can popopopopopopop all the way home.
Game very addictive. Try to improve by installing challenging features and new updates, otherwise nice game. Keep it up.
Only just started on this game and so far so good, I'm enjoying it great little game does what it says on the tin and not had many ads yet.
I really enjoy this game. It's not substantially different from most bubble pop games, but I think the puzzles are interesting and fun.
I love the game but I have an issue. After I finish a game, lately the menu does not advance up the path to the next game unless I close the app and reopen it. I have tried a couple of force stops but nothing changed.