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Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Happy Dragon Inc.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game is fun. The problem is the ads. Used to be one always at the bottom, and a full-screen one between games. Now a full-size one can pop up any time, making you miss shots. Fix it!
I give it 4 stars because I reached at level956 I love this game but I have one problem now I am playing any level firstly ad comes so please check this problem
Bubble Shooter, I am still loving this game. If I need to destress this is the game. I am thankful I haven't found another like it so I don't have to choose. Choose it, you won't regret it.πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ and ads won't drive you nuts either ☺
Amazing creation and the idea of the game is fantastic. I play this game everyday. I am now on level 497. I just adore how the order of the balls change in each ongoing level. Really nice 😍😍😍❀❀❀❀
Really cool game! Even better than among us! I'm now at level 403 and it is getting harder! But anyway. This game relaxes me and i always beat the levels and I don't frustrate. So this is a really cool game! Thank you for releasing it to the public!
This game is a a seriously cheating game. After you get up there a ways it won't let you win a game. Don't install it, it's not worth the frustration of playing it. I uninstalled & decided to see if you made the game more fair or not....smh. Of course you didn't. After level 649 they start taking alot of moves away all at once.
best time. Only one problem played 3420 games and then the game told me there are no more games. I have to wait for update 0ut of 3420 games only 14 have two stars all others have three . Made it to 3900 games waiting on more all games 3 stars except 15 have 2 stars . Sorry must have been as burp on my end . Past 3904.
Fun to play,but there's too many pop up ads. Ads keep coming up every couple of minutes. It's too much. The less ads,the better.
Great game. Bad ads. Ads wont go away after 5 ,15,60 seconds. Clicking anywhere on them, only opens them. Does not go away. Please fix or others cant enjoy game. 2 big ads, one is yahtzee & other is medication. Cant go back to game. Uninstalled & reinstalled, works. But lost all my 856 levels! Had to start all over!
I originally gave this game a 5-star rating. I'm lowering it to one star because of the number and length of the ads. The game used to have a diversity of ad lengths and it also used to have fewer ads. Now, the player has to suffer through an ad before each round of play, when selecting a boost, and when leaving the round of play. We also have to suffer through an ad before we are allowed to exit the game. The worst part is that each of the ads are 30-second ones. Not cool, developers!
Very good and entertaining. Enjoying it thoroughly. I am playing this game for the second time. I have no words to praise it. Thanks for this wonderful app. Kindly recommend me such other apps created by you as I would like to try it.
This game is horrible. U have to watch an ad after EVERY single move. I wouldnt recommend this game to my worst enemy. Thats just about it. Uninstalling as soon as this posts.
I would really like this game, but there are way too many ads! After every little short level, there's an ad, sometimes two ads, but, seriously, even in the middle of gameplay? Come on guys! I am seriously thinking about uninstalling the game because it is so annoying!
I love this game! Easy but still challenging! Lots of fun!! I do have a comlaint however. The game seems to be getting stuck on certain levels. I made it all the way to level 375 when the game would not go past that level. It just kept repeating the same level over and over and over. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game to see if starting over would fix this. I got to level 15 and it again fell into an endless loop and it and will not go past level 15 now. So disappointed! ☹️
20th March 2021 - This game has just gone down. Invasive AD'S. Especially VW - takes you to website and takes forever to get out. MINUS 10 STARS. UNINSTALL NOW. Best fun I've had in years. πŸ˜‰Just love 😍 this game. The ads are not even a distraction - they are there but a anyone can live with them. 29/01/2020 LOVE this game. Just reached level 1106, and still in love with it. 😍❀️
Outside of way too many ads, this game is really fun to play, almost addicting. I would recommend it to anyone who plays this kind of game.
My friends and I were talking last night about mobile games and we all agreed... any ad that makes us click twice to get out of it, we will never download that game. Plus, I will NEVER get Discovery + because it plays 20+ times a day.
Fun, but for goodness sake, please cut down on the adds! I have decided to delete the game. I don't mind the adds but every single time you play 1 game!
I have reached 1800 twice and the game froze and locked up, ending up uninstalling and reinstalled the game to start from zero again. I am giving this game one last try to see if l can get beyond 1800 before the game frezes up and only way around is to uninstall and reinstall the game. Has this happened to anyone else?
I enjoy playing it because it's kinda fun and it's challenging plus it doesn't have a lot of stupid stuff going on with it You just play the game You don't have to buy tokens etc to play You can just enjoy the game Thanks for not making it junked up and letting us play the game I don't like so many ads constantly breaking up the plays but I'm not going to pay out money for them to stop putting them in the game Thank you for keeping it simple
Sir, this game is awesome but one problem here, there are no facebook connection in it and please update this game with facebook connectivity so that if the game re install then game start from that level from which level I quite, Thanks
Nice game but lots and lots of ads which never finish it is like the game of ads. Click one button ad pops up please edit the game to no ads some ads are extremely long.
Love this game ! Graphics are great, its doesn't become so hard you just finally give up. I have played through several times now . Best, most relaxing bubble shooter game.
I am on level 166 and have not been discouraged by not being able to proceed to the next level. this is probably the most frustrating game that I have played. now on level 500. Had to restart my game because my phone broke and it took me a while to find and download it but I didn't stop until I found it it's still my favorite game 5/21
The shooter lines accuracy can be very hit or miss (literally and figuratively). Other than that I would of given it 5 stars.
Love playing this game, but now won't go into game, starts loading and then comes out , what has happened???
Just another bubble game with too many fkn ads..the 1st 6 or 7 lvls is ok after that the ads just keep a coming and you don't get anything for it. I don't mind watching ads for rewards but after every fkn lvl just to continue playing fk off
Fresh and fun. BUT...now every turn means two 30+second ads about games about getting stuck in sewers.
The game doesn't seem to be supported by Google play. When I purchased a new device i found I could not start where I left off. I had to start over and thats archaic.
Its good, once you get use to the interuption of ads. Better start another series, already on 1680 on this one!tired off the game freezing up after playing a few puzzles.u p to 6600, but after a few puzzles the game freezes up! Got to 7500 puzzles done and then nothing, getting tired of ads running over a minite, i lose interest
Game jammed on only one of the first 301 levels. The last 6 of those levels became so difficult that it just wasn't fun amy longer. Uninstalled.
The game is good, children love to play it. But there are some adult advertisement pop up inbetween which is not good for children. I have seen some advertisement of ALT Balaji app. This should be removed, since this is gaming app & children use it... Show ads related to children only. Showing adult advertisement is dangerous for small child
I will give 5 stars because i install so many type of shoot bubble but never experienceed this type..... I love it.... When i play this i have 2 encouragers......πŸ’œ
Day by day game turing boring, every single second ad comes. Really it make one bore to play, i understand ad gets money.. But you put ad on every single breath.
Game keeps crashing. Worked fine for a few weeks and now closes all the time and can barely play. Other review was correct in that it doesn't get very difficult as the levels move up. I've never lost a life yet and I'm on level 500 and something....can't tell exactly which level cuz app won't open all the way and let me play right now! Also, ads after every level is very frustrating!
On level 270 and still thoroughly enjoying this game and dont want it to end, i would highly recommend this game for both fun and stress relief, superb.
I'm stuck on a level and even though I finished all of the sections, it won't let me advance! It's level 3360.
The thing I like most about this game is that the long reach of the pointer. Please don't change it. I also enjoy the colors of the bubbles which are bright and cheerful looking. The real challenges haven't appeared yet but I'm sure they will. Hopefully it won't freeze up as most I've played do and then I uninstall them. Here I am back. Its been almost a year since I've played it. Yes, I still enjoy this one very much. Everything seems to be the same as before. Thank you.
The game is great. I can even put up with most of the ads. But the ads that are loud enough to burst eardrums are ridiculous!! In fact for people like me they are actually life threatening. I have severe heart disease and PTSD so those sudden ear splitting commercials not only startle me but have literally caused me to need a nitrogen pill. Someone will eventually have a lawsuit against you and I just pray it's not my husband.
Fun to play,but there's too many pop up ads. Ads keep coming up every couple of minutes. It's too much.
I like this game, but there's far too many adverts popping up all the time! I think I've finally finished it... It won't move on... Having said that, maybe I need to 🀣
Played this game for awhile. I have a lot of time put in, but has been crashing lately. Please look into!
Exactly what it says. Ads can be exited after 5 seconds. Havent had ads mid game yet and Level 396 is impossible for three stars.
Very simple, child-like, easy to play. Great for eating up screen time. Doesn't create a challenging experience. But, I like it.
I love playing Bubble Shooter, especially before bed. It is a relaxing, fun, and great graphics. Some ads, but are very short. Nothing to purchase to have a wonderful time. Thanks for creating this game. β™₯️ 3/2021 and I'm still playing Bubble Shooter! Still the best bubble game there is. Some levels are hard which requires so strategy but others are moderate. I really enjoy this Bubble Shooter game over others. Thank you!!
It's interesting game, though filled with too many advertisement, majoring in loan which I doubt their genuineness. If not for the adverts, I will give it good 5 Stars.
Cute game that I will play to pass time, but way too many ads. Also, not the game that I thought I was downloading from an ad, and found this to be true in several of your games. It usually gets them uninstalled.
Love the game, just wish there was a way to disable the constant playing of ads. Seems like before and after every single level, and even during level play, you have to endure ads...
Help with the ads! Used to appear before or after a level. Now it's popping up after a couple of shots interrupting a shoot while in progress. Anyone know how to correct this?
Its really hard to move to next level,you dont even know where to click for the next level. Its soooo confusing
Love this game! Having fun...isn't that what it should be about. I'm waiting, not so patiently I might add, for new levels as I have reached the end of the game.
Love the game... but please check the vw advert... you have to keep restarting game when advert comes up. Appreciate
Your game used to be fun but now you have 2 or 3 ads for every level. THIS IS NOT FUN!!! And it is NOT FAIR to the many people who love the game. Please fix this!
Worse experience ever it was not like playing a game it was simply wasting your time to see too many ads Do not install this waste of time
Great game! No requests for my money "or the game can't continue". No sticking points during install. App starts up right away and works well every time. This is quickly becoming my favorite game. But could someone explain to me: What are the shiny silver bubbles for? I am on level 24 and they SEEM to be wild cards: you know they are going to change color but until the shot is done, you can't know WHAT color they will change to. Does anyone have a good knowlege of those bubbles' programming?
This game is challenging but very good to play and although there are ads. It gives the boaster. When I am tired of my Word Games ..I play this as an alternative. I will recommend this as one relaxing games. This is my second time to play this game. I have nothing to say but it is really good. Ads appear but not that long...
Absolutely brilliant game, I am now up to level 504 and it is getting so difficult, but great fun, it gets more interesting after each level! My all time favourite game. I just wish there wasn't the whistling. I noticed recently, that the game keeps on crashing on my tab, a bit frustrating.
Update..2021.. still loving this game.. playing the other one they have out now also.Bubble Shooter, I am still loving this game. If I need to destress this is the game. I am thankful I haven't found another like it so I don't have to choose. Choose it, you won't regret it.πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ and ads won't drive you nuts either ☺
I wish you could play more levels before ads ,I know you need adds but seriously not after every level. If any thing makes me stop playing this game it will be that
Me and my grandchildren love this game. I have had no problems or issues with it, until today. Today for the first time I recieve an ad twice, that is about a show P-Valley I have a screen shot of the ad with the full name of the show. I am so sorry to delete this games as I said we all love it. But when I get ads like this it makes it hard to protect your children from seeing or reading inappropriate things. πŸ˜’
Yes I would recommend this game. Its fun and keeps my mind occupied which is great due to these trying times. Thanks for the good time and enjoyable distraction!
So i have gotten pretty far but you cheat. There are levels that no matter how well i do i am never going to get 3 stars. I have written down the number of balls i used and did less balls to win and got a lower number of stars! That is straight up cheating! If I don't get 3 stars the first time I will never get 3 stars on the level! I think it is set up so every few levels (once past the beginner level) you can't get 3 stars on certain levels. Not fair!!
It's ok. It's pretty much like most other bubble pop games, but it is not the one shown in the ad. It showed a the bubbles in the form of a 3d ball being shot apart from all sides, but when it was installed it was dinosaurs. Why do you guys have to LIE like that. I,lol probably play it little more then Uninstaller it and try NOT to get any of your other games.
I'm playing this game a 2nd time and let's hope the game support people have fixed level 3421. The first time I played it the game seemed to end at level 3420. If it does, tell the player, don't leave the person hanging, afterall its your game they're playing and not your competitors. Regards, a long time client.
Very enjoyable fun,entertaining .just returning from some time off Still love this game very much.still loawesomeve it .ads are not intrusive and its entertaining. Still loving every minute
The game is good but the aids those are displaying totally radiculous my daughter was crying to play the game but I asked her to delete because of shameless adds and scenes displaying on screen games are played by the kids plz don't display such type of adds totally disgusting
Please the Ads are too much. It's so exhausting. As much as I love the game I'm considering uninstalling it because the Ads are frustrating the pleasure derived from playing the game. At the very least, please remove the Ad when you click on a booster. Great game by the way, it's not competitive and stressful. Every level played is pure pleasure and fun so far. Thanks
It's relaxing but not very challenging. There are no incentives, trying to reach some or other challenges before other players. Gets boring after a bit. The ads are driving me crazy.
I really love it but no option to connect with Google ID to sync progress and play on multiple devices.