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Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by retooldirox. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So far this has turned out to be a good game. It allows a player to reach higher levels and still be rewarded with 3 stars. That keeps a player using your game longer instead of uninstalling it. Keep up the good work.
I enjoy the bubble popping. However the add showed a 3D puzzle. One you had to shoot in not just the same old flat puzzles. So I'm disappointed.
Even though I find it relaxing. It doesn't have a timer, I finish at a record speed, it won't give me more bonuses or better points. It is confusing no matter how I play.
So far this has turned out to be a good game. It allows a player to reach higher levels and still be rewarded with 3 stars. That keeps a player in your game longer instead of uninstalling it. The colours are fresh and vibrant. Keep up the good work. I now hear level 3410 is as far as the game goes. That's to bad, it's a good game. I guess it's when I get to that level uninstall will happen.
the initial concept of this game is good. however, it has an enormous amount Facebook ads, which like Facebook don't work well. many times they freeze the program and you have to completely restart. also, the Facebook ads override the silence feature. there's no way that I can find to keep those ads quiet so that you can play the game while waiting and say a doctor's office or somewhere. and the ads are very loud. this makes the game not of much use except sitting at home. not worth the trouble.
Just started playing this game, will up date my rate of this game later on. But so far this game is okay!
It's a nice game but only the problem is adds every level there will an add coming for 5-20 minutes add, that's only the problem that's why I have given my rating as 3/5
I play games all day..I'm disabled... the advertisement showed nothing but pictures to take spart.. I'm past 300 an not a picture yet... False Advertising my friend.. If I dont get a pic by the time I reach 325... I'll be gone !
I like this game its very addicting; But there is way way to many ads and repeated ads.Half the ads that they show are nothing I'd play; because they look like they would be boring and dumb.If this game doesnt take half the ads away I am afraid I'll have to Delete it,because they are very annoying.
Ads, ads, ADS! Every cut scene, load screen, etc. triggers an ad. The game is 60% ads, 20% gameplay and 20% waiting on one of the previous 2 events to take place. Horrible gameplay when you actually do get to it. Got to level 7 before I couldn't take it any more. No matter how you shoot, you get high score only to see an ad. It's almost as if they built an ad machine with a sidegame of easy bubble pop between ads
Another uninstall... i like these games but when the time comes when you get forced into situations,lose lives, its time to move on..There are too many to download that anyone needs to get annoyed over some BS that is set up to annoy!! most of us like relaxing games not huge challenges! set ups where you end up with several long ads to get more bubbles, no lives and need to wait hours to play again?? its easier to uninstall and get another. BYE
It's really the most amaizing game .i have played it for years but it's the still the best in bestπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
The game is fun and I really like it but it won't go past level 3410. How do I unlock it. It's very frustrating.
I Love the fact that it's not so difficult it's unbeatable and the adverts aren't obtrusive. Keep up the great work, Devs!
pretry good overall. however game changes after level 100 or so. has the potential to be a great Bubble Shooter / puzzle game with the difficulty increasing by way of more challenging puzzles. (by puzzle I mean there's a certain skill in figuring out what shots could drop the most balls at a time) instead the ball Choice becomes more and more, I wouldn't say limited, but inconvenient at just the right time, which I'm sure is no coincidence
I use to enjoy this game. But now the little ads that stay on the bottom of the screen covers up how many balls I have. I can't even see how many I start out with on each level. Is there any way to move the ads down just a little so you can see the numbers?
I will rate your game as I go further...I would like to know is there money to be made at this game and if there is why isn't being displayed on screen....love the game...but if I'm not making cash why do I want to play??? Ok
Fun but not worth it. My phone started glitching after I installed this app and stopped glitching when I uninstalled it.
Can't get past Level 3410, and in spite of multiple emails to the creator - never acknowledged or answered - games play is dead in the water. Brilliant way to destroy your own game.... And frustrating for those of us who enjoy (past tense) the game.
My only beef is that you have no connection for me th save my progress i need to be able to play from m any device
I love this game. I am addicted to it and I hope it never comes to an end. The graphics are very vibrant. Some levels are kinda hard to beat, but it is always a challenge in each level. 09/28/2020
Ok i seen other peoples ratings and i was not sure i wanted to even download this game, from people saying, way to many ads, to one who said adulterating ads not good for children to see. Ok here is my rundown on the game, first off ads are not really that bad, and for the other comment really??? i have not seen nothing that bad, make sure your kid dont watch tv WORSE on tv. please people STOP being so dang SENSATIVE!!!! stop whinning about ads the game is FREE for petes sake!!!!
Great game....until the last update. After the update the game got buggy. I'm at level 3410 in the game and it won't load the next level and to make it worse there is no way to contact the developer in the game to find out what's going on so I'll probably just uninstall it and find another. Updated this review. I've had no response from the developer and the game still won't let me play the next level.
I dont know I start with 95mg free space, I get hit with make space and only have 42mg downloded. I feel sheated with the rest mg. This happens all the time.
This is a really fun and addictive game! I found it while looking for a game for my 5 year old grandson. So, yes, the graphics are geared towards children, but it's really fun for me!
I would have given 3 stars, but I've been playing this game long enough on multiple devices, I'd be lying if I gave less than a 4 or 5. I did not give a 5 because honestly, the ads are fine and understandable, but please stop allowing ads I can't back out of immediately. I absolutely hate being forced to sit through a 15 or 30 second ad for some terrible game or product I will never buy or download. I have never tapped on one ad in the around 3 years of playing. Please stop, or I will stop.
Nothing frustrates me more then when I install a game that looks nothing like the advertisement. This is a game for children 6 and under. Has an extremely irritating raccoon that hops up and down claps hand and says the same thing after every level. It's a bare-bones game with nothing to encourage returned play. I wish these bubble shooter games wouldn't use click bait is a way to get people to install. I'm shocked the ratings are this high.
there are ads that are "attaching" to the game and no matter what , will not go away. overall the game is cute. There is a level of play that is disgusting in that there is far to many obsticles and not enough bubbles to complete the level. Beware. The game is fun to a point,but it is not fun when you spend hours trying to get level 3403 finished. No amout of pleas for help works.
The ads popping up in between the games are of the cheapest quality and most inappropriate for children especially.
It was fine game once. Now it is endless row of long advertising animes. It plays agains you. Uninstalling
To me. This is by far the best bubble game I've played. Saving the Bees and the giggling Racoon is a good, sweet touch. And not burdened with a ticking down clock. Loving it. 😁
Seems to be the best game with bubbles I have played but a bit long on the adverts if you need something to use
I really like the game but some of the advertisements do not have an x so I have to exit the game and start over. It is very annoying.
Uninstalling.Used to be my favourite game. But sudden and GREAT INCREASE in ads has ruined the game. P s. Such a great and sudden increase in ads is an excellent indicator of a dismal failing of the app. From 5β˜†s to 0β˜†s
Im having a lot of fun with t his game. It starts out very easy to win, with a slow but steady pace its getting more and more difficult. Im curious as to just where its taking me and how much longer I can play and still feel superior in this little world... Update, level 110, I get a Facebook pop-up that blocks play. only command that works is "install now". I already have the app no matter. Every time I return to the game the ad comes back. It makes the game worthless. fbook: (not your puppets
Addicting , it's a great little time waster game . Only trouble is it needs wifi to open parcels plus lots adds need to be watched in order to open the parcels . For me it's a small price to pay . The adds help support the developer and to be honest most have been relevant to me and a consumer
Was 1β˜† because of its extremely imposing ads. Latest update returned the game back to what it was. Back to 5β˜†s
Very good and interesting game, and very easy to play. The controls and graphics are awesome. That's why I gave the game five stars.
Level 3411 won't open, can you fix it please. I Really enjoy this game but at the moment it is frustrating as I cannot move forward.
So far It's pretty much like all the other bubble shooter games I've played. When does it start having the stuff that was in the ads? Or was that just lies like other game ads?
At game 3 stage 11 ,i cant open the gate,i got the key but cant go on...tried many times until i'm pissed off...so i deleted...f..k game
Not bad at all. However the developer could make it so when you need to exit you can without any further ads. Also the aim could be improved upon.
I could only play till level 3410 and the level 3411 is not opening and even has a lot of ads I have to say it is a nice game but the problem is it is not working after certain level and I see 80% of the ads and 20% of the gameplay.!!! πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ
Fun game very addicting but waaay to eay. I'm on level 270 and I'm still on my first life and I have mainly 3 stars on every level. Make it a lottle challanging when dont you.
Mostly interesting, but with some very difficult cases that can be finished only after very many trials, and only with rare luck. Also, game 3410 is the last game.
good game. of course it has too many ads, but it's free so what can you expect. it's not too hard and also not too easy either. You don't have to pay for anything, although I wish they offered the option to pay to remove ads. I would pay for that but not anything else. there are 2 gripes I have with this game: I am constantly seeing ads for ED remedies. they appear at least 10 times every game. also, this game freezes up the longer you play. if you actually care please do something
I am doing okay but I don't know why the music keeps stopping , I am enjoying playing this game though
Like the game very much. It is stimulating but not so that you can't play or use up every life you have to try to win level 1. Excellent graphics, easy to see all boards, prizes are cool to use, alot alot of advertisments. A fun game. Would recommend for any age.
Twice I've gotten to level 3410 and the game freezes. It's a fun game, but I wish you would allow it to go higher.
I like playing this game but im at a standstill right now . I cant figure out how 2 play this game im on ....1168 could someone help me?
Some of the ads won't go away. You have to shut down the app then open it or you are really to Google play again. I can't listen to scribd audiobooks and play this game at the same time
Very nice and amazing game. It is filled with lots of excitement. My advice please u can install this game.
I love it, waiting for more levels. All ready went back and restarted once.! STILL WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another month and still waiting for more levels OR DO I JUST HAVE TO DELETE?
Stop asking me to rate this app. The game is fine. The ads are irritating but what irritates me more is the constant pop-up to rate the app. You won't post what I think anyways unless it suits your self gratifying agenda. SI STOP ASKING TO RATE THE APP!!!!!!
Whoever heard of a video DURING EVERY shot? Thought that this was a glitch. Uninstalled and re installed. The result is the same ! Fron the 5tth round Video advert restarted DURING EVERY shot. Uninstslling. Ad going to another bubble shooter
When I first played this game was frustrating, and I almost pressed the uninstall option.. When I gave it a chance , I finally figured out how to beat a level it became absolutely fun to play ! It is now an addictive game. 😁!!
TERRIBLE game is ok - can even put up with an ad after EVERY level BUT...... when the Wish ad comes on, wait till it counts down to the tick to close - won't let you do back to the game. I literally have to close the app down, and re open after every level! No thanks - Goodbye.
Every ad after every win is irretating. You might get paid for every ad but not me therefor I'm deleting this game
Great game....until the last update. After the update the game got buggy. I'm at level 3410 in the game and it won't load the next level and to make it worse there is no way to contact the developer in the game to find out what's going on so I'll probably just uninstall it and find another