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Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by LIANweiwei. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I enjoy this game ...but more time full of ads and this is very irritating..and this game need to update..
I like this paaa even if i am sleeping i dream about the game. It is so exciting that i find this amazing game
It Keeps Crashing. The game starts. You choose the level. The screen goes completely black. After about 12-15 seconds, it drops you out to your desktop. Rather hard to enjoy the game that way.
The experience is very good cause it makes me a critical thinker. The thing is, when the levels ends ubruptly and regrades the quality of the game.
An ad has popped up that completely blocks playing the game. It turns the screen black and the ad itself is unresponsive--so you can't even clear the ad....
I like the game but refused to continue at game number163 jump to 166 how possible this game can continue?
Was fine until level 2when the screen just froze and wouldn't do anything except uninstall. Shame as was a simple fun game, but not an exact clone of other bubble pop games, as is the case with most of the others.
I used to enjoy so much playing this game but recently, the game was changed to make it more and more annoying with the advertisements. Now, blank screens suddenly appear with an ad on the top part of the screen and locks out the game for 1 or 2 minutes before resuming. This is bad!
Love this game, HATE the ads. So many. I would gladly pay $5 or so to not have to deal with the ads. Would be the best bubble game around if not for the ads. Offer a pro version... charge for the app with no ads.
What the heck?! I get through level 3420 and the game just stops!! I guess I should have expected it since their other game did the same thing. Why can't you develop more levels instead of new games that just stop? I'm guessing you have another game going that you want us to play. Will thst one stop too?
Love this game! I'm on level 3420 and have passed the level, but no new level is opening. What's going on with the new levels???
I like the game but it has hell lot of ads which pops up at every possible click. Why don't you bring down the ads frequency or I will have to uninstall it because the ads are too many to spoil your mood of playing the game. Mr.Developers, please find another way to source the inflow of money. Earning through ads is too cheap.
Most relaxing game I ever played.For some reason the game blacks out but I can still the music playing.
Please my Game stopped at 696 i don't know what happened can you help pls i really need to continue pls.
In my view this game.is.easy and enjoyable for children and even for elderly people also ,Thank you !
I like this game but for some reason it won't let me progress to the next level even though I have beaten the previous level more than 10 times with 3 stars. If that could be fixed I would up my rating with the final star.
While you play the screen become black..full of bugs please update and sometimes the adds cover half of the screen ..!!!
Finally completed final level 3420! This game is too addictive. I must have been spending weeks trying to accomplish full 3 stars on each level, which I managed to achieve 95% of the time. I'm glad this is finally over so I can concentrate on catching up with all the other stuff I've been neglecting to do meanwhile. Thank you game developers for giving me hours of fun!
Very interesting game. Its challenging and keeps you thinking of best ways in solving the games. Love this game. Just needs new levels with new backgrounds. And limit the ads.
Talk bout OVERKILL with ADs. More than game play. Yes we all have bills but would be nice if u could cut back. Enjoyable game otherwise thanks.
Game shuts down about every 2 levels but it does save your level. Will not let me get the gifts when the screen opens. Getting mad. I'm almost level 350 and it keeps shutting down . I don't want to uninstall it, but if it keeps up I just might.
the game play and mechanics would make this a great game, if not for the ads. load the game, fullscreen ad. get past that, banner ad welded to the bottom edge. load a level, ad. beat a level, ad. load the game's powerups, three more ads. exit the game, another ad!
Very cute, fun and relaxing game. One of my favorites when I want to relax and not have to think to hard. I did turn off the music. It was a little bit to hyper for you. Other than that, I recommend this for all ages.
All in all a great and imaginative game the only problem seems to be that when you need to watch an ad for more bubbles there isn't one or you are forced to download the game or everything does that you are trying too rescue
It is nice to play the game but, it is not continuing after game 3420 to start 3421, what did the programmer do or not do to continue the game???? I would like to go on with that game indefinitely. Hope somebody will look into that problem thank you. I installed the latest update but still NO continuing of the Game.
I haven't found a better bubble game! I'm 76 and it's just a great way to pass time. I have to keep reinstalling it, wish it just kept going on. Great game! Stay safe...BKS.
This game is addicting, of course. I'm on 3,050..... that's how many games I've played...so, I guess I like it.๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ‘
I love this game, but it seems to be stuck ~ it won't allow me to go to game #3421 or beyond. I'm stuck at 3420 !!
First, the yellow bird thing keeps jumping up and down. I keep seeing the movement and find it extremely annoying. I almost always delete or remove games and ads that has something constantly flashing, moving, jumping or darting around. Plus, at level 19 I got an extra bubble but it is the same color as one of the two other bubbles. Don't see the point of getting an extra bubble if it's the same color. Also, a problem that exists in a lot of these bubble games is nothing to shoot at.
This app was this app was fun at first then it got aind of it s own it began shooting the bubble's everyeerte where except where I pointed. That left me without enough bubble's to finish the game. Fix that and I would rate it better. Until then I find it no fun to play with.
The game is fun but on my device (Samsung), if your mission is to rescue 21 birds, it will only show rescues up to a maximum of 6. You do not know how many are left to rescue. Additionally, the game is too easy. I've played over 600 levels and the game should get progressively more difficult.
This game is perfect for relaxing and killing time. They get ads right, which is more than I can say for most free apps. The ads, plenty as they are, are non-intrusive. They limit them to about five seconds. That's a nice balance between the developer earning a small amount of money and the user deciding if the ad is relevant to their interests. The gameplay is basic, so all ages can play, but engaging enough that it's not easy to always get three stars for a given level.
There are so many advertisement and now that hand looking shape that won't go away it's stuck on the screen no matter what I do. This makes the screen dark.
I have enjoyed this game very much, very relaxing. however have not been able to move forward at 3420 games played for about a week. am I at the limit or is there an issue. please advise. A SUPER game !!!! THANKS
Been playing this for a long time. They get really crwative with the puzzles. Also enjoy the no-pressure aspect of playing, it helps me relax.
" This is an "Excellent, Excellent, game. I changed my phone and cleared the data and I didn't remember the app to reinstall until I came across it again,and I haven't put it down since.This is another one of my #1 go to games to play.Next time if I change another phone, "I won't" forget the name of the game next time I want to reinstall it.? ๐Ÿ˜‚Thanks!
I love this game and tho't I had lost it and went through a ton of games available to find it. The only bad thing is, I was up to 3990 and had to start all over because I couldn't find my original game. Oh well, not the first or biggest start over I've faced in my life๐Ÿ˜Š. I love this game so I'm sure I'll get there again:)
Am trying this game again. First time impossible to progress onwards due to several missing step numbers being missing. Low hundreds. Second time around only at level 30 ... so far so good!
the game is beginning to have some problems in the higher numbers. it is beginning to want to make the player play each round twice. There is a way to work around it but it is aggravating. Such a great game, I am just putting up with it๐Ÿ˜
So frustrated that I can't play this game anymore. As soon as I start, a small ad for another game appears in the upper left corner with a black screen. I can't get rid of it to play the game. Ready to delete.
NOT HAPPY AT ALL. Got to level 3420 and the game does not allow me to go to the next level. I complete level 3420 but it stays there, even though I can see the next levels. I'm deleting this game, which is a pity because I enjoyed playing it, even though on some levels that were impossible to get past and I had to first watch an irritating video to get more bubbles.
I love this game so I bought it a few years back but now I had to buy a new phone and everything transfered to the new phone but all the ads are back. Can you help me? HELP please.
I'm really digging this game.. I have lots of fun playing it with my son as well. He loves playing it. I tried to link my Facebook acct. With it but says not aloud unless I got permission from the big guy. So I'm hoping they see this comment and give me access so I can switch up my bird's appearance :) Definitely in my top 5 game picks!!
This game Bubble Shoter is the Best!!! I usually play this game during my commute to and from work, which happens to be a long commute. It's a 1 1/2 hour both ways. If there's nothing good on television,then I'll play the game. Bubble Shooter is the new and improve vision of another game, Bust-A-move, wonderful games. Both games are like playing Chess. You have to figure out your strategy on each level, match the colors of each bubble to eliminate your competitor, which is to clear each level
Love the game BUT, all of a sudden I can't get back in the game! What's up with that. I play each level until I get all the stars available but, now I can't get to the next game or even into the game. Somebody H-E-L-P me please.
I used to have this game several years back and loved it, then had to go with different phone set up and couldn't get it. Now that I'm back, I'm really disappointed. I understand the need for ads. Every single time from screen to screen? I'm sorry, but you lost me.
Good clean popping fun, starts easy as usual getting harder as you go but not impossible. Ads are frequent but only 5 secs with the occasional 30 sec, bearable, try it, you've nothing to lose