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Bubble shooter

Bubble shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by BACHA Soft located at 470 North Bridge Road, #05-12 Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've searched for a great Bubble Pop game for a while, it helps relieve anxiety. Majority of games, push tons of ads, thee game cost you money to buy boost, and overall their not worth it. I stumbled across this app and all I can say, is "It's Perfect". It's loads of fun, and truly FREE. It cost you nothing. The ads only appear after your game or to use a FREE boost and the ads are only 5 seconds long. I can't say enough how delightful this game is. Thank you.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Fun game. It starts out pretty easy but will get harder. It's addicting and will definitely pass time!
one of the best bubble games I have played in quite sometime. Love that there are hardly any ads. 👍
Fun, fast game! It's great to play waiting for Dr. and other appts. to pass time. Not real challenging but it works for me!
Love this game. Not an ad-fest, a fun game with some cute graphics. I very much appreciate playing a game without spending more time watching the ads than i do playing.
5 stars for the lack of the usual nonstop annoying ads! Cute game, starts very easy and a bit too cute for an adult, but develops into one more challenging. Thank you for putting thought into this game.
Played a lot of different bubble shooter games and so far this one is right up there in the top three, loads of fun!
this game is relaxing and so far it runs smoothly. so far there have not been ball color switches, which are quite irritating. I've just started playing the game, so we shall see if it continues to run player friendly.
So far so good. Everything is going well it seems like it is a good game so far. Believe if I run in to any problems I will let you guys know. 👍👍💙💖💚💜
Fairly straightforward and easy to use. The ball rotation is a little sensitive when you want to use a different color. I like the monkey booster! I am going to continue with 5 stars until I see that the game changed further down the line as with others that I have played and uninstalled.
So relaxing and super good, maybe everyone else is going to get the best bubble app for example, you have any power ups then u can be good. I love this app. the graphics are perfect, thanks for cute looking animals and the reason why I love this game is levels of FUN. this app is cute, good and relaxing.
I really like this game everyone can play this game even 2 years kids also .so , I don't think that we can got an other game like this so thankuu 🤘🤘
Lots of fun but a bit confusing as there are no instructions or tips on how to play or what the extras are that the monkey holds
Their are so many shooter games out there on that you don't know which one to play well I tried a lot of them out this bubble shooter ,you will like too.
Great time waster, a bit to easy to clear levels so far(level 30) but rather that than too difficult.
it's a fun bubble shooter with gradually increasing difficulty. so far I've enjoyed playing it. the only thing I'd like to see improved is a "shortcut" to skip the score animation at the end of a level.
So far it is fantastic! Lots less ad's, smooth running game and easy to understand. The symbols could be a bit more pronounced for colourblind players. That is my only suggestion though. Brilliant game!
Nice popping gameplay. Nothing fancy or complicated, just what it appears to be. I take it back! Pretty graphics and clear-colored bubbles that you pop right through. Bubble shooters aren't my thing in general, but this one is nice.
Nice game. Not so challenging after the first few levels. Worth clocking on a few ads to keep it going.
Boring. Thought if I played a few levels it would get better but after 20 levels I realized it's just not a good game.
love it. Not drowning in ads like most games. dont mind an ad now and then but some of these bubble games are totally ridiculous bombarding games with the dreaded ads. well done.
Fun app for young and older folks. Not too hard but still lets you look for strategic shot placement.
just started playing n so far it's a pretty good game. I really like the aimer on this one!! It actually goes where you want the ball to go! So for now, 5 🌟.
Fun game that is very simple yet can be challenging at the same time. No energy or lives to worry about, just your own skill
I liked this game very much. I think this is a game for boring people because when they are bored they liked to play this game............ Love this game ❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍
Great up to now, some people are asking what the monkey does, you can use the bubbles he has to help with shots 🙉
good game but has some problems. on some levels there are not enough moves to complete it without using boosters. Boosters don't always load. I often get "ads was not loaded" errors when trying to use them. Also this game needs to be more challenging. many levels are the same and it gets boring. Glad it's not a pay-to-win game. hope it stays free.
It would be nice, if when redoing a level, if the score was not less than the previous one. Example: 1st attempt.. If it takes me 12 shots to clear all of the bubbles and my sore is 8700 pts. 2nd attempt....I take only 7 shots to clear all of the bubbles, why is my score 6300pts? Why not a higher score for mastering the level? Just wondering...🤔
This is an excellent game with good game controls. It's really cute, and you'll just want to keep on playing. I'm having a great time and thank you to the persons who programmed this lovely game.
the game is cool cuz it's not hard but it's all so boring what it keeps me from being totally bored cuz I'll sit there and play that game all damn day
I play allot of these types of games. So I' ve got my style of game. This game is too slow for me. Basic design and game play. Its just a different version. Aimimg line needs to be longer. Actions are alittle slow in responce & completions.
Cute game, very easy at first it gets more challenging as you go. No annoying tutorials, which is refreshing. For those wondering, the monkey gives you a power up when you fill up the ball, you just have to touch it when it's ready. Alternatively, you can watch an ad to unlock one when you want it. There is a bug which randomly disables touch so that it gets unplayable, once fixed I'll revise my review.
just started, but yu should try this game. they actually give yu enough chances so yu don't have to buy.
I so far enjoy the game. Just a little confusing what color the ball is because it'll change depending on move. But this may end up being a favored feature..
Its a great - simple game. Great graphics! It could use some different music at different points in the game, but its fine.
OK to play. but it's not as challenging compared to the others I've played. also there's no instruction to indicate what some of the extras are or how to use them to your advantage in the game like the bombs. didn't realise I had to hit them too or the barrels which I'm not sure if they are obstacles or bombs either. I got bored after a while hence uninstalled. sorry.
i love the bubble games especialy wen i lonly thank you .i do not know how to use the phone learning.
hoping it becomes at least a bit challenging soon. just started very little thought needed. good grsphics.
the game is quite good for a child. are any harder levels coming up. also the line that the ball follows is not long enough. you have to guess where the ball is goibg to land
Its good to kill time... but I don't like that it doesn't explain anything at all... like in the beginning of level 20 there was boxes and it told me nothing about it... also the monkey hanging with the power balls... is it unlimited... I don't know... otherwise its not a bad game at all, I like it...