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Bubble Mania™

Bubble Mania™ for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Storm8 Studios located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Too many pop-ups. And the algorithm is so messed up that it only gives you the required colours and moves when it wants
Unable to sign in, quit the game, or even contact support on the Samsung Galaxy S10+. Game starts at level 1. I cannot sign in to my current level because there is no sign in option. If I swipe the screen, the option to quit appears BUT clicking on "quit" does nothing. I tried to contact support via email but neither topic category or recaptcha pictures load ... therefore, Cannot contact support...could be issue btwn my phone and game but that should be indicated in the install.
lncrease lives , it ends soon n have to wait 30 minutes that is too much annoying and give some realistic goals , some of them r impossible and before goals, give some directions , wat does it mean ** play 36 and get 15 pop bonuses in a row ** and also dnt get bounce shots,initialy wen i was doing my previous Stages just for good time pass , i got stars as well but Live dnt lost , now even i succed part but still lost live , why is it so?i m playing it since 2014 and now need some accuracy
App crashes after almost every purchase, causing at the very least, loss of the credit for the current game. And oftentimes the crash comes at a crucial time that will take several credits to arrive at again. Storm 8:I feel like you're encouraging me NOT to spend my money.
it changes ball colors after you shoot. also throws balls where it wants not where I aim. at least it's free download.
bubbles do not always go the direction they are supposed to go. this is very frustrating. the game needs to fixed so this type of thing does not keep occuring.
while I do like this game it's impossible to save your progress . I have had to start over every time I get a new phone.
This game keeps going black while one is playing and by doing that makes you lose a life again and again since the game re-start by it self. This happens almost every 10 seconds. I love this game very much too bad it has a glitch that can't be fixt. It got a message for an update but after the update, it got worse :'( hope they can fix it ASAP so i can be able to enjoy my free time playing Bubble Mania.
Game restarts in the midst of playing, repeats a level I've already passed, blinks out. Out of energy refill is the message I keep getting. Why? It happens each time I attempt to play the game even when I've not played in over a month.
developer i am able to get option to connect with my facebook account. please advise. game is really a good timepass.
This is a awesome game, You really have to know how to aim, And everytime you play, This game you will get better, This is a awesome game, Try it,
These days this Game app is misbehaving ..... Do not install the app. It will HARM THE PHONE...... OTHER GAME APP. IF STORM 8 STUFIO ARE MISBEHAVING.......
I hate to admit it but I am obsessed with this game! while yelling and screaming with laughter while playing this game I'm wondering what the people in the other apartments think of the crazy woman next door🤣 I do have one problem, when I am told that I am getting a booster and then I don't even get the booster at all, that is so annoying to me.
Love Bubble Mania! I've been playing it in & off for years. Just when I think I'm almost done more islands pop up 😸
Cartoons r cute, love the levels. Engaging, eager to win. But i must say its pricey if u want to buy any bombs or such things. Maybe if we could win some random bombs when we win a level. might make it more tempting to buy more. It gets harder and the price is 2 high to help.
The games gets tough really quickly and the fun factor disappears. It becomes impossible to continue unless you pay real money for whatever boosters or game cheats the video game developers want you to purchase. These should people run a bank to rip people off instead but they are not capable enough.
Exercise in Frustration. I found this game very frustrating. The ball color choice is not random. The game decides you should have a certain color and gives it to you 3-4 times in a row. Also, it is not clear how you get a better score, and you need a certain # of stars to move on. Lots of bubble pop games tonchoose from and this one is just irritating.
Failed to start most of time and when it did crash mid game. And someone please explain why a game needs permission to make and manage phone calls. No need.
I really liked this game at first, but not any more. Even if you pass every level you still can't move forward until you have whatever number of stars they expect you to have. Yet I have finished several levels with 20 or more bubbles left and it only gives you 1 star. Not even realistic scoring. Unless you fork out tons of money, there's no way to advance forward in this game. And to be honest I don't mind having to spend a little money, but not when they don't play fair. Time to uninstall 🤬
Very very frustrating games as keeps giving the ball.colours which there are none that you can use and then 3 of that colour which are totally wasted. Love the game but am.not prepared to waste dollars so that i can buy special balls, etc to help me to beat the silly oil.slicks, black balls, etc. Annoying to say the least as no hope of winning
i really enjoy the game but it keeps jumping back to the previous set (or I would have given it 5 stars)
Is this game a joke!! I've managed to get to level 500+. Proceeding to the next island, has been made harder and harder and virtually impossible, i.e. get 15 stars out of 18, then 16 of 18. Forcing me to use my gems to buy my way to the next island. Now having completed 'Tea time', 511-516, gaining 9 stars of 18. Game is saying I need 11 more stars to progress to the next island. Adding that to the 9 I already have means I need 20 stars, only problem, there is only a possible 18 stars available
Addictive! But u eventually get to levels that are impossible 2 beat without actually spending your own $$ to buy boosts. I've been stuck on level 357 even with buying several boosts. Boost needed 2 beat level isn't offered at all. Annoyed by that!
I love this game... only issue is often it takes ages to open on my phone or it says I need to connect to the internet in order to play when I am already on and some I have to reinstall it occasionally. I do though because it's a great game and I am currently on level 960 with no sense of ever running out of levels! brilliant!
This is a addictive game but u have to spend money to proceed further as it gets tough by each passing level and this game cheats u when u are in desperate need of a particular colour ball it never give u that ,more over game turn black losing the life again n again. Sadly i m deleting this game again
I took a few weeks off from playing because of an impossible level. It's not fun when after several weeks it's impossible to get past a level. Thought I'd give it another try, but it looks like I'll be taking more time away from the game.
It just glitches and blacks out all of the time and there is no point in playing it because it just doesnt work
Entertaining game but after level 800 (if not before that) levels repeat. Recently the app started to kind of blink and blank and switch itself off causing lost of lives. The suggested boosters aren't always relevant and helpful.
I want to change my mobile and afraid to lose the levels I reached if I'll download the game again in my new mobile, there is any way to keep my previous level achievement? Levels keep repeating as im in level 1706 and seems there is no new levels created , but its nice to consume quality time with this game.
Good game. Here is my issue, I got very far in this game but when I got a new phone, I had to start over. Ill pass, not worth it. This game needs a Facebook login or email log in and save your progress
I remember playing this around 7 years ago and it was perfectly fine, but now.. Why on earth does the screen shut off by itself?
This had to be one of the worst bubble shooter games I have ever played. The mechanics are clunky, the levels are boring and it's a pretty clear rip off of Panda Pop. It is pretty much impossible to reach 3 stars on most of the levels (you need stars to advance to different islands in game). Worst of all it charges you coins and gems for "powerups" which are available for free in most other bubble shooters. Oh and there's always ads asking you to download their other games. Nope.
A good time user to unwind; lags at times and refreshes at the worst of times. Don't sweat it, it's just a game!
Too many cheaters!Explain HOW another player can attain a score of over 51,000 on this game in the first day of playing.It is definitely rigged.
It would get 5 stars if you could earn free gems. You need them on some levels. Please do a sale and i guarantee a bunch of people will buy bc they are always full price.
I had this game before -- getting rid of it, due to the fact there were very long (MINUTES) waits ("This game is Downloading"), to get a game to open. No such occurrence in any other app (over 350 of them -- mostly hibernated) on my phone. Nothing's changed. UNINSTALLING one LAST time.
I love this game,its my favorite, but I'm having some issues,i got a new device,i would like to continue playing from wnere i stopped on my old device,i want to play as asha badul,tried downloading onto new device ,all i get is to start from beginning, please help.thank you
The backround inteferes with where you are trying to aim. It takes forever to start & its too hard with no boosters in return. Its clearly meant to get people to spend cash money. Free download ..not happening!
I enjoy a few games at breakfast. I like the challenge and strive to attain the three stars on all the levels. I usually play in late afternoon and before retiring for the day. I try to limit my sessions to one half hour but often exceed that because ITS SO MUCH FUN!
I like this game and have played it before. The only problem is when my tablet got a virus I lost my game at a level in the 100s and cant get it back.
Love the game but to get to next level and are one star short you have to keep playing the previous one to get the amount of stars needed this is a game so as long you pass each game you shoul be able to carry on next level. Is this a ploy to make you pay for extras? you
transferred the game to a new device and have to start from zero. tried to contact support via website and it's like this game doesn't exist and no support is offered. can't even make a request for help from their menus. if game isn't synced it starts from the last point and if doesn't recharge lives even after 12 hrs of no playing. really annoying but fun game to play. now I have to start over.
This was my longest playing game along with the regular solitaire games. I started with ITunes & now Play Store(Google play). One difference is that ITunes without question refunded monies asap, which in my case wasn't often, bcz I didn't have these issues. Sadly, with google play, the game shuts off periodically in the middle of a play. Once I was refunded asap but couple others I was told 2 check my system. I deleted the game per my sanity, at 52 yrs old I play 2 lessen stress, not 2 gain it.
What's up with this game closing midplay (along with a bunch of other glitches)? This has been going on for months with many heads up for you guys about it in comments. What, are you trying to get your loyal user base to move on? Seriously, these problems are basic! And, it's apparent from reviews that the problems and glitches are crossing all devices. Is nobody watching comments and systems at storm8? Get it together, or just shut down the game (delete it from storm8 inventory) already.
Stopped working after months..... I have been playing this game on and off for the last year or so, made it to level 782, now the game will not start up, say there's a connection error. All this started on November 16th 2019. It was a fun game while it lasted but pulling the rug out from under me sort of sucks.
Used to enjoy game but recently started to crash frequently, get part way through a level and it just closes.
This game is good because it brings memories (used this before on my iPad 2) but right now this game is not full screen anymore in my Android...
I've been playing this for way too many years. I'm on level 2247. For over a year now they just recycle levels. There's no new levels. They just make old levels more difficult to the point you have to spend money to get past them. Lazy lazy lazy.
Worst game ever! It is a PAY TO WIN! If you equip super powers, you will not get the required bubble. Delete this game please! I got purple bubble 5 times in a row and I didn't even needed it, I needed blue and blue does not come even after 20 bubbles! Fix your damn rigged game!
this game needs a serious upgrade it freezes it's stops and go out go off screen then I have to sign back in and I've lost my point I was playing full of bugs needs a serious upgrade you have to spend too much money to keep playing press pause today on the game went back into the game lost my point it never paused
Fun to play however there are some "bugs" in the app. Sometimes it will just unexpectedly shut down. And at other times it will not Quit when I want to. I then have to do a forced stop through my phone settings.
it's a fun game to play and it helps pass the time. the one thing i don't like about this game (other than how tedious some of the levels can be, at times) is the fact that the "long aiming line" costs gems, i wish it either: costed some coins or that it was free to use.
Slows down the performance of the mobile, and why does a game like this needs permission to make calls
Not a fan of these kinds of games. Only played this for Bakery Story gems. Seems like some levels are near impossible to obtain 3 stars score.
I love playing this game but sometimes you don't have enough balls to play with. I love a challenge but hate that Haaaa it come to much and sometimes it get aggravating.
The game itself is fun, typical bubble pop, but the glitches take away my excitement. Everytime you click next to go to the next level the screen goes black. When the level loads, the screen goes black again. They consistently give you balls you don't need (Idk why because having a high score won't harm the game makers). Then when trying to exit the game, it freezes. I just dow loaded the game, already going to uninstall
Useless uninstalled no pattern and not paying for a bubble game. They setup levels the only way to even 1 star is pay for stuff.
I like the game alot but doesnt play fair even when I play all the moves right still wont let you through have to play the same level a 100 times before they will let you through...been playing this game for 5 plus years I'm on level 628..when you play all the moves right still wont let you through...just another tactic to make you spend money for gems which the price is ridiculous...way to much!! need to listen and revise the game!! so close to stop playing this game and find another one!!!
Love playing this game to pass the time when it doesn't either freeze, both the app and my phone, or have the screen turn black.
Takes too long to open Only 5 lives are too much less I start to enjoy games and lives end up and take 30 minutes to restore that r hell too much!!! Comment Edited on 31st March, 2020 Wats wrong with Level 358, it's impossible to play??? Plz plz fix it out
It will be good but it keeps, kicking me out and making lose my processes,I beat a level and had to start it over because of it.And when I downloaded it on my phone,I haveto start all over can't get to my save processes
Love the game but quickly get to levels that you need to spend money or you spend time watching ads. No thanks! Uninstalled!
Out of energy refill is the message I keep getting. Why? It happens each time I attempt to play the game even when I've not played in over a month
The game is still fun as it was a few years ago when i played, however there seems to be a glitch in the app, as the screen will blink out at times, not load, or freeze up. Considering unistalling it if it keeps doing this. Also app keeps asking if it can have access to my phone calling, what do you need that for? Seems I've been getting telemarketer calls now that I've installed this game, come to think of it....
Used to love this game. App keeps bugging out lately on my pixel3. Screen randomly goes black when clicking on islands or starting new games.
This is app is great on iPad and id give it 4 stars but I just downloaded on my android phone and the screen keeps going black.. can't even play it for more than a few seconds at a time. Hence the 1 star
Always engaging and a good past time. Fun for the kids and adults. Wish you could earn more gems and points quicker or have more lives!
Love playing however I dont like the fact that you have to acquire more stars to get onto the next set of levels. I go back and take for instance Level 60 I can go fast and no matter how good I am it will only give me one star. I am getting tired of this
I jave been playing this game for about 6 years and I love it! It is my way of relaxing and it's a clean game for adults and children.