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Bubble CoCo : Bubble Shooter

Bubble CoCo : Bubble Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I sent you 2 emails this past month regarding crashing while playing , at that time it wasn't hsppening very often. However the last 5 days bubble coco has crashed every time I've tried to play, as I purchased rockets or diamonds, and also at the very end of a game as I shot the last bubble. Can you help, please?πŸ€•
It's acute enough game but the arrow pointer is extremely short and makes accurate hits very difficult when you get to advance levels. I prefer a game with a very accurate pointer.
On level 3540 nothing but white space above has this game ended tried uninstalling and reinstall but same thing
I have lost all my money ...had enough of problems with this game ... Still waiting for you guys to sort this game out!
Got to level 31 but there's an ad at the bottom blocking it so I can't play it now. I liked it before that.
I cant play because my system says it does not support this game! Why the hell is it in the play store? I love this game and can't play it here. I can play it on facebook but it freezes terriable. I have to reload it 4 to 5 times in order to play it
I love this game! Im super super picky over mobile games n dont really play any except one other. But this game really messed with my phone n i had to completely reset my phone to get it to work properly again. All the ads got to be really annoyn too they would randomly pop up then the game would freeze n slow load.
Im so excited and addicted its hard to live without it . Pls.i want it back. love it so much I played before I go to work before I go to sleep thanks so muc h..
this game is tons of fun, I played without much help from the color changing tomato, rocket, etc. I played for hours, got to level 457 and the game became slow to respond. I know the problem isn't my phone, so it's time to say goodbye. I would definitely recommend this game. It will push you to your limits. I didn't realize I had so much patience. Fun game.
Can't play anymore games it won't upload been this way for 2 days.I been stuck on level 4306 for 5 days it shows that I have won but it want go to the next level can you help me
Bubble CoCo is a good game to play. I would give it a 5 out of 5 stars rating Now because it used to keep crashing but it seems to be working good now.
This use to be a really cool game but now it SUCKS it's ALWAYS freezing, game shutting down and starting, takes forever to load and when you contact tech support it takes forever for them to fix the problem or it doesn't get fixed at all this has been going on for months I don't know what happened if it's new leadership or new tech team whatever the case may be but you guys need to GET ON YOUR JOB. Hope you get it together... AND NO THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH MY PHONE... THANK YOU
I like your game, but I tried playing it on my phone and really?? Why do you think you need to intrude into my phone? Why do you want my files? Wow, people like you amaze me with your gall. I don't even want to know a person like that!!
This game is awesome.. Haven't stopped playing it since I downloaded it!!!.. The graphics are awesome!!!...
Would like to give it 5 stars but game wont load and tried re- installing and took my gold coins. Its a shame because I liked playing it. So now time to uninstall πŸ˜”
This game wipes out of all my Jules and when I win it don't let me win it makes me lose the game and it dose this all the time .I'd never spend money on this game it will take every thing o pay for .
Enjoyable game, but this is a useless app. I installed...and waited...and waited...yet still not working correctly after +15 minutes start up. I'll try once more before uninstalling.
I love this game but its freezing up. I can compete a level but then it stops. Please fix this problem
When it works, I love it, crashes constantly can't really play it anymore which is such a shame as have been playing for such a long time...
I love this game! Always challenging. Sure it has its glitches, but someone out there name me 1 game that has never had a glitch. When there is a problem, the support team jumps right on it and resolves the problem. I will definitely recommend this game to all gamers I know.
cant open the app and always loading..i cant play this game...i love this game much..please can you fix it up so that i can play this game...thanks
Sadly this app does not save to SD card anymore. Is slow to respond AND sometimes lags to the point where you have to play the winning game Again to proceed to the next level
This game was pretty cute till the spider appeared now I have to uninstall. Sorry but I F E A R spiders.
Loved playing this game, been playing for years and was on a high level almost 500 now all.of a sudden I can't play, I've uninstalled and reinstalled it and it just stays at loading, I've noticed other players with the same issue, please fix this love this game. For those of us that love this game I found one exactly like this called Coco Pop the bad thing is we have to start over, there is no way to connect to facebook or google play
My experience with Bubble Coco is really good,bec as I have many medical conditions such as Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and sjogrins syndrome as well as many more, I find that playing these games save my life because I am concentrate on the game and not thinking so much about the pain coursing through my body. I only have a small Samsung Tablet and it won't play some of the games. So thank you for helping me. Please take care and be safe.
I'm currently placing No.1 in egg hunt competition, suddenly can't load the game yesterday (20/10/2020), when I was able to load the game my coins and boosters were all gone. This morning 21/10/2020 when I opened the game, I can't see the egg hunt icon so I can't see my score. Is the game developer doesn't want to give me the prize of 30gems for those who win the contest? Whats the meaning of all this? No more coins no more boosters and where is my egg hunt score now?
I loved this game!! Played it everyday!! Then one day, it just quit!! Won't load....I contacted support and never got a response!!!! The worst thing is I had in app purchases! I guess they just take your money and run!! VERY DISAPPOINTED!!
So I love to play this game and the graphics are great. I just don't like how you have to pay for extra things. I think in every level you complete you should get a free item to use if need be.
I'm back after leaving for a while. I always enjoyed this game, because it kept freezing up and I had no choice.
hi im wondering what happened to this game,i was supposed to play level 601 but i couldn't find it though. hope you cam do something about it.
Constantly crashing the last month !! Have played this for years and don't know what the problem is all of a sudden EXTREMELY AGGRAVATING!!!!!
I love this game but after having to uninstall and reinstall this game several times in the past few hours and it still will not load so I have had to uninstall it one final time. I am really going to miss this game. I wish you could fix whatever is causing this problem. When you fix it, I will consider reinstalling Bubble Coco! Hate to see it go but I am left with no choice
love the game but I haven't been able to update since October of 2018. I would very much like to update this game game is now freezing up
game keeps freezing on the level i am trying to win. have actually won it a few times but wont move on after last bubble has been fired. dont tell me to uninstall and install again. dont tell me to contact the support team have done do on both. fix it please or your game as much as i like it will be confined to the bin one star at the moment
i am vary unhappy at the moment becus i have played this game for a long time and now it has stoped working
I have played this game for years, Im very dissapointed this games is very hard now, Plus I can't even play it and enjoy it without an add popping in my face and interupting me.I will not play this game nomore.
Just like so many others have mentioned, the app is malfunctioning on my phone too. It only says "loading" and never moves from that screen. If it does happen to move to the map screen, it immediately closes the app as soon as I click on my level to play. I really hate this because I had gotten so far and really enjoyed playing this cute little game!
I was at the end of a game i bought 5 more balls and it ripes me off takes my coines and ends the game makes me start over .it dose this a lot im not happy with the taking what we earn on the game
Coco bubble is a good game the problem is when you win diamonds 4 getting on Facebook you don't receive your Rewards when I connected to Facebook I was supposed to get 10 diamonds and infinity foreplay never got it I felt like I was robbed that's the part of the game that I don't like not getting what I was supposed to have gotten
Good Lear fun, I have loved this sort of game for a very long time ,good colour and graphics, brilliant game.
I been playing this game for awhile now and Everytime I go to play it it's not letting me play..I uninstalled it and reinstalled it back and it's still not working
haven't been playing very long but so far so good. very impressed with other reviews about you replying to complaints, makes a nice change from a lot of bland comments from other providers!
It was an exciting game and once I've started I just won't let go of the game cause it really awesome.
Love this game am on level 3041 though now it freezes after 2 turns 😑😑 have to either restart my phone or re install game getting annoying now
Fun. Great graphics. Entertaining. Addictive. Crative. Unfortunately, I had to uninstall the game because it kept stalling at the end of levels and the I had to constantly replay levels that I had already won.
Fed Up !!!I have completed level 1501 on 13th may by using coins & rockets froze and kept me on same level repeated again on 14th may AGAIN using coins & magic apples completed level AGAIN Froze and still kept me on level 1501 PLEASE FIX !!!
I love this but I had to make a new Facebook and I was on level 1405 and lost it when I had to open a new face book
I have beaten level 1695 twice. First time it didn't acknowledge that I past, so I had to do it again. I just pasted it again, and it won't let me move on. I love this game, but I am seriously disappointed in it. Why is it, Not letting me move on? Please fix. I didn't even mention all the extras I've lost. I just want to keep going. PLEASE FIX
I love the game but I am so fed up of nearly finishing a level only to be kicked out just before I complete the level meaning I lose lives and bonus powers,please sort this out ASAP as it really spoils a near perfect game IMHO Thanks
I really enjoy the game but my coins and diamonds suddenly disappear without me even using them. This has happened several times. Really would love to have them returned.
I already pass several levels on the pc but on the app it says coming soon so I had to wait for God knows how long. Pls update this asap if you don't want to lose a potential user.
Sorry im updating my feedback and sorry to say that the game has become a hassle to play and the devs have not changed anything that any if the other reviewers have said Inc mine si contemplating ununstalling the game until you have made the much needed changes to make the game worthwhile playing and spending my time on.
Got to level 884 and it would not advance me to the next level after having won it. Contacted tech support and having supplied the answers to many questions they had,they said they would be getting back to me.That was weeks ago a d I am still waiting. I am deleting the game now. Don't waste your time on this game.
Game charges my phone whenever it feels like it, for apps I haven't accepted. It's happened twice. Charges on my phone bill, invasion of my privacy. Reinstalled 1/17, same issues. Love this game, have played for years with no issues. Don't need Playkids, am a Senior
Ok, so I reloaded the game after one week if it not working, signed in via Facebook and I'm at the correct level but all my coins and boosters are GONE! I had a ton of points and boosters collected, can you restore them please? Playing at this level without boosters or coins isn't cutting it. Thanks
Every time I play this game I've uninstalled it reinstalled it it freezes and then when you win a board it takes it away telling you you didn't win it when I know I want it I've been playing this game for 3 years and I've even changed devices and re-downloaded it so I could still play it you really need to fix your game
Passed lol 2757 twice...game froze...no egg, no coins...nothing this has happened on other levels also also watching vids to reduce time to open gate(s) has not worked in a long, LONG time not very happy w/game rght now
Fun, little game though there were some glitches. I was able to get up to level 2383 but though I passed the level it won't let me go on. Everything was off the board but nothing worked and it didn't take me to new screen. I left the phone in the app for min. of 5 mins but when I went back to my phone, nothing had changed. I've cleared the level at least 5 separate times but I've had the same result. Disappointing esp. since I had to use multiple coins and jewels to complete the stage
I want to know WHY after months of various people giving the same complaint the game shows NO improvement. I think EVERYONE that has anything to do with this game as far as it's operation should be totally embarrassed to say that you have any part of this game the way it has been and is functioning for months on end is a reflection of not only your work performance but it also reflects your character because if you had any concern about your reputation this game would be fixed by now. PATHETIC!
Update: game is not working. After playing for years it just closes everytime i try. I see others are having the same issue. Very disappointing. Game support eventually stopping responding after i gave all requested information. Nothing fixes it. Love this game. But the app is glitching when i finish a level it just hangs.
I really liked this game, But there's to many glitches like it freezes, I'll win a level but then it says I didn't, I can't update without losing my coins, lives and diamonds, the higher the levels i go the worst the app becomes...
This game is addictive but it will also cheat you. It keeps freezing up once you complete a level. It also would not allow me to login so I uninstalled the game and then downloaded it again. It will not give me back all of the coins i had, my gems or my booster's.
Have had some issues loading the game , when it did eventually load I lost the coins i had and the specials the apple and the paint. it's not the first time this has happened it if does it again I'm sorry to say I will uninstall
They take your diamonds! they made it so expensive to get the usual helpers! every time you play the game it's over 6,ooo coins the you loose instead of winning cause they make it so hard to win! in the middle of shooting the change the color of the ball! made it so hard to give and collect coins and lives! so many seniors on here yet you caΓ±t give them a brake, but making an extra button that gives and takes to all of the. players?
Well I'm still on 1455 nothings been done about hasn't been fixed and plus all my credits were gone to
It game stop working and once uninstall. I went back to install it again now I am starting from the beginning again. Plus, no I didn't take screen shot because the program would disappear. I had uninstall it and did not play it for 4 days and still will not upload. It still doesn't bot upload even with your instructions of clearing the cache.
Cannot connect to Facebook too bad I cannot play the game please help fix this 😞 the game will not load on the tablet at all and won't let me play very disappointed with you! i have written you several times and you haven't fixed anything about the game SHAME ON YOU! it's not fair of you to make a game you can't even pay!😠😬😭
I just updated and lost ALL my color changers, ball AND rocket! NOT IMPRESSED!! I had to save for a long time to get them! Also ALL MY COINS ARE GONE!!😭
Super Cute, I love the poppy bubbly sounds. The sounds are really important to me. I need to feel the boom the POW! Oh and its sparkly!πŸ€—πŸ€—
Love this game playing it for a few years now, even starting back from scratch when changed my mob from level 3000 but having issues ,the levels wont open up after the gate because of the ad banner at bottom of screen .
I Love this game have played for a long time. Only thing is when you get to the higher levels they get harder. If you like a little bit of a challenge that is good, but if you just want to relax and play it can be frustrating. But otherwise an enjoyable game.
I am unhappy with this game. It keeps turning off everytime i try to play...i uninstall and reinstall but it keeps doing the same thing. Please fix.
Absolutely Love Bubble CoCo, only complaint is I am not collecting the coins after each round and the amount I have already collected isn't showing up.
I've got to level 2552 and it wont let me click on it to play. Ive unlocked the stage but its not working. Disappointed
Game stopped playing. uninstalled. downloaded again, would not play. uninstalled. downloaded again. Would not play. All done. It's a shame as it's a fun game to play. Sad you can't fix the glitches. Sucker born every minute I guess.
right now I'm mad... this game is freezing badly and not giving the level when you win I've about had it
Game glich on level 3204. Game freezes at end. Have unistalled and reinstalled 4 times. Please fix! Thank you for your time.
Reched level 1647 and had more than 20.000coins didn't play for a couple of weeks and played the game today and my coins we're at -17.000coins WTH😠😀 LOVE the game and want my coins back not happy
the game SUCKS it slows down while playing making you miss the shot that you timed for and the algorithm is cheating because it will give you multiples of the same color. happy to delete the game and NEVER play it again.
This game is an old game but the alignment between the two of the shooter and what the angle is it is way off line get it fixed and I will rate again.
One of my favorite games, I think I've played since close to day one but the last few days it will not load. Please fix the issues. I'm not a loyal regular player to a lot of games but this has been one of the few, unless issues continue.
THEY GAVE ME WHAT I LOST AND THEN SOME. THEY ROCK!! THEY DO RESPOND...Just send email. May take a few days but they will get back with you. Be patient!! I originally lost all my coins, gems etc due to an uninstall/install per ther instructions because the game wasnt loading. They took care of me at the end!!!
I love this game but I have won this same level I am playing for at least 4 times an it want move me forward to the next level or give me my rewards. it always freeze up
When it works, I love it, but it's been loading for 3 days now & won't go any further. Its up to date so obviously a glitch...help!!
I love the game, but it keep going out, takes your game and freezing up. I know its the app, because I purchased a new phone and it's still doing the same thing. Its like everyone who plays have the same issue