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Bubble Cloud

Bubble Cloud for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Valas Media located at PL 1101 00101 Helsinki Finland. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A never ending game. The only thing that stops me is... Charge up time πŸ˜…. Love this game, its very relaxing.
Love the game, but this update looks unoriginal and boring. I enjoyed the clear glass and the original graphics. I dont know who asked for the update but it wasnt me.
I like this challenging shoot the bubble game. I appreciate not having to play mind numbing entry levels before the game got interesting. Of course, there could be fewer adds
I have loved this game for many years... I get stuck and delete it... And then i miss it so i re-download... Love the changes so far. THANKS
This is my favorite. It challenging from every shot and can be frustrating. Just love it just wish I didn't have so many ads.
I love this game. Have been playing for years. Would have given 5 stars except for the fact it's been playing in slow motion lately.
This game is very relaxing to me I get mad with it but i have to come back because I like the challenge. πŸ˜‡
This game is easy peasy at first, but as you advance.....you will love and hate the challenge. Can't get enough of this game!!
Great game, challenging. Even though you win a Super Spin or Laser everyday, the higher levers sometimes takes 3 or 4 spins and a laser to beat it. Frustrating.
this game is one of the most challenging games i have played in a long time! Its not as easy as you might think...give it a try ... i bet you become addicted too!
It is addictive..this is the third time I have downloaded this game, I have played it thru to the end twice over the past few years...it amuses me.
I've been playing this game for a few years and it's great. fun and challenging but it has TOO MANY ADDS. I can't even throw one bubble without the "SHOP" add pops up. it wasn't like this before, its honestly annoying. I got a new phone so I had to starts all over again and it's annoying having to click that off every single time I shoot a bubble
I've played this game for several years. I purchased a new phone and support was kind enough to reset my game level back to 265 so I wouldn't have to start over at 1! I love Bubble Cloud!
I find this game challenging as I refuse to move on without earning 3 stars per level. I have this downloaded on my work and personal phones- as well as my old phones that are not activated.
//REALLY don't like the May 2020 redesign. Wish they'd just added levels but left the look of it alone. Also now I'm getting ads after every level instead of a few times per session.// I LOVE the game - it's challenging and fun - BUT there's no way to log in and save my progress, so when my old phone died I had to start all over again πŸ˜₯ I was up to stage 192 and had 93 lasers and 105 spins! And since my phone is dead I can't use them 😭😭😭
Great shooting game with progressively more difficult levels. Good ad to game time ratio so you can actually play the game more than looking at ads. If you like this kind of game you will be very pleased.
Love it. Played for 3 years to get up to 276, then bought a new phone and lost it all. Now I'm back at 14 . Great game to challenge yourself.
I really enjoyed this game until it started freezing a few days ago, causing me to lose out on laser and play ons that I paid for. I contacted support but no response.
Game play is good, but I paid for the Ads to be removed, got a new phone a year later, and the Ads have returned. And yes, I did use the function to request Ads be removed again, but so far, no reply in over a month. So.....
frustrating that you cant log in and play on other devices or new phones when upgraded ... great game though .. March 2019 It's now March 2021 and still NO way to continue playing on a new device without starting again and losing progress! This is now the 3rd time I've had to re start ... Hopefully you'll change this by March 2023
Great game...BUT....since last update balls change colour as you fire them...more than it has ever done before....come on developers....keep it fair
Bubble Cloud is one of my favorite games, the one I relax with. I like to stay on each level until I have three stars, sometimes it takes a long time. This game is simple but is great for strategy, developing hand eye skills, taking time and care. Its easy for kids and entertaining enough even for an old 72 yr old like me!. Plus the ads are easier to get out of and not as bad as some other sites. The one thing I dont like is the free spin. It is just a nuisance to me.
Please move the power ups from the bottom right hand corner to the top. I keep activating the aim power up with my palm and wasting them.
I've been enjoying this game for a while, but I have to give it three stars after the May 2020 update. The game itself is still fun, my problem is with the change to the dialogue boxes. It used to be when failing a level there was a start over button, or use a spin to continue button. Now it's just a big spin button and a small X to go back. Not only that, the spin button is right where the start over button was! It's clear they want people to use more spins and pay money to purchase more.
so much fun and not too fast speed which would run out battery life shorter. recommend to people who like to keep phone battery long time.
Enjoyable and mindless. Requires steady finger. You will need to pay for the boosters and laser sights as you get to higher levels but the price is reasonable.
love this game except I wish they had someway you could pay to bypass when you have been stuck on one game where you can't move on
Fun game. I give a 4 cuz its sp repetetive. Im addicted tho. And it keeps my mind occupiedwhen im bored. Reccemended.
I love this app. I got it a long time ago on another phone and just loved it. When that phone died, I tried to find it to download but could not. I'm glad the google play store decided to offer it again. This is one of my favorites. Fun to play and most of all challenging!
I have to re buy this game, I lost all my levels all because I have a new phone. It's fun but I'm not sure if it's worth starting over!!
I have had this game for over a year. I love the game. My only irritation is that when I use a laser and then I need to pause the game and come back to it later, it resets the game and I lose all my progress and the game starts over. I then have to use another laser. this has happened at least 20 times.
Game is tons of fun until level 56. The game shifts over so you CAN'T touch the skull balls, forcing you to change the gameplay style you've used for 55 levels, that means it's never safe to bounce off a wall in case the ball hits the adjacent skull ball instead of the ball you're aiming for, even if the placement of it is exactly where you wanted. This makes you only take safe, direct shots at coloured balls nested in skulls. Lame.
I've played this game for several years and it's given many hours of enjoyment to ones brain. When an old injury keeps them from working and nothing much to do, God's help and these games help you get through the day, Thanks and continue making the games.
I Love this game but how come you gotta watch a freakin add between each game but you can't watch an add to get double the rewards when you spin the wheel?
I like it but as with any game the odds are stacked against you also you dont always get the right reward
It's really addicting and I've got my little girl and grandson playing and they love the challenge and it help there mind and developing skills.. Thanks for making a great game
This game is so aggravating i just want to find the person who programmed it and force that person to play the game themselves. I have been stuck on the same level for nearly a year. Very aggrevating.
Great i do enjoy this app . i do not do many games but this is good and makes me chill after working for the NHS all day
I've always loved this game but when it was updated yesterday, 5/12/20, they GOT RID of my INFINITY and the ability to obtain the second INFINITY level. I am SO ANGRY!!!!! I worked so hard to obtain that first level and now it's gone. Don't be surprised when I dump this game. Big stupid jerks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only get spin a couple times a week at best. I have 40+ lasers, but no free spins. Almost impossible to play with out spins. So I play at most 1 time per week. So waste of time.
I play this game mostly. No brainer, sometimes its just nice to "goof off" and not have to have a masters' degree to play a game. Then it doesn't hit where I aimed and it get annoying, but it's still fun.
Love the game but very disappointed upgrade added "play-on" and "replay" when you hit the wall! Too easy to hot "play-on" when you really don't want to thus using precious free spins!! But I guess that's what you want player's to do! Sucks!
Like several people have stated. Use to love this game. But it hangs up many times. Totally had to start over several times from zilch. Then unless you have money to get extra spins and lazers your screwed. Not to mention the skulls.!!! Whats up with that???. Satan, kill, steal, and destroy. No hope unless you have money. Yall sucked the best game and turned it into a chore. Sorry good luck witb da mighty dollar bill.
This game is totally addictive. I spend hours playing this game and my other chores are left by the wayside. I have made up to 40 levels with 100% clearance. it has taken me months, love every minute of it.
Great game, can't get enough of it, the only thing that lacks is, that it doesn't give enough points to encourage more playing experience.wa
This game will suck you in with it's simplicity, but it can become very complicated. It will keep you on your toes.
Game running slow when it normally doesn't, where the bubbles pause or freeze up. It also crashed in the middle of the game where the screen went black, and the app started loading again. I had to start again from scratch. I have always had good experience until the last update.
I LOVED this game. Until now. I can't even get one shot out and the whole game crashes 😀. Fix this bug or I will delete
play this on cell phone & IPad and if i had more electronics ...id be playing it on them. encourage others and friends to play it BUT i wish they were synchronized, bc on IPad im on.level 55 and on cell phone, im on level 10πŸ˜–
Game was fun till you get passed level 100 and they basically force you to purchase items to help you advance... complete trash
Honestly great game. Just wished you could get the laser add on a little easier like atleast let me able to garner coins or something to be able to buy it beyond just using actual money. Other than what a swell game.
This is the second time I've downloaded this game. I find it fairly addictive & satisfying. I also love the fact that I can go back & replay past levels when I want to.
it's not only awsome it helps my old brain to stay active and my eyes alert and active as well as my heart, it seems to pump faster
hard af if you wanna get three stars in all lvls aa you progess but really catchy and keeps you going
Was up to like lvl 94and it was fine until they did a recent update and now it sends like 4 msges a day to get your daily reward. Uninstalled...no thanks.
A real challenge, without all the childish graphics. Very addictive. This is my third time around, with different phones, and it is still the best game out there.😎
Used to love this game, but wasted $15 on spins trying to pass level 199 and still popped center with only one star. Now I can't win any spins.. Have 42 lasers and 1 spin. This is a stupid rip-off just to get you to spend money. Probably will uninstall soon.
This is a fun but challenging game. Having a token to help me win the game made it exciting to see how I could make a winning move. I definitely recommend this app.
I love this game! It's the most challenging game of this type and the only one I've never beaten, after over 2 years playing this, I'm still hooked!
i like it, but it's frustrating. you need to add a power up that destroys a small cluster of bubbles regardless of color.
I love this game so much and would have given it 5 stars but I got a new phone and couldn't get my old game back and I had paid for no ads... went from level 77 to 1...
Can't depend on your developed skill as bank shots become inconsistent . The closer you get to the center the more it switches color of the ball as you shoot.We should have the same advantage &be able to switch the color of the shooting bubble.
Love the game but should still be able to move on with two stars or be given more tools to pass am totally stuck
Have been playing this game through 5 or 6 phones and usually have a phone a couple years each. Have been up to aver 2550 games played with just one phone
This game is fine and fun and all but you dont get points or 3 stars for solving it the fastest ... you get 3 stars for the more balls you drop. I can solve level 3 in 3 balls. Still a one star effort cause I didnt drop very many balls.
Overall a really fun game, but a pretty terrible experience if you're colorblind. There's a pair of colors that show up around level 20 (I think they're orange and green) that have made me need to guess in order to complete levels. There's no way to customize the visuals to get around this.
This game is literally part of my life. When I get a new device it's the first thing I download. I promise you that this game had a personality.I reach for this game even before I look at my Email I can't images anything that needs improvements. It's perfect just the day it us. Thank you Jo Spiller
Can be fun, but this won' t sync across different devices. Also, ads can be overwhelming, and lots of levels almost impossible to get three stars, so you can get blocked at the end of every grouping.
I wish the music would play in the levels and not getting automatically kicked out to the level select screen.
paid for no commercials. got a new phone and commercials again. if you like the game fine. just don't pay
Its a pain in the butt to wait 23 hrs to get a daily gift. But its all good. Only bad part is I got up to level 233 and the first time i got a new device the game and my daily stuff did transfer but this time around it didnt. So now I'm starting over at the beginning. Maybe in a few months I'll be back up to 233.πŸ˜™
The BEST & Most CHALLENGING Bubble Drop or Pop out there! I was frustrated at first but dont let those BIG WHEELS make you feel defeated - ITS possible ! Just learn the skill and defeat the Wheel amd move on to I FINITY & BEYONDπŸš€βœ¨πŸ‘
I would have given u a 5 star plus..till u added the sculls to the game...please remove them.. I can't play that level..so I'll have to uninstall otherwise. this was a nice clean game... its ruined now. I used to really like it. also I don't like having to wait n wait to get a lazer.. why dont u earn them like u do the spins...I am always earning spins but never r given laser helps.. thanks for helping
There was an issue with 25 super spin purchase. I was charged but never received purchase. Emailed the app developer and the said to contact google play; tried google play and they said to contact app developer. Who is reponsible?
Fun game to kill time. I wish it did not have the in game purchases but so far I have been able to play without being nickel and dimed just to play the game.