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Bubble Burst 2 - Make Money Free

Bubble Burst 2 - Make Money Free for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by WINR Games Inc located at 350 Adelaide St West, Suite 101 Toronto, ON M5V 1R5. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You will play a game to 50000 tickets with a good network connection,when its time to convert your tickets to cash,they start saying the network is bad,next thing all your tickets have disappeared and you have 0,all in all,bogus game,time wasting.
Can't make money, I mean unless you have no job and can play this all day, then you MIGHT have a 0.00000009% chance. I hate false advertising and just plain lies
DONT BELIEVE this free money carp. Using user details to spam ads Developers are greedy to make money from ads. Its not moth time to play . Money you get can only be withdrawn after half a year due to the limit set by devolept
It starts me over from Level 1 Once I pass level 2 if I lose it level three or four is going to start me over at level 1 this game is real hard and it's too many ads
Im new to this game but I might be able to give this a 5 star rate the moment I get my winnings. For now, I would say that this is really an amazing game, I am enjoying playing this while receiving tickets at the same time.
When I tried to deposit my tickets it pop up that the server are busy. It's always busy although I tried many times. I close the apps and open it again, my tickets are dissappeared and my level back decreased like I haven't play at all. Please fix it.
it doesn't hit the balls like it's supposed to the bubbles whatever and it takes too long to win and if you do when you think oh Wow. And it's only $0.24 or a penny
nice game but i don't know yet if they're pay surely. this time i will give 4 star but i hope this is legit app unlike the other app
im disappointed because the 5000 ticket lost when i transfer in volt/bank because of server error when i got back to game the ticket not accredited . so sad hope you will fix
You get a chance to win big money everyday just for playing. And there such fun games that you'll find its hard to stop playing, it's so addicting trying to make another level each time to beat your score You won't be able to put your device down!
Very very addictive game. Just wish I knew what the symbols meant when it shows how many tickets we have collected.
I believe this game like all the other make money games are a scam. It started out alright and alllowed me to put money in the bank. When I was able to play with the so called big timers, the game took all my money. You have to at least have 10,000 tickets to transfer to cash...deleting it
So far so good, even if I don't understand the mechanics on how to get the real money.. nonetheless it's entertaining.. I don't even know the equivalent of the tickets earned to cash, enlighten me please..thanks
The worst app ever. I worked hard for the tickets doing the game but when its game over, all the tickets ive earned are gone. Hate this game.
I love this game so much!! One of my stress reliever...i have a lot of fun for this game.. And hoping i can get my payout soon..!!! More power!! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
Awesome arcade game. Zuma-ish. Never won anything so Idk about that stuff. Mad love and respect to Canada πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‘
It's extremely hard to play once you reach to level 2. Yes, after the training level 1, the level 2 is more hard than any other levels.
If someone can please help me I would really appreciate it. I have bubble burst 1 and 2. Not able to log into #2 at all. Saying email incorrect. I have over 20,000 tickets in THE BANK and WONT LET ME LOG IN! NO CONTACT INFO IN GAME. ONLY WAY TO CONTACT IS HERE. AM ABLE TO LOG INTO #1. NOT #2 AT ALL. PLZZZZ HELP ME LOG IN AND GET MY TICKETS BACK. THX. I LOVED IT BEFORE THIS HAPPENED.
The game gets frustrating at times because you're trying to beat the bubbles in the balls but sometimes it's not the very front of it that you got to worry about its the back of it I love this game
It is a very addictive game but the issue i have is that i think the controls are rigged for one to fail at a particular point
Fun game. Feels nice you're getting the chances to win, unlike the scam win-money-games that'll never let you to cash out.
Awesome arcade game. Zuma-ish. Never won anything so Idk about that stuff. Mad love and respect to Canada πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‘ Btw, I would like to know how do you email winners? There is no section where at least I have had to enter my email address... Hey, get back to me on this please. Thanks. Almost two months on, still no reply. Just feels like this is another nickel and dime con...
Waste of time!! The tutorial is useless, can't cash out. And boring? VERY! No amount of money can make this game fun to play. I'd rather not give it any stars, but unfortunately I had to so I can comment on it
Awesome arcade game. Zuma-ish. Never won anything so Idk about that stuff. Mad love and respect to Canada πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‘ Btw, I would like to know how do you email winners? There is no section where at least I have had to enter my email address... Hey, get back to me on this please. Thanks.
Before using this app i give 1 star...bcz i fedup... searching money earring app ,site,game....they influenced my potential energy but i didn't get any payouts or rewards... everyone wants to make πŸ’° bcz they really need that...but most off the apps asnd sites are fraud...so here i give one star....after receiving my first payment....i will give 20 star...bcz in my family everyone having Gmail account...
I love all the games that I have downloaded and played by this company! All games are fun, and addicting with good graphics and sound effects. They're everything I look for in a game. Now, if I could just win some real cash!
Well I tried registering and it said I'm a fb user so I tried that and was told to contact the fb game app. I was shot down so not even gonna try anymore so I'm DELETING YOUR APP...Im just getting the run around :( :(
I just start playing the game so far it's fun I don't know how the money is supposed to come off all the prizes but I will learn so far I'm enjoying myself but I am waiting on the money that's for sure.
At 1st I was curious how to handle game that you vwe never played before but turn of event showed how pretty to deal with Bubble Burst 2 .... 5 stars deserving to gave an outstanding remarks
The only app where you can MAKE MONEY BY PLAYING VIDEO GAMES no in-app purchases Bubble Burst is the only app where you can MAKE REAL MONEY PLAYING FREE VIDEO GAMES! We have already given away TENS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS to lucky players just like you! All you need to do is play any of our games and collect at least one ticket to be entered into the frequent cash prize draws. The more tickets you collect the higher your chance of winning the cash prize! Check back at draw time to see if yo
Simple and addicting game i'm just waiting for the money that i am hoping for. To start a little source of income....
Fun enough to pass the time, ads between every round or 2 gets frustrating especially when the ad time counts against your bonuses
Fun and we shall see how real it is. Only played like 30 minutes so far. But yes want to keep playing. So far its great!! You gotta try it!!!
Its constant play where as other games are like scratch watch and score watch ad double score watch ad . It takes so long for each move I get bored and quit other games . This is great. Not boring food music and images . I didn't know what I was doing at first but with no instructions I caught in . Love it
I'm very sad and hurt you are cheating with me. I played the game and collected 17000 + tickets and I play 76 levels but you are clear all game and started a new game. I'm so sad.plaese you are make me winner.
It is programmed in such a manner that you won't get anything out of it..untill there are more than 10k videos from players who have recevied the amount. Do not download
this one is relaxing compared to super slash. i dont know yet if this produce more tickets or not. I'll see. edit: this game only produces 1/4 of tickets i can get by playing super slash. i can only get 2,500 tickets in 30 minutes playing Bubble Burst 2. pls increase the tickets. thank you
Bad gaming experience. This game provides "boosters" to "help" you through out your game. However. This game incorporates adds in between your games while your boosters are on timers. Guess what keeps ticking down while you're watching that add? You got it. Your booster that's supposed to help you. When you have a booster that is only 5 minutes long and you run into three 30 second adds in less than 5 minutes you can bet it's not really there to help you, but to keep you playing like a gambler.
Gave one star because everyone is FORCED to give at least one before they can post a review. 😑Completely mind numbing. The ONLY positive thing I experienced by playing this game is that...after 2 sleepless nights...I actually feel like I'll be able to get some sleep tonight so... Thank you game developers...you've managed to come up with a possible cure for my insomnia. Uninstalling and going to πŸ›οΈ 😴.
I like the game, but everytime I complete lvl 2 the game restarts. Do it over again just to have it restart everytime I complete lvl 2. I would give it more stars if the game would stop starting over.
Server seems to be always busy, therefore to let a do not get stored in your account. Good time waster, if you want to work towards something where your progress is constantly deleted.
It is the same thing over and over. I thought you would just level up. You do level up but each time you play you start from level one. Got boring fast playing the same level over and over...Also, how do I delete my information or account? There is no option to do that
I change my reviews bcoz i play now and my ticket dont add in my acct not 1 but twice..please fix it and i will change 5s rates thanks
So far seems ok to me a little fast and jumpy at times, got to be quick to get this game. Don't know yet how it pays or if it will just started playing a little bit ago. Quite a few ads but I can rest in between game.
Nice and enjoyable games,πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ but im not sure if this game is payable coz since im new here i dont have money to cash out yet.
This apps is so great..I enjoy a lot at the same time I earned a lots of tickets..I hope I can get my payout soon..!!😍😍😘πŸ₯°πŸ€—
This game makes it easy to make money. Not a lot of money but it's real money. Only one Iv'e won money with.
It is a fun game. But the ball's speed is very slow. I WANT TO SHOOT DUOBLE BALLS AT ONCE . FINALLY, I hope they will pay the real momey.
Ha didnt even get to play. Apparently my email is not valid and i use it everyday. In fact i have had the same email for over 25 years. If i have this much trouble from the start why bother
This game wont work for me at all. The main screen pops up and it wont load at all. I was looking forward to playing it but sadly i will have to uninstall it since its not working. :/
When I try to convert my ticket 🎫 to money the game is stock and not working anymore the game was fun but it's fake is a waste of time...
It keeps saying email already registered but i never signed up before. So when i entermy email and hit forgot password it says that they are going to send me a email to reset my password but it never happens
Its a fun shooting balls game and if it gives you money that will be even better not sure about that yet but I hope to figure it out soon.
Been playing a while, but never bloody win! Maybe one day, it is nice when you get 10,000 tickets you can put 10p away, would be better if it was like 50p or Β£1 for every 20,000 tickets because you would have to work at it to reach so high. Nice selection of games I enjoy playing the pipes game and beaming boxes.