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Bubble Buggle Pop: Match Shoot

Bubble Buggle Pop: Match Shoot for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CookApps Play located at 22 Neuti-ro Bldg. B Suite 1201, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea, 13558. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Endless Play, great UI, perfect for buggle fans! There's no sync progress option, no log ins etc. So if you have to reset your device it your get a new device you'll have to start over. There's also no friends in this version, no hearts. The levels feel like there similar to regular B2. It's the same beautiful Buggle 2 graphics of game play, but with limited visual effects for flawless performance! Please add a sync progress option though, there's a lot of levels!
When I first rated the game I gave it one star. I deleted the game but had second thoughts. Well I am back with the game and am enjoying it. It helps make the days go by a little easier since covid. Thanks for the great game
I absolutely love this game. I have played for over 3 years. I still love it. At the top of my favorite list. Many thanks to the developers
Love the game but cannot save and play same game on pc and android like buggle2. would love to see you change this. I paid to make it ad free. So would like to see that part changed. but love game. i am at level 100.. and at level 456 on buggle2
Game sucks. First few levels are good, then its give you all the colors you dont need. Spend all your lives to get thru 1 level is ridiculous. Spend real money to get perks to beat levels is not how to make a game amazing. Download at your own risk
Love this game!! Been playing for a few years now. But sometimes it pauses and doesn't start, so I have to end the game and start over.
this is the very best most fun and amazing game i have ever enjoyed...keep up the good work..only one thing wrong and that is i cant get anything done cause i want to keep playing
I've got an issue with the bubble shooter. The aim line is very short, if you don't use the aim booster. It's so bad, I can't make a bank shot get anywhere close to where I'm aiming at. I don't want to have to buy the aim booster for every level, as it gets expensive. Pls help!
love the game going great till you get to level 213or round there then it starts to stick stop playing this game as it is sticking wilk not be installing this again sorry point less keeping this game
This game has way too many ads!!!! It really sucks especially when you are trying to play the game!!!
I had just downloaded and played several games and it just closes on me..so i guess i will uninstall it.. it would be a fun game if you could get the bugs out and fit it.
I love the game and there's also buggle 2 really needs more levels I spend a lot of money and is my favorite one please add more levels
Popping bubbles is fun for me. I use to blow bubbles when my son was little to get that perfect picture as he looked at the bubbles poppingπŸ€—
Good game. Starting to get a little boring But needs some kind of level bonus. Something to keep you coming back.
why,when u delete this game and come back to it u have to start all over again, i don't think its fair, if i stop on 125, i should be able to continue on that level,not to start all aver again, it's a good game, i dont like that part,
game Freeze's up on level 150 can't get the game to work why can't this get fixed Everytime I try to play this it stops working.
This is the same as Buggle 2. Is that why this game works and the other doesn't anymore? I was up to over 2000 in levels and it completely stopped working.
I cant get pass level 129 what the heck is it even possiable to pass? I think the crater missed up on,it. I mean,come on only 40 throws plus u have to,get 100 or more balls plus 150.000 come on,lets get real. Im about to delete this pos game
Love this game so exciting and cool and fun so enjoying it so awesome and magical I love it so thanks for a wonderful game its ace and super duper πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
Very very disappointed in the game, simply because when I made it to 1049 to play with the queen I could not add the 2 points, and it continue to say wait till later, so as far as I AM concern you don't want anyone to finish the game and it's a shame I really really like the challenges. Looking forward to your reply for this...
I would have given it 5 stars if there was a way to save your progress.when my dad switched to a different phone carrier,we all had to get new phones and i was at least on level 72 in this game.so i reinstalled this on my new phone,and i lost all of my progress!it took a long time to get that far!and now i have to start over!
This game sucks only because the so called "boosters" hardly ever work. The aim line booster hsrdly EVER gets you to where you need to go-it is VERY inprecise. And some of the others work that way. Also, its very expensive to play for what you get, compared to other games-$20 for 235 is absurd. Im quitting this game. Sorry guys
On level 150 there is a glitch, after matching 3 of the same, they don't pop, they just hang then the game freezers, I love this game please fix
I would have David A5 if it would go past the second level I got to download it and loaded back up again to see if it will work
This game will only let you pass a level when it wants you too. Even when using the bonus tools. It's pretty irritating. All of a sudden I can't get the game to open so I can play. I'm at level 879 and I'm not logged in with a Facebook account so I don't want to Uninstall it and loose all that time and effort it took to get there. Why is this happening to your game????. Its not my phone either.
good but very cunningly u PPL hv kept the arrows short. it becomes difficult fr judgement to shoot. After completion of every level u must gv the option of long arrows to shoot
Love playing this game. I got a new phone, had to start all over in the levels. Was on level 681. O well. Starting over.
Tried 2 times to play this game, but on a high 37 level or early 40's level the game freezes up and bubbles won't drop all way down.
Lot of fun changes up a lot yes harder as you go which is normal for these kind of games add to the time I try it you'll like it
Frustrating. Some levels rigged, incorrect calculation of bubbles dropped. Some levels state points too low for game to continue before shots are completed!
It seems to be running a little bit more smoother than before. Maybe i just needed a little bit more time to play. Will keep you posted on any problems further along.
Very relaxing and fun game would recommend You try it Yourself You will be glad You did 5 stars for sure
Would give it 5 stars, but it speeds up on ball change, or shoots when not expected to shoot. Like the game though.
Played this game a long time ago...it's good but swapping balls during game is extremely touchy losing extra balls to nowhere. Aim is also not greatly accurate. BUT I DO ENJOY THE CHALLENGE CO
The game was fun until level 129. i will have 11 to 13 balls left and the game stops and it says i need to get 150,000 points to pass the level. If it won't let me continue with the remaining balls that i have how can i pass this level? About ready to delete it.
Love playing this BUT can't get pass 129!!!!! Tried sooo many times!!!!! I see I'm not the only one!!!!!! How do we get pass 129. Please help PLEASE I want to be able to play thank you.
I found about this game over 6 to 7 years ago..I really love this game and ALL the Rest of this Bubble Pop Games..You all are truly AWESOME to have brought this game"...Derrick"..
I'm so enjoying playing this game, as I not long had surgy 18days I been out and this game takes my mind off anything else that a stressful. Many thanks all of you.xHappy new yr.
I found that for younger players the distance aiming seems to be a problem.. what about giving a aim for all stages? The game is playable but as I said in a earlier review some stages gives 3 star and the next 2 stars with high points..
A lot of fun .took one star off in hopes that you would give the aiming line all the time as your aiming is not true and can not be trusted. Thanks for the fun, though!
I hate the bear he is so stupid and doesn't know how to shoot! and you run out of boosters to quickly and I'm not going to pay for stuff that you have to use a credit card! I think that this is a stupid idea!
It dont have all of those apps after u get done shooting all the bad guys down . i just wish they was a better way to gets more points it would really help,out but other than that its a great game to play