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 Broworld  - A Douchebag Adventure Simulation

Broworld - A Douchebag Adventure Simulation for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by SPORE Productions located at 68 Sandcliff rd. Toronto, Ontario M6N 2M3, Canada. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I don't know how to explain but like I just like the game so much I like the houses the beach the market every thing about the game and please can you add other things like a secret layer,superhero suite, ,and many things and villains. This is a little long but I think it ends at 500 so ye this is a great game for me to play
Yooooo great simulation game broski, awesome grafics and adventures. Can't wait for the next installment
On the "mission" get rid of the bimbos. There's one gal you have to get to on the back side of the bar between the bar and the wall/screen to the vip section.. I've been tryin for an hour.. You can get next to her, but not talk to her to flirt. So basically I'm at a stall.... Please fix and I'll reevaluate my rating. I basically can't progress forward anymore in the game.
This game really makes you happy. It is fun and of all success story games this is the one you should try.
It was not that bad. I liked the new update were you could sell your furniture it really saved me at some. This game is great but I won't give it 5 stars
this games is the worst game i ever played why is it so highly rated dont listen to the ratings it crashes glitches restarts your progress and i did not even uninstall it makes no sense the creators are liers worst game ever edit my phone is bad and i have experienced issues with other games but the issues i experienced with this game is 10 times worse then issues i experienced with any other game
This game is amazing but u don't have a dog you can't have kids u don't even have friends
I will rate five star if you can make some change like{1) the character to be able to sit down and eat (2) He should be able to sleep on bed and sit down and watch television (3) changing the way of the character work to something else better than rapidly tapping your phone screen to break (4) you should be able to have babes number to call her anytime (5) you should be able to have friends and hang out with them (6) make the city much bigger and the location to buy stuff different. pls fix it
The mini games are way to hard, there's no point in fridge when everytime you take a girl home you get 100 health, the exercise controls are dumb. If you expect to use anymore then one finger for anything then you're wrong, the controls are either to close(which majorly wastes time) or won't register the touchs. Not to mention while the mini games are too hard to be able to truly pass without pure luck, the girls are to easy to get. They all want same things: red shirt or level 2 strength.
This game is awesome but i would like more clothes and also accesories eg earings, chains , wristwatches , grilz . Try and make the graphics more realistic. And lastly include recreational activities that will make u earn star points eg football, basketball, volleyball . and i will love it if i could throw parties . but hw about this idea ( MULTIPLAYER so u can play with friends )
I love the game first the graphics si awesome second the story is underrated plsss more add more story and car and house and special is character add more character plsss伐
When i have book any item and I don't want it fast but then also rapidly the truck and gold come on screen to get delivery fast That's why I am giving only 2 stars if this problem is solved I will edit my review
There's a lot of bug especially when im going compete to other racers task it keeps saying to compete to the racers even i just click them and i need 10k to compete even i have 200k bruh fix this bug
its a really good game, but the only problem is the game cant fit on my screen, please fix ive been dying to play this game but cant due to that problem.
I have completed the game till getting jenifir it take only a little time like 2 weeks or 1 week and it's soooooo much fun doing it but unfortunnetly the device I did that in died so I am installung it again it still will be a lot of fun
If you're the person that wants to beat people up in get strong this is the right game for you this game is awesome as heck and I'm addicted to playing it and I played every day
Love the game have fun on it but i was far in the game but after the new update it made me go back to the beginning of the game.
I feel the game needs to be updated and a few minor problems need to be fixed , one problem I have trouble with is how to save the game.
A fun game but it's hard to get 75 stars to flirt with Jennifer I love playing this game it's like drama, comedy, and a lot of action that's all I think it is.
great nice awesome , Good game i really like but i hope you guys can add more house , task and i hope character can swim something like that, Create more village that we can go.
The game is great but only one thing is a problem where am i supposed to find golds for the items because i only got two where am i supposed to get them
really great game, it's absolutely hilarious and i just cant get enough of it i play always in my spare te and when i can play. i would really recommend this game to almost anybody
this game is fun and it does not have any ads i got jeniffer my friend could not stop playing this game
Novels are a book about the story and how to draw the story and how it feels like this one was the story that I have to draw out and I am a fan in
The game is totally fun. But some of mechanics are broken which makes this game a quite difficult. Like the "esteem" system, I think you should add a bar to buy beverages to increase the player's esteem because the current mechanic is unlogical and so much hard to maintain the esteem. And minor problems such as lags hope to be fixed as well.
Cool game there's many stuff you could do but the problem with this game is you have to have certain stuff in order to pick girls and as your level gets higher your muscles dont grow but overall it is a good game but you will get bored of it.
It is an intresting game cause it more about life and the person that make is a very talented person,but still i think the old version is more better
This game is more than I expected there are more exciting things and more fun things to do Charlotte older people
This is really good! The graphics are awesome in my opinion! Can't wait for new and interesting features!
Cool i rate it because its cool the story is cool jo is easy to defeat its coolthis like gta i like it soo much than all douchebag games隘 never play a cool game ever but now i play it its cool thanks i injoy this game
Excellent game with a lot of concepts and frameworks, But the downside though is the money, Prices and Girl demands is INSANE. I need to cheat myself out of thr frontline of long term gaming...
Great game theres funny sound effects its simple to level up doucheness and the story gets better and better if you are having trouble leveling up just always go to the douche store so you can buy the chicks standards and also do not waste your money on these cool abilitys im on level 46 because of this secret broworld has to be the best douchbag game ever
I rate this a 4 because when you try to get in the race and you have to get the tickets from the guy and the girl in the middle is to hard to tap on.
I love this game. It's almost like the version of the game I've ever wanted but it needs some little rearrangements. But it's very fun so give it a try.儭
The game is really cool but the buying of things is really stressful you guys should enable the game to select how many items at once
Broworld is really great for killing time and funny! everytime im waiting for pizza or relatives to come to my house I know what game to play. I hope this game becomes popular. Also you should put multiplayer so you can fight other players. #Best Funny Game Ever!
I paid for cash it was supposed to be on special for $1.99 I was charged $4.99 I received it no problem. However I tried twice to purchase the special for 7.99 but was charged 9.99 twice and have not received a thing. Give me my money back you guys ripped me off. Addendum: I have emailed you guys to try to resolve this and I have yet to hear from anyone. It is 10:56 on 11/20/2019. I have sent another email along with a screenshot and explanation of the purchase issues. Thank you
Awesome game.You date,eat,get dumpedh唐唐唐唐,run errands etc.Really cool( im my opinion.
Awesome game add chains and more cloths and some mini games like bastekball or baseball to get more star points
Ok so I've finished the game and came back to drop a review. It's in general a good game, but some of the ending doesnt make since and was so unsatisfying. Like at the end, why buy the infinite energy if Jennifer is gonna hang around u and give u energy anyways? Now I'm doing nothing at the end of the game too cause I have everything and it still doesn't feel like enough. Why not add a B story or add the ability to commit certain crimes. add police officers add LITERALLY ANYTHING.
Controlling the character and pressing the wallet is tricky also I can't move my stuff to the new house
I wouldn't say that it is not enjoyable but there are a lot to be added. For example, I once misplaced my gym equipment outside the house and it's permanently gone, that's when i noticed there's no storage system in the game thus you also can't move your item from your grandma house into your new house, you have to completely redecorate it. It would also be better if that girls that you had just asked and was rejected to permanently has the floating of requirements above their head. Overall,
I played it once on my friends phone nd ever since then , I deleted apps nd videos for this game , until today , best free game ever , normaly free games are fake to Androids
This game is great and cool This game is really cool But the problem is that when I try to purchase it always back to the place I play game So please bros update the game in order for us to purchase Because there is no way I can increase douchness without money
The game is so fun but i dont like that we can only have a male avater bro world i will also like it if the avatar stop flirting the flirting is too much i just started the game nd i love it i wish they could start up a family make it more interesting like the sims nd i like the fact that it offline good job
is the best game in the world guys please download this game for ever if you don't know loading you are missing out on a lot this game is really fun for kids and for adults but if you don't want to download this game so be because there are so many people who want to download this game but they don't have Data please people don't know this game it can change a lot of other people that are poor guys please do this I'm not asking for pictures because you came to me and I must cross people downloa
I love this game a lot but it would be better if you could Improve the game quality and cars chicks and things like that but my star rating is 5/5
I like this game and i completed it 2 time I tryed getting jennifer without buying the last house and i wasted 12 hours flirting with girls and when i reach lvl 75 and flirted with jennifer the game glitch and freeze. And it has so many other glitches
The game is spectacular. The mechanics is superb and the gameplay is awesome. I really like this game
A couple recommendations I'd have for the maker to make this less repetitive would be to allow for an option where you pick up two women at once with double the requirements (ie 4 specific things you need to have vs 2). You should also get double xp when you do that. The same should be true of fights, such as having two guys jump you and it being twice as hard. I also think buying anything should improve self esteem, not just furniture. Over-all though, great game. Highly addictive.
game is great, everything works so fine except some logical error like after buying stuff when we place it somewhere and if by mistake tap 'x' cross button...its gone. And another i found was, i went to beach and at the place where we 'spawn' at beach, jennifer was standing there and i wasn't able to go anywhere then cuz i was like standing at same position as jennifer which is absurd and i had to restart the game to move. Good game anyways, just fix those errors and i'll increase rating to 5!
This game is awesome but my issue is that when I have a shipment it says 1hour and I leave the game for an hour it is still 1hour
This is awosome game.but please the player are walk more fast add and more cities add and some kisses moment add please
This game is totally sick,i could make some suggestions on how your'll can make it better but this game was spot on for fun.Well done Spore productions
Would have liked it more if was a little dynamic. You get bored after you open 2nd crib. There's nothing to do except getting laid or fighting people.
I LOVE This Game I played it for Hours But I would give it a 4.7 if i could only Beacuse most Of the time you're objective is to go flirt with girls overall it's a great game
this is very satisfied and great app I love it Thank you very much for this app It's real for this 5 stars
Found a bug. If you buy dumbbells instead of cans in the beginning, you cannot progress. The game will tell you to "Get some pipes" but exercising with the dumbbells don't clear it. You also can't buy anything without clearing the quest. So you are stuck. Edit - Yeah it was stuck. I reached muscle level 12 but it still didn't work. I have a new game where I bought the cans first and now it's working.
This game is awesome im giving it a five star rating my issue is about the last crib in the new update coz i reached a stage where there are no more objectives and still havent figured out how to get the last crib. I hope the developers may look onto that.Yes I did beat the racers the game told me to talk to Mike I tried to look for him everywhere didnt find him
This is the best game ever(under minecraft) love the graphics, the controls, the movement and I have never lagged in the game so it has great quality Update the game to have WLAN multy player plz and if you can, plz extend the world I wanna explore
Great game I love it but I'd love for you to improve the graphics and and more things in the game such as cars accessories jewelry and make it more realistic but I still rate it full
I am using Mi A2 and this game doesn't support full screen for my phone. All the icons on the left and right ends are not working. I hope developers will help me in this issue so that I can play this game. I am very disappointed seeing this issue.
I really liked the game and Im on the objective of meet the premium girls and I already bought the speedway or the board thing.... but one time when I opened the game, I was back to walking! Pls fix the issue right away.... Thanks!
great but you have to add customizations and new cars and. important point i have issue i cant finish the first mission of the update . get rid of the bimbos what the hell man please make my problem solved.
Well to me bro world is an fun and an excited game and this game should be number one on trending i hope others can also rate the game so it can upgrade again
I think the game is okay, also I feel there should definitely be more things to do in the game and it will brighten up. Add more cribs, more places to go, travel to different places if you know what i mean and better cars to buy. I think the style of play is okay aswell, maybe changing the view from time to time would also help. I have lots to add regarding the game it could really be more than what it is, for the effort and design I think it is well deserved 3 stars...
ridiculous! Graphics and game controls suck. It took me several minutes to place an object where I wanted it. If you make suggestions or negative reviews, don't get your hopes up that the develepers will do anything. In my experience, they don't want to hear a bad review or ideas how to make the game better. Right or wrong, they reply by being a complete ...(in order to keep clean) ..jerk and simply ignore the problems with the game.
This game is great but no daily rewards and you make an easier way to earn gold and also i think mine is broken cause i finished the story, i had everything and i updated and i was in a race and it just quit from then i could'nt race anymore i tried many times but still so i had no choice but to start all over i had an amount of 5,000,000$ and i had bought every out fit so i want a refund!!!! But still great game*****
I like this game a lot because u pretty much do everything which is possible in real life but also there's one disadvantage it takes time to earn money
It is a awesome game but needs a few upgrades like better graphics better cars more houses easyer missions
I am still stuck at the part where i cant get into the race after the conversation with the pink paint job, Help
Guys this game is so awesome I like the idea of the car's but please make the player ctrola please guy but I will gust give you a 5
I love this game,you can buy things such as TV's,music systems,gym equipment,clothes...You can even hang out with girls
Pretty easy repetitive and quick game. Once you get to a certain level there is nothing else to do. It is a money grab selling expensive packages with very little coins and gifts. I gave it 2 stars because it was something to do and the devs did take time and energy to create it. In response to the owners childish "but that's fine" response. Correct, I didn't like it. I gave you 2 star cuz you did work hard creating a game. I have limited characters so i can't explain in detail why its bad.
I like this but the new update rolled in and i still like it but not that much. Please bring back the old version where you can get gold bars and money from watching ads. Please
This game is really fun!, although It is really hard learning how to be a Douchebag, but Its easy once you get the hang of It, I highly recommend it. Bye!
The game was nice at the start but started to bug after getting Jennifer . I would be giving 5 stars if the character was able to do everything a real human does like sitting , sleeping ,talking with boys and going inside the shops in mall . There must be more places and more houses with more space . It will be a bit more nice if Jo fights with us after getting Jennifer and having touch with Mike too . If you see my review please update the game .Thank you
The game is good ,good graphics but it is missing a lot of things for example you guy should make more cars, more house, more ways to earn gold than watching videos, expand the world and more new place such as airport and make granny to come back also jo. Reply
please add more things to have a money because earning money is hard.... and also please fix this issue when i buys some stuff and the shipment is going on and i left it in time of 1 hour after that when i check the game again its 1 hour same ...
Is nice but can you change the music when you beat someone, because is annoying sometime or add more. And the game has some bugs. Thanks
This game is awesome but i will like it if u guys could make flirting realistic like, you guys watching a movie at ur crib and there should be options of the type of movie eighter scary, funny, sad, let us be able to use the tv also make the characters a bit realistic and i will be sure to tell more friends to download but the game is awesome
I'm just greatful omg #onewiththegame I just love this game but one thing Ads,ads,ads I HATE the ads ever time I go somewhere an ad comes up please fix that Other than that I love it
Can there be multiple ways of boosting up the self esteem meter? I'd also like to say there are also some bugs as well as the music/sound not staying turned off as well. I also wish that you guys could really nerf the minigames because they are impossible to beat and even somtimes when I swipe, the objects don't react to it and the swipe animation doesn't appear.
The best game ever but it needs some changes like a. Way to earn gold . And changing the wallpaper and floor of the crib it . Needs to be a bit like the game called homscapes
Although this is a great game..you cant progress to the other levels cause u cant get the gold.i was stuck cause i could not get rid of the bimbos..if you could make an easier way to get gold that would the game excellent..i would love to see the update of the game..but please put new ways of getting gold
fun at first, but becomes to repetitive and the objectives becomes so hard to do. like from a few thousands, you need to reach 250k to progress. and to do that, you need to do things over and over again and becomes boring right away. a good game though, maybe a few adjustments and this should be better.
I love it! This is the best game i have ever played it's so fun i like this game more than anyone and i think they should give it another version, after all this game is WONDERFUL! here are 5 stars you deserve it?
nice game, but I can't go to the night club. if you fix it I'll give you 5 stars cuz I like the game edit: sorry my bad actually I didn't see the text from Mike so 5 stars for you guys keep up the good work ( can you please tell me how to get the special chicks thanks )