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Broken Dawn II

Broken Dawn II for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Hummingbird Mobile Games located at RM.803,Building5,SBI,GuanShan ST,HongShan DIST,Wuhan City,Hubei Province,China. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I actually love the game but its just that about the energy you use to start a level.. Where can i get a free energy? So i can continue playing the whole hour please helpe how to refill energy for free.
good game great graphics, would only be better if you could pick male or female character right from the start.
only a couple levels in but controls are easy to use and the game is fun, was looking for something like this. *Update: still going, gets harder but you get stronger also. was worried about the "money wall" but havent hit it yet, good times.
Great game. Graphics are good and it isn't boring to play. I easily get bored but this doesn't bore me. Only problem is, there isn't a binding system that I can connect my account to like Facebook or Gmail(or I just don't know where) so I can play in my newly bought phone. I wanted to keep my progress but I have no way of transferring it. That's just what this game is lacking but overall it's great
The worst. my phone got damaged and i lost all my progress including all the money i spent buying gems
Too imbalanced. They made it too difficult to win without buying stuff.. this is exactly the type of game I would never spend money on, if for no other reason; their open lust for our money.. the concept is good tho. I guess I've gone as far as I can. Uninstall! Gaming should be fun not stressful. I'll have to replace it with a more reasonable fps.
This game is nice but at sum point it rejects for you to play a mission as normal .It starts to require sum stufff online. So wy is it called an online game πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
I Love this game its a lot of fun, ive not played long only a couple of hours, but im finding it hard to put down. Upto now ive no faults with this game and its well worth the download, plus it plays on low res tec witch is something ive been having problems with... so thanks a lot for the game and i look forward to see what updates and new features are yet to come. 4\5 worth playing worth wasting your time, good graffics and fast gameplay make this an easy choice for anyone....
it really a good game. but how can i recharge the energy?? it doesnt recharge anymore i cant play anymore.
Garbage game. Don't play. P2W heavy and it doesn't save progress. Lost level 26 hero with gear and gold for days...
You guys must have put alot of effort into this game, very impressive, the controls are incredibly responsive, even the graphics are well advanced even though most mobile game's graphics are limited, now that's careful development great job.πŸ‘
one of the best rpg games i've ever played until now. i personally highly recommend this game for each everyone of you (gamers) out there.
best graphics and scares ever appreciate the hard work and the determination to bring good gaming to my screen many thanks to the creators and staff
The graphic quality is beautiful, and you can't really fault any of the other minor bugs,like speed etc. But all in all its a great game.
awesome game play, have not finished the entire map only 2 so far, for that am giving it a 3, before I rate it 5 full five first i finish the entire map..
too many bugs even boss fight is hard to evade because no pattern to see his attack and even ordnary melee monster can damage you while evading or walking. the miltary base is has bugs too i finish the game then i step in green mark then it has crashed pls fix this. i rate you 5 star if you fix the bug.
An absorbing and interesting game. Rather too many crashes: I thought it should be renamed BrokenDown too. Generally excellent.
3 stars coz all I do is shoot and shoot, easy controls, perfect for killing time if Im bored, and finally I really dont understand why im playing this... hahaha
I like it fun game doesn't seem like a play to win kinda thing only I wish I could customize the button layout so I can have comfort and help my hands from cramping up
i just installed this game yesterday..now i can't stop playing..i used to play zombie shooting games,but since i found this game,i uninstalled all my other shooting games and installed four of your games..AWESOME!! hopefully you'll come up with more Broken Dawn games...thanx folks
This Game Is Very Good And Interesting Incredible. I Like The Way It Shows The Graphics Are Good Sound Is Quality Perfect. Infect I Love This Game Keep On Doing What You're Doing Thanks....
NO SAVE... This game isn't all that bad. After a few upgrades however It instantly locks some skills behind pay walls. Absolutely ridiculous! Also the online time bonuses take way to damn long 2.5 hrs. Out of any game I've seen with this function this one by far is the longest one. Not only that but it requires you to collect each one b4 it will progress the time rewards. Oh and I've noticed 3 times actually it never ever let's me keep the final 2 rewards. It always resets it back an hour
i like this game keep update this game please i love the way i played games like this first i though it was online but when i played it omyyy its offline so i can play it where i want thanks for tHe creator keep create games like this pleaseee i be wait for more gamesπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ΅πŸ˜
Wonderful game but i have notice buying gems, putting a clock on dodging enemy that a no no for games games are supposed to be enjoyed... you have monetized them taking 30 percent off the fun which eliminates the 100 percent fun factor
A A GOOD GAME ADDING ONLY THING Its THAT YoU CAN POINT AND SHOOT WHERE U WHT IT AND CAN SEE WHERE YoU PLAYER IS AT ITS EXPERIENCE. AND For That Pendejo Saying You Cant Reload And Turn Its Beacue You Shoot The Clip Use The Rocket Luancher and As he Or she Is SHOOT ts Reloading ..And Then Using The Dextor Purple Ball for Enime EXPERIENCE Explosion .
Playing Broken Dawn ll, is the Best way for me to Zone out and relax(while smoking Erb). Especially after working an 10hr shift. "Only Second" to having Some Good Sex... lol
good fun some challenging levels. only gripe for not giving 5 stars is I wish there was even more lvls. maybe development could do something about that, bonus lvls even?
It's a fun game to pass the time. Though it can be repetitive and grinding at times. One complaint I have has to do with inventory. When you have a stockpile of do more damage and receive less damage vials, it always takes it from the pile you have more of. Example: you have 21 vials. 10, 10, and 1. When I use one, it takes from the stack of 10 instead of taking the lone 1. That's a small issue, but, that lone 1 takes up space in my inventory.
Maybe 5 star but only played first level before asked to rate for gems but its pretty game play, music and graphics. Story is the mood which is perfect.
Very entertaining and the graphics are amazing beautifully done enjoy playing this game due recommend it to anyone who loves role playing games.
uhm excuse me I've been trying to download the game after i finish it when i start it crash stopped working the other game it had same problem please help i using asus Zenfone max pro M2
I love the game i downloaded it and it was amazing thanks to humming bird for making this game I LOVE IT!
I'm surprised it runs well on my weaker phone, samsung j2 emerge. So far so good, none of the issues seen in other reviews. FYI devs, the shortcut created on my home screen reads Broken Dwan 2, hehe.
reminds me of some of the other games i played growing up has good graphics and easy controls. Great way to pass time
I enjoy the gameplay loop, as braindead as "boost your stats to backpedal while shooting better" can be, but there comes a point in which you're burning through your limited resources just to survive a stage you should be very capable of clearing by your gear score. This on top of a stupid energy meter limiting how much you can play just doesn't make this a game I want to dedicate my time to, despite liking autoaim shooters. At least it becomes unplayable much later than Alien Shooter, so 2*.
rate for gems !! it started to get boring, coz i can't play continuosly waiting for energy/AP to fill up and the advanced level need more AP than the beginning, so maybe i try another game instead. thanks btw.
awesome graphics and shoot and load real-time action game. If you're out on a trip, put on ur headphones and play this Game. You'll never get bored.
Released in 2016 and you all cannot keep music off, when reloading? Why is the levels of weapons towards missions off? The fact you're unldoading while they're in ya face only to misses. Not low numbers but misses...
game is interesting and demanding more like a bit tasking but the challenge is there and that's what keeps me going, nice game
its fun, but the enemy scaling is f'd up. im at 5000 bp and 2500 enemies do a helluva lotta damage... my bp doesnt reduce damage taken or something?
I like the game. They could have higher rated item drops more often and more lvls. I find that the store glitches out and sometimes dont recieve your items when you use gems or coins. That can be really iiritating. If you like shoot em ups. This is a must try. Small download can play for a short time while waiting for other things. 5- 10 dollars spent is well worth it. (Would be way awesome to make a newer version or upgrade this one.)
pretty good game all and all I would say it's worth downloading only thing I think needs work is the camera angle sometimes or change the controls a lil
The game itself is very fun,the increased dificulty levels add to the challenge, and provides great incentive to continue playing after you finish the easy levels. The gameplay is a great blend of top down shooters with RPG elements. One minus is that it's incredibly grindy, and even with heavy grinding the difficulty curve is too steep on harder levels. An ads system would be more rewarding for the player, as i sure as hell ain't going to spend money on a mobile game to win.
A phenomenal game, and a rare gem for sure. Gives you that resident evil feeling but with all the joys of RPG control. No major bugs so far. Gameplay is great, although I haven't gotten far yet. 10/10 recommended.
Super fun game so far. No ads, no pay for play, and I was hooked as soon as I started playing. I would definitely recommend this game for anyone who likes the shoot-em-up type role playing games. Good job, devs!
great game but we need a cloud sync to save our progress. I'll make it 5 stars if you added a cloud sync. I hope you will make a cloud sync on future updates.
the game was good until the last update... now I can't move forward in the game so when I get on and everything I collect disappears after i leave the game and have to start all over again
I would give it a 5 if I could save my game data to Google play or something like that, other than that I love the game.
so far so good, badass game guys, only recommend maybe adding more ppl to choose from but I'm not complaining, will add more when I get further in game. nice job
MUST PLAY! Great Action RPG with guns. Very few of them these days. A rare gem of a game! Good music, good graphics, good action, great effects. All around fun. Highly recommended.
The game has nice concept and very good graphics, sometimes i just wana go around and look at all the details in the game. But they are lots of things that need to adjuste, its a pay to win game, ypu cant get any legendary weapon without using real money, the income in game is very low to generate. Also this BP are totally none sense, for example it say requirements BP for a mission is 8500 but even with 15000 BP you still die easily,unless you buy legendary gears
Simply great!!I love it. would love to see something like this.where the view was lower and behind your character.