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Brickz - Make Money Free

Brickz - Make Money Free for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by WINR Games Inc located at 350 Adelaide St West, Suite 101 Toronto, ON M5V 1R5. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game 😊 Love it 😍 I've reached the first cash out amount and they've sent me the money via PayPal the next day!!! ❀
Good game to kill the time, few times some of my tickets were gone and the rewards (the page you can earn extra tickets) seam not always give the reward.
Nice game. Very addictive, BUT.... when you in long run and after the game it getting freeze... the reward is useless need to relog-In
I decided to download the app so I could get points for that and play it for a few. I didn't even think I was going to like it, but I was playing a very long time and don't even no how I did but, I think I was there over 2 hrs!!!! 🀯😱😯
This App goes from relaxing to EXCITING in less than a minute!! The wide variety of great games with an abundance of opportunities to win 🎟️, make this App one of the most gratifying and exhilarating ways to unwind, relax and rejuvenate any negative opinions one might have against contest apps. There is sure to be something for everyone....I promise!!! Kuddo's to the development teamπŸ€—πŸ₯³
My experience with this game was great until recently. As of a month or so ago I haven't been able to get passed the first level. Once I finish it, the game goes into an add then resets. I don't get credit for the level either. If I can't earn the tickets or make an effort to beat my high score what's the use of playing.
really good idea, fun, innovative, quick games which keeps your attention and great way to test out games, this one is my favourite, I have been playing for a few months now and love it. The server can be a bit dodgy sometimes but I'm assuming it's when its busy. but I am just curious the 5000 ticket bonus you get from downloading new apps I dont seem to be getting? I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if its a seperate issue?
addicting, but I will only give it 4 stars, because it's too addicting. it is seriously cost me some relationship points with the GF. also it also asked you if you want boosts when you already have a booster. and they don't stack so you end up just losing. in addition: my old account did not merge tickets, and I tried the "special offers" got tickets for some not other's. :(
Maybe it's the game or the machine but it constantly shuts off it starts out wonderfully, but again it keeps cutting off and we keep losing our turn and that is very frustrating.
Fun gameplay, never actually pays. Don't waste your time. The second you have enough to cash out, there will mysteriously be an "error." This is the case for ALL the apps made by this developer.
I liked this game until the ads started to cover up the bottom of it. I can't see the starting point or how many balls I have. When the bricks get low, they are covered by the ads too.
A very very very nice game to with your friends and family, so what are you waiting for? Download now 😊
fun game, however it keeps cheating me out of coins, if 10000 coins converts to 10 cents, I've easily been cheated out of a couple dollars in the last few weeks. there's no way to contact support either.
I am starting to get IRRITATED with all the apps related to this. After finishing the game, an ad will pop out then after watching the ad, it starts to lag. Of course I don't have any options but to restart the game, but then the points I've earned will not be added to my tickets. Soo what'd the meaning of this, huh? Plss, PLEASE!!!! Fix this bug, I might change my review if you do it.
Amazing Games and very Enjoying........during work Relaxation Period....Every Person must Play BIG TIMES WINNER GAMES......and feel relax during spare time..Playing Games, Feeling Relaxation, Plenty of Enjoyment and As Well As Earning Cash....i think its Enough to Life....GooD Games Never Before And Ever After.....Thank u BIG TIMES.....
I would give it perfect five but since last week, the app freezes every time I open it. Please fix it
Love this game! Kudos to the developers...its simple game play and had me hooked from go! And thanks for the opportunity to win a little along the way! WinR rocks!
I got 202 scores. I played it for hours and I am expecting a bunch of tickets. But there's none ticket. Literally zero.
it got its challenges but perfect for killing time. say its pays out. I have earned 13700 I just converted to cash. and my 13k's value was $0.10 so I gotta long ways to go to earn that buck... hahaha but its a great app
way too hard after last update. No fun to play anymore. I'm going to uninstall soon if something does not change
I can't give full star's for now, it's too hard to convert ticket in may account, always saying unabble to connect to the server, even if i have a fully signal. Hayysst... Fixed it.
At first I was confused but when I understood that it was the angle and trajectory of the ball I loved it.
Please fix your apps..everytime i play no rewards appear. I dont know what happen.i will change my review once its back to normal.
Previously rated this 5 stars I cashed out for $10 one time the 2nd time I cashed out I got the $10 only to find out it was in Canadian currency so I can't even spend it. How do you get a cash out in a currency where you don't live. If this is fixed I will change my rating back to 5 stars but right now I'm really thinking about uninstalling...
Loving the game. For sure this is legit due to the app developer & any app that wasade w/ multi-turbo. I played an app that rewarded me before, & that was the usual thing I always saw.
Super fun time passer and bonus of making some kind of money however it will not recognize my username from another WINR game and I can't create a new account because it says my email is already in use. If that could be fixed, it would have a 5 star.
Its really addictive game hopefully you can enjoy it also and gve you real cash as they say on introduction.
It's a very bad app they just forge names ..we don't see points of which these so called "WINRS" score...No matter how hard you try you don't win...last time I competed with the one on the top list. .I got more scores than him only to find out that there was another one who won but was not on the top list.
Fun. Yes it's a game you can earn money with but it is VERY SLOW to earn enough to cash out. I like it because it runs smoothly and it is entertaining.
After I had reach the best score 3x the system hang. Kindly validate on this area and improve your system. Still observing on cashing out. It will be a waste of time if this was not complied by " MAKE MONEY" stated in all your WNNR Games.πŸ‘Ž. Improve your system.
Totally relaxing and exciting in the same time. I love the background sounds. For the moment I am learning to play it. I don't know if it will work with the payment. I will see....
there are ppl that's hit 10k lvl. you'll never get anything bc some bricks are 3x your ball count and adds have a wall divider n you must clear that section and watch add to unlock. waste of time. games light this are designed to farm 3 mill. cash b4 you even win any cash.
So addicting. Absolutely love it. Only 4 stars because I can't turn the sounds and music off. I will change to five stars if someone tells me how. Update: figured out how to turn off the volume! Changed to five stars!!
Wow...I honestly gotta give this game some thumbs up .. its definitely not like the rest of the so called real money pay out games ... u gotta earn it fair and square..its fun plus there is multiple ways to earn as you go... I look forward to getting the pay out when its my turn.. try it u will like or love it..
I love the app. Your tickets are sync with other games of winr. That makes it easy to earn tickets ang convert it to cash!!
Great game,fun to play. The only problem,in my opinion, is that it takes tooooo loooong to save $10, to cash out. I suppose that if you make some quests to complete, to ear some more $ would be better..like for example m, for 100k points (bricks smashed), you get $0.10... for 1 million same, and so on...it would make the game more interesting and make people to play more..
Installed it through the other app offer showing 5k tickets for new installation.. but i got nothing after installation
Installed it via a money making app; challenging enough to get me hooked. This game has helped me level up rather rapidly so I can equally earn fast in the money making app.
I can't understand what's the rule of the game I warn tickets and try to make dollar,, but then I see is'nt any tickets and I didn't get any dollar,, and I don't know how to play drawπŸ˜’πŸ˜€ please help me, I don't want play draw, control it that its never come again in my game,, and please can you anyone help me to solve the problemπŸ™
Pretty addicting... And not quite like the original bricks where u have to catch the ball. I like the challenge.
I already reached 10$ but didn't send, if u play for time pass play this , if u want for money don't wast ur time.
Requested for cash out 2 times. It showing cashed out but did not receive the money. Also sent an email but did not got a reply.
Its really an amazing and mind relaxing game . I just fall in love with this . All BIGTIME games are so cool but it is the most one i like to play.
I love this game absolutely love it it as all of them have a few glitches and have not been paid out on any of them but very fun game!
fun and addictive. it was doing fine for a couple weeks and now it won't do anything as far as transferring coins into cash. disappointing. gotta delete now. ☹
Is like the fifth time that just because of the Ads, the game gets crashed and you need to start again loosing boosters and winnings. Twenty minutes playing and when you're about to reach the record, another crash. Are you going to receive any answer from them? Absolutely not.
A few years ago I had the idea to develop games and share the ad revenue with players in regular drawings. I didn't possess the technical skills to pull it off, but I am glad winrgames does!!! This is an excellent concept, not just because I thought of it (lol), that is very well executed. Please try to develop games like word hero, dots, and legendary. I love those games and I'd love them more if I could win money just for playing lol.
For the last couple days I keep getting messages that server is busy or I need to wait until I have a stronger internet connection. Then the next time go to the app my points disspear. It has nothing to do with my internet. I stream movies and it doesn't work no matter whaere I am. There is no way to contact anyone through the app. I tried sending an email through the website and got no response.
So far the game is addictive, but the ads every level is a buzz kill frfr... Hopefully I can win something to change my opinion... But until then its a strong 2