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Bricks n Balls

Bricks n Balls for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Cheetah Games located at Unit 1309A, 13/F, Cable TV Tower, No. 9 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My Samsung Note 9, which i carry in my shirt pocket, is so sensitive that after having played Bricks n Balls and turned off my phone, it re-opened the app as it bounced around in my pocket while mowing my lawn. I inadvertantly purchased three of the $99.99 ruby packs as well as opening nearly 20 other apps and web pages. When I brought this to the developer's attention, they denied a refund! If you have a card attached to your account for purchases, change your settings to require a password!
the ads are unbearable. all i want is to mindlessly play a game and not be bombarded with ads every 30 seconds. i liked the game so i bought the ad free version but that only worked for 5 minutes before the app force quit and ads were back. money taken and everything. i contacted them and have yet to hear a reply and its been over 2 days. dont download.
I'm simply astonished that these people want $8 A WEEK for a subscription for their arcade-style app. You really expect me to pay more for a cheap time killer app on my phone than I would a Netflix subscription, something actually worth the money. Insane. The best part is the way the game bugs you to sign up for their idiotic subscription every time you open it. Money hungry fools
None stop ads. want to play a game - advert. want to restart a game - advert. completed a level - here's another advert. Far to many adverts. Deleting this game now. Theres like minded games out there dont waste your time the adverts are so frustrating (as you have to watch them). Edit - if you are listening to music while playing it cuts the music off and you have to open spotify again.
can't get all the freebies to pass levels. weekly games also lick up and cannot proceed. intermittent, but still A BIG BUG. can't advance without help and can't access the help.
Paid for no ads in game. Had to get a new phone and ever since I have ads. Tried to contact many times the developer to restore the purchase made and got not awnser from them. Literally one month waiting for help, looks like the company is giving a s*t for us. There's no way to save your progress in case swapping devices. There's no way to have a support from staff. This is unacceptable! Want my purchase No-Ads back on.
I made an accidental purchase on the app and attempted to contact the app developer with no responses. Then I realized I also did not receive the purchased item either. Still have not heard from the developer after weeks.
bad version of a game that's been done before. the dotted bounce guideline doesn't react to the presence of blocks... it just continues right through until it hits a wall.
i purchased no ads. I'm getting ads again and I've sent an email a week ago to fix this and I've received no feedback or help whatsoever. you guys are stealing my money quite frankly.
It's ridiculous that you have to pay for gems earned, and you get free gems for watching ads, but never enough ads to get all the gems, but enough ads to force you to watch in between games. Game needs much improvement
depending on what angle you let the ball go it's interesting just to watch it go around take the blocks out so I really like this game because it is a game of strategy plus when you have a certain amount of games
nice game, but too many ads. I know the developer needs to make money, but do we really need to watch a whole 30 second ad EVERY time we complete (or not) a level?
At first the game is very nice, but at some point the levels are literally impossible to pass. It makes no sense to put such huge numbers on the bricks. I don't even know if there are so many levels as they claim, or that they just put few impossible levels at some point, and nothing after...
DO NOT PURCHASE ADD-FREE OR ANY OTHER ONE-AND-DONE ITEMS. I bought add free and had to do a factory reset. The add free add-on is gone and they refuse to contact me with more then an automated response saying they are busy. What a disappointment.
Brilliant game , there's always something to play and I like the weekly specials games because 1 week you devote your time on it and the next week you'll get the treasure quest and I do it in and day , get the rewards and can get on with levelling up and playing the endless games to collect rubys for the big games.
the game is actually very entertaining but get ready for the advertisement. I have other puzzle games like this and, because of the amount of advertisement aline, is the one I least play. in my other games I'm level 750+, 460+, 645+ and this one barely 240. it's not hard it's just annoying.
loved the game until a $20+ charge appeared on my google play account, I have no clue what the purchase is for and cant seem to get the charge removed. Time to uninstall this one!!
Love this game. I Paid to have ads removed and it worked. I paid for the Golden aim and it's not working. Please fix this.
The game is okay, but they want large amounts of money for very little. I have never seen a game that wants more money for any game elements. Even professional websites charge less for what they offer. This is greedy and offensive.
Fun game but the obnoxious ads ruin it. Really? You need a 30 second ad every level? Too much for a simple time-waster like this. Also a pushy money grab. You can forgive one or the other but stupid long ads and the constant hounding for paid ad ons is too much. Uninstall
paid to remove ads. after new phone no way to restore purchases. do not buy this game. its not original and has insane in game purchases such as $18 to get a piggy bank to store in game currency, or a monthly subscription for something like $10 a month or $100 a year to keep playing the same game.
I've made it to level 320. But for some reason it wiped out all of my progress back to 309. I refuse to work through all those levels again. Took too much time. All wasted.
This game is terrible do not install it!!!!!! The line they have for where you are aiming does not work, it doesnt aim where it says. The corners of the bricks dont make sense, you could hit a flat edge and somehow it will go the complete wrong direction as if it hit a corner. Theres nothing good about this game go and install another one!!
not a bad game but I'm uninstalling it due to the developers adding a 30 second ad after every level. I literally spend more time watching ads of games I will never play than playing this one. Nice job dumbasses!
Good game, but. The adds are ridiculous. Its impossible to navigate without touching something you have to pay for, even if you don't want to. It won't even go into the game, just paying adds.Gave it 1 star cause I can't give 0. Uninstalling and letting everyone know. Don't let these crooks steal your money...
Fun game...too bad the ads drive you crazy. Always asking for you to give money.....felt like I was at a panhandling convention. Delete.
I've played this game and observed how the path of the ball is manipulated so you are not allowed to win the level. I purchased this game with the assistance of Google Play giving me $2.00. It osnt the money that bothers me, its the way they blatantly change the balls direction and attempting to force you to purchase stones to get past the blockade of boxes. Aggravates the hell out of me to see the ball go in a different direction that I aimed. Manipulation at its finest.
Strategy yes, Ads No. Started good, but then too many ads for my preference. Sorry I am frugal when it comes to sometime I may get bored with. Not meant to insult. the developers.
if you pay the $2 to remove ads, it will then pester you every 6 seconds to buy the $36 monthly subscription. otherwise, fun game.
BEWARE!! I got a new phone an progress did not transfer. Support did not help at all. I want all in-game purchases refunded ASAP!
Ad laden, broken difficulty standard. There are normal difficulty levels, and then in the middle of that there are mathematically impossible to complete block mashes that cannot be completed without spending $10 on their version of ripoff credits *for a chance* to complete said totally imbalanced level. The quality checker should be fired and the designer should be deported. Stay away from this trash.
Had to lower mine, treasure map continues to freeze. I am never able to complete more than 2 maps. As of today it has been frozen for 3 days. I have emailed several times with no response. very frustrating as the weekly challenges are my favorite part
if you like constant, irritating glitches, then this is your game. I don't, so I am giving up and deleting this game. I gave it a month, hoping they were going to fix the glitches. They didn't. In fact, the glitches have just gotten worse.
Fun & Addictive game, but I have one complaint on the controls. The reset/rewind button on my device is located at the edge of the bezel where it is frustratingly easy to trigger unintentionally. It feels like I waste more gems on unwanted rewinds than on power ups I actually want. If the Developers could move the rewind button a bit to the center, things would be perfect. Thanks for the fun game. :-)
Stop offering me trial memberships. The game itself is good, but being annoyed every time I open the game is not a good business strategy. On the plus side, I'm well over level 300 and there has yet to be a level I had to pay to pass.
although this game is fun, its very unrewarding.. I'm up to level 90 something and I haven't won a damn thing I don't get to keep my gems I got to pay 2.99 to get my gems? piss off
Used 1,000 rubies completing a challenge and the next time i logged in it showed as though that level had not been completed. No response from support.
this game is amazing! I am addicted and in love :) it has ads but they are so easy to skip past you don't even have to watch them; and on top of that is not so hard that it's annoying and frustrating but it's not too easy that it's not challenging. Great job on a great game guys. 10 thumbs up!
Game is ok, but I am tired of seeing the adult/mature games ads come up. I considered paying for the ads to go away, but instead I am getting rid of the game (afraid if I pay they will still come up occasionally, and it is showing half naked women in compromising positions in between levels and I don't want my kids to walk up while I am playing and see that) This is a game that would be completely appropriate for children, but since the ads are not, it should be rated M, the same as the ads.
take the darn undo last move button off the main game screen. I hit that thing accidentally at least every other time I play the game. I must have lost 2000 gems due to hitting that without meaning to.