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Bricks DEMOLITION for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by DAF. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is very good and every level is new challenge. But the app hangs very often. Please wait sign keeps coming and doesn't go off and then we eventually have to go back to main screen and start the game again.
Was the closest & best alternative to Ataris Suoerbreakout. Been playing this game for more than 3 yrs. Sad it kicks me out at the 7 th level everytime. No purpose in having it on my phone anymore.
Great game, bringing back fond memories. It's just a pity it freezes and resets all the time, because it completely ruins the experience.
Fantastic game. I used to love the old Ricochet games and was looking for something with that classic Ricochet/Brick Breaker feel and after trying a good number I found this. It is by far the best. A few bugs here and there but overall really fun with tons of levels, unique powerups/powerdowns and great pacing in difficulty and feature additions.
Its so good whereby it gives different challenges for you to go through, would recommend for anyone, coated with nice sound track.
The industrial sound setting is a refreshing departure from the childish dings and bells of most games.
The game is very addictive. I can't stop playing. I have completed all levels without the help of jokers.
smooth and fine... only one issue which I experienced is with the direction of ball after bouncing back with plate. ball rarely get 60 to 90 degree return angle. Most of the time it takes deep bounce in 30 to 40 degree angle though it strike to centre part of the plate! You should take care of bouncing angle of ball on the basis of its touch to the different part of the plate.
Good game as long as you maintain focus. The moment you loose your concentration/focus, you loose the ball. The overall game is relaxing, for the majority of the time, and just plain fun. However, as you progress through the boards, the challenges do increase and you may become frustrated and get the eurge to throw your phone. But, like most of everything else, that to will pass. Have fun πŸ‘.
fun game ,but I have to always uninstall over and over and over because you're game freezes with, please wait, you're gunna wait for ever or until you fall asleep !!!! not fun to get to a higher level then have to start all over again and again and again !!!!!!!!!! FIX YOUR APP !!!!!!!!
Great game but it "hangs up" & I have to restart at the end of almost every level starting at (around) level 115.
Some times the games is paused with please wait message but doesn't resume so need to restart. Please check on this issue .
I really enjoy playing the game. The only problem I'm having with the game is that the ads won't play and when they finally do I have to close out the game in order to finish playing the game
Wonderful. Only problem I face is not to skip some particular level (which I didn't succeed) and proceed. For example, I have been stuck at level 123.
Great game - has kept me going back for more. Levels get harder but so far managed to keep going, so have not got to the point of giving up yet! Ball got itself into a loop on one level so could not stop/finish without exiting. Used a joker on that level. otherwise no complaints.
A very nice game. l enjoyed it. l completed all the levels. Please make more levels soon. Thank you. Please reply.......
I love this game!!! Dont listen to what the haters say; I like that different blocks give you different amount of points and more blocks and way more power ups than usual. And i also like that there are two modes and they are actually different. I recommend this over other brick breaker games. I would give this six stars if i could
Best Bricks game ever, but luckily I found the game's fault and was able to complete all the levels. It gets nasty in late stages but I had enough Jokers to be able to skip levels.
Too much of time waste in the later levels. Ball doesn't move straight keeps hitiing here and there, you have to wait for a long time!
Takes way to long to get thru a level, spend several minutes bouncing off unbreakable blocks making no progress in the level, unable to change direction of the ball. Once the ball starts going sideways it stays going sideways, no way to straighten out.
Bricks demolition is tension releasing game and when we play this game, we enjoy more than free sitting..... It's enough 4 ur game rating...
The only thing I found wrong and/or bugged is that sometimes a ball will get stuck bouncing back and forth along an indestructable block, but that is not only rare, but also not necessarily annoying. Great game, really good for just listening to music and passing time.
Only one game and it locked or freeze the whole phone screen and undid all the screen folders. The controls are not very user friendly. And it started to open multiple windows on the browser of ads links. Do not recommend at all. Also these sort of apps bring viruses and make the phones vulnerable to bring hacked. A complete No go.
Fantastic game even though it messes up I'll work through it I do hope it gets upgraded. So 5 stars because of unique & difficult levels etc
I'm so in love with this game I give it a thumbs up, its a very addictive game, I use to have this type of game in my phone it came with my blackberry phone that Qwerty keyboard types of phones, Now I'm playing it in my smartphone, I've played all levels even though some of them are difficult and will like to see more levels added. I will like to recommend it to game addicts! This is a brilliant game for you, Download it you will never regret yourself for doing so. Thanks a lot
It was fun but I played it to the max I guess, I'll have to find a bricks app that has more levels.. don't be thinkin' that you can do this too. It's a fine game. I'm henious genious. But it too me 6 hours.
Great game. Always works. Great levels and some jokers if you need a pass. Amazing for a free game with not too many ads.
It's fun to play but I have to go all the way out of it for a minute for it to reset when I lose. It gives the option to play again but it doesn't work.
One of the best games I had yet! One problem,some levels are super long, like level 17 for example. (I sweer that level tock me more then 20 minutes).[For game crater], 2 questions 1. when do you meet the garden's? 2. how many levels are there?
This game isn't that good. You can't control where the ball goes. If the ball landa on the left side of stick, the ball should go to the left. Same for right side and center of stick should go straight up. This ball constantly goes from left to right when the entrance to break bricks, most are up and down. I have been on this same step for 5 WEEKS because of this. I use to play a game called dx ball, if you can load that game i suggest you play that game instead. A friend is loading that on my
I think this is a great game. Have reached level 329. Strangely, the levels at this stage appear easier than some lower levels.
This game is good, but graphics are not very nice. So, l give this game 3 star rating. Please improve this game's graphics.
It's good, but improve the layout when you complete a level. Add eye -catching layout, e.g. LEVEL COMPLETE or YOU WIN (in green colour) so as if a child can't read just able to see colour of the words, hear the sound played see some cheering flowers dropping. Otherwise the game is fum.
This game is very entertaining with a lot of levels to complete. I do have a couple gripes. Some older android systems do not have the ability to hide the home/back buttons, which you can hit while playing, and it resets the game. The bigger problem is that sometimes at the end of clearing the field, it brings up the "back to menu" button and you accidentally hit it, which makes you restart and lose your score. The solution to this would be to move that button to the top of the screen! 4 stars!
Completed EVERY level. Game reset at level 975. Quite bored by the end. Not a game to recommend except that it's a freebie
I love this game. I would play it everyday if it was on my computer. Do to my vision it is hard for me to see it on my phone. That is the only reason why I took it off my phone.
It's a very decent brick breaker game, but the lack of variety means it quickly gets a bit tedious. Could do with more backgrounds, maybe missions, some sort of basic plot to play through, however banal, different paddles, balls, powr-ups etc, just not the same level over and over again. Good basics overall, and decent graphics, but needs to be built on. Look at 'Ancient Bricks' for an example.of what I mean.
After 4 or 5 rounds of this game, it pauses and a PLEASE WAIT screen appears. Sometimes it goes to an ad but never returns to the game. The screen just stays on PLEASE WAIT so, I need to close the game and start over with a 0 score. This is a fairly new issue. I've been playing it for a couple of years and it hasn't done this. Please fix! Yes, the rest of my apps work fine. Yes, my phone is updated.
It needs a pause botton,save botton. Can you put on different levels and not just repeat levels? It just needs a few more adjustsments.Thanks.The game is all right.
Very bad i wish in could give it 0 stars it has so many ads that you cannot even play 1 game with its ads it is very bad
I simply love this game and this is clearly the best demolition app I have ever found. Would be great to play on iPhone too but for now enjoying it on my old Samsung. Well done!
Sound effects good. However 975 levels is overkill. It becomes more work than play. The player should see the "light at the end the tunnel" much sooner than later.
Frustrating, because it is a good game, plenty of levels and action, BUT!!!...the ads COMPLETELY RUIN it: so, as you're enjoying your game, FULL PAGE ads pop up. If you try to clear them (VERY difficult)!, you are forced to wait and the screen freezes on the ad for ages, and either crashes or you have to restart your device to get rid of it. Not good...not recommended...not keeping! Uninstalled!!!
This is nice game but there is one big problem when i playing 44 level in this game, my ball stucked and i have only one option and the option is i quit this game and start again. So please , solve this mistake to avoid bad review for ur wide users!!
when it works, the app is good, BUT it often freezes mid-game and is unresponsive. This is a BIG problem because it then forgets your game score, so if you spent ages building a high score it is very annoying and frustrating to have wasted your time!! It also freezes in the same way sometimes when you pause or exit the game, and then your game score is forgotten again!! Until these glitches are fixed, I would not recommend it.
It's a pretty good game, but some ads make it freeze sometimes, so that is why I gave it 4 stars. Cool game though.
Been playing this game for 2 years & it's my favorite. Very challenging. It has a glitch once in awhile but I just close the app & wait about 10 minutes.
It is a great game. Lots of levels but on the higher ones the animation glitches and the ads won't play! This keeps you from playing the app. You (the developer) are losing revenue b/c we can't see the ads! Can you fix this?
After a few achievements a PLEASE WAIT MESSAGE appears and everything just stays black and if you're like me waiting is absolutely a waste of extreme gaming esp with appealing sounds. Not sure if you developers care to even consider my view, but apparently other people exp. the same thing. Wanted to keep playing but looks like it's on to another one. Thank you for your time. God bless.
Controls are not so good but the game is nice you have to change your control options and see your game what controls it need all over the game is nice I love it
Great game, impressed with the creative and challenging brick layout as the game progressed. Level 314 had the bricks in the shape of pi. Level 700 introduces the monsters, past level 800 the ball has to go through convoluted mazes. I got to up level 974 with 19 jokers remaining when it said game completed more levels coming soon. The only con is this game is a resource and battery hog, and makes my Galaxy S6 hot after 20 minutes, after which it starts glitching and I have to let it cool down.
Bad it glitches and plays music still when I leave tha game! It's laggy I have Great internet also it says level complete and I didn't even complete it also it said please wait and it took ages to load a ad not worth the download! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ΆπŸ§
Best brick breaker.... Made for kids Overall best experience and easy controls... Thank you Bricks Demolition
I used to love this game and appreciated the ever increasing challenges as it was clearly the best demolition app I had ever found. Since a few days though, there is this new version which is far to easy and boring and everything still freezes. The first, original version was really excellent. A pity that it was changed.
Generallya nice game but some levels are just ridiculous such as lvl32. Not as in challenging but just irritating