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Bricks Breaker Plus

Bricks Breaker Plus for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by TRYONI ARTS located at Surat. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not the fun game it used to be. Now it's a bright, noisy mess full of ads. Uninstalling this really sucks...
I was on level 640 with thousands of gems to use. I played this game every day for two years. Now all my progress is gone and you've made the game completely different in a bad way. I am beyond disappointed. Please put the game back to the way it was.
The only issue I have is the aiming is so imprecise I point at one object and it will go to another brick instead of the one I am pointing to. I have run into another issue. When you go above a certain level the ball stops behaving normally. I am playing one that the ball will only hit one box at a time. if I try to bank the ball to hit more blocks it still only hits one block then returns home...
I uninstalled another brick breaking game because it went too far with its update and now this one has too. So we get 30 gems every hour now, what about the extra balls and the brick reducing items that we can use during the game? Once we run out of them how do we get more? I'll give it time but I will most likely be uninstalling and finding a different that was more like this old version. If it ain't broke dont fix it. Edit: and one of the same stupid bot reply everyone else seems to get.
Good game. Fast paced ball speed which is a good thing. I dont think you really need the preview at the start does not seem to make a difference for anything. Easy to learn and play. Well done.
I just updated my app and it reset the whole thing! It's like I just downloaded a brand new app. The look of it is junky looking too. I actually ended up deleting it. Disappointing.
What happened to the original game this changed into rubbish overnight sorry but its slower I lost my 150 levels This doesn't even look like the logo or picture on the play store page
Recent update wiped all history....lost all gems...back at level 1 after months of climbing to level 600. New version is for kindergarten age Aug 28th...re-installed...still the kindergaten version....grrr
I often suffer from extreme anxiety. Yet I have found this game surprisingly relaxing. I think it's because I become mesmerized by the balls erratic pattern. Which allows my body to calm down and breathing return to normal. Thanks
I was on level 300+ with the old version, got the update, and it sent me back to the beginning. There wasn't even an choice in the matter. Makes me not want to play..... terrible.
Used to play this daily. Was on level 510, then in an instant/update in August 2019 I was at level 1 in a garbage game. Already deleted. Let me know if you restore it back to what it once was.
If i could give zero stars i would... I loved this game until they decided to 'update' and lose all my progress, gems, etc. I am so dissapointed. After a year of playing nearly every day I will be deleting the app.
As a disinterested time waister sure this is okay. HOWEVER, the aim indicator is way inaccurate, certain levels are basically unachievable, and there is no description of what the 2 abilities do. I would not recommend this game too soon.
The game makes you think and gets more challenging as you go. I keep trying until I get all 3 stars. The game would be a little better with a separate motion to fire the ball instead of aiming and firing being together. Also if it did not bombard you with adds after you make a review, hence me dropping my review from 5 to 3 stars.
Dont bother with this app anymore. I was in around level 757 and overnight they set me back to zero. The new game is horrible, slow and full of ads. I played this game daily while killing time and not it is horrible. I will be deleting this app right away. It doesnt even look like the thumbnail anymore.
last update was an advertising campaign too far. watching the same adverts over and over. you require more gems to give you the edge but thats ok you can watch the adverts again. physics changed in last patch also. not as enjoyable. uninstalled
Older version was better. I am uninstalling it. I was on an advanced level and camr back to level one. Very disappointed even with the graphics.
I was having fun at level 285, THEN they re-designed everything. Not only does the new design look more cartoonish and goofy, but the balls even feel more floaty and less satisfying to ricochet. The bricks are less fun to break. Oh and they deleted all my progress. Instant uninstall.
I used to love this game. Then a few days ago the icon was gone off my screen and when I found it inside the apps list it was a crappy toddler version of the game I loved. I am uninstalling as soon as I post this review!
Don't download this game!!!!!!! Just tried to play it and some other game comes up now.Thats twice now that ive lost everything.First time it started me back at level one.Now some other game comes up when I click on my app.560+ levels gone.
After playing a few levels, I enjoy the game, however, I am going to uninstall it due to the offensive ads for "tender" girls. That is the same as avertising under-age girls. unbelievable!
Was fun for a few months, but todays update they raised the cost of "remove 3 lines" from 50 gems to 200 gems. At the higher levels you need all those power ups, and that price raise is gonna make some levels take over a month to clear. Oh well, the game was fun while it lasted, time to move on. Fantastic! Great fun and challenge at higher levels. A reasonable quantity of ads. And some darn good ASMR for my cat.
All my progress went away, you updated it to a newer, slower, boring version of it. Please tell me how to roll back to the previous interface with my previous game data.
Great game. I love that there are no intrusive adds while you play a level and I can live with the adds between each try, it is a free version after all. I like the idea of a two stage aim then fire as suggested by other reviews but before implementing this would it not be better to have the option of one OR two stage fire in the game options? Also great choice of colours for the bricks as you don't get eye-ache while playing. Lastly I would like to see the power-ups build up on a short timer as I am past level 200 and it is getting really difficult and I run the danger of loosing interest. 😁
The new design is awful. It looks the brick game I have downloaded for my 5 year old. Oh and not to mention the fact my progress on level 283 is completely gone with absolutely no warning.
The "new user experience" is universally bad. So many ads. So much noise. So much complexity. Its a totally different game and does not match any of my wants for a simple, absorbing challenge. Uninstalling after this had been a long-lived favourite. arg-hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,
Well the game updated and now it's like a completely different game. I was over level 300 and now I'm back to square 1.
So I just lose my progress with the new update. I was at level 330 at least and now Theres not event 265 levels ... Ads Ads Ads always make you go on the playstore or your browser ! It was the only brick game with ad that I liked and now Ill uninstall it.
Completely different game from what I was playing last time I opened it. If the new game was fun I might not mind as much, but is pretty terrible. Uninstalling...
It was a decent game, pretty addictive though i had hit a point where the levels were impossible to complete without powerups. Nevermind though, because the last update got rid of all of that and turned it into a completely different game, with uglier graphics and different mechanics. Lost all my powerups and points and have to start from scratch. You know what, screw that. I don't need another time sink in my life. Especially given that it could undergo another of these transformations any time.
I am not sure how to use the gems I've clicked on everything LOL. Kind of stinks that I can earn gems but can't use them. Other than that I enjoy this game too much.
Just went to play my game and everything was reset and redesigned. It has a 1980 feel to it, I liked it the way it was before. This new version isnt as good, I uninstalled it and wont be playing the newer version. It was 5 stars before, now just 1.
Was a great game would give 5 star but since last update keeps either crashin wen going to a new level or not even starting up just get a blank black screen such a disappointment unistalling and restarting also annoying last chance for this game as many others with no problems that are the same basics
The previous one (the one advertised in youtube was so excellent)... y did u guys change the game entirely??? Ull have managed to kill the fun & like for your game app. Hope the previous vers./the one played in youtube shown below READ MORE option of this app. is bought back... ive uninstalled the app.
The new "update" is a completely different game! I was on level 433 from months of on and off playing. All of that is gone and replaced with a slow cartoon version of the original. I tried 5 levels and uninstalled the game. I'm really disappointed.
Update changed the game, too much to skip 3 lines and no I don't want to have to be on every hour or watch videos. Was much better before the patch......will be looking for a new game.
I was a fan of this game until the recent update, in which it feels like an entirely different game and all of my progress is gone. There wasn't even any notice that this would happen beforehand. I just went to play a bit before bed and now its changed entirely. Great way to make everyone upset, I'd say.
I was on level 465! Why change the game play?! It's so slow and my levels started all over again! Uninstall right away
like all the other brick breaker games they decided to go with you no longer getting something free everyday you log into play so i used up my points and its asking me to buy coins when "its free to play" so instead i will be happy that i made it to level 470 and uninstalling the game .
so far i love this game. game graphics are very good and very eye satisfying. best feature is day and night mode. Before i downloaded this game, I check reviews of this game. reviews is really good but some people said ads are too much. After I played this game for 2-3 days i found ads are really in optimized way. we can really ignore ads when we are getting is much amount of fun. I highly recommend this game to everyone.😊
This game would be a 5 star in my opinion, that is, except for the fact that aiming tool is off.... I have it on multiple devices, and it is an error in the game, not the device.
I loved this game before the update, but now, it's just horrible. The graphics are terrible, the gameplay is terrible, and it slows down my phone. I played for about 30 seconds while searching for the old version, thinking it was hidden somewhere within. I actually thought I clicked on something else , and tried closing and reopening the app, but alas, my actions were futile, and this game will soon be gone from my phone.
Been playing for a few years on and off. Was at level 350+ and lost all of my progress after the new update. Opened the app and within 30 seconds got an ad. Uninstalled it. DO NOT INSTALL. Who knows if your progress will be deleted again. This isn't the first time my progress has been reset. But it will be the last.
A good game for being fresh your mind and pass your time. This game is not much easy as you think, it will harder and harder as you up your level. Beside this the game play and arrangements of game is awesome!!!!!....
your app is still good how is it that you're supposed to clean the bricks down if what you got to work with is less than the number of bricks you got to clear and when you have to use all your diamonds just to clear the board you need to be bring back the part of the old version of the two icons that are on the bottom of the screen otherwise this is the best brick game so far that I play
If I could do zero stars I would. I was in the mid 500s and was forced to update. LOST EVERYTHING! Lost all the gems, balls, and was forced to start at level 1. The gameplay is now very slow and the layout looks bad. Bring back the old game style and I'll change my review.
Positive: no un-skipable ads, all ads can be closed immediately. Negative: you will never get the oddly satisfying feeling from watching continuous long duration ball breaking bricks. Somehow in this game, every corner of the bricks seems lead the ball to the bottom floor.
Update changed and ruined the game while erasing all progress. It was 4-5 stars before, but now it's slow, has poor design and just isn't the game I downloaded.
Until the most recent update it was the best brick braker game on the market now they changed the game completely and I lost all my purchases and gems. I will delete game Tryoni just made the worse decision ever.
Do not care for this version. My phone automatically updated and installed this version. I lost all my levels on my old version will be deleting this version
The latest update is awful. Very unhappy with it. I used to play this game every single day, but now I have no desire to. The new layout is awful.
Highly addictive game until the latest update, resolution has been altered so the game is stretched across the screen. The aim is off and doesn't line up to where you shoot. Too many adverts, and now costs too many gems to clear 3 rows etc. Will be uninstalling.
I was enjoying this game, but today I opened the app and found a completely different game! It wasn't an update, it's been redesigned and I have to start from the beginning! Why didn't they just release a second game using the new design and allow those of us enjoying the original game to continue?
Updated: hey, developer, do you know the difference between 50 and 200? What exactly you think you've "fixed"? I would give you negative 2 stars, if I could. What are you smoking? May 20, 2019 update has ruined the app for me. If it's not broken, don't fix it! Bunch of pop-ups, 200 rubies for 3 lines?! Thanks, but no, thanks.
This new install of the latest version is terrible and having it essentially reset any previous progress with no warning really doesnt go over well. Cant recommend this new version in any way.
I was enjoying this game on level 449 and logged in yesterday and the entire app changed. Everything I worked is gone. Won't be playing anymore
Worst after the new update! Older one was way cool! And the new one actually makes the phone slow r the game graphics is is causing it!(am using one plus 6t if u say my phone is slow) n i hv no problem at all with latest other uhd graphic games! Design n development team i would strongly recommend u to change the game into its former clasic old version! The current version sucks!
What the heck happened?? The game was updated to a completely different style, all my progress deleted, looks and plays terrible now. Was my favorite passtime game, but now will be deleted.
Open to play and suddenly a bee update changed the entire game and i lost all of my progress. Yah the developers can go screw themselves!!!
You did update in August and now I honestly cannot stand the game. Enjoyed it before the update not after you guys totally changed the layout.
I hate the update, I lost all my progress on the old version and am now left with this rubbish! I know you need to up date the game but not completely change it! Even the 1 star rating is way too much.
The new update is terrible. I've played this game every day for the past year. Lost my progress. Please put it back the way it was. Gonna have to uninstall otherwise.
I loved this game- latest update ruined it in my opinion. It's a whole new game. Too slow, lost levels. Time to find a new game
My phone did a system upgrade and the entire game is different now. It also kicked me back to level one from level 350. Super disappointing.
Originally rated this as a 4 star game. After the update: interface sucks, lost my game,, lost my gems, and really sucks! Giving you 1 star. Zero if I could...
The recent upgrade wrecked this game! I was at level 474 with over 100,000 diamonds and now its all gone! The upgrade is simplistic and not challenging!
What the actual hell happened to this game? I updated to the latest version, and not only did I get reset to Level 0: the Tutorial, but has it been completely redone into a trashy ad-ridden nightmare that freezes if you try to back out of the ad and needs a force- close. Lesson learned about updating games, I guess. It was fine as it was, even with that obnoxious plea to try your other games that opened up as soon as the old game loaded. I'm uninstalling this monstrosity.
They just completely redesigned the game and reset everything. I was on level 545 and now I'm back to level 1 without any of the diamonds I had stockpiled. It's also a completely different look and feel and now it's slow and horrible. No one was asking for this, you guys have ruined the game.
Last update ruined this game for me, I made it to lvl 320 and now it's waisted. Thanks for ruining my progress. Uninstalled this garbage. Edit: Response to your response. If your "Really" seriously sorry that I'm having this problem and you'd "Really" love to help how about you fix this garbage update?