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Brick Merge 3D

Brick Merge 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Clown Games located at ODTU Teknokent TEKMER SEM2 B9 Alictus Yazilim A.S., Cankaya 06800 Ankara/Turkey. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You are forced to watch ads even if you elect not to. The game is laggy. You are stopped to watch an ad every 15 to 30 seconds that lasts 45 seconds or more. This game is the worst ive played in a very long time. Please dont waste your time on this ad trap. There are many far better games similar to this one all of which are infinately better.
Seems like a nice simple time waster but overshadowed by copious amounts of adverts between most moves. Just avoid.
Liked the game when I actually got to play. Was more like a series of ads eith a brief break of game play in between. Would give 5 stars if there weren't and ad every minute.
Contradictory. Basically enjoy the game. However there's way to many ads. When you do so well and you get a bonus it will say "NO VIDEO AVAILABLE" so you click No Thank you.... You think you would resume with the game because there's no ads?. Right? Wrong suddenly there's an ad. It happens a lot because you get can get bonuses so easily but then there must be a cool down period, even though to get a reward you have to watch anywhere between 15 seconds and 30.
I like the game but there are so many adverts. I know that's part of how they keep the game free but this is excessive. I counted and for 6 seconds of game play I had about 45 seconds of adverts (four adverts). They also do my biggest pet peeve, "do you want to triple by watching a video?" "No thanks" plays video doesn't give you any bonus. Why give me the option?? Extremely annoying
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ive had the game for 5 minutes. have actually played for about 2. too many ads. when i press "No Thanks" boom, ad anyway. i suggest either going on airplane mode or getting an ad blocker. TL;DR: STOP SPAMMING ADS.
The reason I rated this 3 stars is because of the amount of adds in this game. Say a prize box pops up on the screen I usually say no thanks, as i press it a add still pops up. Please fix this and i will chance my mind.
The gameplay is fine, but the game is infested with 30 second unskippable ads, and even worse giving you the option to watch a video to increase your reward and when you define giving you an ad anyways.
The number of ads on this app is insufferable. I even expected an insane amount of ads and it's just THAT bad. Like, you can hardly play the game is so terrible. I couldn't go more than a couple click and drags of some bricks without being interrupted. It punishes you for doing well. Everytime I was given an option for an ad for a reward, I would select no, and then an unskippable ad plays anyway and I don't get the reward bc I said no. It's horrifying.
Waayyyyy tooooo mannnny adddddds! I am a fast player of most anything and i love games like this, but this game pisses me off!!!!!!!! Cant even play with all the non stop ads and mystery boxes! And the money never changes. Always says 2.1B and in the shop there is t anything to buy.
I enjoy these sorts of games a lot. But this one, despite the game being good, I only get about 20 seconds of game play before I find myself watching yet another bloody advert. If there was an option to pay to remove ads I'd gladly do it as they are just beyond excessive. And even when I don't want a reward and don't press to watch an advert to receive it, it still forces me to waste 30 seconds of my life watching the advert with no option to close it. Sorry but deleting the game.
A simple game that gets easier as you play. Fun at first, but the longer you play, the challenge leaves. Once you collect all the box sets, there no real reason to continue playing: your limited to collecting coins to 2.1B - after that, any coins you collect are subtracted then added back in to keep your total at 2.1B. I played up to level 100 just to see what happened when I collected the last city. Guess what? Nothing. The game just keeps going with no objectives but wasting time.
yeeah some games that are "ad infested" are actually decent with wifi off, but this game is just stupid. a 4 year old could play it well. I wish there was infinite mode where it could keep stacking numbers (and instead of doubling, just increase linearly ie 1 2 3 4 etc.)
Holy ads bat boy. I have never seen sooo many ads in a game. Even when you tap no thanks to the extra bonus for watching a video, you still have to watch it and get nothing for it cause you did not hit video. Literally there is a ad after 3-5 taps. CRAZY!!!! GOING TO UNINSTALL THIS BEAST.
Uninstalled after a few minutes of play. Within that time easily saw 5+ ads. It looks like it could be fun except for the numerous ads popping up at every turn. You get a few moves in and then an ad. Oh, play an ad to get a special something. Clicking 'No Thanks' leads to another ad. And as someone else said, these aren't short ads either.
I love the concept of the game, but it has way to many ads. After a level is done you have an ad. When it says watch an ad for like 100 coins or something it will say no ads available, so then you press no thanks and an AD will pop up. I like this concept and I will check later to see if it stopped. But if not I will uninstall the game. I DID NOT download this game to get ad after ad after ad. So please please please fix this
Fun game but WAYYYYYYYY too many ads. You spend more time watching ads than actually playing. Not cool, I really did enjoy this game otherwise.
This has to be the worst "game" i have ever played you just sort the blocks by number and you win. Giving it even 1 star is too much
WAAAAAYY too many ads, move 3 bricks,ad, take too long, ad. Can't enjoy gameplay cuz it's basically just ads.
Eh I like the idea, but it's sadly just yet another pointless game full of ads. If you say no to an optional one you'll get one anyway, if you say yes you just get a bonus ad :^) Everything in the game is "powered" by ads, too. It will just keep bothering you in your field of view while trying to concentrate on the game. Play it offline if you want to play at all.
As a GAME I would give this 5β˜† but the AD'S/PROMO'S of other games put me off giving it 5β˜† due to their 'content', I would advise parents/guardians to keep an πŸ‘ if they've got 16's/unders playing this due to the ad's/promo's between games/levels, as it doesn't make very pleasant viewing, yes I know MOST kids are more 'aware'/'switched on' but for those that ARE 'vulnerable', for those with learning disabilities or mental health problems it's worth checking out the promo content beforehand.
Fun game...BUT...I have NEVER played a game with so many ads before, and they're not short ones. Also, when it asks if you want to watch a vid to get 3x points, it says "no video available", makes you click "no thanks", and then plays an ad! Literally everytime you collect something there's an ad. Have I mentioned there are a ridiculous amount of ads??
I understand the ads are needed to keep the game free. However there does not need to be an ad every couple of seconds. I timed myself, played the game less than 2 minutes, and saw six ads. When I clicked no thank you to double coins or get extra keys and add would play anyway and I did not get anything extra. I think this game has a lot of potential to people who love the 2048 games, but this ad thing needs to be sorted out. I am uninstalling and at this time would not recommend.
I like this game because of these three things: strategizing from least to greatest, I can do it specially, and the graphics!
Too many ads constantly makes it more than annoying. Worst part, after certain point it presents you with. A gift box if you watch a video, however, if you press no thanks it still presents you with a video. So what's the point if it forces you to watch the video anyways.
It's fun. You give rewards when earned. The maneuverability of pieces is rewarding. A very refreshing game. Thank you.
I enjoyed the app. However I'm uninstalling because of the ads! There are extremely too many!!!πŸ™πŸ˜ . It gave me a headache trying to play the app. I know you need to make money too but there's a limit to what a person can takeπŸ˜–!. I may reinstall only if you cut out all those ads!!
I would easily give this game 5 stars because I really like the concept. But come on guys ads every other second. I know you have to make money to develop these games but dang it you can't even start to enjoy this game because there is an ad. Please put a buy option in it or just simply change how many ads. I am going to keep the game for a while to see if changes are made if so I will change my review immediately. Again great game and ideal but just change that one thing.
This is a great game but as soon as my score gets to 1.5m it crashes and then when I reopen it's back to 18k. Just happened for the 4th time so that's me done πŸ™
Keeps glitching and crashing. Fun game but i wont play much more if it continues. Also no way to contact support to report. So here i am....
Skip this one folks. Too many ads. You will be watching more ads than actually playing the game. Poor design.
Played for 3 minutes before uninstalling. The actual game itself is great! But you watch 3 ads and cross off 2 pop ups for 15 seconds of game time. Not worth it, don't bother installing.
I get you need to have access to revenue due to be free games. But when the 30 second ads are interrupting the actual game play it sucks.
Easy, fun, addictive, wish you couod change colour of bricks. Even be able to unlock colours would be great
It's actually fun to play, but!! There were too many distractions. Just about to enjoy the game, ads kept popping out (there should be a limit, not every 30 seconds), level completed pop up (couldn't understand the needs of it, would've preferred it to be continuous rather than level by level), opening chest box or mystery box which just pops out of nowhere when was so focused on stacking / merging the bricks. Hope this game will improve.
Totally ruined this game with the amount of ads. Not even the choice to buy ad free. Completely spoilt.
This game is trying too hard to be more than it is. Just let me stack numbered bricks. That's all. The prize chests, the keys, the spin the wheel, is all just useless nonsense that takes you away from the game itself. I'm completely baffled as to why it keeps interrupting me to give me more in-game money. There's absolutely nothing to spend it on! It just piles up! Why?! Just let me stack the bricks.
The game would be super fun, but it's nothing but ads and it constantly glitches and closes. It's not worth it. Also, if you say no to optional ads, you get an ad anyway. I never rate apps, but I simply had to rate this one. I just wish you could have made it better and with less ads.
It looks like it could be a fun, mindless game but I keep getting interrupted by full screen accomplishments and whether you accept or reject it your stuck watching adds. I've played ONE game to completion (between 5 and 10 minutes) and have seen over a dozen ads, most of them are full 30 second adds. I've literally spent more time watching adds then playing the game
This game is a scam! It.says you can skip the ads, but forces you to watch them anyways. Not a very challenging game either.
Fun to play but lost stars because of not only having a lot of ads but also because they don't work correctly which screws the player over because if you want 3x your win you click watch video but it will say there are no videos available so you click no thanks and it goes right into a video so you still have to watch it but the developer is giving the middle finger to his players by not giving us the reward for having to watch the stupid ad! Well πŸ–• too! I was gonna give you 3x the stars but...
I enjoy playing Brick Merge 3D because it gets my mind of what's going on in this world 🌍 today plus it's fun to play. The different colors plus the surprises when you hit a bunch of the bricks by number. It's totally 😎 awesome 😎
Ad riddled piece of trash. There was an ad after the first level, and an ad after about every 30 seconds after that. Same type low budget 2048 type of game that's just a cash grab. There is more fun games out there to play, and is super buggy. If you try to place a block on top of one it may put it under it. Don't waste your time with this.
I like the idea. Cool it with the adds. You give me a 'no thanks' but if I press it BOOM an add I cant click out of
Is there any challenge to this game eventually? All this game is, is dragging the bricks and setting them in order, from smallest to biggest, top to bottom. If you know the order of numbers and if you can count, this game will be a bore.
TOO TOO may ads! Wow! Are you game makers THAT greedy for ad money?? We can't even enjoy the game! UNINSTALLING!
Perhaps you should rename this as play ads.. and between each ad you get to play the actual game that way it might be possible to actually play the game..as with just about all devellopers these days you don't care about the people who play the games it's all about raising money..anyone thinking of playing this game read the reviews they all say the same thing it really is time we all started boycotting these greedy developers
I reached a point where I gained 2.1 billion and then it stopped gaining although I gained more than 5 billion above that 2.1 and it still didn't add to it, I had to Uninstall. EVEN AFTER UNINSTALLING the game never changed the amount of money I gained. 0 satisfaction.
SOOOO Many ads. Would be a great game without this level of ads. Some I can see, but not every 4-6 moves!!!