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Brew Town for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by AppBox Media located at AppBox Media Plc, 200 Aldersgate, London, EC1A 4HD. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Use of Alcohol/Tobacco) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really wanna give this 5 stars.... I absolutely love the game and concept and highly recommend if you appreciate the craft, the only reason it isn't 5 stars is I can only watch that maybe 2 ads if that whenever I play and other times every time an ad reward is offered, they play every time. my internet connection is fine, so it's not that... And it really slows the game play down when it comes to reducing time and for getting more cash. Fix this and I will absolutely post 5 stars. Thanks!
As a lover of real ale(craft beers if any Americans read this) I love this. It's addictive, easy to play and the design the bottles or cans part really appeals to me. I'm currently on 8 different ales. I've tried to make my labels appropriate to each style.
A great game with many good features. One of the best features is the ability to make and share your own bottle designs which ties into another great game feature called "Hop or not". This feature of the game is kinda like a tinder for bottle designs, your shown someones bottle design and you swipe right if you like it or you swipe left if you don't like it. I can't put this game down. I look forward to future updates. 5 Stars
Great game! I couldn't believe the download number when I saw it- you guys deserve way more! My only complaint here is that my game crashes after watching ads from the money/cap truck thing. I've noticed this only happens when there's higher amounts of money to be earned from the ad- I never had a problem with smaller amounts or caps. Also, I would love to see a way to type in the bottle design, rather than having to scale and position each letter individually.
Fun while it lasted. Devs posted that development has ceased and we will NOT be getting either scareville or dino world. which is super sad because this game is super innovative and I love coming up with new beer designs. But no support means more bugs over time ðŸĪ·... so I guess its over for now. thanks for the great game you guys. 😘âĪïļ
It was okay unique idea and I liked the way you can rate other designs but it wasn't really an astonishing game, I think the devs should definitely keep trying to make great games and the have awesome potential!!!
Good fun game and the bottle designing is awesome, but the game isn't really challenging. The profit per beer is a bit out there and they can put some costs to brewing and bottling. but if you just want a easy and fun beer brewing game, it's this one.
The games good and all but when I try to use some presets it would immediately crash the game. I would also like it if you'd improve the customization of the bottles so that its easier to write stuff and not to rotate the object that you click on by mistake and another thing I'd like would be when you try to improve your alcohol instead of having it like bubbles, please just make it a list of different flavours and NOT verbs like success. Success isn't a favour in alcohol. Thanks, wish you well.
Its a pretty fun game. Time killer for the most part but it is intriguing. I like the option of designing my own bottle/can labels. My only issue is the game crashes any time I try to watch an ad.
Nice game, I hate how slow it is at the beginning. Love designing the bottles Needs some upgrading of the controls and gameplay. It doesn't always work when you select the drones or limos.
I've literally spent hours on the label designer alone. i love this game. hands down the best mobile game experience. you can pay to advance quicker, but you absolutely don't have to spend a cent to level up and enjoy! i do wish there was a way to 'friend' other breweries. my roommates all play and it would add a cool element to the game. ðŸĪ·â€â™€ïļ
just enough to keep it from getting boring without becoming cluttered and overcomplicated. great game. only suggestion would be to add a way to create custom label templates or to copy an existing label to another brew. otherwise keep it up!
Dropped it down a couple stars. The watch ad feature to speed up things or double money does not work.
After deleting it for storage on my old phone, I reinstalled it recently to see if they took my advice from early access. From past experience, however, it's an amazing game and I highly recommend it. I'll edit the comment at a future date to see if they have fixed the former issue.
Really awesome game, love how customisable it is! Only problem I see apart from micro-transaction, which is a given is that the hop or not system, which is a brilliant idea on paper gives no motivation to actually grade labels. You're awarded for having the same opinion as the majority of other users, however, 99% percent of these reviews are positive as most people have figured out that all you have to do it spam the positive review and you're bound to make heaps of hops. Which sucks.
Honestly it very rarely loads onto the actual game. if you do mamage to get the game loaded, it lags unbelievably. Also the instructions arent the easiest to follow and its hard to understand what your meant to do for the first few attempts of playing it. The idea of the game itself is great but being able to actually play it is the key issue here, hence the two stars.
It's a lot of fun super creative with label making but maybe we could get a way to spell without having to individually put every single word? And minimize it other than that the idea is a lot of fun micro transactions arnt that pricey especially if you build up your bear bank. Visuals are quirky and memorable and makes me really wish starting a craft brew was THIS easy xD
Great gameplay but it needs something else. Feels too much like the older Eggs Inc. Great graphics and I LOVE creating cans and bottles. No exaggeration here.
I really love this game. I tend to binge play and quickly tire of a lot of apps like this, but the way this plays is so much better than the rest. The waiting times are reasonable, you grow your brewing business at a good rate, upgrades actually do something noticable, and you have a few different ways to earn money, which is great. My favorite part though is the fact that you get to be really creative and design your own labels and then you can see them throughout game. It's really special.
There's a bug where when I go into hop or not it always says I have bad internet connection even tho I have a strong internet connection. I did everything to fix it I restarted the app . Restarted my phone. Reinstalled the app nothing worked. Please fix it this little bug. It ruins the whole game for me.
Simple to pick up and play and hard to put down. I love the Label Editor, so cool to create your own art for the bottles (or cans), kind of amazing for a mobile game. Kills my battery though- lots of tapping on stuff. I see the last update was about a year ago- think its about time to add some stuff. Also, I have 8 brands going and the next one I can unlock is after making a five star and I'm just over one star with a $56 bottle... Can't imagine how long it'll take to unlock the next one!!
Really awesome game. I haven't actually enjoyed a phone game in a while. the hop or not feature is fun, and the microtransactions REALLY aren't that bad. you can make 1/3rd of your bear bank pretty consistently, and it only costs 4 bucks to open the BB. you can not spend a dime and have a really nice experience. good progression. but breaking the BB does make things easier. the biggest thing you might want is infinite hops, but again. if you just have a little patience, it really isn't a big deal
I like the simple graphics. I gave the controls 4 stars because when you go into the shop, you can't really get out of it. You have to click outside of the banner, which is a very slim line because the banner takes up 96% of the screen. The "X" at the top right doesn't work for me, and neither does the "back" button. Other than that, I absolutely love the game and all of the amazing features.
This is a really fun simulator. The way they use everyone reviews of everyone else's beer artwork really helps make it feel like there's a pressure to make a good product. Surprisingly addictive.
What i like about this game is that you are able to put your creativity to test by designing personally your products. The graphics, gameplay, and, animations are superb, which can provide relaxation and bliss. I suggest that the developers must give us more tools in designing our products so that it can make the game more enjoyable. Overall, this game is perfect.
I REALLY love this game but holding at 3 stars as the game has stopped allowing me to watch video ads for bonuses. Is there a daily limit I am unaware of? Would love to get more into it and spend some real money but I can't if a bug is going to hold my play back.
Way too much fun! I got addicted to this for a bit. It was surprisingly fun desiging my own bottles and upgrading them throughout the game. They're pretty generous with the premium currency which is nice. The end felt a little dragged out, but otherwise this was a good experience. I'm hoping they expand the end game a bit in the future.
This game is strangely addicting. I love the layout and flow of the game. But, it still needs a little bit of work done to it.This game just needs some minor tweaks on timing (how long it takes for beer to brew, the time it takes to level up the hops, etc.) and I would personally like to see a little more attention to detail. For example, when you improve a brew with a new flavor(s), I like to keep them the same, and forget what I previously put in it. Anyway, this is a great game none the less.
This is a very well made simple game. Very similar to Egg Inc. concept, except there is not much to tapping. Its best feature is allowing you to design your alcohol brand label and have a rating system. If only there are event collabs with companies to reward players or to feature winning designs in their label. One con about the label designer is that you can't type small words to put name on label. Other than that you cannot set the quantity of alcohol to be placed in your bar but max.
This is a great game, I thoroughly enjoy it! I do, however, have a couple of issues that need to be sorted before I can give it 5 stars. Issue 1) The advert watching feature to reduce time doesn't work at all. Issue 2) There's an alarming amount of players having racist, homophobic, nazi, sexually violent and other types of vileness on their bottles/cans. Yes you can report them (I have reported at least 12) but there needs to be something to stop them designing it in the first place.
This is a great concept, poor execution. The it should really be called Ad simulator. A game where the object is to only watch ads, but the catch is that they are always broken and won't work. There are a billion other trash idlers, don't waste your time on this one.
I've been having a lot of fun with this game but for whatever reason when it gets to the part of the tutorial where I upgrade HQ, it forces me to the HQ menu and doesn't let me click on the upgrade button. So I can't play this game unfortunately but I really want to. I would improve my rating if this would get fixed.
An amazing game, but after a day or two it gets boring. It's too easy to "finish" the game and have maximally upgraded everything. There is no use for caps other than shortening times at some point, and money becomes worthless because everything is fully upgraded. It's addicting and amazing at the beginning, but after time it's just repetitive. Got to the ocean hops and have nothing to look forward to anymore.
I can't believe how much I like this game. I downloaded it because I liked that you could create your own bottles and I ended up getting completely sucked in. It is really well balanced where it's not too easy but you don't feel like you NEED to spend money to play. I like that it doesn't force you to update hops but gives you the option or you can stick to what you're already doing and that watching adds truly does benefit your game play and cuts a TON of waiting.This really is an awesome game.
Simple game. I like beer and I enjoy this style of game so I'm having fun. No pressure to pay and the resources are plentiful without paying. The bottle design feature is clunky but still fun. Its a free game not graphic design software.
fun game and remarkably similar in mechanics to "Eggs, Inc." The bottle design function is kind of like a mini-game built in. I would love to see the ability to set a brand standard on the packaging design, so that all bottles start with a custom format including a logo, maybe even a logo on the nottle cap, as opposed to the default circle and laurels. This could make for a more interesting designs which keep specific elements in place. It might not mean much to others but would be fun.
typical idle game... EXCEPT its beer! love beer, and would love to own my own brewery. this is a good alternative since I don't have to money to do so. ALSO you can customize your beer labels in depth and its awesome.
Its a great simple game. I love designing the bottles. The hop or not doesn't work for me, so i have to give it a 3 instead of 4. I think of it as a slow-burning game.
This is honestly a fantastic game. Its very entertaining, and you still progress whether you're online or offline, so you never have to worry about always being there to get further. My only complaints are that the customization system is a little hard to use, for more intricate things, and that the Hop or Not server has been down since I got the app (A few days ago) but other than that its very addicting and a well crafted game for sure.
I cant install it, I have plenty of ram and storage and I did every common why to fix it but is still dosen't download please help I had this game before and its awesome.
So I had previously played this game about 6 months ago and thought it was very enjoyable. I had to delete it to make space on my phone however, and now when I try to download it will start the download process but fail to install... please fix this.
Love the customization tools and the "Hop or Not" so the designs can actually also be seen by others. Also love the way they do microtransactions, where it is easy enough to just earn them, you have "piggy bank" that you could buy but it does not shove it in your face to buy caps. Finally awesome art style, definitely visually pleasing
Its a pretty good game but every time i try to do "hop or not" it says that "something went wrong and check your internet connection and try again" but my internet is completly fine and every time i bottle a bunch of bottles it says i earned 34 caps but when i check my caps i dont have 34 caps but on the other hand its a pretty good game.
I really, really, really love this game! But I am 12. And, alas, I cannot play it. This is a HUGE thing to ask, but if the devs could make a game very similar to this, but with soda, I would be so happy! I'd buy all the upgrades and and enjoy the heck out of it. 😀 Im gonna play it anyway ðŸĪŠ
Edit: so the only thing I'd add would be more upgrades to reduce the time to brew the beers. Other than that still a great game. Best I've played yet, for idle games. Org:Great game so far. The label designing for each beer is awesome. Lots of fun and you don't need to spend money to progress. Great job!
I like this gane well enough. Making my own bottles is fun and all. Theres just a few things that feel missing from the game. Like the ablity to zoom in while making a bottle, or text boxes. Both of these would be nice. Or what about making a company logo? That can be put on bottles? But even with these things missing i still like the game, i just dont love it.
I've spent a lot of time in this game, and I'm extremely impressed with it. Ads are voluntary, the mini-games are actually intuitive and important to the game flow, and the "hops" are leveled in a way to keep you coming back. AppBox, I would reccomend that you level the ad trucks more efficiently. If the trucks gave better rewards for watching an add, it people would want to do it more often, thus more money in your pockets.
I would love to see the developers add in a color wheel for the label design so you choose your own shade of color. As of right now, the colors are pretty limited. Also a grid line guide would be helpful to help players get that perfect straight line and help keep letters straight. It would be nice to be able to visit other Breweries as well. Honestly speaking, I prefer designing new beer labels than the actual game play, but all in all..I'm pretty obsessed with this App! Keep up the hard work!
I like it so far. The only thing is it advertised we get to create our own recipes for the beer. We do get to pick ingredients but everytime you go to research to upgrade your beer you pick a new ingredient. however the game doesn't tell you what ingredients are already in your beer. I know it doesn't make a difference in gameplay but it would be nice to have a list of ingredients next to your beer and it could also be on the voting screen as well so people would know what flavors your beer has.
Very fun. I especially enjoy designing the labels. Would really like more items to choose from in the label design section.
I really think the idea behind this is pretty cool so I decided to give it a chance despite it having in-app purchases. I think it wasn't even 30 seconds into the "game" that it already showed me how to spend currency in order to speed up some harvest timer. This type of business model belongs in 2012 at most. People need to stop supporting these abominations: they don't qualify as games and I hope they never will.
Probably, by far my all time favorite app game at this time. Everything about this game I adore especially the fact that you can design your own bottles. My only tiny complaint is that sometimes when the cars drive by that you can tap on, sometimes they are overly difficult to click. Other than that this game is 10/10 edit:(sooo...I've technically beaten this and now I'm sad...what now?)
Holy pilsner!!! within a course of 1 day this app replaced all other apps on my tablet!!! this is an amazing game!! I also love how it has a tinder style 'hop or not' for bottle designs!!! you NEED to get it!!
Great game, very addictive and difficult to put down! Could of been 5 stars but theres an issue with the superbowl orders not contributing towards HQ total for upgrade meaning progress on HQ is slow leading to a bottle neck, needs fixing asap! Controls are also a bit hit and miss, have to click on objects multiple times to get a response, mainly special events such as limo, drone and radio van.
I've played this game on and off for years now. Recently came back to it after not playing for more than 6 months. I usually spend 30 minutes to an hour for one design. However, recently, all my designs have their hop or not rating erased, and I can't connect to hop or not. This is extremely infuriating. What's the point of spending all this time if all that's gonna happen is for my effort to be invalidated. All my ratings were at least 4.5 hearts and above and now they are 1. If fixed then 5*s.
I wish the controls were better. it's hard to click the limo at times. And making precise beer designs is also hard. I don't know if those with elaborate and precise designs are simply super patient or if the game actually has an obvious control setting of some sort that I haven't figured out yet. I also hope that the flavors we make during research actually did something. Right now I just pop random flavors. Maybe display those we have chosen so they matter a bit?
I just love this game. I've deleted all my other games because their fun-ness ran dry. I take full advantage of the ads to speed things up or double your reward. My current hop variety is unobtainium, all the stuff is pretty much maxed out. My brews are slowly building upto 2 stars. For those saying the bottling involves too much tapping,here's a tip for you all, instead of keep tapping the bottle icon, just press and hold the icon.My only complaint is that the mashing part arrow goes too fast
Super addicting. I dont understand the purpose of picking flavors when upgrading recipes on beer. The flavors chosen arent listed anywhere. Besides that bit of confusion, AWESOME GAME.
Still play till this day, Hey Devs!! Im sure I'm not the only one still playin this awesome game but it's been 2 years since any update and I'd sure like to see some new content like maybe a new place to sell our beers (super market or something) maybe even idk.... whiskey or wine... I'd honestly LOVE to see that because I love this game just as much as I did when it first came out. Take a good long look and you'll soon see this is the only game of it's kind, awesome job keep at it devs 👍ðŸŧ
Okay so, I really enjoy this game, it's one of the few I actually play days on end HOWEVER big disclaimer: the game is essentially abandoned by the dev's, so anything relating to online functions (hop or not, ads, cloud save, PURCHASES) do not work at all. It's still playable and enjoyable in my own opinion, but unfortunately we can't have access do all its features
Great game. Being forced to get creative with the stickers and decals they provide you is amazing especially wfter you see what the other people have come up with. You can really lose yourself. I stopped playing after I read online that the developers dropped the game. Now thats a shame. I hope Im wrong. Pick it up for yourself and see what im talking about.
Don't know how this is only has 4.1 stars. The label editor alone should make the rating higher than that. Fun clicker game with a little something extra.
Been long since I've come across a game like this on Android, its great to know that all the good developers are not gone and that not everyone is a money monger by intrusive ad's or forced micropayments. Greatly addictive, I have personally spent a part of my day (today), just playing this. I wil shortly get back to brewing. 10/10. 5 Stars out of 5 stars, Hands down. BEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED!
So far, a very fun game. The label and beer customization is neat. However, it would make things a lot easier if there was a size up/down and position up/down/left/right option for the label maker. it's hard to place things and size them with just fingers, screen pinching, etc. I also keep getting ads popping up on my phone screen, out of game. Not sure if that's from this app, but it started right after I downloaded.
Pretty Fun game. I love that you can design your own beers and vote on other players styles. Please keep updating with more shapes, colors ect... This is definately a game I'll keep playing for a while \m/
The best part about this game is designing your bottle, really let's you get creative. I would like more online interaction, contests or a way to benefit from having a well liked design, maybe even commenting on people's designs. So far I love the game
Super simple, super addicting. If you sit and watch through ads you actually get rewarded with in-game currency that's worth the 15-30 seconds of your time. The ability to design your own beer bottle lables is what drew me in initially. You can also vote on other players designs, some of which are really cool. I still haven't figured out how to improve my beer recipes above 1 star out of 5 😂, might be a bug in the game, but the low rating doesn't hurt your game play. Other than that, I think this game is great! Would and have recommend to others.
Game is really fun, I did have to disable shadows to get it to run well though. I enjoy it overall, but I have an issue with the amount of bugs. Limos will sometimes be impossible to tap, while drones are always. The main one is that 50% of the time ads restart the app halfway through and No reward is given. Still I do recommend the game and love it. Just wantes to let the Devs know about the issues.
Addicting. The bottle designer is great, lots of ways to customize a bottle or can. Don't need to pay, but like most games paying money has bonuses. Lots to do and very ending. Only one thing; the app won't let me watch ads for bonuses anymore. It did maybe the first two days I played but now nothing.
this game is really awesome, its a good time killer, I love the way the game looks and I love the fact that people can make their own beer designs and people can vote on them, it's a really awesome mechanic! :). My only issue is that the game seems to eat up my battery to much, but that might be my own phones issue, other than that, awesome game!
great game guys. my only suggestion so far would be in agreement with other reviews. make the flavour profiles matter more! + if you included flavour profiles in the hot or not it would help match beer labels to flavour ? just a thought EDIT: Pleaseee change the bottle tap sound I can hear that ding in my sleep and I dont wanna turn off the sound because the other sounds are neat lol
a really good game to pass time, i play for like 10 mins while i'm having breakfast, 10 mins when i get home from work, and just whenever i'm bored to kill time and there's always plenty to do. i really like the bottle/can designing feature - you can get really creative with it and vote on other people's designs. only problem, hence the four stars, is that i already have access to all of the top-tier building upgrades and i'm only on level 7 out of 14. doesnt make me want to play much any more
I Like how you gain extra hops by rating other people bottles but to get the hops you have to rate in row which means even if it's a bad design or good design I have to rate the same to get hops, the best merit of this game is bottle designing and rating, but I have to give fake rates to get hops and I hate that. And HQ have 2 vehicles but if you don't do the first order you can't get the second which is problematic when sportsbowl order comes. It would be good if we could see our bottle ranks.
A great chill game! As a passive chill kinda farming game its pretty standard. But with the addition of a design forward game, where people actually vote for your designs is fun! So inspiring to see how your work looks and how everyone else designs. Controls could be smoother with a text tool but all in all simple, easy and fun to play around with. The animations are cute and the art style is fun! Plus I love beer haha. Great work developers and look forward to new updates!
honestly so addicting. I'm pretty picky about phone games because I have 3 different consoles at home and yet somehow I can sit on the couch and lose 3 whole hours from this little game. would definitely reccomend to anyone who is creative but doesn't want to simply paint a picture. the beer design element is a real time suck lol. overall love it
Honestly a great game. I hate giving reviews but if you're willing to watch a couple ads here and there you dont have to pay obscene amounts of money to have a fun and meaningful playing experience. That's pretty rare nowadays! Really enjoy the concept and execution. The hop or not feature is my favourite.
I realllyyy like this game. Im a person of personalization and you can do tons of that in this game. Designing my own bottles for the world to see is definitely my favorite thing. My only problems are with the ads. There are so many opportunities to watch ads for more hops caps and money but when I try to watch them they don't work. This is one of those games I actually would watch a million ads just to get things from it if it'd allow me to. Hops don't rejen fast enough either in my opinion.
I can feel all the thought and time and energy and love that was put into this game as I play it. it seems to be an expansion of what vaguely resembles egg inc, but with its own unique twists. the bottle designing screen is intuitive and it's clearly had many hours of work put into it. I really like the idea of having other players rate your bottle designs. mostly, despite being an idle game, I love how there's always some kind of active action for the player to do not perfect(duh)but very good
Solid progressive business game. You can really customize your virtual product and get invested in three challenges. Actually free to play. A big flavor feature (hop or not) doesn't work though. Idk if it got shut down a while after the app was launched or what, but it gets stuck on the loading screen forever regardless of connection type and strength.
got new phone, OPPO A9 2020 Android 10, and i can play the game just fine. Maybe b'cause there's no update since 2018, like other players, sometimes the ads not working well, but i'm fine with that. Previous experience : used vivo v5s with android 7.0 can't install the app, error code 910.
Great games I played for a long time. They're one of the few games to get their ad formula right. Play is addicting and fun and ads are not obtrusive for once.
it's fun making different designs and logo to a beer bottle and the ads mostly doesn't exist while playing the game the ads only play when you want to watch an ad for a few extra caps or cash which is awesome i could keep playing this and not get bored with some funny designs. though it would be cool too if there were a paint tool. but other than that. it's a really nice game.
Great little game about designing and selling beers, making your own labels is fun, and it's relatively simple to understand. Ads are few, and generally only in places where you have to go looking for it. My only question with the game is bottling the beer, which involves a lot of tapping, but maybe future upgrades will lessen the need for that.
Amazing game. A lot of effort all around and gameplay that does make you want to keep playing. The leveling system is intuitive as well. My only two suggestion is that hop or not should have some kind of profile system so you can see other cool designs by the same person, also, hop or not shouldn't reward hops based on how well you gauge popular opinion, if you just swipe right a bunch you get a bunch of hops without even looking at the designs.
I love this game but the Hop or Not feature no longer works. All it says is "please check your internet" even though my internet is fine. It's a real shame.
I must say, I love this game, but I'm experiencing an issue at the moment that I would like some assistance with. I designed a bottle recently with the title Incognito, so far I'm most proud of this one and was really interested to see the Hop or Not rating it would get. unfortunately it's been about 4 or 5 days and it hasn't gotten a rating yet, I'm connected to wifi, all of my other bottles/cans have ratings, but not this one bottle. thank you for your time
Great concept with the most average execution. The label designer (which is the best part of the game imho) need work. Most shapes are of too low of a resolution to be used large enough for a background. No option to merge layers together. Letters must be placed one at a time. No way to make precise minute changes to placed shapes. I wish the limit to my label designing was my imagination. Would be a seriously fun game if I had the patience... However, I dont.
Fun at first, but the cash grab tanks it real quick. I don't want to play a game in 40 second intervals hours apart. The ads are useful in cutting down the time, but then it becomes "play for a few seconds -> watch multiple ads -> play for a few seconds" on repeat. The label designing aspect was nice, but it wasnt enough to distract from the typical mobile game formula.
Honestly one of the best idle games I've downloaded! Lots of fun to design the bottles, plenty of opportunities for currency and premium currency without money, no intrusive ads, gameplay progress isn't a nightmare, it's pretty much perfect. It doesn't even glitch or lag despite the amount of moving parts and customization, that's impressive
Great game, only reason for not giving 5 stars is because i feel like the creators have forgotten about this game. Hasnt been updated for almost 2 years and some features dont work like watching ads to hurry up research times etc
It is a lot of stress-free fun building a brew town. I really like creating beers labels, but it takes patience because the drawing tools are so rudimentary. Pls add a way to group objects so they can be moved and copied together. It would also be nice to type text. You can choose flavors for brews, but there doesn't seem to be any purpose for it. Nothing in the game even indicates what you select. Are the brewery partners getting the recipes and labels for their use?
Its art style is very angular, kind of smooth, and the game itself is very nice, though caps are hard to get, I think caps are 50% too expensive, but ads don't work for me 80% of the time.
Creative and fun game. I would like to suggest a symmetry option for the designing of the bottle. Yea there is that flip button but it'll cool and convenient if there was a symmetry button that works like photoshop
I have been trying for months to download this game. Every single time it won't install, just giving me a generic error message. I've done everything the google play faq says to do except totally wiping my phone. I just wanna play! I've never had this problem with any other games or apps.
It's fun to design beer bottles. One thing I hate is there are some unnecessary tabs on the bottom like the theme, in the meantime there is no tab to check all your beers and edit their designs. If you are researching a new recipe of a beer you can only edit that beer's design. There is no way to freely check your beers and play around with their designs, you just have to wait until the research is complete.
Definitely like this game. However i woild like if there was an ingredient list for each beer. That way when I research to upgrade a beer im able to put flavors that go together.
Loved the gane, got every single upgrade to every single building, then i switched phones and realized their "cloud save" does absolutely nothing, and I lost HOURS and HOURS of progress, and a ton of cool bottle designs. the devs don't respond and the game hasn't been updated in 8 months. Assume the game is dead, and dont get too attached to your save file.
I enjoy the game tremendously but the design feature is driving me dilly. Please put in separate toggles for increasing size and rotation. When I work with lettering it's very irritating when I correct the size to then battle to fix alignment and then have to start all over again because now that the allignment is correct the size is either too small or too large. More fonts would be great but the toggles are my main concern. Will change rating when corrected.
This game is addicting af! I can't stop playing! And the bottle design is really nice and has tons of options. It brings a refreshing element to the capitalist clicker genre that makes me want to keep playing. It doesn't feel like pay-to-win. The developers have done a great job of making the game accessibly fun for people who can't pay, but I can see the benefit of paying as well! Amazing game! I ony wish there was a straight snap for letters in the designer.
I am so in love with this game! Started playing a few days ago and literally forgot i had other games on my phone! Dont have too much to complain about other than sometimes a drone will fly by and when i touch it, it takes off and wont drop the load no matter how many times i tap it. Other than that, i absolutely love it! Great job guys! Oh and there should be more brew stations!
Great game, absolutely love it so much I redownloaded it! But, now Hop or Not wont work. Keeps saying my internet connection isnt working when it very much is. Otherwise beautiful game!
i never ever write reviews for games but this game is amazing! works offline, no ads unless you choose, and just when i got i bored i realized i could upgrade the hops and start over with better features. highly recommend!
It feels like a less well executed clone of a certain egg game. UI & tutorial do a poor job of communicating what the various locations in your town are and when you should use them.
It's fun except for the fact that Hops Or Not doesn't seem to work as it will tell me I need to check my internet but my internet is perfectly fine but it still won't load any designs
This game strikes the perfect balance for everything. It isn't too fast neither too slow. It will keep you engaged with the infinite possibilities of bottle designing. The gameplay is engaging. Totally hooked
Won't let me view others designs. Can't connect to it. Is the app dead? This idea for label design is brilliant, I've spent hours inside the designer
This looked like a good game, so I installed it. however the first time I could not collect any hops from the farm. I deleted it but it still has had good reviews. Maybe it's a bug? I tried installing it again, and it happened again when I had to bottle a batch later. I've installed it a third time, and it seems to be going well. I've made some logos which is real fun, the bug occurs some times but not permanently so far. 👍
This game has a lot of potential, sucks that it hasn't been updated in year's. Would definitely give more stars when they start updating it again.
game is fun from a design perspective, however it is very difficult to actually progress. eventually you are forced to either a) spend hours upon hours upgrading current beer, not playing, just be able to buy more, or b) spend hours upon hours selling beer at the pub, not playing, in order to upgrade your delivery. also, at lvl 4 delivery, i still only have 2 trucks? what?! i understand the allure of idle mobile gaming, but what about those of us who actually WANT to play? beer tinder is fun
I have a suggestion for label designs, the ability to make a reusable cusyom label. I run Vaux, a brewery based on a former brewery from my home city, and it would save a lot of time to just copy and paste the brewety logo between drinks. otherwise, great game.
I like this game for the most part. The graphics and premise are fun. In games like this you need to watch ads to make any real progress but sadly this game is bugged and you may have to restart it several times just to get one ad to work. With that said, if you want to get anywhere in this game, prepare for a very ping grind.
Issues with game saying there's no internet. Also can't restore purchases. Would love to increase rating if these issues, which are pretty big, are resolved. Paid for infinite hops and would like to actually have it...
Fun idle tycoon game. Love the label design aspect! Has microtransactions but are not intrusive or required (thank you, devs)
Only played for a day so far but it comes across as a very accessible game, with no apparent force for a pay-to-play mentality yet. The options for creating your own design for your produce is excellent, as is the rating system (which provides excellent rewards to taking part in the rating). Highly recommend, a fresh style of game
Honestly really like this game. Its not your typical wait around for things to be done, I mean.. it is, but it does give you things to do and you get to interact with the farms, making the brews, designing how the bottles/cans look, and a lot more. It also gives you possibilities to get more caps (which is kinda like gems, the special stuff), money, and even make it possible for upgrades for many different things. You can buy if you want, but its not strongly needed. Strongly recommend. (:
I have enjoyed this game very much. I love that caps, while available for purchase, are not a required expense. The game has been designed such that with a little patience and watching ads (which I think is fair) you can accumulate the caps that you need. I have limited space so, suggestions! *more shapes, like viking(PLEASE),thief,knight,and holiday themes *bank that can store money for after the hops upgrade reset *way to attach notes for creator on hop or not. Keep up the great work!
Honestly a great time and happy to see some form of game for the brewing community! The ads aren't aggressive and you can make "caps" easily enough that you dont need to use micro transactions, which are fairly priced if you would wanna support the dev team.