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Breakneck for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by PIKPOK located at Level 7 Willbank House 57 Willis Street Wellington New Zealand 6011. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Awesome quick race game. Would be great to get some modifications to different speeder types as well and PvP race would be nice on Lan or Bluetooth as well as WAN (inet). Could've fun to add weapons systems and targets (other racers ) kinda like Mario cart... Know what I mean??
Its a great game, however the environment buffering is very twitchy at times, especially as one progresses in the race making it almost impossible to control the craft precisely. If its not smooth -its useless.
Plus: I love the graphics, and the feel. The game play is good. Minus: You cannot upgrade the craft at all! No shields, no guidance system/ arrows to pickups. Level advancement. I hate the start from level zero everytime. With this type of game there should be actual levels to pass/ worlds to pass. But there's not. So there's no growth potential within the game 😒
Loving the game. The fast pace, simple controls and challenge to run away from the invaders is brilliant. But the frame-rate drops at the higher levels/higher distances. It's hard to get the timing right to get boost with the choppiness of the gameplay whilst trying to dodge obstacles. This makes it hard to break into the top #50. I'm running my phone on gaming mode and putting the graphics to low to minimise this but it still eventually happens around the 200,000 mark
This game is solid. However, I agree with a few of the other reviews in asking, what about upgrades and styles? Also, there really is a ghost wall or two out there. Crashes for no apparent reason. This may sound shallow but when I go looking for a game I'd like to see that it's been updated recently. Seeing that a game has been untouched for 3 years makes a person wonder even if, in truth, it's a damn fine game like this one.
Graphics are great and so are the controls but you should have an option which allows you to play this on mobile properly because when I downloaded this and played , it showed me how to activate boost using console controller , not mobile .
i love this game but PLEASE, do an update!!!! we can not pass level 10 and have bugs everywhere. it need an improvement.
It's a good game but the prblm is graphics are not very good.. It's like a bit dark dark.. Which is the disadvantage of this game. 👍🏻👎🏻
Excitement Ruined .... I am almost a pro player in this game always landing up in top 50 but there is an issue I always face that whether I am playing it on highest visual settings or the lowest .... Every time I crossed level 10 the next level after that hangs like crazy .. resulting in a crash always.... I first checked graphics settings but it's same on all... FYI my phone has 8 gb of ram and is specifically designed for gamers ..
After playing this game on multiple devices here is my feedback: Pros: +Great Graphics +Does not lean heavily on a pay to win model +Lots of power-ups and options Cons: -The game tends to flip from skill to luck at times when you are instantly put in areas that are impossible to maneuver out of and die instantly. -I also have had numerous occasions where an invisible obstacle destroyed my craft. Part of me suspects this was purposely added to stunt progression. -Random lag happening right before you crash. It appears to be the engine having issues processing certain areas of the map. -The forced periodic ads lock your phone where you cant instantly back out or close them. Some can last as long as 30 seconds. -Ads to counterfeit versions of popular mobile games. I don't recommend downloading those as they may be malicious in nature.
Amazing But if the player could take a curves inside the areas will be Amazing more. Or if there would be two versions of the game this version and additional version enables the player to take an adventural tour inside the areas.
I kinda hate how lv design is, I never hit any wall,never losing a speed either i use boost often in fact i keep myself close to the posible wall to charge the boost, but in stage 8 there is less wall to charge your boost and the whatever thing chasing my ship is faster each stages, so it is kind of imposible to pass the stage -_- well what do i expect from mobile games
Its really sad that an ideal game like this is a total mess up Nothing works right like we are being prevented from getting a spot on the leader board. Its messed up
I find the visuals very appeasing especially for a mobile game. The gameplay itself is great and the creators definitely put a lot of time and effort into the game.
The best racing game in the app store!!! I'd give it 10 stars if I could. There's only a few changes that could make it better: #1)Make it so you could earn or buy more continues. #2)Add Invincibility as one of the perks so you could pass through objects for a short period of time. #3)Make it so that once you reach a certain experience level, you can continue from the last zone you died in. Those changes would make this game PERFECT! Other than that, congrats on a bad ass game! U GUYS ROCK!!!
It's a nice game and the graphics is also appreciable...only problem is that the game doesn't get saved and the player has to start from the beginning every time he/she plays..the goal is to cover as much distance as possible..
I am used to playing this game on my Apple TV. It was my FAVORITE game so when I saw that it was available for Android, I KNEW I had to download it immediately. On the Apple TV, you turn by tilting and boost by holding the boost button which allows you to turn and boost at the same time. I was sad to learn that you can't do that on the Android version, which sucks and makes it not worth playing on my phone. Now, if it were to be updated so you can configure controls, I would redownload for sure
I love this game... Great job guys however just add alittle more vehicles to make it even better and upgrades 👍😎
The game is really good but please work on how the ship turns because it almost looks like it's not even turning
Good game, except it runs badly after about stage 9. I've tried out the game for years, and the developer never updates the game. Sometimes the vehicle will crash even when there is no obstacle. Still, I think the game is worth trying, and you should give feedback in a review if the game has performance issues or not.
It's an amazing game to kill time and the adrenaline rush it give is much needed.. I would suggest the developers to fix a few bugs in the game. I sometimes crash at objects that are not even there. Apart from that it's a good game. GG
Fps lag, horrible controls, ship doesn't yaw when you turn. Graphics are good, didn't care for the music. 3stars, needs work. I will return in the future to check for improvement
If you are bored to play solo games then this game is for you. Believe me this game is fast. And now problems. What i dinot liked about the game that it has no tilt option second it is that there is only one ship to play with.
Pretty terrible.. I'ts a short burst of fun but it ends quickly as there is next to no progression (extreeeeeemely slow) so it becomes repetitive and you don't really grow. Looks and feels really good so it's extra disappointing
Good game. Intense I would like it if there weren't so many visual distractions in your face and better defined boundaries, but my guess is that's part of the difficulty level. I just see it as nonexistent factors if I was in the pilot seat, which is why I don't like them. It also takes forever to get back to playing between lives. Going through sooo many menus everytime, and that's after sitting through commercials. Overall game very entertaining.
It's a FUN Game, but I would love to BUY the entire game. I dislike in app purchases and ads! That's what prevents me from playing it. Could you PLEASE make a buy now app!
This game is a bit old but is a easily 5 star game. I love the graphics and music. This game is very beautiful.
Had to double check and I realised that this game was last updated on September 2017. 🤣😂 That means there is nothing to be expected from the developers anymore, abandoned project it is.
My only feedback would be to enable the "immersive mode" for Galaxy S20+. I forced it on my phone and it looks 10x better, but some of the screen is cut off. Other than that, excellent game!
Yeah, decinately a well deserved 4 star. Now if you could add an actual racing course mode with maybe like ten tracks or more and feature one a month like an proper GP with really one of a kind rewards, not just one or two, but a bunch of unique and custom packages... then a 5 star through and through...
I love this game with my life but there are a few bugs like invisible wall and some time crash in to a wall send you into the sky but this are not a big deal but power up and new maps is what we need
Overall its good . but it keeps constantly laging when ever i complete a stage . its awful as i am unable to control the jet and it crashes ... please fix this issue and also if you add some other type of jet or kits that would be great
The game is a good time waster. It's easy to play and the paid perks don't really affect game performance that much. That being said, it is buggy. 1/5 of the runs that I do, end up with me crashing into an invisible object. I'll be cruising along, and all of the sudden my ship will crash into nothing. Sometimes the controls get buggy and they veer, causing the ship to YEET itself into a wall or other obstacle. This is very infuriating, as I am not at fault for the crashes. Please fix this.
Recently the game keeps crashing. Good game. Needs update for bugs like game becomes low frame rate, performance issues and need more power ups. Still awaiting the coming soon ones
It's very hard to control it. Can there be an option for cockpit view and technological view from inside and multiple more controls
Only words to describe this game is: awesome, thrilling and straight up excellent. Great game. Good work.